it's your own damn fault girl. you got yourself into this

forget ~ billy + you

After my last little story, I’ve been asked to write another, so I pondered over an idea i’ve had and decided to write it quickly this evening anyways. A little different than usual, but hopefully you’ll like it! Let me know..

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“Hi, you’ve reached Y/N. I can’t come to the phone right now - leave a message and I’ll get back to you!”


“Hi, you’ve reached Y/N. I can’t come to the phone right now - leave a message and I’ll get back to you!”


It was 2:15 AM.

Billy stood by the house phone, slumped up against the wall it was mounted upon in the hallway, debating whether or not to dial the same number for the 9th time in the past 10 minutes.

His fingers hovered over the first digit momentarily before retracting and slamming the phone back onto the hook in defeat, running a frustrated hand through his curly mop of hair.

A weak sigh escaped his lips as he turned on his heels and headed back into his bedroom that was highlighted by the silver moonlight peering in from his window.

Springs squeaked as Billy’s tired body was thrown onto the mattress, slowly curling itself into foetal position.
Heavy blue eyes studied the lonesome crescent in the night sky; the stars dotted around like spilled glitter against the skies black canvas.

“Why are you still calling me, Billy?”

The sudden familiar softly spoken voice immediately broke his stare, whipping his head around to meet the gaze of the girl perched at the end of his bed.

“Y/N..” He breathed, dumbfounded, blinking a few times to check he wasn’t dreaming as he lifted himself up to sitting.

“Stop torturing yourself, Bill. I hate seeing you like this”

Billy’s eyebrows furrowed, his hazy head shaking slightly in refusal as the girls words repeated over in his mind.

“W-what? No. I can’t just fucking forget. How can you even say that, like.. like it’s nothing?”

The girl shuffled forward towards Billy, allowing her face to be illuminated by the pale moonlight. Billy’s heart aching at the sight.

“Billy..” She started, holding a hand up to stroke his stubbled cheek. “You’ve got to let go now, you’re forever living in the past”

Billy’s eyes shut tight as Y/N’s words washed over him, tears threatening to spill over.

This was the part of Billy no-one saw, or probably ever will see.

This was what was left when the girls he’d bring back had returned to their homes, satisfied after sharing an evening with the “Keg King”.
This is what was hidden under the hard exterior of the i-don’t-give-a-shit party boy. A reason for his relentless chain-smoking.

When the thread in his smile unravelled, and the spark in his eyes began to sting, the guy who was once so cocky, seemed to wither and lose his grin.

“I ca-” Billy stuttered, his voice cracking. “I can’t forget, Y/N. I’m trying, I-”.

“I know”. Y/N whispered, bringing his forehead to rest against hers. “I do”.

His hand was encased by Y/N’s, slotting together like the piece he’d been missing for almost a year. Occasional salty droplets falling like rain from above.

Silence hovered in the air. Only the music of crickets chirping and Billy’s breathing.

“Remember that time, when we jumped the fence to get into the Stones concert?” Y/N interrupted the quiet, moving to accompany Billy’s empty bedside.

The dusty blonde boy sniffled, smirking whilst searching through his memories like a treasure chest of stories.

“Yeah” He began. “And we got chased by security but just caught the end of them playing ‘Sympathy for the Devil’..”

Y/N giggled as the image replayed in her mind, “Did you really think trying to bribe them with a half pack of cigarettes was going to win them over?”

“It didn’t really go to plan, did it?” Billy laughed, shaking his locks of waves at the memory.

“Remember how we met?” Billy added.

He smiled, widely. “I caught you drawing my fine ass in your little sketchbook during lunch periods. You creep!”

“Erm, I was actually admiring the double denim combo”  Y/N defended as they laughed in unison, “although, the ass underneath it wasn’t too bad either, I suppose.”

Hm.. you ‘suppose’ huh. Well, you weren’t saying it was ‘too bad’ when we-“

“Okay!” Y/N stopped Billy’s reminiscence of certain other times in it’s tracks. “It’s like Gods gift to women, alright - is that better?”

Billy grinned proudly, swiping a pack of Marlboro’s off his bed side counter whilst nodding in approval of his backsides notorious reputation.

“I’ve still got that book, you know” He stated, toying with a cigarette between his fingers.  “I look at it every night before bed. Like, all the drawings.. of people on the bus or couples in the park and stuff..”

“I don’t just keep it to stare at my own ass or anything” Billy laughed lightly, “that’s what mirrors are for” he winked, playfully.

Y/N smiled in response. Y/N was fascinated with people. What they were thinking, who they were going home to at the end of the day, where they were going, etc. She would draw the backs of their heads or try to catch certain expressions that particularly piqued her interest. 

“Do you remember, when we left Amy’s party early that night and drove to the Quarry and just laid on your car roof, counting the stars?”

A bittersweet expression graced Billy’s face as he nodded.

“That, uh, was the last time we ever got to do that.. huh”

Y/N placed her hand lightly on his, “It was just my time to go, Billy. Let’s not talk about that right now-”

“You know” Billy interrupted. “I think- I think I drive so damn fast now, in hopes that it might happen to me, too”.

“Don’t say that” Y/N ordered.

“If I weren’t speeding down that lane, Y/N, If- If I had seen the other car in time, you-“

“Please, Billy, Stop-“

“You’d still fucking be here, and its my fault. And we both know it. It’s my fucking fault. It’s my fault..”

Billy’s eyes fused shut as he continued repeating the last three words over and over and over. Spitting them out like venom as Y/N wrapped herself around his quivering shoulders, waves of regret and tears shaking through his muscular physique.

Soft cries echoed throughout the room.

“Wake up..” Y/N’s voice whispered in his ear.

Billy’s eyes shot open with wild, heavy breathing. 

His gaze firmly upon the onlooking moon in the sky again, laid down in foetal position in his bed - alone.

Pulling himself up, Billy b-lined for the house phone in a slightly dazed and confused state.

Fingers fumbling as they tapped the same sequence of Y/N’s number, like they had done every night for 352 days.


“Hi, you’ve reached Y/N. I can’t come to the phone right now - leave a message and I’ll get back to you!”


“I can’t forget” Billy breathed heavily into the mouthpiece.

“I’ll see you again soon, Y/L/N”

;what 2 do (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader,  roommate! jin, college! jin
genre/warnings smut, fluff, slight angst (more like over dramatics) 
words— 13,759

:: summary— what happens when the college roommate you thought was definitely going to be girl turns out to be the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever encountered in all your years of life? It’s a stupid misunderstanding on your part, but maybe, just maybe, it won’t be so bad after all…

listen to  I feel you by wonder girls

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“New Kind of Love” Part 1

                                        ❝Risky Business❞

Summary: (Modern Day AU) Bucky Barnes is just another frat boy, with great looks to serve and a carefree vibe. And you’re just another good girl, with good grades and pastel pink vibes. How could two people be so different, yet perfect for each other?

Prompt: You’re my crush and you came over to my dorm with your friend. In the middle of the visit, I realize you were flirting with me. At the end of the visit, I realize you’re flirting with me to make your crush jealous | AU

Pairing: frat boy!Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1990

Warnings: none for now

Author’s Note: new fic!!! finally, i got some time to put this thought together, although i’m posting the intro, this fic won’t be updated as frequently, since i have my midterms exams are coming up. so don’t ask for updates, please. taglist is open! 

special shoutout to, Carolina (@sanjariti) for helping me edit this, you’re the best, wifey <3 also, thanks to my sweet summer child, Ari (@whyisbuckyso) for coming up with a decent summary ily 

‘New Kind of Love’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

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“I thought you said you didn’t want to come here,” Your dorm roommate, Wanda teased you as she dropped down on the couch you were sitting on. She must have caught you bobbing your head to the rhythm of whatever music that’s been blasting through the room. She sat so close to you, you could smell the stench of alcohol and sweat oozing from her body. But maybe it’s not her, just the air in this frat house. Her tight dress showed off all her best assets, and best thing is she wasn’t even shy. Wanda rests her head on the armrest of the couch, her exposed neck showcasing the dragon tattoo inked over the skin.

“No, that’s not what I said,” you defended yourself, looking at her.

“I couldn’t wipe that fucking frown off your face until I promised to help you clean the room.” She said, yet again teasing you.

“Technically, it was a bribe.”

“Which you took,” she was fast on the reply, smirking lazily.

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You accidentally let it slip to Bucky that he has great thighs, and he offers you a chance at a ride.

