it's wrong to like him isn't it

Hey @ximenib!! I heard that you weren’t doing so well, so….guess who I drew for ya!! :D I hope you feel better soon buddy!

Idk why people always portray Alfred as such a righteous and selfless guy like guys I need a fic where he is willing to sell out his friends just because someone gave him a shit load of money. I NEED A FIC WHERE AT FIRST HE SEEM LIKE SUCH A GOOD GUY BUT THEM THIS HANDSOME BUT VERY BAD PERSON COMES UP AND SEDUCES HIM and not with his good looks but WITH MONEY

I’m pretty sure I’m too old now to be attracted to Peter Parker but being attracted to Tom isn’t weird cause he’s like two years older than me. Ya win some ya lose some I guess??

hey. reminder. if your batfamily/robin post doesn’t have duke in it. it ain’t shit.
  • Yuuri: what's wrong with Otabek and Yurio and-
  • Viktor: why Yurio isn't answering his phone?It's been ringing for some minutes now
  • Mila: Yurio changed his phone call sound to one song from an anime or it was a game called Jojo or something and now every time someone call him and the music starts..well
  • Mila: he convinced Otabek to do the poses too so he wouldn't do them alone
  • Otabek and Yurio: *doing one Jojo pose together and using sunglasses*
  • Yuuri: why are they like this

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I'm writing a story with magic and the like, and the main character is gay, but someone I was having look over it for me said that making him gay pulled them out of the story. They told me the MC 'didn't act gay.' I don't even know what this person meant by that. But now I'm sitting here thinking, is there a way a gay MC is supposed to act? The story isn't about him being gay, it's about him fighting dragons. Am I doing something wrong? I am genuinely confused. Plz help meh.

A person can’t “act gay,” unless this moron is referencing stereotypes, which makes them an even bigger moron. Can someone act straight? No. It’s a sexual orientation, not a personality type. Your reader is either an idiot or a homophobe. Kick them to the curb and keep doing what you’re doing.

Hunk wakes up in a cold sweat, clutching the blanket. Keith grumbles and sits up next to him. “What’s wrong?”
Hunk shudders. “They did it… I swore they would never do it but I can feel it… they finally did…”
At this, Lance wakes up too, rubbing circles into his back. “Elaborate, buddy?”
Hunk curls up on himself and lets out a tiny sob. “Cheetos Sweetos, Lance. They finally came out with Cheetos Sweetos.”

  • Aaron: Get us another?
  • Robert: Might as well make the most of it, eh?
  • Aaron: Great, cheers. Get us a death-row ploughman's while you're at it.
  • Robert: (to Liv) Oi, you. Don't go upsetting him again.
  • Liv: He was the one getting all edgy.
  • Robert: Yeah, 'cause he's worried about you. He feels bad enough about this as it is.
  • Liv: Yeah, and I'm worried about him. And me. You're not gonna send me back to mum's, are you?
  • Robert: No, course not. I'll look after you with Chas.
  • Liv: You're not my stepdad.
  • Robert: (walking to the bar to Chas) Why is everyone doubting that I'm capable of looking after a teenager? I mean, I brought up Lachlan more or less.
  • Chas: Yeah, look how well he turned out. It's going to be hard for him, isn't it? Being worried about Liv, life going on without him.
  • Robert: My life's gonna be on hold, just like his.
  • Chas: He won't think that, will he? Robert Sugden, the great philanderer.
  • Robert: He's worried about Liv, not me.
  • Chas: No, AND you. I know him, Robert.
  • Robert: What do I do to make him feel secure? And Liv.
  • Chas: You're asking the wrong person.
  • Robert: Right. Well... Tell me this is mad. And I know it won't be official, but... What if...
  • Chas: Go on.
  • Robert: I make us a proper family.
  • Chas: By doing what?
  • Robert: We get married. Tomorrow, before he goes to prison.
  • Chas: (laughing) You are joking, right?
  • Robert: I've never been more serious in my life.

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Chanwoo has such a problem with people only biasing him out of pity. Oh poor Chawnoo no lines and bullied. Like unless he fits their narrative he's not worth stanning. It's starting with Donghyuk now too - people only stan him because he's pitiable. They act like ikonics don't love them because they don't bemoan how tragic their existence is. It's gross and needs to stop. Just because we treasure and celebrate dongchan's skills doesn't mean we dont care. Feeling sorry for someone isn't stanning.

