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Day ?? - Interacting with your crush

Would you believe me if I said I drew this first out of all the prompts in the challenge? LOLOLOL I wanted to post them in order but I realized the fatesona child thing was also a prompt so… oh well. 😂😂😂

Lab Partner

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Pairing: Reader x Mark Lee
Genre: Fluff
Request: “could you do some mark lee fluff where they get paired for a lab assignment or something and its just really adorable and awkward in the way that first kisses and relationships are? 😊 any high school au is cool though!! i love your writinggggg

“Donghyuck and Jeno,” your teacher called off his sheet of paper.

Your heart was pounding nervously, it was your first day at a new school and the beginning of a new semester. From what you noticed, everyone knew each other, except you, which was why you were slightly glad your teacher decided to have himself pick our partners instead of ourselves.

“Minhyung and Y/N.”

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TIPS FOR HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN (and other high schoolers!)                                     

(first year, first grader, 大一, 신입생, 新入生, étudiant de première année…)

these tips may be slightly sarcastic and what you did not expect but it’s the truth!

  • its only the beginning
  • if your school has a block schedule (every other period, for ex: per. 1/3/5/7 on monday and per. 2/4/6 on tuesday), do your homework the day it’s assigned!
  • when you come home, whether after practice or just straight from class, don’t sleep (hahaha says the person who sleeps right after), have a snack, relax for 15-30 minutes then do homework. then, you can do whatever you want after :)
  • actually write in your planner what your homework is unless your teacher posts it online…but still write it down in case of technical difficulties
  • if your school has “tutorial” (a time where you can ask your teachers for help, etc.), go to tutorial and ask for help … or eat your lunch
  • drink h2o. very important.
  • eat breakfast. it’ll get you going through the day if you skip lunch for some reason.
  • get enough sleep, if it’s 9 pm and you are done with everything, dont stay on your phone for the next 3 hours like me! SLEEP.
  • start studying for tests/quizzes at least 3 days before but worst case scenario cram the night before lol sorry can’t help you out on that one but yes study as soon as you know there’s a test or quiz coming up
  • don’t plagiarize! if your teachers use, its very good at finding out your little internet discoveries, at the very most paraphrase
  • join clubsssssssss! if you go with your friends it’s even more fun! freshman year is great for going to a gazillion clubs even if my sophomore year you only end up going to like 2
  • finals week: start reviewing your notes a week or two before, but tbh if you do better when you cram then cram! everyone has different study habits and honestly if you’re a crammer, simply review your notes briefly a week before but the day before the final, start hardcore cramming right after school
  • when it’s the end of the school year, please don’t do homework the period before’ll only stress you out
  • make study guides. make flashcards. make quizlets. make a study tool you’ll learn from. share with your friends, don’t be mean :) JK haha share with the people you trust and won’t share with the whole school
  • if you’re in the u.s., don’t start sat prep freshman year lmao…freshman year is a year to have fun not sit in a prep class for 4.5 hours every week!
  • by having fun i do not mean yolo-ing your grades, still attempt to reach dem high grades
  • make friends! old ,new ,recyclable reusable (haha jk)…introduce yourself to new people or just make friends through friends if you’re shy
  • go to school dances and school football games!
  • don’t be scared of upperclassmen we don’t bite :) (unless it’s right before a test)
  • DO. NOT. CHEAT. middle school may be lenient but high school is not.
  • don’t skip classes when there’s a test because you did not study for the said test because instead of taking the test right then and there, you now have to spend time trying to figure out when you can take the test
  • date if you want to but make sure it doesnt take over your studying/school
  • don’t forget to spend time with your family because they are numba 1!
  • for anyone with long hair that gets in the way: tie up your damn hair when you take a quiz/test/final
  • ask questions and don’t be like the deathly silent corner-sitting person i am right now in english
  • do extra credit that the teachers give you because that may not happen in the later sad (jk…i think) years of high school
  • bring your teachers kleenex, expo markers, etc., because who knows you might get a homework pass or sumthing ;)
  • high five people if they try to high five you even if theyre strangers (lmao based on personal experience which i failed)
  • don’t pull an all-nighter/half all nighter where it consists of you starting and finishing a project due the next day, or you’re just on your phone 24/7
  • please don’t do drugs in the back of the school
  • don’t compare yourself to other people :)
  • talk to your counselor / ta (homeroom) teacher!
  • don’t try to force yourself to be friends with popular people, just stay comfortable with the friend group you already have :)
  • if spending 30 minutes on makeup makes you feel good, do it and own it
  • when people cuss and you don’t cuss don’t look scandalized it’s kind of the norm (oops)
  • if you make a mistake/get a bad grade, don’t beat yourself over it. just move on. like after breakups.
  • don’t gossip about other people because they’re going to somehow find out and ignore you for a long time
  • if you’re dressing like a bum by the second month of school, don’t worry life is life
  • volunteer! with friends! by yourself! try to volunteer someplace where it’s every week and not just random places
  • do not cry over a low a because the student next to you that got a low b may feel like smacking you
  • don’t complain about one test and sleeping at 11 pm to an upperclassmen because… just don’t
  • bring a phone charger it’ll save you if you’re staying at school till 9pm that day for tech or something
  • don’t ditch class you ain’t a senior just yet
  • last of all: BE HAPPY

what a huge masterpost! but i hope it helps! freshman year was the best year of my life compared to sophomore year and now and i really wish that i followed the advice that i just gave!

(sorry this is kind of late and this is based on the experiences of my friends and moi)

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Something To Ask

Request from @lesliekate0502 “Can you do a Sirius x Reader with the quote : ’ When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew’ by Shakespeare, please? 