Word Count: 1640

Warnings: thigh riding, language, smut references (my little ones might want to skip this one)

A/N: it’s been a long weekend but it’s late and my mind has been wandering tonight sooo this happened


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angelsarenamederika  asked:

Have you ever written any works about that clean, empty train station Harry ended up in? Or rather, what that place may have looked like for other people?

Ginny woke up with a gasp that felt like sandpaper shoved down her throat. Her lungs brimmed with rock and cold water, with the thick musty smell of snake.

She inhaled again and it was softer– she blinked her eyes open as the world rearranged itself. Mildew and stone gave way to the scent of sun-warmed grass. Apple blossoms. Branches cut the sky into shards of blue. 

She had learned how to fly in this orchard. She had stolen her brothers’ brooms out of the shed and practiced when no one was watching her. She knew this view–lying on the ground, looking up–because she had laid out here in the shade on hot summer days, because she had fallen off brooms and bruised herself all over, again and again, knocked all the air out of her lungs.  Ginny sat up. 


Ginny sat up. Her mother put a mug of tea down in front of her. Ginny wobbled where she sat and clutched at the rough edge of the kitchen table. 

“Drink your tea,” said Molly. 

“Mum,” she said. “I think I’ve been hurting people.” The Burrow’s kitchen was sunlit and scrubbed clean behind Molly. 

“Of course you wouldn’t, sweetheart,” said Molly. 

Mum,” said Ginny. “There was blood on my robes." 

"We’ve all killed a few chickens in our time,” said Molly. 

“How did I get home?” She wrapped her hands around the steaming mug. It was cold against her palms, wet and gritty. There was dirt under her nails. She shivered. “I was at Hogwarts." 

"It’s not going to be easy,” Molly said. “He’ll tell you that, someday– the choice between what is right and what is easy. Isn’t that interesting? That doing the right thing is always so damn hard.” Molly put the tea kettle back on the stove. Her apron was thick beige canvas, well-used. “But you won’t really be listening. Because a boy will just have died, and you’ll be thinking about that. About whether or not he had a choice.”

“Who’s dying?” Ginny said. “Who’s going to die?" 

"No one you know well,” Molly said. “It’s alright. No one important to you. Someone very important to other people, but, of course, everyone is. And no, he won’t have had a choice. Right, or easy. But you do." 


Bill was trying to brush her hair. It was tangled at the back of her skull, matted, but his hands were very gentle. The chair she sat in creaked under her, old, in need of repairs like everything the Weasleys had ever owned. Sunlight dripped down through the leaves of the orchard. Bill had been the one who taught her to undo the lock on the broom shed door. 

"You haven’t done this since I was little,” she said. 

“You’re still little,” Bill said. His voice was younger, squeakier, and when she tipped her head back she saw his chin smooth and unstubbled, his hair still short and neat, his ear unpierced. 

“I miss you,” she said. “You’re going to leave. You’re going to go on adventures and forget to write home and forget to visit." 

"I’ll visit,” said Bill. 

“Not enough,” she said. “I’m glad you grew your hair out, though. It looks good. Mum doesn’t get it, but it looks more like you." 

Her skull was cradled in his hands, still tipped back, looking up at him. 

"You’re not really here,” she said. 

“No,” he agreed. “You’re all alone. You’re on the floor of the Chamber, can’t you tell?" 

Ginny touched her robes. They were cold and damp, sticking to her spine. Moldy water dripped from her hem onto the dry dirt of the orchard. 


"You’re just embarrassing us,” said Percy. He was fussing with his robes, picking lint off them. A sunbeam came through the kitchen window and draped itself around his shoulders. 

Ginny swallowed. “You don’t mean that.” She looked around the kitchen, but it was empty. Mum and her teapot weren’t anywhere. 

“Can you imagine how Mum and Dad will feel?” Percy said. “When it comes out their baby girl has been strangling chickens and killing Mudbloods?”

“No one died,” she whispered. “And don’t say that word." 

"C'mon, Ginevra, no one died but they were meant to. A camera, a mirror, a ghost, a puddle– the Mudbloods got lucky." 

Her whisper shrank and shrank. "Don’t say that word." 

"Mudbloods? Why? You wrote it on the wall in blood.” His face twisted, sneering, twisted and twisted– she had never seen Percy’s face skew that far. She didn’t think faces could move like that. She didn’t think they should. She squeezed her eyes shut. “You’ve been trying to kill people all year, and you haven’t even managed one,” said the thing with Percy’s voice, the voice he used to tell first years to knot their ties properly. “Embarrassing. Maybe tonight you’ll finally get it right." 

"You’re not really here,” she said. “This isn’t real. This is a dream, it’s all in my head, you’re not really here." 

"Of course it’s all in your head,” Percy said, or something that had once looked like Percy said. She wasn’t opening her eyes to see. “Why would that mean it isn’t real?”


“Welsh Greens are my favorite dragon,” said Charlie. Ginny pried her eyes open. Charlie smiled at her from across the kitchen table. Her tea was still gone. Percy was gone. The sunlight had faded to pale morning light. She was shivering. 

“I try not to play favorites,” he said. “You know, but sometimes you just gotta admit things to yourself.”

“Charlie, I think I’m dying.” She gripped the edge of the rough kitchen table and it bit into her palms. 

“They’re just so elegant,” Charlie said. “The first time I saw one fly. Do you remember? No, you weren’t born yet, I think. But Dad got suspended for a month, though Mum and Dad didn’t tell us that part–something with Lucius Malfoy–but he had a month off so we went to stay with that old friend of Mum’s in Newport. Right near the preserve. And we went out into it, and the twins kept trying to run off, and Bill spent all his time reading those adventure books he liked so much then, but we saw dragons. A Green sunning, across a gorge. One flying, almost directly over us. And I knew, right then, what I wanted to do with my life." 

"I think it was Lucius who put the diary in my textbook,” she said. “Why would he do that? Why did I write in it? Why did Tom make it? Why did I write back?" 

"See this?” said Charlie, rolling up a sleeve. Two long jagged lines of scar tissue bulged down his forearm, wrapping around it. “Poor thing got stuck in a trap and nicked me when I was getting it loose. Damned poachers." 

"Charlie, I think I hurt people.”

“And here,” said Charlie. He untucked his shirt and showed her a big shiny burn that went all up and down his leftside ribs and hip. “Healing skin,” he said. “It’s the weirdest thing.”


“We prank Filch and Mrs. Norris all the time,” said George. He was sitting in a tree in the orchard, the way the twins had used to before they got too big for the fragile branches. “But Merlin’s beard, Gin, never like that." 

Ginny sat cross-legged in the grass, picking stalks and trying to weave a crown. "Do you think Mrs. Norris’ll be okay?" 

"And Justin?” said George. “He’s a little twerp, but my god. We could have helped you put cayenne in his oatmeal or something, come on." 

"It wasn’t me,” said Ginny. “I didn’t mean to." 

"Okay, was it not you, or did you not mean to?” said George. “Those are two different excuses.”


“Never trust something if you can’t see where it puts its brain,” Arthur said. Her father was under the car. She couldn’t see him from the mid-chest, up. She couldn’t see his face.


“You know it’s not your fault, right?” Ron was lying on his back on his bed and she was laying belly-down on the floor, coloring. The ghoul in the attic banged pipes– angry, desperate sounds resounding like they were in an empty, vaulted space that swallowed up echoes and spat them back. 

“I wrote back,” she said. 

“Yeah, and? Plenty of people have penpals. That’s all you did. You were lonely. Don’t you think I get it? We’re the last ones, you and me. The point where people have seen so many Weasley kids they stop bothering to learn our names. I know.”

“I should’ve known,” she said. She rolled over onto her back, her hair tangling with her colored pencils. It sounded like the ghoul had maybe broken a pipe– a violent hissing shook the room. “Never trust something if you can’t see where it keeps its brain." 

"That’s stupid,” said Ron, sitting up, leaning over so she could see the profile of his long nose, his flop of red hair. There was a spreading stain on the ceiling above him.

Dad says that." 

"Well Dad’s stupid sometimes. What does where something keeps its brain have to do with anything? Somebody put that diary in your stuff. Someone made that diary– and they kept their brain right in their skull, just like us." 

"So it’s ‘never trust anyone’?” Hissing, snarling, metal on stone, the drip of water. Her skull pressed into the hard floor, too heavy to lift. The noise rose and rose, but she could hear Ron’s voice just fine. 