I applaud you my friend 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼This is one of the truest asks I’ve ever received. I 💯 agree! Also the image they have of chanwoo and dong is so totally wrong. They make it look like they’d be two introverted kids who get bullied by their teammates and never say a word. Like? You sure you stan them? Dongchan is the most savage duo lmao. And they get along with people the fastest. They are open minded and super lively. They don’t need anyone’s pity. They’re two strong individuals who work hard and are able to talk for themselves, what they also do! Don’t start stanning them if all you feel for them is pity or worry tbh. Look more into them.

I really need some type of evidence of some of the things y'all are accusing the balloon squad actors of because as a brown person I’m sorry but it’s my first instinct to jump to their defense when they’re being smeared on here. I don’t want to defend them if they’re actually being problematic, but I’ve also seen this fandom villainize those boys from the moment we knew they were gonna be on the show and so I really struggle with believing any of the shit y'all claim they do in videos when y'all can find private ass photos of tarjei at school but you can’t come up with any receipts for simo and adam’s alleged racism and homophobia.


Wives can have affairs, too. We are people, too, after all. Even if we just stay home cleaning, cooking and doing laundry, we are still women. It’s only natural that we get drawn to people who treat us well and make us feel loved. But..a mother shouldn’t do that. If your husband does something wrong, you can kick him to the curb. But how is that child at fault?

  • Cole: You and Krem say words that hurt, but they aren't real, The Iron Bull.
  • Iron Bull: Yes. We give each other grief. It's a soldier thing. Doesn't mean anything.
  • Cole: It means friendship. And that you're soldiers. Krem likes it, it makes him proud.
  • Iron Bull: I guess I can see that. Him, huh?
  • Cole: Is that wrong?
  • Iron Bull: No, no. I just thought, since you do that thing where you see into people's heads...
  • Iron Bull: Actually, you're good, kid. Keep it up.
  • Cole: The armor is right. The body isn't, but it doesn't hurt him anymore.
  • Cole: You make it better.

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Yessss with that drunk Graves AU. Like don't get me wrong, I feel horrible for him because what happened isn't fair, it was awful and it's obviously fucked him up massively, but the contrast between the sleek, put together Graves that Grindelwald impersonated and the new, out-of-fucks-to-give Graves is fascinating for me. I will headcanon that his friends help him through it but the Marty-like attitude and expressions do make for some hilarious images!!

YES. YES. There’s something painfully delicious about seeing the once immaculate director metaphorically (or literally!) let his hair down. He lets himself become soft because his hard, cold facade did exactly zero help for him when he was captured. So fuck it, he gonna live life comfortably now thank you very much. People didn’t know him well enough to recognize a phony? Welp, he’s gonna start speaking his motherfucking mind during meetings. He doesn’t care what dignitaries he offends, people are going to remember him, damn it. He stops wearing suits because while he looks good in a suit, he feels good in loose trousers and sweaters. If his suit wasn’t enough to scare off the darkest wizard of their time, why bother dressing up to intimidate people? He decides he’ll catch them off guard instead. Oh look, I am soft, smol bean that wears sweaters and comfy things and bam, I’m the motherfucking director, bitch - bet you didn’t see that shit coming. He lets himself become far more casual with his team because fuck it, he could die tomorrow - he might as well have friends. He drinks because why hold himself to a higher level for a job that didn’t even know he was missing? Also he needs the liquor to sleep at night, thank you very much. 

That doesn’t, however, mean he gives up on his team. He trains them harder, encourages them more, invests more, becomes more for them because he’ll be damned if his fall to ruin will bring any of them down with him. He keeps up with their birthdays and anniversaries and makes sure none of them miss important dates because they were too wrapped up in work because while he doesn’t have a family, it doesn’t mean they don’t get to have one. He sends them home early for their kids birthdays and make sure that they are on their a-game before missions. He has a wall of pictures of all of them - individually and of their kids and group shots of their families - to remind him why he’s still there, why he hasn’t just given up.

He does it for them.


(( Okay guys, I didn’t say anything since now but it is kinda really submerging my dashboard. 


I don’t know if some of you just want to have some attention from people ivl and in reality you don’t attend to do it at all. Tbh, it doesn’t matter. I know that life can be hard sometimes, but the suicide isn’t the SOLUTION.

Hey, you only has ONE LIFE

It is okay to be weak, it is okay to cry, it is okay to want people to care about you time to time. It is okay. 

But you need to be STRONG too. 


Because if you look carefully around you, you will realize that there is a beautiful world out there, not perfect but pretty in its own way. 

You will realize that there are people who really CARES about you out there. Some people love you deeply but don’t show it quite often. 