Thanks for the request! I know its a bit short, but I hope you like it

You had moved from Germany to England over the summer and had to be transferred wizarding schools. You were going into fifth year at Hogwarts and were filled with excitement and anxiety.

You boarded the Hogwarts Express on September first with your school things packed and your confidence peaking. You made two friends that day, Lily Evans and Marlene Mckinnon.

While you were on the train, a pair of boys came into the compartment. Upon seeing them, Lily rolled her eyes and groaned.

“Good morning, Evans! Go out with me?” One of them said. He had messy black hair and glasses, while the other one, particularly handsome, had long black hair and a mischievous smirk.

You looked at him up and down. When you reached his face, you could tell he had done the same to you. He was staring, observing your features like it was a famous painting or something of the sort.

You smirked at this, especially when he opened his mouth to say something, then closed it. He blushed a little bit and raked his fingers through his hair.

“No, Potter. Stop asking.” Lily shook her head.

“Who’s this?” The other boy asked, gesturing to you.

“I’m (Y/N). I transferred from across the channel.” YOu answered.

“Welcome to Great Britain then, (Y?N), I’m Sirius Black, and this is James Potter. I’d love to stay and chat, but I’d better get James back to our compartment before Evans here clocks him in the jaw for ogling at her.” The boy introduced himself. And the pair left.

“He’s charming.” You smiled to yourself.

“Now that you all are back from break, we will be learning more difficult charms…” Professor Flitwick drawled on.

“It’s only the first day back,” You complained to Lily, “we should have an easy day.”

“I second that.” Sirius whispered from beside you.

You had, almost mistakenly befriended the marauders, and dragged Lily along with you in the process. It was a good mistake, you all had the best times together, even if it had only been one semester. However, another mistake was made.

You had fallen for the one and only, Sirius Black. Of course, he was too busy pranking teachers and students, terrorizing Snape with James ad snogging other girls to notice. He did flirt with me, and you flirted back, just fun, nothing else, not for him at least.

“D’you think he’ll notice if we snuck out of class?” Sirius whispered.

“Yes. You’re not that sly.” You told him.

“I bet you could get us out of here.”

“But I wouldn’t because we would get in trouble.”

“Please? I’ll give you a kiss.” He teased.

You blushed bright scarlet.

“As much as I’d love that, still not worth it.” I smiled.

You  went back to listening, the three of you occasionally passing notes.

Later that night after dinner and all of uour classes, you and your friends sat around in the common room talking. Eventually, people started going off to bed, leaving James, Sirius and you alone.

You were busy reading, but looked up every once in a while when you heard shuffling or whispers from James and Sirius’ direction. James was always nudging Sirius and looking over at you. Sirius would shake his head and say something quietly.

After a few minutes of this, James stood up and announced he was going to bed.

“Also, (Y/N), Sirius has a question.”

Sirius kicked James as he left and you put down your book.

“Well, that was awfully boyish.” You chuckled.

“It was, wasn’t it.” Sirius rolled his eyes.

“Well then, have anything to ask?” You said.

“He was being a prick, I don’t have anything to ask.” Sirius looked down.

“You know, I’m normally clueless, but I’d say you’re nervous, or embarrassed.” You teased.

“Well, yeah. Its cause the girl I’ve been in love with since September is sitting in the firelight and looks absolutely stunning.” He shrugged.

You froze.

“Yep. I said I didn’t have anything to ask, but I did have something to say, I guess.”

“Sirius…” You searched for words but your mind was blank. You remembered the day you met. How you knew he was staring at you because he saw something different. You knew you intrigued him at the least. Lily and Marlene teased you about it after they left the train compartment, but you thought nothing of it after a while.

“You see, I’ve built my own reputation, you know it. I snog girls in the halls and move around a lot. But I never had a reason to. This year I’ve done it to distract myself from you, but it leaves me more empty than ever. When I saw you, I fell in love with you, and you smiled, because you knew.”

By the time he had finished saying this, he moved to sit with you. You turned to face him and your faces were so close you could feel his breath. But you couldn’t look at him  in the eyes.

“Well,” You managed to breathe out, “Its a good thing I fancy you too.”

You closed the small gap in between the two of you and your lips touched. There was a spark and you closed your eyes, leaning into the kiss.

You pulled apart and laughed in relief.

“I guess, I did have something to ask,” Sirius said, “will you be my girlfriend?”

anonymous asked:

Can you do please a story where the reader is Harry's new neighbour. They bump into each other on a night stroll and start bickering and from then on they have a neighbour from hell relationship. One night she notices a strange figure outside his home and she investigates and is slashed with a small knife on her arm but scares the weird stalker off and Harry realises what happened and escorts her inside, with fluff etc. :)

One of the perks of having gone to school for so many years to have the career you did now was that you got paid, well. And an inheritance of more money than you knew what to do with led you to buying a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood, and you’d never felt more like an adult as you wandered around your large home the first night after moving in. You hadn’t met any neighbors yet but the internet had only good things to say about the neighborhood and its residents, so you weren’t too worried. 

It was the next day, upon arriving back to your house after work, that you first noticed the swarm of grown men holding large cameras, seemingly hiding behind some trees and bushes across from the house next to you. Parking your car in your driveway and making your way towards your front door, you heard them starting to yell.

“Ay miss, you seen Harry yet today? Know if he’s home?” they asked as you turned around to see that they seemed to be asking you.