He shrugged, lanky shoulders bobbing. “I dunno. Maybe it’s 'do your best.’ I dunno. You’re eleven. Why do you have to be thinking about stuff like this?”

“You’re twelve. Why are you?”

Yeah, well, I helped fight You-Know-Who in my first year." 

Ginny curled her fingers into her dark robes. She had had to throw away the ones she’d killed the roosters in. She’d never learned Mum’s cleaning spells well enough for that. 

"You could, too,” Ron said. The stain on the ceiling kept spreading, white plaster going dark. “You did. Fight You-Know-Who, your first year.” Water dripped onto her forehead. 

“How?” she said. “I helped him. Tom was in my head, my hands– He was–" 

"You tried to tell people.”

“I should’ve made them listen,” she said. 

“You can’t make people listen,” said Ron. 

“What can I do, then?” she said. 

“Wake up,” he said. “Wake up, wake up, come on, Ginny, wake up, Harry why is she so cold.”


“I’m so scared, Mum,” she said. The tea was steaming but her hands were shaking against cold ceramic. “I think I’ve been hurting people." 


"You’ve always been able to tell us apart,” said George. The leaves on the trees rustled behind him. “We appreciate that, you know? Like, there’s some pranks we can’t play with you around, but, still, it’s nice." 


"You can go,” Percy said, kindly, and Ginny shivered and shivered. “You’ve always wanted to. You’ve been dreaming about running all your life. Just taking a broom and going." 


Apple blossoms filled the air. Dry grass tickled her cheek, the curve of her calf. Branches cut through the sky– blue, broad, endless. She could feel cold, rotting water seeping into her robes, her socks, swallowing her hands. 


Bang. The ghoul in the attic was hitting pipes again. Hissing. Shouts. 


Bang. Swinging his feet, knocking his heels against the table legs, Fred sat on the rickety table in the broom shed. He trimmed the stray broken twigs from the tail of his Cleansweep, whistling, and he didn’t look up. 

The door of the shed hung open behind Ginny, the sun at her back, the smell of apple blossoms in the air. 

"If you’re going to steal our brooms,” Fred said. “You could at least help with maintenance, you know." 

"Why are you the last one?” she said. He had stopped whistling, but the sound kept going, ricocheting off the walls. “Why weren’t you with George?”

“We don’t do everything together,” said Fred. He looked up from the broom and he was smiling. “He’s going to do a lot of things without me, one day.”

“Where am I?” she said. “What is this? This isn’t home." 

"Isn’t it?” Fred said. He was smiling and she wanted him to stop. “You see, Ginny, you get a choice. Not everyone gets a choice, but you do. This is a place where people wait,” he said. “This is a place where they get to decide. To go forward or to go back." 

"What if I don’t want to go back?”

“Then you take one of these brooms, Gin, and you just go.” He stood up, holding the broom loosely in his hand. “You used to dream about it, remember? When no one was paying attention to you, or when they were paying too much, or when Ron broke your favorite porcelain doll. You thought about sneaking out here, and taking a broom, and just going. The first time you snuck out here and stole my broom, that’s what you meant to do. Run away. Find a circus, or an adventure, a new life.”

“But I came back." 

He shrugged. "You ran out of the cookies you’d packed. And it got cold." 

"It’s getting colder,” she said. “Fred, I’m so cold." 

"You won’t get cold, if you go. You won’t run out of anything.”

“What’ll I find?” The sky out the window was blue. It went forever. 

“I don’t know, kiddo. Not yet.”  


Bill was brushing her hair in the orchard. It didn’t hurt, but she knew it should. She tipped her head back. The sky was blue. She let him hold the weight of her skull in his two big hands, his rings digging into her scalp. 

Charlie was telling her about dragons. Percy was picking lint off her shoulder and telling her to get some sleep. George was picking dead leaves off the apple tree and dropping them on her head. 

Ron laid on his back in his bedroom and water dripped down from the ceiling. The ghoul was shrieking, the pipes were hissing. The stain spread and spread and she watched it go. She couldn’t lift her head. 


“You have a choice,” Arthur said. He had oil on his cheek from fixing a car he swore he never meant to drive. 

“It’s getting colder." 

"I know, baby." 


The handle of Fred’s broom was trapped between them, digging into her ribs, bruising her collarbone. She twisted her hands in the back of his shirt and buried her face in the front of it. Fred was taller than he should be. His chin was bristly with a beard he shouldn’t be able to grow this well, not yet. 

"I miss you,” she said. “You’re going to leave." 

"Are you?” he said. 

She gripped the back of his shirt tight. She could smell the orchard through the open door. She was crying. Her tears were the only warm things in the whole world. “No,” she whispered. 

“It won’t be easy,” Fred said, his chin pressed to the top of her head, because he was taller, he was so much taller than he should be. She cried and the stain spread through his shirt. “But it will be worth it." 


Apple blossoms and old stone. Snakes in the dry grass. This was where she learned to fly. She had taught herself. 

"Wake up,” said Ron. “Harry, why is she so cold? Wake up, Ginny, you’ve got to wake up." 

The blue sky was cut into a hundred shattered pieces. 

She opened her eyes. 

Heart on the Line (part 12)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1223
warnings: phone sex, masturbation

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Damned If I Do Ya

Originally posted by j-miki


“Dude, come on! It’s after ten. The rent-a-cops have disappeared until midnight. I want to take a selfie with that giant fucking pigeon before we head to the party.”

Junhong rolls his eyes at your request as he pulls his apartment door and shoves his keys in his backpack. “Why the hell is there a giant pigeon statue on campus, anyway? I get that they needed the new art building, it’s really nice in there, by the way, but that statue’s unnecessary.”

“It’s terrifying,” you laugh as you drop your board to the asphalt and wait for Junhong to do the same. “But it’s quirk and weird and it’ll get some likes on Instagram. So, you know, doing it for the internet.”

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The Bowers Gang: A Change in Wardrobe

Request  “can i ask for a little ficlet about the bowers boys each seeing their crush (She/her) who’s a fully fledged bowers member and always looked rough and dusty dressed all cuted and soft for the first time?

A/N  →  im tagging @nicholashamilton​ bc it was she who saved me from my 3 week sims 4 binge. bless u

also u kno the drill i didnt proofread any of this, repeated myself through each, wrote these assholes WAY too soft but TAKE IT. take it! i havent written in YEARS

its 1am im tired im going 2 sleep and when i wake up ill edit this goodnight zzz

Pairing → Henry Bowers x Reader, Patrick Hockstetter x Reader, Vic Criss x Reader, Belch Huggins x Reader (She/Her)

Warnings  → the bowers boys bullshit, u know, patricks is the most >:^/ as u would have guessed


The boys hoot and holler as you saunter down to join them behind the school for a cigarette. All except Henry, who was silent and staring. You’d take their shouts over laughter any fucking day, and you have no reason to complain as you join them in the sun.

Yeah yeah. Good ones, assholes” you mutter, taking the seat next to the mullet wearing leader of yours.

“What’s with the getup, Dolly?” drawled Patrick, taking his time eyeing you up, and then down. “You wearing pink under all that pink too?”

You missed the daggers Henry stared at him as you rolled your eyes.

“Greta spilled some strawberry liqueur shit on me. Said she’d give my clothes back to me tomorrow” You tugged at the pink sweater you were wearing. Then sighed, resting your head in your hands. “But there’s no use whining over something I can’t do anything about”

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anonymous asked:

Hi!!! I love your writing so so much and it honestly makes me so happy💕I know that you are so so busy but can you please write a fic about Betty getting hurt really badly and Jughead absolutely loosing it and then is extremely protective over her and doesn't let her out of his sight. I'm obsessed with protective juggy!!

“I’m fine Ronnie. Really, I’m okay.” Betty lifted herself slowly from her desk, clutching its sides so hard her knuckles turned white, the classroom went silent, too afraid to move but completely attentive to the badly injured blonde cheerleader they all loved so dearly.

“Let me get your bag.” Reggie mumbled, nearly tripping over his feet to hand her the tote

“Girl, I can bring your lunch here if that’s easier.” Josie spoke softly, inching closer.

“I can carry you to the lunchroom, it wouldn’t be a problem.” Moose Mason drawled, his hands extended as if to lift her up.