You will realize that if you do it, you won’t be able to come back ever again. 

You know what will happen after you do it?

Someone who treasures you will find you corpse, they will call the ambulance while crying, as you will be carried to the hospital, they will pray for your safety, believing that there is still a chance that you will be still alive. But no, the path of the life ends here for you. Your death won’t resolve anything, it’ll make people who care about you cry and sadness will overwhelm them. They will live along with this burden in their heart. Always thinking 

“I could save them. If only I could… They will still be there today…”

You know what is there after death? Your dreams, your future, EVERYTHING will end if you die. Only darkness will stay. 

It is okay to rely on other people, it is okay to ask for help

No one is going to blame you. Just do it. Don’t wait someone to reach out their hand for you, sometimes you need to do the first step. 

And everything will change. I believe in you.

  • Newt: Theseus I want you to meet Percival he's my boyfriend
  • Theseus: omg your dating him. He such a drama queen
  • Percival: I am not
  • Newt: actually Theseus isn't wrong. Look at what your wearing Percy.
  • Percival: it's called high fashion and I refuse to be disrespected like this
english dub be like
  • Mob: (addressing Reigen for the first time) Reigen Arataka?
  • Reigen: ... "Ray-gan".
  • Mob: (looks him over) You're putting me on!
  • Reigen: No! It's pronounced "Ray-gan".
  • Mob: Do you also say "A-rat-take-a"?
  • Reigen: No, Arataka.
  • Mob: Well why isn't it "Ray-gan A-rat-take-a"?
  • Reigen: It isn't! It's "Ray-gan" Arataka!
  • Mob: I see...
  • Reigen: (changing subject) You must be Shigeo.
  • Mob: (cheeky smile) No, it's pronounced "Shi-GAY-o".
  • Reigen: But... they told me it was "Shigeo"...
  • Mob: (sassily) Well they were wrong then, weren't they!
How They Would Handle Being Married
  • Italy: Marriage would be really exciting for him. The thought of finally being able to wed the person he loves most will get him fired up, so during the ceremony he'll be all laughs and smiles. He'll be sure to talk to all of his friends and family, have a few drinks here and there, and will smother you in kisses all night. He'd be jovial as your husband and would tend to your every need.
  • Germany: Germany would want everything to be perfect and follow according to plan, so he would stress about it a lot and would definitely need comforting from his lover. He would be very nervous yet excited on the inside during the actual wedding day, but on the outside he would be composed and collected. Once the marriage is sealed with a kiss, he'll feel relieved that the hard part is done and over with and will be glad to have that off of his chest. He'd be very hardworking as your husband and will beat himself up if he feels he has done something wrong.
  • Japan: Japan would suppress his true ecstasy, but there would be a soft, assuring smile on his face when he spots his lover walking down the isle. He'd want to take a lot of pictures of the two of you together so he could cherish the moments easier, so put on your best smile and prepare for a camera flash. Actions speak louder than words in Japan's case, so expect him to get a bit touchy with you, like cuddling on the couch or kissing you goodnight.
  • America: America wouldn't be able to accept the fact that he's actually getting married- it would be one of the best things that has ever happened to him. He would be really serious about it and wouldn't goof off, as he views marriage to be a really important event in life and something you can't be immature about. He would hire a great band with good music, fine food, and would be out on the dance floor to dance the night away with you. Alfred would be a riot as a husband, always trying to please you and make you happy.
  • England: England would just want a traditional and simple wedding, nothing too big or fancy. A blush would dust his cheeks just thinking about it, and when it becomes a reality, his face would be a deep red all the way through the entire event. Being a husband will give him all sorts of new responsibilities, but he'll be prepared for it. He'll do little things for you as your husband and will try to cook for you, but you would stop him before he sets the kitchen ablaze.
  • France: Love is a beautiful thing, isn't it? France would love the idea of marriage and he'd be really passionate about it- especially the kiss. He would put all of his affection and true emotion into it. Marriage would mean he would be all tied down, but he wouldn't mind it at all. If he's so ardent about marriage, just wait until you two go on a honeymoon. He will be a hopelessly romantic husband, so expect a lot of sweet surprises from him.
  • Russia: Russia would be very lighthearted about marriage, knowing that it's a turning point in his life and would treat it as such. He would be immensely grateful that someone is now 'Becoming One' with him (who isn't his sister) and would feel a new kind of protectiveness over you as your husband. You two would move somewhere warm, and he couldn't be happier. He would shower you in presents, like bouquets of pretty flowers and chocolates.