“What? I don’t know who Harry is, Harry who..?” you trailed off as they were no longer paying attention to you but were now rushing towards the house next to yours as a fashionably dressed and very attractive, somewhat familiar looking man rushed to his car, trying to avoid the paparazzi. 

“Harry! Come on man, talk to us just for a minute!”

They surrounded his car, but he wasn’t having it. A polite smile and a nod, and he maneuvered out of the drive and onto the road. The men all grumbled, putting the cameras down and starting to walk away.

“Harry Styles, lady!” one of them yelled over at you, as you were still stood on your doorstep. Oh yeah, you’d heard of him. Great. Now you had a bunch of middle-aged men with cameras to look forward to seeing every day around your house. Great.

About a week later, you decided to take a late night stroll around the block just to get some fresh air and check out the neighborhood. Your head was down as you noticed a message flash across your phone screen, so you didn’t notice the person on the sidewalk walking towards you who was doing the same thing.

“Mmph” Harry mumbled when the two of you ran into each other, as you looked up to see the pop star standing right in front of you, the one who was the cause of all the frenzy always around your house.

“Would’ve thought the paparazzi would be behind that tree or something and tell you to watch where you’re going,” you told him, not thrilled about bumping into your neighbor. 

“Yeah I mean I can’t really control where the paparazzi are, there’s not much I can do,” he responded. You rolled your eyes, not impressed by his attitude. “I mean, and I lived here first so…” 

Oh, so he was going to play it like that.

“Really? Alright if that’s the kind of relationship you want with your neighbors, good luck buddy,” you told him.

“I didn’t say anything about wanting to have any kind of relationship with my neighbor,” he retorted. Both of you had your eyes slightly squinted as you looked at each other. You’d both had long days and were overly tired and in a bad mood, and were definitely starting off on the wrong foot.

You snorted at his comment, clearly not amused.

“Whatever,” you mumbled, rolling your eyes again and starting to walk away as he did the same. Perfect, you thought to yourself, disappointed that this was the guy you’d have to deal with for as long as you both lived there. 

Weeks had gone by since this first interaction between you and Harry, and things had only gone downhill between the two of you. Blasting music and blindingly bright outdoor lights, the two of you tried to be as obnoxious as possible in response to obnoxious things you would each do, and the cycle kept repeating. 

On this night in particular, you were reclined in your living room, watching a movie and occasionally glancing out your window to see if the paparazzi from earlier had shown up again. 

About halfway into your movie, upon glancing out the window to look towards Harry’s house, you noticed a single figure close to the front of his house. That was odd, because there were usually at least two or three of the men together, and they usually didn’t walk along the side of his house like that. 

Starting to feel anxious and bored of the movie anyway, you decided to make your way outside to investigate. You were always bad about suppressing your curiosity; you told yourself you were just going out for the fresh air this time. 

Quietly walking from your driveway to the sidewalk in the direction of Harry’s house, you froze when you saw that the figure was now stood directly facing you. Clearing your throat, you took another step forward, slowly, deciding to just walk past and then turn back at the next corner. However, the figure was now moving towards you, and you started walking faster as it made its way closer to you. 

Next thing you knew, you saw a knife coming towards you and you let out a blood-curling scream, but not before the blade slashed across your arm. Your scream must have scared the person though, for they started running away, leaving you on the sidewalk in front of Harry’s house as the blood dripped from your arm. Too shocked to even cry, you stood frozen as Harry opened his door and came running out to you, his eyes wide and concern written all over his face. 

“Y/N! What happened, what did they do??” He asked you frantically, taking in the sight of your bloody arm. He’d just seen the running figure turn the corner when he started running towards you. 

“Cut my arm, they had a knife. Dunno who it was,” you told him quietly, unable to fully process what was happening.

“Oh God, okay. Come here, let’s clean that up,” he told you softly, placing his hand gently on the small of your back and leading you into his house before immediately closing and locking the door. 

“Come on, it’s okay,” he assured you as he grabbed your hand and led you into the large bathroom off of the hallway. 

“Okay, I have that bandage wrap stuff, and we should probably clean it off first… this might sting, I’m sorry please just bare with me.” He looked into your eyes, and you could see in them that he was terrified despite the small smile that had now formed on his lips as he tried to comfort you. 

Gently, more gentle than you thought a tall and clumsy-looking guy like him could be, Harry rinsed your arm, shushing you and stroking your hair when you moaned at the stinging. He then wrapped up your arm, so carefully, and led you back out into his living room.

“Please sit down, I’ll get you some water,” he smiled at you as he went into the kitchen. 

You were finally starting to realize what had happened and that you were now sitting in Harry’s house, the house of the guy who had pissed you off so much since you’d first met. But now he seemed so sweet and caring, and you were so surprised.

“Here you go.” Harry set down the glass on the small table next to the couch and sat down next to you. 

“I’m so sorry this happened. You can stay here for the night, you know if you don’t feel safe or something…” The way he was looking at you made you feel already safer and more secure. 

“I, um, yeah thank you. Thanks for doing all this, it was really nice of you,” you responded, gesturing to your arm that was now covered in gauze. 

“Of course.” He smiled at you again, and this time you smiled back. 

“So, I can just put on the tv if you want, maybe get your mind off of it for now?” Harry asked, but he was already reaching for the remote and beginning to flip through the channels before stopping on something on the Food Network. “I guess I’ll leave you alone now if you want,” he told you, though he made no move to leave.

You looked at him, biting your lip. “Um, do you think you could sit here with me just for a little longer?” you asked him timidly, unsure of where the two of you stood now after all that. 