This had been going on for two weeks, ever since Betty had been dispatched from the hospital everyone was treating her as if she were some porcelain doll ready to shatter at the mention of movement. Maybe they were right, these days even the slightest shift had Betty biting back tears, her ribs were cracked so breathing was difficult and her broken arm made it nearly impossible to function, not to mention she was just gaining vision back in her right eye, the swelling now dulling to a faded deep purple and red bruise, blending perfectly with the rest of the bruises littering her face and body.

Clifford Blossoms Minions had found out about Betty being the one to find and share the hard drive, apparently you don’t make much money when your boss is dead. One cold night on her way home from cheerleading practice she had been grabbed. Five older men had taken turns beating her and recording her, they tried to force her into saying it was all the Serpents fault, that she had lied and altered the tape. They were messy though, leaving a ransom note on the steps of the Riverdale Register, Old Lady Milly had seen the thugs leave the note and Betty was found that night, the men had been taken away but the memories were still fresh I Betty’s mind.

That night after her bones had been set and her stitches sewn up she remembered clearly the sight of her boyfriend shoving through the hospital room doors, tears falling carelessly down his cheeks as he held her and sobbed.

“I love you. I love you so much.”

Betty had repeated his words back to him and let her own tears fall.

“Alright I’ll take it from here.”

The familiar lazy tone of her boyfriend drew her out of her thoughts

“Juggie.” She whispered smiling.

He made his way through the crowd of people surrounding her and quickly swung her bag over his own, looping her arm in his.

“Back up people, she doesn’t need you breathing all over her. She’s alright.. just…. scatter.” He mumbled irritably.

Betty giggled at her annoyed boyfriends hand wave, one thing she had learned through this whole ordeal?

Jughead Jones was fiercely protective over the people he loved, she was lucky enough to fall into that category.

Leaning on his shoulder as he protectively wrapped an arm around her waist, being extremely careful not to touch her ribs, Jughead took most of her weight, carrying her slightly off the ground.

“Ready for lunch my fair lady.” The dark haired boy quirked an eyebrow comically and dropped a tender kiss to his girlfriends forehead.

“Certainly my lord.” She added a posh British accent, giggling when Jughead rolled his eyes.

They were halfway down the hallway and Betty was going on and on about some new Author she had been researching when all of a sudden she was pushed , her cast hitting the locker as she whimpered slightly, everything was still a bit sensitive, in a flash she was being placed gently to lean on the lockers and jughead had the freshman who had shoved them cornered.

“Apologize.” He growled, turning the small boy towards Betty. “You pushed my injured girlfriend, clearly you have vision problems since you couldn’t see that she is in a cast and by pushing her you could have inevitably made the healing process longer, typically I feel bad for people with vision impairments but not today, so get yourself some glasses and apologize to my damn girlfriend. Now.”

The short blonde boy shuddered visibly under Jugheads glare

“I’m.. s..ssssorrry” he stuttered out.

Betty shook her head rapidly
“It’s okay! It was just a little push, I think I’ll survive.” She smiled softly to the little boy and he nodded gratefully practically sprinting away.

Jughead came back to Betty’s side trying to ignore the narrowed eyes she were shooting his way.

“What was that about?” She finally asked

Jughead shrugged his shoulders, approaching their lunch table.
“He pushed you.”

“He tapped me!”

“Doesn’t matter, you’re hurt. He shouldn’t push you.. ever. But especially now.” He gently lifted Betty up and slid her into the picnic table, stiffening when she winced at a particular pain in her ribs.

Suddenly Jughead was digging in his backpack and pulling out an orange pill bottle

“Take with food.” He read off the label, smiling at her so charmingly, his prior anger fit was momentarily forgotten.

“Yeah yeah yeah, hand me the meds.” She rolled her eyes, a hidden smile peeking through.

When the doctor had prescribed Betty with the different kinds of pain killers she had seen the pain in her boyfriends eyes, the genuine worry and fear, when she confronted him about it he had explained his concerns. His father had become addicted to pain pills after an injury to his back that’s what started his alcoholism and Jughead was terrified Betty herself would become addicted. So they had made a deal, she would only keep with her the pills she needed for nighttime and morning, he would keep the pills for the rest of the day, he could keep an eye on her and he was around her twenty four seven anyway, not that she minded, she loved him and while some girls would find the presence overbearing, Betty killed for the time she got to be around him. She could tell how strongly he felt about her willingness to trust him with her medication, it meant something to him, something Betty didn’t quite understand yet, but hoped to one day find out.

Veronica, Archie and Kevin joined them at the table. Lunch went by quickly and soon it was the final period Bell. Veronica and Betty shared this class together so Jughead had to leave her.

“If you need me, you just text me okay. I promise I will be there in a minute flat, I may not run but i do barrel pretty fast.” He winked at his beautiful girlfriend, anxiety written in his eyes.

“I’ll be fine Juggie, we’re pros at this system now.”

He dropped a kiss to her lips, pressing his forehead against hers and sighing
“I love you.” He whispered, not a day had gone by since the incident that Jughead hadn’t told Betty he loved her atleast three times a day.

“I love you more.” She pressed a lingering kiss to his lips and gently pulled back.

“Not possible sunshine.” He grinned as Archie pulled him along.

Betty’s laugh rang through the crowded halls of riverdale, putting everyone at ease. If Betty Cooper could make it through everything that she had gone through and still be happy…

Well, life wasn’t so bad.

Good Boys Like Bad Girls (Part 5)

Summary:  Most teachers had a pet student but not many students had one. Except you.

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

Word Count: 4.5k

Kinks Included In This Chapter: Voyeurism, orgasm denial, choking

Author’s Note: I’m aware that a particular character goes through an apparent 180-degree turn in personality too suddenly in this chapter. I acknowledge this mistake and I will fix it at some point to make it flow much better but for now, I hope you can still enjoy it as is. 

(Woo two gifs for one chapter. I’ll give credits when I wake up as well)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Final Part

As you expected, Taehyung didn’t let you go that easily. He missed school, camped down in front of your house, and when that failed as you resorted to just not going home and staying with Jungkook wherever the hell he chose to spend his nights, he started following the both of you. That, of course, led to numerous clashes between the two boys that had Taehyung landing in the hospital every time without fail, just to get on his feet again and continue chasing you.

There was something to be said about his loyalty and perseverance but he was drawing too much attention to you and frankly, you were getting tired of his shit.

“Just go home, Taehyung. Let it go. Go on with your life. Seeing you get beat up every day is getting more than a little pathetic.” You wave your hands in the air dismissively, towering over the boy slumped on the floor and holding his stomach in agony.

“Never.” He hisses out and pulls his hand away from his stomach, showing you a metallic object held tightly in his fist.

You squint, struggling to decipher what the object covered in blood is when Jungkook speaks up.

“You stole my pocket knife.” He laughs, “You think that’s gonna help you?”

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Unbreakable (Part 4)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing, Abduction, Fire
A/N: Prompt. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. I can’t believe how long this thing bloody took me! Sorry it’s been so long since I last updated it, but here is part 4 for ‘Unbreakable’!

Bucky’s POV

“Well, being there is a start.” Natasha said, her usually harsh-sounding voice taking on a softer tone.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Bucky replied, head tilted up to the night sky as him and Nat began to stroll back towards the tower.

“Good.” she smiled, green eyes glinting slightly as she glanced up at him, “Y/N deserves someone who’ll fight for her.”

“Well, I’m gonna damn well try.” Bucky said, eyebrows furrowing as a fire engine went speeding past, sirens blaring.

Mindlessly kicking at a stone on the pavement, Bucky let out a shaky breath as he shoved his hands deep in his pockets. Even now, your look of fear and betrayal was painted across his eyelids, flickering in his vision every time he blinked. If it was the last thing he did, he would make sure you never looked like that ever again.

“Hey Buck?” Natasha asked quietly, “Is that coming from the tower?” Nudging Bucky to point out the pillar of smoke that was starting to billow into the sky.

“Shit.” Bucky said, the pair immediately breaking into a sprint as a couple more fire engines zoomed past.

About a million thoughts went racing through Bucky’s head as him and Nat ran towards the spiral of black smoke. Bucky knew all about your pyrokinesis, yet he couldn’t help but worry. If the tower really was on fire, and you couldn’t control it, then something was seriously wrong. Feet pounding against the pavement, Bucky couldn’t stop the way his heart felt like it was beating out of his chest. As the two neared the tower, they spotted a huddled group of people, being able to pick out a few of their teammates in the gathering.

“Steve!” Bucky yelled, running up to his blond friend, black soot smudged across his cheeks and dusting his hair.

