pretty sure its 5sos’s birthday today lmao sooo happy birthday u idiots yOU’RE FINALLY THREE (look i drew them as 3 year olds lmao) we luv u 

p.s. thanks for being there (but not directly) when im sad :-) also im very proud of you guys yeee 5sos-official

  • Me:I'm fine
  • Me, actually:What the hell did Hanzo do to Genji that required him to get 90% of his body cybernetic? Literally the guy would have had to break every bone in his body like I know they mention that Genji barely survived but holy shit what kind of fight did they get in where Hanzo was able to walk away but Genji was left near death? Was it a sword fight? Hanzo uses a bow now but maybe they were sword fighting and he stabbed him a quadrillion times but like he obviously didn't want to fight him so why would he be so brutal was it heat of the moment or something? Did he kick him off a building I'm so confused Hanzo fuck find some chill.

“to see you do that laugh behind your hand that you do, like you think you shouldn’t be smiling”

Yeah. More SLGN inspired shit. Get used to it I duckin love this fic and I love these boys ugh

Harry Today
  • Harry:*talking with louis over the phone* Guess what I got to hold today.
  • Louis:I kno-
  • Harry:A baby.
  • Louis:Here we go.
  • Harry:Why does she get to have a bambino? Huh? I want an infant. Why won't you let us have a neonate. I want-no. I neeeeeeeeed one NOW. Next time I see you, you better have an overgrown sperm in your arms looking exactly how I described it in the presentation I gave you last week.*hangs up*
  • Louis:I'm so fooked

i would be here for 80s cartoon style morals at the end of every episode if they contained solid advice like “don’t murder people”



BTS Theory Master List

BTS - ‘Run’ MV Explained

Blue Roses: These are the unattainable, or impossible love 

The flowers are the last thing we see before the mirror shatters, and after that, the flowers are all torn up on ground in the following shot. Doesn’t it seem like another representation of the relationship between the group?

The mirror shattering with the flowers being the last thing we see. Taehyung dying was enough to shake the entire group enough to where they’re all affected, all in different ways.

One thing happened and it causes a chain reaction. The symbolism of the house of cards falling?? And Taehyung being the one to knock them down??

The structure of the whole group being torn by one member, one card that couldn’t hold up any longer.

So they all fall down.




seriously im thinking about it and this has easily been the best year of my life and i can only hope i say the same thing again next year :)