The flicker of joy that flashed across Harry’s face didn’t go unnoticed as you waited for a response. “Of course, yeah,” he smiled at you, before settling back into the sofa as you did the same. 

And you hadn’t realized how exhausted you were until now as you lounged on the soft cushion, eyelids beginning to close. 

It had felt like only a few minutes had passed when you woke up, your head resting on Harry’s shoulder. His breathing was deep and slow, and you lifted your head slightly to see that his eyes were closed. A small smile formed on your face as you rested your head back down on his shoulder, cuddling in a little bit closer to him, feeling safer than ever. 

Boyfriend! Mark~

Hi! Can you make a Boyfriend!Mark ~ you probably know who this is but I’m being lowkey 😏😏😏

thanks for the first request egfauyerbcrh I’m cryingggg

Dis my first request wgfwdfhjbef I’m so excited and nervous feel free to give meh feedback yeah?

  • Lets start with how you guys met
  • You were both lost on your first day of high school and were running around the school like crazy trying to find your class and because both of you only had attention for the numbers on the doors, you both run into each other
  • You almost end up with a concussion or something
  • Mark being the nice Canadian boy he is apologises first.
  • He’s yelling out “sorry” like 20 times a second and you’re kind of angry that this is how your first day went but… he’s so cute looking so you just tell him that its okay
  • You both find out you’re in the same class so you walk run to class together
  • When you finally get to class everyone is staring at you two
  • He tries to play it cool and walks in to find a seat but he trips on his own feet
  • His ears are all red now but he’s still playing it cool and you kind of stand there stifling a laugh
  • There’s only one seat left and that’s next to Mark so you just sit there
  • Mark tries to be all Mr. Absolutely Fully Capable but inside he’s dying because he thinks you’re super pretty and cute
  • You guys continue to sit together in class and become pretty close
  • Mark like really likes you. Reeeeeaaallly likes you.
  • He’s been wanting to ask you out but he doesn’t know how to and complains to Donghyuck and Donghyuck has seriously had enough so he secretly writes you a letter pretending to be Mark asking you out to a café near school and gives it to you at the end of class.
  • When Mark found out about Donghyuck’s evil act he almost burst into tears but then he gets a text from you saying you’ll be happy to go
  • Now his heart is about to explode from emotions
  • He is so nervous during the date he’s stuttering every time he talks but tries giggle his way out of embarrassment
  • You love his little giggle so much (I love it more than anything omg you don’t even know man)
  • He buys you a hot chocolate and asks the waitress to write a message on your cup
  • When he sees the waitress come towards you guys with your drinks omg he becomes so nervous and almost runs away
  • When the waitress puts the drinks down you smile and thank her then look down at you cup and you have the biggest smile ever
  • Mark is about to puke when you look up - he’s going green
  • The lid of the cup reads “I like you”
  • He tries to explain to you that he’s liked you from day one but he’s stuttering hard and you couldn’t help but peck his cheek and tell him that you like him too
  • Now we’re up to the dating part
  • He’s still nervous but happy that all that weight of asking you out is gone
  • Skin ship is rare but holding hands is fine
  • Occasionally gives you a kiss on the cheek while in public but not too often
  • If you gave him a kiss, hug, back hug any sort of affection in public he would be so shy and giggly
  • He likes to buy you food
  • When its that time of month he knows what’s up and buys you extra food and gives you more affection but he’s nervous af because you can get kinda aggressive
  • Lots of late night calls even though you tell him to sleep early
  • Often calls you over to his place so you can play video games together
  • He often writes songs for you and plays guitar for you and he would giggle and blush like crazy when he’s done
  • Likes seeing you in his hoodies because you’re smol and they are oversized on you
  • Always blushing when you’re in his hoodies and just wants to hug the hell out of you
  • You like wearing his hoodies too because they smell of him dshfiugbrv
  • You guys barely get into fights but when you do he always apologises first
  • Buys a stuffed animal to give you when he apologises
  • Whenever you wear your hair up he really likes it and finds you really really pretty
  • Likes to send cute messages in the morning and it really makes your day
  • Lot’s of lame jokes
  • A lot of the time you’re laughing at him, not the joke
  • He likes to play with your hair
  • Poking his cheek is fun
  • He’s not much of a jealous type but if you get too close to another guy he’ll probably become really angry and nervous that you might leave him
  • But like, who would leave him? He’s too cuteeeee
  • Request for a part 2 if you want because I really bloody love Mark omg
  • omg i hope you liked it reughv iuehgv iehr
School Shooting

Note: I’m really excited about this one. Its the first one in a while that isn’t a request, but is one I came up with on my own. It hits a little close to home for me this week. I am still writing your requests and trying to get to as many as possible. Sorry that I haven’t posted as much as I normally do these past couple of days, I’ve just been insanely busy. I promise I didn’t forget about you guys and that I’m doing my best to get to your requests and be as active as possible. I love you all, and I hope you know that you’re strong enough to handle whatever this week has in store. 

Summary: A shooter targets the school you work at. Shawn hears about it, and freaks out when you don’t reply to his text messages. 


You wake up at five in the morning feeling extremely sick. You’re in the weird state between being awake and asleep. You don’t have the energy to be awake, but you can’t seem to fall asleep. Finally, after two hours of complete misery, tossing and turning, and overall just feeling extremely sick, you decide that there is no possible way you’re going to make it to work. You work at an elementary school for a few hours every morning to help the kids with reading and writing. You text your supervisor to let her know that you’re sick and won’t be able to make it to work, and then you finally manage to fall back asleep.