“Bucky, thank god!” Steve said, blue eyes filled with worry as he clutched at Bucky’s shoulder, “We’ve been looking all over for you… it’s Y/N…”

Without another word, Bucky sprinted into the building, ducking around anyone who tried to stand in his way. This is all my fault, he couldn’t help but think, jaw clenched and eyes wild. He didn’t know what he was going to do once he got to you, he just knew that he had to. As he weaved through the many corridors, often crashing into walls in his haste, Bucky didn’t even notice as the smoke became thicker around him. As he neared your door, he began to feel the heat licking at his skin, the flames crackling around him.

“Bucky!” Steve’s voice suddenly called out, the sound of his pounding feet coming up behind him.

“Steve?” Bucky said, covering his mouth as he let out a string of coughs, “What are you doing in here?”

“You think I’d let you come in here on your own, no chance.” Steve replied, clapping Bucky on the shoulder, “Besides, I have a plan…”

“Oh god.”


As the fire burned on around you, smoke filling your lungs, and flames licking against your bare skin, you couldn’t contain the sobs that continued to break past your lips. You never wanted this, this ‘gift’ as Steve kept referring to it. All it had ever done was cause you pain and suffering. Your father was right to give you up, you put everybody around you in danger. Digging your nails into the burning skin of your thighs, you barely registered the distant sounds of voices, instead only focusing on the sounds of the fire slowly destroying everything around you. So far it had burnt everything in your room, and the rooms either side of you, blackening your walls and creating a blockage in front of your door.

“Y/N?” Can you hear me?” Steve’s muffled shout could barely be heard over the fire, the sound of his voice only causing you to burrow further into yourself, “We’re going to get you out of here, okay?”

The sounds of debris shifting, and the fire spitting out accompanied two murmured voices. Suddenly, the sound of your door groaning filled the room, before it seemed to fall off its hinges, crashing to the ground.

“Doll?” Bucky’s hoarse voice coughed, his flesh arm thrown up to his face and his metal one laying limply at his side.

Grey eyes flickering around the room, they quickly locked onto your cowering figure, gaze filling with both relief and fear. That look on his face felt like a stab to the heart. It was such a familiar expression, the look of fear as someone realised what you were truly capable of.

“Y/N…” he said, inching around the fallen debris to get to you, “Doll, everything’s going to be okay, I’m gonna get you out of here.”

Pushing past a fallen beam, Bucky hissed as the smouldering metal contacted with his bare flesh. Screwing his eyes shut, he carried on towards you, barely flinching as a chunk of debris fell onto his metal shoulder.

“Doll, I’m here.” Bucky murmured, fingers brushing against yours as he crouched in front of you.

“Bucky…” you whispered, feeling the fire ebb at his touch.

“Come on.” Bucky said, carefully hosting you up with his flesh arm alone, “I’m so sorry Doll.”

Walking back through the destruction, Bucky hunched over your body as the building continued to crumble around the two of you.

“Buck, you got her?” Steve asked, shield propping up the largest piece of debris that had previously been blocking the door.

“Yeah. Yeah, I got her.” Bucky said, gripping you close to his body as the three of you navigated your way out of the burning building.

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Angsty fluff scenerio where katsukis in a bad mood and he gets in an argument with his strong and kind female s/o whos sensitive when people yell at her, and he lashes out his anger at her and leaves the house in anger and shes just crying and afraid that hes gonna leave her so she locks herself in there room and sobs all night until he comes home after midnight from cooling down and he realizes how much he hurt her, im just in a angsty mood sorry to bother you >.<

No need to apologize! I love writing angst! I hope you like this! :D

Bakugou Katsuki:

He was in a bad mood. Hell, he was in a bad mood 75% of the time. But this time was different, this time he let that anger consume him and he ended up yelling at you. His voice carried high, dishing out annoyances and pet peeves he didn’t even have about you, but wanting nothing more than to get this build up off his chest.

You were just as stubborn as he was though, so when push came to shove his yelling caused your yelling. You insulted his attitude, his personality and even his hero costume telling him he was damn old enough to stop being an angsty teenager and act like a ‘fucking adult’. He sure didn’t like that.

In all truths, this was probably the worst fight the two of you had ever had and it all started out with a simple ‘Guess worked fucked you again?’. You had meant it as a playful remark to his slamming of the door when he walked in, but it was this that set him off.

And it was him grabbing his jacket and slamming the door one final time that made you realize he probably wasn’t coming back anytime soon or at all for that matter. Bakugou didn’t apologize, nor did you when you knew you were not in the wrong, such as right now.

It didn’t set in at first that he had just walked out of your argument, of your shared apartment and of your life. How could it? It had happened so quickly!

It did however when you subconsciously finished making dinner, the two plates you had set up from before the fight sending a thought through your mind of what had happened and allowing your emotions to finally react to it.

He wasn’t coming back.

No more kisses when he got home. No more dinners where he talked about his day at the hero agency. No more teasing him when you treated his wounds. No more cuddling with him pretending like he didn’t love it. No more sleeping together where he kept you warm on cold nights. 

No more Katsuki.

Droplets of crystal clear water like orbs mixed in with the spicy curry, one of his favorites. The taste would become sour now, as you had soiled it with your tears. Your hands rubbed the water away, but it only caused the droplets to well up more until you were eating them and stuffed down hiccups.

He was gone. He said he was done and slammed the door behind him. Katsuki wasn’t coming home because this was no longer home for him.

You trembled as flashes of scenes appeared like a scrapbook in your head, each one sending another spike into your heart as you left the food out. You could care less about dinner or eating, your appetite had vanished, your heart following close behind it appeared.

You found yourself in you room next how you got here a blur as the tears had blinded you. Your mind was fading, your heart fueled by pain being in charge now. You searched through his clothes, finding an old sweatshirt of All Might’s ‘M’ he would wear during his lazy days at home with you.

His smell was still sticking to it of course, he had worn it so often and had it for so long that his smell of firewood and cinnamon was just part of the fabric now. Your nose breathed it in, like his smell was an addictive drug and you were craving a high.

You leaned down on the mattress, it bouncing you slightly, tear drops breaking off and landing on the covers as your body moved. You cocooned yourself under the blankets, clinging desperately to his sweatshirt. Maybe if you fell asleep fast enough you’d wake up and get a chance to not have this become reality.

Several hours later, he paced back in through the doorway an eerie silence greeting him back. He kicked off his shoes and through his jacket back off, pacing in his socks and black tank top to the living room.

It was past midnight and he had finally cooled down enough to realize he had messed up enough to feel guilty. It was a strange but not foreign emotion to him. He had felt it several times through his young life, but not enough for him to be familiar with it or know how to properly deal with it.

He had been in the wrong, yelling at you in such a manner and then going as far to threaten to leave you was low, even for him. He wouldn’t be surprised if you had left first if he was being honest.

He never thought when he asked you out it would turn into this. He thought he was the kind of guy who a girl would give 2-3 dates at most before saying he just wasn’t the type of guy she was looking to have a long term relationship with.

Yet here he was, 16 months in with you. He could count all the major life steps he had taken with you on one hand and the ones he was still hoping to do on his other. But after tonight, the story might have ended here.

He spotted the curry left on the stove, his favorite and another punch to his already remorseful mind, his stomach churning in pain at the sight. You had even gotten out one of the nicer bottles of wine, meaning you had been looking forward to seeing him tonight.

He picked up dinner, not wanting it to go to waste. It very much could be the last meal of yours he’ll ever eat and he sure as hell would not be letting it go into the trash. He would savor every bite and cherish every second put into making it.

The clock read an unGodly time for him to even still be up, so he decided to retire for the night. Nothing good happens late at night after all, so dwelling on his idiotic actions from earlier would lead him to make more he would regret.

The bedroom door creaked open, causing you to sit up. Your eyes adjusted to the source of the light from the hallway being blocked by a single figure in the doorway. Your eyes swelled up again, your tears making their return.

Bakugou stared back at you. Your eyes red and puffy, your body holding that ratty old sweatshirt of his like your life depended on it, and your lips coming and going between a smile and a frown.

“Katsuki… you actually came back.” (Name) spoke in uncertainty.

“You stayed…” He responded, his own fears having died down from seeing you in his bed. But his guilt quickly took its place, as he had made you cry.

Bakugou was a harsh tongued and rude individual. But he hated seeing you cry. Even more so if he was the one who caused it.

