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Where in Dipper realizes that going dark-side isn’t exactly what he’d thought it’d be like.

Enzo Amore Imagine

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Imagine giving Enzo the best birthday present ever by asking him out on a little date.

Y/N: Oh my gosh Zo its your birthday?? No way!! We should go grab some drinks tonight!!

Enzo: “Only if its a date Momma.” 

Y/N: “Sure!! Why not??”

As you walk off Enzo does a little dance like in the gif above.

“For those people who don’t understand a drama like It’s Okay, That’s Love, I feel like it doesn’t surprise me. It’s complicated, it’s not a normal plot where important things are ignored, they don’t hold back on the realistic sentiments that people have against the mentally disabled. It’s intricate and obviously, deep, beautiful and painful. Therefore, it’s only understandable that many would not grasp such a plot. “

signs as types of pencil
  • aries: mechanical pencil
  • taurus: round pencil
  • gemini: colored pencil
  • cancer: triangle pencil
  • leo: one of those bendable plastic pencils
  • virgo: watercolor pencil
  • libra: charcoal pencil
  • scorpio: carpenters pencil
  • sagittarius: copying pencil
  • capricorn: non photo blue pencil
  • aquarius: erasable color pencil
  • pisces: one of those giant pencils

“Are you not with us?”

“No. Not if us means him.”

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i love how when you ship yourself with han//zo its in such a loving way,like the kind of relationship thats always young no matter what,like youre always there supporting each other,making cheesy jokes and hating the same people together

Aaaaaa that’s how i imagine our relationship to be! 💕

This is really sweet but the last part made me laugh ngl 😂
Hanzo and i talking shit about the ppl we hate LMAO


Zo was selling his bullshit once again in the Barking Dog. So far he was successful getting his bar-tab paid for by arrogant and gullible morons who thought they knew better but he knew he was stirring up trouble- when did he ever not? The Florentine guard were lurking and that only meant he’d get busted. He thought about disguise and trying to sneak his way out but a hand on his shoulder indicated he was out of time.

Zoroaster turned around, met by Dragonetti’s oh-so-punchable face and his mind was immediately working twelve steps ahead- a skill he’d picked up under Leo’s influence. Slipping underneath Dragonetti’s arm, he left his supplies (confident Vanessa would pick them up later) and made a run for it out of the door and into the streets of Florence. He wasn’t about to be arrested for the republic’s stupidity nor would he be sentenced for something that was considered on the same level as sodomy. He liked his neck were it was- safely attached to his shoulders.