When you awake again, both of your roommates are gone so you assume you’ve slept in pretty late. The good thing, though, is that you feel a lot better than you did earlier. You automatically, check your phone, mostly wondering about the time, but what you find surprises you. You have 5 missed calls from Shawn and 9 text messages from his as well. You also have texts from other people you know. You open Shawn’s text message thread first.

You’re really confused as to what he’s talking about. Before you even get a chance to look up whats going on or reply to his text messages, your phone rings. No surprise, it’s Shawn calling. You answer it immediately. “Hello?”

“(Y/n)! What’s going on? Are you okay? Where are you?” His voice is frantic.

“I’m fine Shawn. I’m at my apartment. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m sick so I didn’t go to work. I was sleeping and I woke up to a bunch of text messages from you.”

“Thank God you’re alright.” He responds. He still sounds stressed out, but he mostly sounds relieved. “I was so worried. You didn’t answer my texts.”

“I’m sorry Shawn. I was sleeping.” 

“It’s okay, all that matters is that you’re okay.” 

“What happened?” You ask, not knowing the details. 

“There was a shooter at the elementary school you work at. I’m not sure too much else because they wouldn’t say much, just that there was an active shooter and a lockdown and that’s why I was so scared. I think they just caught the shooter though.”

“Oh, I see.” You respond.

You hear someone’s voice in the background. It sounds like an announcement of some sort over a speaker.

“Where are you?” You ask him, confused.

“I’m at the airport.” He responds.

“Oh, why? Where are you going?” You ask. You know that he’s home in Canada. He just got there yesterday, why would he be at the airport. He’s supposed to spend the next week with his family and friends at home, and you were planning to fly out to Canada to see him on Friday so you could spend the weekend with him. 

“I’m coming to LA.” He responds.

“What? Why?” You ask. Its not that you don’t want him to come, but you know he was looking forward to spending the week with his family in Canada and just being able to be home for a little while, which he doesn’t get to do very often. And you were going to fly out to see him in a few days anyway. 

“I heard about the shooting. You weren’t replying. I didn’t know where you were or if you were okay. I couldn’t just stay in Canada. I need to see you.” He still sounds stressed and a little frantic, even though he knows you’re okay now.

“Shawn, I told you I’m fine. You don’t have to come anymore because I wasn’t even at the school.” You remind him. 

“But you could have been. I thought you were. For two hours I thought you were there. And I just kept thinking about how there was someone with a gun near you. And I was so fucking scared. You weren’t replying and I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t know if you were okay, or if…” He trails off, unable to finish that sentence. You realize just how much this shooting affected Shawn. You aren’t really aware of the magnitude of the situation because you weren’t awake while everything was happening. But Shawn was trying to get updates, and reading websites about it, the whole time thinking that your life was in danger. 

“Shawn, baby. I’m fine, okay? Nothing happened to me. I wasn’t there. I promise I’m just fine.” You try to reassure him.

“I know. Now I know that. I didn’t before.”

“Now that you know, you can stay in Canada with your family and friends and I’ll come see you Friday.”

“I’m still coming.” Theres some noise in the background, and then he says, “I have to go, (Y/n). I’ll see you soon.”

You don’t want to convince him not to come see you because you want to see him, more than anything. But you feel bad that he’s coming to see you when he should be spending time with his family that he barely gets to see. Regardless, the desperation and determination in his voice tells you that theres no point in trying to convince him of anything. 

“I’ll see you soon baby.” You respond. 

“Love you,” He hurriedly says. You return the sentiment and then he hangs up. 

You scroll through some texts sent from friends and family back home that were concerned for your safety. You reassure them all that you are fine and you weren’t at the school when that happened. You read some articles on the shooting to find out that the shooter didn’t actually kill anyone. They still don’t have all the information, but mostly it was a big scare. There was a standoff, and a lockdown, which is why Shawn was so terrified, because he didn’t have much information and nothing was for sure. 

They only recently released a statement confirming that no one was killed and that the shooter was able to be taken into custody. You’re really relieved to read this because you know so many people who were at the school. It leaves you a little shaken to realize just how close of a call this was. Not only could you have been there during this, but you could have been killed or injured, or someone you knew could have been hurt. 

You’ve heard about or read about shootings that have happened at schools across the country in the past, but you never experienced it this close. It leaves you a little shaken realizing just how close it was, and you’re glad that Shawn is coming, even though you feel bad for taking him away from his friends and family. 

About four hours later, your boyfriend knocks on your apartment door. When you open it, he immediately wraps his arms tightly around you. He holds you for a few minutes without saying a word. Finally, he says, “I was so scared, (Y/n). I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You don’t have to find out, don’t worry.” You reassure him. 

“It wasn’t your fault, but please don’t ever scare me like that again.” He says, not loosening his grip on you at all. 

“I won’t.” You respond.

“Actually, it’s fine. I’m not letting you out of my sight ever again, so we won’t have to worry about that.” 


It’s my goal to create one or two sigils every day.

The first one I drew because I cleaned my room today, and I wanted something to give the area extra protection against messes.  I drew it on the top of the doorframe, where no one would see, but the energy would still be free to flow and do its work.  

The second one is a bit more frivolous, but hey, sometimes the internet is vital, especially for school or work.  I haven’t done anything with this one yet, but I think doodling it on a sticky note and placing that on your computer when you need it would be more than sufficient.  

