I got a new laptop today and everything is working so fast and smoothly it’s a little disconcerting

couldn’t leave george out of this new au, now could I?

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Morning after with 76, Genji, and Reaper

Soldier 76
- up early, at his usual hour, even if his partner is still sleeping
- makes a quick breakfast and wakes his partner to share. toast and scrambled eggs with cheese. except there’s a lot of cheese.
- kisses his partner before heading out for the day. “Feel free to clean up here; your hair’s a mess.”

- he sleeps in the sense that he powers down and slips into REM cycle. not a morning person.
- he’s wary of snagging his partner in some of his jointed bits, but he carefully entangles himself with them before sighing contentedly.
- partner wakes eventually and slips away to make breakfast. genji can’t cook well.
- he’s caught off guard when he wakes the second time and his partner is gone– then he hears quiet movement in the kitchen. needless to say, he’s ecstatic they stayed.

- it was a fling, nothing to be too sentimental about. he hasn’t had anything serious with anyone for quite a while now.
- he’s not a complete ass though, and makes sure his partner is tucked and covered before he leaves.
- fetches a glass of water and pain killers, placing them on the bedside table. they’re probably sore, since he didn’t hold back on them. adds a note that says, “Thanks.” he feels it gets the sentiment across. 

its a eluktronics PS50HS-G gaming laptop!

g-sync, Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad Core, windows 10, 16gb ram, 512gb hard drive (on top of a 4tb hard drive i got to go with it. i was tired of running out of space LOL),  8GB GDDR5 VRAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

the keyboard is fully customizable. you can change the color in individual keyboard areas and add visual effects

these are my sets: