When we met your sister, she promised she would show you to us. Every day we would ask. Every day she would say, “Soon.” Then she and your brother took us to your nursery and she unveiled the freak. Your head was a bit large. Your arms and legs were a bit small, but no claw. No red eye. No tail between your legs. Just a tiny pink cock. We didn’t try to hide our disappointment. “That’s not a monster,” I told Cersei, “That’s just a baby.” And she said, “He killed my mother.” And she pinched your little cock so hard, I thought she might pull it off. Until your brother made her stop. “It doesn’t matter.” she told us, “Everyone says he will die soon. I hope they’re right. He should not have lived this long.”

rip the claptrap dlc i downloaded takes place after preseq so i gotta wait before playing it

Michael Clifford Imagine

Michael decided to stay home and play video games in his man cave. You, on the other hand, we’re playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. Since it just came out, you decided to play it. You were upstairs in You and Michaels room. You were playing and all of a sudden one of the characters scare you and you died. You jumped out of your seat and started screaming. Michael clearly heard your screams and he got out of his cave and ran up to the bedroom. He opened the door and saw you curled up in a ball on the bed. He smiles softly and chuckles before making his way over to you. He pulls you into a hug and rocks you, “its just a video game.” He says as he looked at your laptop screen to the beginning screen. “Do you want to cuddle?” He asks as he kisses the top of your head. Of course you agreed and he laid down next to you pulling you close to his body. He sung softly to you as he felt your body relax underneath his arms.

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Have you played Unturned?

Yeah i have! I get kinda bored with it quickly, so I tend to play it in bursts and fits. It works well for when I’m away from my computer and just have my mac laptop, since its one of the few games it can run :P