If you like these, please tell me!  Perhaps I’ll even draw you one :-)


I failed my first university mid-term

After scrolling through all of my feed for the pass couple of days its seems to be that everyone is getting A+ or over 90% on all their exams and tests and I just wanted to let anyone else out there know that your not the only one that gets a bad grade or fails a test. After seeing my mark I was really ashamed of it, I did really well in high school and expected to do the same in university but boy was I shocked.It seemed that everyone else did really well and when I received my exam back I was so ashamed of it that I stuffed it in my bag not letting anyone see it but turns out that the majority of people did horrible as well and seventeen people dropped out of the class. Failing this exam also made me realise that maybe I wasn’t studying Smart enough or in a better way that would stick more.

 So in the end failing this exam does have some plus sides to it, I can take in information/notes that I have for the class now and work it into the next semester with a different teacher so maybe it will cover the subjects better.

Also just keep in mind that you can study till the cows come home but if you don’t understand the information go ask for help and sometimes if you don’t understand the way the professor is explaining things ask a fellow classmate they most often can explain it in an easier way.

The Firebird - Chapter 16


My biggest thanks to @xerxia31 and @dandelion-sunset for their beta skills. They push me, challenge me every day to make this story better. thank you, ladies :)

And to the incredible @akai-echo, sometimes, I swear you’re reading my mind when it comes to creating the aesthetics - thank you so very much :)

Reviews and comments make my Tuesday mornings bearable :)

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts with me :)

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You’d think it would be easy after all these years. That the fear would disappear, leaving confidence and trust in its place. It never did. It was always like the first time. Katniss remembered being on stage, for her first gala at the dance school, when she was a rose in the Queen of Heart’s garden after barely a few months of ballet classes. Ever since that day, she could feel the tendrils of fear climbing up from her belly before every performance.

Of course, with time, she had perfected her pre-show routine. Hairdresser, makeup, costumes, warm up, until that stressful last moment of wearing the pointes, stuffed with cotton wool, to ease the pain the shoes gave every dancer, just before the show.

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Fair Use of Voltage Inc. IP

Since its creation in 1999, Voltage Inc. has been a leading name in interactive romance novels. We develop more than apps—we produce dramas about love and the challenges associated with it. This passionate subject has created a passionate, talented community of fans. We are humbled by the interest shown by our fans in sharing our games and creating their own work based on our creations! At the same time, we at Voltage spend a lot of time, thought, and money creating these games you love, including the characters, music, sound effects, stories, and illustrations. We need to protect them so we can keep creating.

You can consider this document a guideline for “fair use” for our English-language games. Copyright can be complicated, however, and this cannot cover all situations. Please be respectful of your fellow fans and of us.

Here are some examples of things we are okay with:

  • Original art inspired by our games and characters
  • A few screenshots
  • Avatars, banners, and other personal-use images
  • Our announcements and images as released on social media

Here are some examples of things that are not okay:

  • Videos, screenshot series, or text reproductions of a story
  • Posting our music and sound effects
  • Anything being sold
  • Misleading or confusingly similar apps or art

In short, we don’t want anyone confused, we don’t want to spoil stories, and we don’t want what you share to replace the experience someone can get straight from the source (us!).

Please remember that these guidelines are subject to change and are not legally binding. We want to find a balance with our fans; it takes time to do that. Whenever possible, we will reach out to fans posting material in the “gray area” before making a formal takedown request.

Thank you for taking the time to read this policy. We hope it helps!

i. falling in love

ft. akashi seijuurou

Originally posted by sweet-cozy-home

To fall in love with someone is to let the feeling flood under your skin before realizing its presence.

You’ve been together for two months now, but your relationship threads way, way back before he confesses to you that day in front of your house where he drops you off. It was a risky act for him to do, considering the fact that your friendship with him has been going on strong since your high school years—had you chose to reject him that day, the two of you would’ve lost something platonically beautiful going on, but thankfully he gained something even more beautiful.

Ruby eyes examine your form sitting in front of him across the quaint table for two. A steaming hot cup of tea is conveniently placed at your right-hand side, and he can faintly see hot vapor swirling out of the cup. Has it really gotten colder? You, on the other hand, are comfortably silent as you slice a piece of the shortcake he ordered for you, bringing the sweet to your mouth with a fork. He smiles as you munch—you really look cute like that.

“How do you like it?” He inquires, resting his chin on a hand while his other brings his own cup of latte to his lips. He still watches as he tips his head back slightly to drink, observing how your eyebrows scrunch up at the first taste. A second later, however, your eyes appear as if they’re twinkling and a smile slowly enters your face. When you look at him, he cocks a brow, a silent demand for an answer.

“It’s delicious,” you whisper, and a swell of happiness fills Akashi’s chest. It’s stupid, really—he shouldn’t be happy because it wasn’t him who made the cake, he merely suggested it… but as illogical as it is, Akashi welcomes the surge of joy (and a hint of pride) when he looks at you dig back in, cutting up the slice of cake into smaller pieces.

What he doesn’t expect is you holding up a fork with said cake at the pointy end in front of his face, dangerously close to his lips. You’re taking the effort to lean a bit forward to offer the cake—Akashi vaguely registers the brush of your knees against his. There’s something about the café’s atmosphere that makes the two of you feel a lot more intimate, despite sitting right next to a floor-to-ceiling window which allows bypassers to conveniently see what’s going on inside and vice-versa. 

Akashi sends you a look that you interpreted as scolding, but not of the serious nature, but nevertheless, he leans forward to capture the cake on your fork into his mouth, all the while retaining eye contact with you. You blush a little bit because it feels different every time you feed Akashi something, and the fact that he was looking at you like that also sends a chill up your spine. He’s always teasing you like that.

“Somehow it’s better than the last time I tried it,” Akashi comments as he reaches out to take your hand in his, “maybe because you’re the one that fed me the cake.”

