when your entire life is falling apart before your very own eyes
also known as: your asshole dog pissing in the house, your daughter about to follow suite, your boss dying and their replacement immediately calling to ask you out on a date even though you are happily married with three kids, and the universe you are living in not comprehending your hair and refusing to load it correctly

anonymous asked:

have you played any of the dragon age games? i want to play all of them but i only have a pc would they still work on there if its not a gaming laptop?

yup, i’ve played all of them! they’re really really good at building a world and setting up a story and very very bad at executing that, unfortunately- origins (1) is the best, 2 is my personal favorite because i actually like having a fairly defined protagonist and tighter scope for the story, inquisition had the most promise and the most letdowns. it’s definitely a series worth playing!! just know that there are some thematic elements handled extremely badly, most notably to me framing the chantry as oppressive and politically domineering and then still somehow making the mages the bad guys every single time

that said i played all 3 in PC and they ran fine! i think origins and 2 are only on origin (the EA steam knockoff) which is unfortunate….. actually inquisition might be also
anyway there’s nothing inherently wrong with them on PC but naturally it depends on how old your pc is, how your graphics card and ram are looking, etc.

edit: for reference, my shit is fairly old, i only have 1gb of graphics memory and 8 of ram, but i have an…. i think an i9? processor. isk it was good when i bought it 4 years ago lmao

mhni  asked:

silly weather~ I wish it would stay a nice temperature all the time... For me to family share with you, i'd have to (or you'd have to log me in) log in to your PC then authorise your PC for sharing and then we'd be able to proceed, so thats a bit annoying~ Honestly just thinking about buying you the game instead fufu, maybe when its on sale~ and your laptop should be able to run it! (or PC~) my new laptop (2.4GHz, 4GB RAM) can play it on minimum specs so~

Mm, just cool temperature will do just fine~ Ehe, it does seem that way, don’t mind me, I’ll eventually get it myself, thank you for the offer though! c: