it's your fault ben

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Seriously. Mal is such a little shithead. Everything that happened on the Isle, happened BECAUSE OF HER. The fuck did she think was gonna happen when Ben found out she was gone? "Oh, I'm just gonna let her be then." Because, of course Mal would think Ben, the boy who ONLY fell for her her in the first place was because she put a love spell on him, wouldn't get the gall to go to the Isle to try and convince her to come back. (1/2)

Mal is a selfish prick and her supposed redemption arc at the Cotillion was another show of that. When she tries to convince Uma to back down, the ONLY reason she tells her she could be so much more is because it’s recycled words she heard Evie say about Dizzy. Mal doesn’t care about the kids on the Isle. The only reason she ran back when things got tough was because that’s the only place she could do whatever the hell she wanted with no consequences. (2/2)

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This is such tea it aint even funny.

Seriously! What the fuck did she expect his reaction to be? To dump her ass there- though I wished he did considering her behaviour throughout this movie- NO! He went back to the Isle to try and say sorry (he had nothing to say sorry for) and yet, SHE PUSHED HIM OUT AND HE WALKED OF REJECTED CAUSE MAL ACTED LIKE ITS POOR HER THEN BEN- LIKE GIRL, YOUR FAULT HE EVEN GOT IN THIS MESS.

Hell, how the fuck did she expect anyone to not notice her missing? Considering Evie would as would Jay and Carlos (lord knows they put up with too much of her crap now and then)- sure Mal, they terrible friends for coming to try and bring you back, at this point I’d dump your ass too- its all about her and her poor woe story- and everyone else but her receives the blame for HER actions- she blames Evie, Jay and Carlos for letting Ben get captured when it was her fault and then she acts like its a nuisance she has to rescue him- like girl, HOW IS HE WITH YOU STILL.

And I didn’t even notice that but now that you mention it- THE WORDS SOUND SIMILAR- THE GIRL COULDNT EVEN GET HER OWN SPEECH, SHE JUST HAD TO COPY EVIE’S SPEECH THAT SHOWED CARE WHEN WE ALL KNOW SHE DOESNT CARE FOR UMA- like, shes just trying to show shes a hero when 20 seconds ago, she was like: “Im such a poor villain-” honey your almost like Bill Ciphers daughter at this point- manipulative and fucking horrible to abuse victims, finding glee in finding your reality and ruining it for others.

Mal cant even handle one argument- I don’t know how she’ll hold up as queen of Auradon at this point- hell, wonder if its just Ben ruling, since his queens done the 100th runner from the nearest upset Ben cause she lied to him again.

And we have already seen me discuss Mals privilege on the Isle so we don’t discuss that here- but yes, Mal has no consequences on the isle, therefore, to her its a holiday resort when little kids like Dizzy would have given anything to have tasted ice cream like Mal has and kids like Uma were just left in a abusive situation longer.

Overall- tea anyone?