You try your best to stifle an embarrassed laugh by chewing your bottom lip, but a shy glance at Akashi is enough to bring your efforts useless. You let out a chuckle and play with his fingers that reached out to you on the table, your thumb drawing abstract patterns on the back of his hand. He returns with a chuckle of his own before quietly observing you again as the air around you turn into more of a resolute kind of silent. It’s not awkward, but there’s a certain amount of seriousness in his gaze that makes you feel like it.

“Thank you for coming today,” he says, soft enough just for the two of you, “I really appreciate it.”

“Please don’t thank me. If anything, I should be the one thanking you,” you reply, holding his hand a little tighter now. “I also thought it was a good idea to tell her…”

An hour ago, you were placing a bouquet of beautiful, fragrant flowers in front of the tombstone of Akashi’s mother, the two of you standing alone in silence as the wind run through yellow leaves. A cemetery certainly isn’t an ideal place for an eighth date, according to most people, but you’ve known Akashi for far too long and you understand him on a level that most people don’t. The redhead is silently thankful for that.

“Yes,” Akashi says, “we were too busy the past few months to visit, after all.”

“I’m glad you brought me there, Sei.”

He smiles in return, looking at your two hands linked together.

To fall in love with someone is to let the feeling flood under your skin before realizing its presence. In other’s eyes, Akashi is ever-precise and calculative, and they like to assume it applies to his love life as well. It’s not incorrect, but it’s also not necessarily true. After all, he didn’t plan on falling in love with you two and a half years ago, because at that time the feeling hit him like a truck. All of a sudden he lost a great amount of good night’s sleep staying awake thinking of you.

When he knows of your reciprocative feelings for him, only then he asked you out. You told him it took him a damn long time. He told you he wanted to be sure. The two of you kissed.

Although he has now fully accepted the fact that he loves you, he has never said those words to you before, neither have you to him. But today, when the two of you were standing side by side in front of his mother’s grave, he knows you know. More importantly, he knows that you feel the same—not just on a “like” level, but as far deep as he is. He knows you love him. That’s not enough for Akashi, however, so he pulls his hand away from yours, only to caress your cheek. 

He brushes a strand of hair away from your face to stare right into your eyes. Your fork is forgotten, idly lying at the rim of the pristine white plate.

I love you,” he says.

Two seconds pass by before you smile at him.

“I know.”

A question lingers in his eyes—at that moment, the confidence in him is completely shattered: what if you don’t love him back? but you don’t give room for his self-doubt as you reply.

“I love you too.”

He smiles. You probably didn’t catch him releasing a relieved exhale.

You tilt your head slightly, urging his hand to touch you more. His fingertips are warm against your cool skin. You always like it when he does this. Akashi brushes his fingers against the back of your ear, his palm cupping your jaw as if he were scratching a pet cat. You sure respond like one, he muses. Akashi wants to say that he’s been in love with you for two years and six months to date, but he has a feeling you already know. 

“Can I kiss you?” He asks, gaze drifting downwards to your inviting lips.

Sudden shyness overcomes you as you avert your gaze, your hands flying up to cover the bottom half of your face. Akashi’s shoulders are moving slightly; he’s quietly laughing with amusement at your display of embarrassment.

“But… we’re right next to the window… a lot of people are passing by and they can see.”

Akashi smirks, using the hand on your face to keep you still as he leans dangerously close to your face, his head slightly tilted. Again, he steals a glance of your lips.

“I don’t care,” he states, and his breath against your skin causes you to shudder slightly. His eyes twinkle at your utterly adorable reaction, but he is not so cruel as to tease you again.

You look up at him, still shy like you always become when he makes such advancements in public. His knees brush against yours under the wooden table as he captures your lips between his in a slow, languid kiss, like the small steady fire burning inside his gut. Your eyelids flutter when he takes his time sucking on your bottom lip, before finally releasing it with a rather inappropriate wet sound, but he doesn’t waste his time in diving back for another kiss.

When he does pull away, half-lidded eyes examining how flushed your face is, he whispers against your ear.

“Stay at my place tonight.” He needs to properly declare his love to you. You blush and nod.

What a paradox. During the season of falling leaves, Akashi finds his feelings for you blooming, reborn a hundred times more powerful than when it first hit him. If he looks closer into your eyes, he’ll find that the sentiment is returned whole-heartedly.


Being Liam Dunbars supernatural twin would include… 

-Arguing about who is the better supernatural being.
-Being super competitive.
-Always watching his lacrosse games.

-”Stop staring at my friends Y/N.”
“But he/she is cute though.”

“Don’t you dare flirt with them.”

-Stealing each others snacks/food.
-Being known as “The Clumsy Twins” or “The Dumb-bars” by the pack…especially Stiles.
-Being best friends with Mason and Liam not liking it because he is his best friend.
-Being each others anchors.
-Being protective of each other.
-Annoying each other.
-Always begging Stiles to drive you and Liam home.
-Sometimes talking at the same time and the pack thinking its creepy.
-Him worrying about you when you get bit.
-You being the first one he tells about Scott biting him.
-You yelling at Scott the next day at school.
-Stiles and Scott trying to explain to you what happened.
-Being part of the pack.
-Thinking of Lydia, Kira and Malia as your older sisters.
-Sarcastic as hell.

-”Why do you smell like dirt Liam?”
“I fell in a hole.”
“Wow, good job little brother.”
“Your only a few minutes older Y/N!”

-Scott acting like a protective older brother and Stiles acting like the annoyed older cousin.
-Being the only one who can help him through his anger issues.

