bucky always used to take steve to see the fireworks on his birthday and when steve woke up and bucky was gone he refused to go see any fireworks. when bucky returned with a metal arm and missing more than a few memories, steve never tells bucky about their old tradition. on his birthday, bucky drags him out to a field and refuses to say why until the fireworks start. then bucky looks over at steve and says “you didn’t think i’d forget did you? happy birthday steve.”


cs au week: day one ; pirate princess. it sounds cute don’t judge me.

Her determination surprised him; the beloved child of the King and Queen so set on this life—-it unnerved him. It had been all fun and games at first; what sane man wouldn’t enjoy the company of a beautiful princess—-one who seemed naively interested in the life of a pirate, at that?

But how wrong he’d been; naive? The girl was anything but. She was fire and ice and a bloody better pirate than half the men on his crew at times. 

Strong, determined, fierce—–but she was also light; she was good and kind and loving, and nothing he needed at that moment. On his path of revenge, she was a bright light he could not afford to head towards. He needed to stay in the darkness that fueled his rage.

And he wouldn’t be able to do so with her around—–because tainting her? Oh, that would have been too easy; he could have watched that silver halo turn black so easily—-her determination to spend her days on this little adventure of theirs was just that strong.

But he found himself incapable of tainting her, and that was something that bothered him all too much entirely.

She was dangerous.

So, he had to let her go.

“I told you, lass—–” He murmured, hooking a finger under her chin, “Pirates and princesses don’t mix.”

There was a flicker of hurt in her jade eyes, followed quickly by rage—-a fire that always sent shivers coursing up his spine—-and from one moment to the next, she was pressed too close, lips capturing his and, damn him, he couldn’t fight it.

And when she pulled back, leaving him light-headed and breathless, there was a smirk on her lips that he knew could only mean she wasn’t going to let him leave her behind.

“And I told you never to underestimate me.”

She would make a hell of a pirate, indeed—-he also had not a sliver of a doubt that his princess would be the death of him.