He hesitantly walked in, pausing at the foot of his bed, the familar soft sheets wrapped around his broken lover. He sat down abruptly, his hands rubbing viciously through his hair.

You crawled towards him, knowing he only did this when something was eating away at him. Neither of you made a move to touch or say anything though, the wounds from each other fresh, but the vulnerability of being alone again had caused deeper ones.

“I fucked up.”

“I shouldn’t have agitated you.”

You both spoke at the same time, each of your gazes turning to the other. His red orbs looked angry and guilty, your (eye color) holding remorse and longing.

“It was my fault Katsuki!”

“I was the one who fucking snapped!”

You both stopped and stared at the other. A soft giggle escaped your lips and Bakugou rose an eyebrow at his.

“What’s so damn funny now?”

You shook you head, voice still raspy from crying for so long.

“Just that we’re arguing about who caused the other argument…”

He nodded, another long pause filling the air. He sighed, getting ready to sleep on the couch for the night. Your hand reached out and tugged on him gently.

He looked at you, his gaze softening a bit more at your form looking at him in such a needy way. A look he wasn’t used to seeing from his strong and beautiful lover.


“Are you sure?”

“I don’t want to fall asleep without you by my side again Katsuki.”

He nodded, getting in with you, tugging you close and allowing his guilt to finally take over. You’d both need to talk about this in the morning, but for right now at least you both would survive the night with the other next to you.

“I won’t fucking leave you again then.”

You don’t have to.

Authors Note: Hi! I am trying to do blurbs but I am all out of good ideas. Oh well. ‍‍♀️

You can find my Blurbs HERE

Your fingers tap against the steering wheel of the car, your eyes concentrated on the road that is leading you to your destination, Harry.
The two of you made the decision that he would make the long drive to his hometown on his own for his sister’s wedding dinner. You hadn’t been feeling the best recently and he had been a bit of a grouchy ass leading up to when he left two days ago. You’d think after three years of marriage that you’d be accustomed to his outbursts of hasty grouchiness, but since they’re so uncharacteristic, you never know how to deal with them.
While left on your own for two days, you felt guilty for opting to stay in London while his family gathered to celebrate his sisters soon to be wedding.
You arrive at his childhood home, numerous cars parked in the driveway and up the sidewalk already. You get out of the car and stretch your legs with a heavy breath, relieved to ultimately be out of the car and not staring at the road while endeavoring to keep yourself entertained with the radio stations playing the selfsame music. You adjust your sweater before opening the back seat and grabbing the heels you purposely packed for this very moment. You’re well aware that almost everyone in that house will be in a pair of heels and being kitted out in charming attire, and despite not relishing having to throw on a pair of heels, you do it anyway.
You wander along the frozen pavement towards the house, attempting your best to make it a brisk walk as the frigid air settles around you. You reach the front steps and press the doorbell, shivering as the wind picks up and fallen leaves whirl around your heels.  

The door opens and you’re welcomed by his sister, her smile wider than you’d expected, “you came!” She fervently lures you in for a hug and ushers you into the warmth of the house. “My brother said you were staying in London,” she closes the door before she’s facing you again.

You give her a delicate smile, “I was, but I felt better and just had to come, how does it feel to be getting married soon?” You challenge as you both transit down the hallway,

“Exciting! Now I understand why you were so enthused when you married my brother.”

You chuckle, “well, where is that brother of yours?” You call into question as you scour the room saturated of all her friends and family,

“Last I saw him he was with Mum in the kitchen.”

“How typical,” you chuckle as your eyes dance around the room. At first, you take note of the decorations and the colour scheme, a very laid back and neutral setup. Harry’s sister has never been one to be over the top or draw attention to herself, so you’re not surprised by the subtleness of everything. Your eyes promptly encounter Harry’s familiar broad shoulders clothed in the black sweater he always wears when visiting his Mum. He’s standing, talking to someone with a brunette on his arm, her hand’s pressed delicately to his arm in the same way you urge your hands to him.

You relentlessly stare as you take in the woman’s full-length legs and her flawlessly curled hair. Just from behind you can tell she’s the type of girl you’ve always been jealous of, if the untainted hair wasn’t enough, there’s no doubt in your mind her outfit and makeup is perhaps better than yours.

You hear his laugh as it lights up the room and he just happens to cock his head for his eyes to meet yours. Your heart races and he instantaneously begins to excuse himself from the small group he was around.

You sigh to yourself and roam away, your heels hammering against the flooring before his hand wraps around your wrist graciously. You pull it away and turn to face him, fury evident in your face.

“Hey, you’re here,” he smiles, leaning in to try to kiss your lips but you cock your head for him to catch your cheek.

“Yeah, I’m here, clearly it was a mistake,”

“Love, what do you mean?”

“How many times do we have to go through this?” You interrogate with irascibility to your voice, “Is this why you agreed for me to stay in London?” You gesture subtly towards the brunette that was on his arm and his eyes follow your motion.

“Let’s go somewhere more private,” he clears his throat, taking your hand and diplomatically drawing you down the hallway to his old childhood room.

The bedroom hasn’t changed since the last time you were here, his bed is in the same old place with the identical royal blue  comforter over it. He closes the door and you travel around his room, unsure of what you really want to say at this point.
“Y/N, she’s tipsy, what do you want me to do?” He questions as you do your best to avoid eye contact with him.

This isn’t the first time you’ve managed to encounter him with a woman on his arm, it seems like anytime you leave him alone there’s a woman close to him.

“You push her away, you walk away, you don’t let her hands stay all over you. Damn, Harry. Just—, is it so hard for you not to let women hang all over you?” You cross your arms, your eyes finally meeting his.

“Did you come up here just to argue? Every time you come up here you get jealous.”

“No. Every time I leave you alone up here it seems like it’s an open invitation for you to warrant women to put their hands on you. Like last time I found you and some girl dancing and singing karaoke like you’re seconds Away from shagging.”

“I was drunk, that wasn’t my fault.” He hastily defends, “You just walked in at the wrong time tonight, I promise nothing was happening or going to happen.”

“Whatever, you have fun and takes pleasure in the night, I’m going to drive back home, clearly I came up here for no damn reason.”

“You don’t have to leave,” he shakes his head, “Why’d you come up here?”

“I needed to speak to you and I felt bad for bailing on your sister.”

“You couldn’t have called?” He raises a brow and you shoot him a death stare, “I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.” He sighs as he runs his fingers through his hair.

You sit on the edge of his bed and sigh, “You know, it sucks sleeping without you,” Harry steps closer and leans on the Chester drawers in front of you, his lips curving into a small smile.

“You’re just trying to talk your way out of this,”

“Mhmmm, no. It’s true. It’s like being on tour, a big empty bed and the love of my life miles away.”

“Did long legs not want to get close to you in bed?” You mutter, referencing his squiffy friend.

“I just want you, you know that. You drove five hours just for me?” He sits down beside you and presses his hand to your knee, “I’m flattered you’d drive all that way just for me.”

“Cocky, I see.” You chuckle, leaning on his shoulder, “so, you and long legs are?”

“That’s my sisters best friend, she’s engaged, and me and her don’t get along when she’s sober. Want to tell me why you drove all this way? I know it wasn’t for my sister.”

“It may have been,”

“It wasn’t.” … “you said it yourself that you didn’t feel like coming up here.”

“That makes me sound like a total bitch for a sister in law.” You sigh, not liking the way he put it. It’s not like you just didn’t want to come, you honestly didn’t think a five hour drive was a good decision on your behalf.

“You weren’t feeling well when I left, you had a valid reason.”

“Mhm. Well, I got my blood test back.” You begin and he hums, not too concerned, you have them monthly and this is no new thing to him. “You know how we’ve been trying for a year and a half to make a family?”

“Yeah, I forgot to tell you, my sister told me some thing where if the bed is facing a certain way it helps with conceiving.” … “apparently she is getting impatient waiting,” Harry chuckles as his arm snakes itself around you.

“We won’t be needing to change the bed.”

“I didn’t plan on taking that advice.”

“No, Harry… we don’t need to do anything,”

“Well yeah, we agreed we’d just let it happen.” He responds, not taking the hint. He has never been good at taking hints.

“It happened.” You breathe out, the room growing serene as you bite your lip, his mind processing what you mean. “We don’t have to try anymore, that’s why I drove down here. I didn’t want to wait.”

“Are you serious?” He rests his eyes on you.

The two of you have been trying for a while and you essentially gave up when it didn’t happen, so you both agreed to take a breath and let it all happen on its own. When you found out this morning, you looked just like him, wide-eyed and bewildered.