-”Get out of the bathroom!”
“I need to pee!”
“Wait ten more minutes!”
“Oh my gosh I hate you! I really need to pee Liam. Get out!”
“Pee outside.”
“I am going to kick this door down and throw you out the window Liam!”
“Okay I’m getting out.”

-Making each other tea when your sick.
-Watching funny movies.
-Being friends with Brett Talbot and Liam being mad about it.
-Brett annoying Liam by always talking about how beautiful you are.
-Liam snapping at Brett and telling him to stay away from you.
-Liam asking you for help whenever there is trouble.
-Helping each other with full moons.
-Making fun of Liam because he has to be tied to a tree during a full moon.
-Running after Liam during a full moon and trying to catch him because he was running around town naked.

-”Am I scary?”
“No I’m a sweetheart.”
“Not when your angry.”

-Him asking you for advice on girls.
-Being very awkward and dorky.
-Getting in trouble whenever you two try to make a plan.

-”Did you use my toothbrush?”

-My brother, my responsibility.” (vice versa)

-Helping each other get out of trouble….cuz thats what siblings are for.
-Getting each other in trouble….again that is what siblings are for. XD
-Always getting the front seat because you are older….by a few minutes.

at 15 we think we know what love is, 
they say we know it when we found our first
it’s not about who you first dated
or who made you turn up in the hospital beds because you would swallow too many pain killers to try and numb him out of you and its not about who you blame your pain on.
at 16 i spent my nights wishing you’d come back because i thought my first love had to be the one who left bruises inside my bones and covered them up so they wouldn’t show up on my skin
i thought i had to stay in love with you because no one deals with everything you made me deal with and just nothing comes out of it right?
at 17 i already wasted way too many days counting down the days before you’d come back to me
i graduated from high school and the summer flew by faster than i ever could imagine
but i still always blamed everything on losing you
i blamed the summer passing too quickly on you and i blamed the fact that i could never love someone new because i put it in my own head that my love could only be for you i blamed the scars on my body on you even though yours disappeared on the surface years before.
at 18 i realized i used you as my bandage
to cover up any type of feeling i could ever feel towards anyone else
i refused to ever open myself up to anyone
i just blamed it on “well he’s no you”
until maybe i found someone who didn’t have to bruise my bones and kiss away the the little blue circles that would show up on the side of my ribcage after you were done being angry
and he didn’t have to touch me to fall for me
but most importantly he never gave up on me
and maybe that’s what love really is
it’s faith that no matter what, if your love was really real then you gravitate back towards each other
now i fall asleep to his late night drives and his good night texts
and he always says sorry when he messes up, he doesn’t bruise me and break my bones
i finally understand
i never loved you
i blamed everything that was happening to me with the simple excuse of its because what he did to me.
it caused me over 2 years of confusing love for sickness
but it finally doesn’t hurt when i see you and i could hear your name without shacking 
i see his smile in my dreams and i don’t wake up in some twisted nightmare. 
at 15 i thought love was holes in the walls at 18 i realize it’s driving me home at 4 in the morning.

i stopped remembering


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(I saw this and this is my first thoughts ↓)
You’ve decided to join a swimming club and today is your first day. You’ve found the way to dressing room and fast changed to swimsuit.
-Uhm could you tell me where can I find a coach? - you asked shyly one of the boys walking by. He politely gave directions and described how coach looks. You thanked and fast went that way to the pool searching for described person. Luckily you’ve found him soon enough.
-Good afternoon, I’m Y/N Y/L/N, erm, I’m new here.
- Oh hello Y/N!, nice to meet you. I’ve heard that we’ll have a new member. Unfortunately, I don’t have time right now to show you around. You won’t mind if I’ll ask someone else to do it? - kind looking man smiled at you worriedly.
-Uh, of course not. - you smiled back
-Alright.. Makoto! - coach called someone gesturing them to come. Soon you saw tall well-built boy running towards you.
-Yes? How can I help? - he asked as soon as he came. His kind green eyes layed on you interested to see a new person. All you could do is to keep your eyes away from his still dripping wet muscular chest and try to hide your blush as he brushed his hair back.
-This is Y/N and they’re new here.. Could you show them around? - coaches voice scattered your thoughts.
- Of course! - sweet smile shined on boys face - I’m Makoto Tachibana, nice to meet you. I’ll be glad to help you. Shall we go? - his eyes glimmered in the light and you could feel as your knees getting weaker with every word that escaped his lips.
-Nice to meet you too.. O-of course. Let’s go. - you managed to answer and started walking right next to him thinking how to hide your burning red cheeks.

Writing Tip #15

General Writing

Any paper should flow together like poetry.  Whether it’s a story, a speech, or an essay of any kind, its words should fit together naturally and have almost a beat to it.  To improve any of your writing skills, trying writing poetry about any the following things:

1. Eyes are intricately beautiful.  Write about looking someone in the eyes for the first time.

2. What scares you and how do you deal with these fears?

3. Write a poem using words from a famous letter or speech.

4. What’s the weather like outside your window?

5. Write something based on/inspired by a recent dream you had.

6. Write about the first day in a new school.

7. Take any poem or short story either from the Internet or from your own collection.  Interpret it and write a response (similar to how ‘I, Too’ by Langston Hughes appears to be a response to the poem 'I Sing America’ by Walt Whitman.)

8. Find a piece of writing from a few years ago.  Take the idea and run with it.

These are just a few suggestions, and I’d love to read what you write!  Send it in or tag me in your writings if you care for me to read them.