“I’ll be skipping be champagne at your sister’s wedding next weekend. And we might want to change RSVP from the seafood to something more suitable.”

“Christ, you can have anything you want, you name it, it’s yours. I love you, holy—” he blissfully smiles before kissing you, unable to finish his sentence.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned once or twice)

Word Count: 1,659

Warnings: NSFW, oral (female receiving), a little bit of angst, a little bit of fluff?

Request: Hey, I was listening to “Should I stay or Should I go” and as soon as the verse “It’s always tease, tease, tease, you are happy when I’m on my knees” came up I thought of a DeanxReader where Dean always says that to reader, i don’t know the plot at all but if you could write something implied smut I would love you forever!

Author’s Note: Thank you for my beta @crispychrissy for helping me with the smut so I give her half credit for that. So sorry this is up so late. I appreciate your patience with me. I hope you like this one!If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists!

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Dean Winchester. That’s a name you’ll never forget. He was all sarcasm, muscle, leather and gun powder. It wasn’t a combination you thought would be good but damn, did he make it work.

Darling you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?
If you say that you are mine
I’ll be here ‘til the end of time
So you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

You’ve been with the oldest Winchester for quite some time now, hunting with him and Sam before leaving to hunt on your own. You knew it wasn’t fair to Dean that you left but it’s who you were.

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Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,190ish
T/W: Fluff
A/N: For @fangirlwithasweettooth‘s request: “Could I please request a Philip x shy!reader? Literally any plot is fine, I’m just in the mood for fluff. Thank you! (P. S. I love your writing!)” Hey, of course, Love!! And thank you♡ 

Deep breathes, deep breathes, you told yourself walking to chemistry class. Even though this wan’t your first year, or the first class, you were nervous, because of a certain curly haired boy in your class. His name was Philip and you were secretly head over heels for him. Seeing him in class just made your day, even though you had never talked to him and he probably didn’t even know you existed, but in a way you were okay with this. Being shy and quiet had its benefits you told yourself, like being able to look at someone from a distance without being noticed and getting attached only to have your heart broken. Walking into class you didn’t notice Philip watching you from across the room. You set your books down, sitting next to your best friend at your chemistry table. 

“Hey,” Theo turned to you, “why do you look nervous, well…more than usual?”

“Because.” you whispered, “Today we get assigned lab partners.”

Theo looked the direction you were glancing, easily spotting Philip across the room. She frowned and turned back to you. 

“That’s seriously what you’re worried about? Not, oh, I don’t know…the exam coming up?” she crossed her arms. 

“No, I’m gonna ace it, I’m just really worried. What if he gets assigned with me? And-”

“And you actually have to talk to him?” Theo interrupted, “God forbid!”

You just gave her a look that said ‘really’ without needing any words. The professor began class talking about the exam, and you stared Philip’s direction, not worried about the information on the test. You were the shy girl, no guy like Philip would ever want you, he was just so charming and was so pretty and so cute and- 

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The Great Outdoors

A/N: My first AU! This was written for @tatortot2701 ‘s AU challenge and it was a lot of fun. It was supposed to be a short little thing, but it turns out I am one wordy son of a gun and it kind of got away from me. Oh, well. I hope you enjoy it! If you notice any errors or have any comments, don’t hesitate to let me know!  

Summary: You and the gang go camping. Could this be the weekend you finally make a move on Steve? Mostly fluff.

 Warnings: Language and drinking

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Slip of the Tongue. Pt 2. (Peter Parker)

Synopsis: Peters rival in everything he does is actually his girlfriend, but nobody knows that due to Peter not wanting to compromise her safety. But one day, Peter accidentally lets slip to a friend about (y/n)’s home problems, and suddenly (y/n) is the pinpoint of everyone’s gossip. 

A/N: Hey! Welcome back! I was so excited to continue this! 100% will be another part after this because it ends on a cliffhanger! Let me know your thoughts because I don’t think I did this as good lmao…

This chapter was influenced by the song ‘All Time Low’ by Jon Bellion! Listen to it here

Warning: Some hurt characters in this- physically I mean so be careful!l and the use of ‘mom’ even though I’m Australian.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

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[Part 1] 

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Three days.

Three days is how long it took for (Y/N) to mentally recover from this social blow. After much reasoning with herself, she realised how ridiculous it was to think that she was the only one with home problems. How other people aren’t perfect either and so, from there she was able to return to school on the fourth day. A Friday, luckily.

Walking through the halls and having every pair of eyes either glance or blatantly stare you down, as if waiting for you to crumble, was something (y/n) could never possibly get used to. She refused to give in to such merciless judgment.

After the big fiasco on Monday, (y/n) had found out who her real friends were – which was nobody, but at least now she knew. Arriving at her locker, (y/n) found a very well rounded boy, by the name of Ned, standing next to her locker. Pausing, she takes a deep breath before masking her face and approaching him. Opening her locker and sorting out her books, (y/n) refuses to acknowledge Ned.

“(y/n) Listen…”

“No, you listen. What makes you think you can talk to me?” Bitchy, (y/n) knew, but she didn’t want any association with the Parker boy nor any lies and excuses that were about to fall from his friend’s mouth. A blush rose to Ned’s cheeks as she stared him down. “I-uh… I wanted to talk-”

“No, no. I talk. you listen. Okay?” Nodding his head quickly, too scared to piss her off further knowing her capabilities; as shown to Peter Monday. “You and your ‘friends’ stay the hell away from me and we won’t have a problem.” Ned tried to cut in, a fierce glare quickly cut him off but didn’t stop his glance that flickered over her shoulder.

Following Ned’s eye line behind her, (y/n) found Peter not too far down at his locker, looking at her. Smiling slightly at him, he begins to smile back before she raises the finger. His smile was wiped off instantly. Returning to the boy before her, (y/n) begins again.

“You and the rest of Parker’s groupies don’t approach me, you don’t talk to me. Hell, you don’t even talk about me because as I’m sure Parker’s probably let slip, I’m not afraid to kick a bitch down when I need to. Okay?” She smiled viciously and grabbed her remaining books before walking off.

Looking behind as (y/n) walked away, the blushing boy looked close to tears. (y/n) obviously regrets her spiteful words, however, she didn’t need people approaching her with petty excuses for a boy she no longer wanted within her life.

It seems the boy had destroyed her after all.

Ned slowly approached the boy leaning against the lockers after watching the whole thing go down. “So… uh…” Ned didn’t know where to begin. “She stuck the rude finger up at me…” Peter let out breathlessly.

“I mean you kinda deserve it, but dude… she’s scary as hell. How did you deal with her for so long?” Peter looked through the crowds to see if he could still see (y/n). No luck. “Well I didn’t put up with her Ned and she wasn’t always so…savage?” Pausing, trying the word on his tongue. Peter continued. “But you’re right it is my fault. M-maybe I can’t fix it but I’ll damn well try.”

The bell sounded around the hall, people rushing to reach class. Both boys slowly make their way to chemistry, a class Peter did in fact share with (y/n). “Are you still stalking her with the spidey suit?”



“I wouldn’t call It spying…” Ned laughs, “So what do you call following her for the last three days and sitting on her fire escape?” Peter realised he had in some way, been stalking her. “I call it safety Ned. Safety.”

Ned nods along, a second bell ringing forcing the boys to move faster.


“(Y/n)! Can you please run to the store and get some eggs and milk?” Her mother stands in the doorway. (Y/n) smiles softly. For her mother, she would be in a good mood. Her parents had decided to take a sort of ‘break’ before coming back to figure whether to stay together or finally divorce. (Y/n) believes her parents definitely don’t need the added stress of a moody teen.

“Sure mom.” Dressing in warmer clothes, (y/n) shoves her boots on and walks out the front door.  “Bye!” she yells quickly to her mom.

Exiting the store after an hour, (y/n) paused, about to turn left towards home. However, (y/n) made the quick decision to turn right and go towards her favourite parkland. Coming upon the park, it wasn’t as in as good of condition as it had been when it had been installed; right about when she was six. It was actually here that (Y/n)’s parents used to take her every weekend and the place where she first met Peter Parker. Also where their rivalry began.

Leaning on the small fence that separated the small park from the pathway, (y/n) could almost see the shadows of her younger self-running around and a smaller Peter Parker chasing after her. Large smiles on their faces and the frowns when they were told they had to leave.

“I win (y/n)!” The young voice of Peter shouted at the pig-tailed girl.”Nu-uh Pete! I’m the better runner!” Little Peter scoffed, flicking one of her ribbons tied in her hair. “That’s such a lie! Race you to our parents and whoever gets their firs-” Little (y/n) had already started running towards her parents. “That’s cheating (y/n)!”

The shrill laugh from her younger self echoed through her mind. Her now older self-reminiscing the easier times. The park was now abandoned. It hadn’t been used by kids as much anymore due to Queens becoming a little bit rougher than other areas. 

The older you grow, the more confusing things become with feelings, boys, high school and finally hero boys who wear spandex. 

 “Oh no! Stop!” A loud voice erupted from near (y/n) causing her to jump and swiftly turn to see an elderly lady and a man in a bit of conflict. The robber seemed to be trying to steal her handbag but the older lady was stronger than she looks.

“Hey!” (Y/n) yelled running towards the conflict. Looks like she would have to play hero for once. The older guy seemed to turn around and look her up and down. “Fuck off and mind your own busine-” The robber was unable to finish his sentence because of a fist hitting right where his liver is. An ‘oof’ sound making its way out of his mouth and his grip on the elderly lady’s bag was released.

The elderly lady fled the scene, without a thank you to (y/n). “Shouldn’t have done that kiddo.” (Y/n) shrugged. “I disagree.” Dodging the man’s hits were relatively easy until he managed to land one on her right cheek and lip. Black spots appear and dance across her vision by the sheer force of the blow.

Giving two good kicks to the gut once (y/n) were down, the man gave her a final word. “You’re not worth it. It never usually works out for the hero, y’know?” He walked away leaving (Y/n) on the street with broken eggs and spilt milk.

“I know.” She whispered in pain.


Returning home empty-handed with a pounding head and a slight limp, (y/n)’s mom was instantly by her side, asking what happened only for her daughter to reply with; “I tripped and broke the eggs and spilt the milk. I’m sorry.” Ignoring the rest of her mom’s questions she walks into the bathroom, opposite her room, and looks in the mirror.

(Y/n) looked to see she already had a shiner swelling up her eye and a cut on her lip. Her cheek had bruised nicely but nothing compared to the pain of her chest. Lifting her shirt, (y/n) found a forming bruise stretching from the side of her waist and across the stomach. In fact, most of the area around her belly button had turned a slightly purple-y colour. 

Touching it slightly (y/n) winced. Turning on the shower, she stripped and delved underneath the steaming water that stung at her small cuts and bruises. When (y/n) finally got to bed, everything groaned in protest of any movement.

She knew the type of gossip people would circulate tomorrow; the voices penetrating her mind…

I heard her dad beats her

I heard she’s in an underground fighting ring

She’s become so depressed and numb she goes out of her way to feel anything.

The last voice (y/n) heard before falling into a slumber was his.

“I win!”


All weekend, (y/n) barely leave the house. Her mom questioned her, the response always came back the same.

Some sick part of her believed Spider-man or Peter, would come and save her. But that’s a fantasy and this was a reality. You couldn’t always have a boy in spandex come and save you; sometimes you needed to help yourself even if you come out worse than before.

When it was time to return to school Monday, (y/n)’s bruises hadn’t faded at all. In fact, they were darker and hurt worse. Knowing she had to just deal with it, (y/n) entered the school’s front doors. Her hoodie was over her head and covered her face when she looked at the floor.

Peter Parker’s spidey senses always just seemed to know when (y/n) was around. Turning towards her direction, he found her in a large hoodie, refusing to meet anyone’s eyes. on Friday, (y/n) was confident and undeniable. Today she struggled under the pressure of everyone’s stares.

Too focused on what could be going on with (y/n), besides the obvious, he failed to notice he’d already made his way to her locker and now stood before her. Hearing the loud slam of the locker as she closed it, still ignoring him, managed to snap Peter out of his thoughts. “(Y/n)” He called slowly.

Turning to look him in the eyes, she pulled her hoodie down. Seeing the state of (y/n)’s face quite frankly shocked Peter. “w-what-what happened?” She looked at him tiredly. Too exhausted from sleepless nights to pick a fight with Peter at this moment.

“I fell.”

“You’re lying.”

“No shit, honestly. Now please move, I’m trying to enter the classroom.”

“Not until you tell me what happened.” He sighed, holding his arm across the door.

“We’re not friends.” (y/n) dragged out slowly. “I don’t have to tell you anything. Now get out of my way Parker, and don’t get in it again.

Pushing past him, (y/n) entered history class and sat at the back.


“Ned, I don’t know what happened to her! The one night I don’t go and crime fight and she gets hurt! I need to get her back!” Peter huffed. Putting his head down and running his hands through his gel-free hair.

“Look man, maybe she just needs space. Distance from you and-” Lowering his voice, “-the Spider-man too.”

“No, the distance is what got her hurt in the first place! She already knows about my alter-ego.” “Wait, since when? And was it before me” Peter gave him a raised eyebrow. “Since we live in the same building, share the same fire escape and she has a habit of star gazing every now and then. None of that rings a bell?”

Ned simply shook his head in a ‘no’. Peter lowered his voice, not risking someone over-hearing him- again. “Well, it wasn’t long after she first kissed me and I was really hurt from fighting some bank robbers with the weird tech. You remember? Well, I sorta just sung onto the fire escape and ripped my mask straight off- stupid I know but it was a hard night. Turns out (y/n) was sitting on what I thought was my fire escape, but was actually hers.”

“That has to be your biggest blonde moment ever.” Ned shook his head in slight humour. “Yeah, but I did get a lot of attention that night. She patched me up and was plenty affectionate. I think that’s where we sorta picked up after she first kissed me.” Ned couldn’t help but slightly smirk at the gooey and love-struck face of Peter Parker.

“I need her back Ned… I haven’t even tried anything to get her back and I’m already out of ideas!”

“That’s because you are weird and can’t communicate with the opposite sex properly. This often results in bad relationships and the inability to give advice.” Both males turn towards a girl standing behind them, also known as Liz Allen.

“Listen, I want to help.”

[Part 3]

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Girl of Mine || M.H.

Word Count: 2,700
Summary: “Can you write something where 2017 Matty takes care of his girl who isn’t feeling to well? He runs her a bath, carries her to the bathroom, undresses her while whispering positives in her ear, giving soft kisses to her cheek and then he helps her in the bath and helps her wash up and then maybe later on they cuddle?”
Author’s Note: I had way, way too much fun writing this. Thank you for this prompt, anon. Please feel free to send more requests here! Enjoy!

He had flown you out as soon as he had heard. Days and nights of not feeling well, partially due to a terrible cold that did not want to leave and the lack of him by your side on his long tour, had taken their toll. You were ill, unhappy, and frankly a mess. 

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The Beast of Brooklyn Part Three (mobster tony stark)

Summary: You work for Tony Stark at his strip club. He’s terrible to you, abusing you every chance he gets. What happens when the King of Brooklyn comes to your rescue though? What happens when an unexpected surprise comes along?

Word Count: 2.9K

Warnings: sexual harassment, mentions of rape and abuse

The Beast of Brooklyn Masterlist

“Listen, Y/N, baby,” Tony cooed as he swirled the whiskey in his glass, pleasant smirk plastered on his face as he eyed you sitting in the chair in front of him. He requested your presence in his office earlier that morning. So here you sat, sitting in his office, legs crossed, foot tapping angrily as he taunted you to speak.

You were beyond annoyed with the way he worked his girls and you. But you needed the money to pay for your house. It wasn’t easy coming across another job in this city, no matter how much you had looked. So you were forced to remain in this shithole working for an abusive man, who tormented his workers just for the hell of the game.

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Countdown Part 4/5 [Final]

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, suggestive themes etc. (not actual smut), soulmate au

Soulmate au: Every one has a timer, counting down to the time when they first meet their soulmate

!Do not repost!

Status: Finished 1 2 3 4 5 (Bonus)

“Oppa! I’m back, what-” You stopped dead as the broken coffee table, the blood on the floor. You heart pounded in fear of what happened, avoiding the glass shards on the floor as you walked towards the loud shouting at the other side of the living room. “O-Oppa?” You called softly, but before you could even see him, Jin ran towards you, standing in front of you protectively. You looked over his shoulder to see Yoongi, bleeding cuts scattered across his arms, his figure slouched, glancing around with his tired eyes, muttering gibberish, eyes completely fallen and blank.

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