  • China: China would be calm about marriage, after all, it's simply a time where two souls will join together as 'one'. But once you two are officially deemed as newlywed, expect him to bounce off the walls shortly after he realizes what a big deal this is and why he hadn't done all of this sooner. He'll undoubtedly be a bit eccentric and superstitious as a husband, maybe even manipulative, but he would make sure that you know he loves you with unexpected kisses and hugs.
  • Canada: Canada wouldn't mind marriage, because he'd be marrying someone who understands him, notices him and is willing to listen to what he has to say. He would go through a series of different emotions, though in the end he'd be content with it. He'll be very gentle with you, as if you were a fragile flower that needs delicate care. This Canadian will give you all of his attention as your husband, as if he sees nobody else in the world but you.
  • Prussia: Marriage would be a big thing for Prussia. He had never imagined that he would actually get married someday, but you need to expect the unexpected sometimes. He wouldn't really know how to handle it exactly, so he'd need some guidance on it. Once he gets the gist of it, he'd think it's totally awesome and he wouldn't feel as lonely as he did before. He'd brag about how lucky he is to have you as a lover and would show you off a bit to his friends.
  • Romano: Romano would be flustered when it comes to marriage and maybe even a bit awkward about it, but there is no doubt when it comes to his real emotions. The Italian would be extremely exuberant about getting married, but this time, it'll show on his face. As your husband, Romano would be the type who can grow jealous and has a hair-trigger temper, but you know that he loves you all the same.
  • Spain: This cheerful Spaniard would handle marriage quite well. He thinks it's a beautiful event in life and he would be lucky if it ever happens to him, so he'd be quick to agree to it. He'd be very optimistic and would try to avoid the dark points in marriage, and would help you see the light at the end of the tunnel when life isn't looking too good. He'd be a go-with-the-flow kind of husband, spontaneous and the kind to slow down and smell the roses.
  • Austria: Austria has gone through marriage before; he knows what it's like and would be determined not to let anything bad happen that would spoil this new marriage. He would look back at his past self and try to figure out what went wrong that led to the divorce, and would try his very best to prevent it from happening again. He wouldn't let it get to him when the day arrives, however, and he would just live in the moment and feel the happiness surge through his veins all day long. He would be thoughtful and would write songs for you as your husband and will think about you often.
  • Hungary: Like Austria, she knows what happens during marriage. Unlike him, Hungary would be quite laid back about it and wouldn't fret about it all too much, but she would enjoy being able to experience it once again. There are two sides to this girl- the headstrong and defensive side, or the calmer and affectionate side. She would fluctuate between these two sides depending on her mood and what's going on around her.
  • Switzerland: Switzerland would try not to worry about how much the wedding would cost- after all, no amount of cash could replace love. The relationship between his lover and himself are closer than ever before, and plus, you get free and helpful gifts from friends and family, so why not get married? He would have you move in with him and would be a pretty territorial husband, but yet loving at the same time.
  • Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein finds marriage as cute and joyful, so of course she would be delighted to get married to her lover. It would certainly be a big step for her, but as long as you're there to hold her hand all the way through it, then she's 100% game. Liechtenstein will need protection and someone she can rely on, but otherwise she is willing to go great lengths to see you happy.
  • Ukraine: She would be so happy to the point where she may cry tears of happiness, but will attempt to keep them from spilling. Ukraine would be an extremely devoted and helpful wife, while all she asks for is love and the same loyalty in return. Ukraine would cook, clean, cuddle- you name it and she'll do it for you to the best of her ability, as long as it's nothing to drastic. She would grow emotional whenever she feels as if you don't love her anymore or loosing interest in her, so she would need reassurance.
  • Belarus: Marriage is something Belarus has always wanted, so she would have no problem with it. But once you two agree to get married, there is no backing out of it. She would be exceedingly loyal as a wife and perhaps a bit clingy, but she will know when she is pushing her limits and will back off. She might jump to conclusions when she thinks something is up, but she'll quickly learn to trust you fully.
Hamilton SONGS as things my friends have said
  • Alexander Hamilton: whoooo look at me I'm so cool
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: ew get away from me son, I have an axe in my purse *gets out Axe body spray*
  • My Shot: look at all my dreams that I won't achieve
  • Story of Tonight: gay
  • The Schuyler Sisters: look at those memes in their fancy dresses
  • Farmer Refuted: Samuel Seabury is hot
  • You'll Be Back: somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  • Right Hand Man: we're all going to die but we should do it iN STYLE
  • A Winter's Ball: you see everyone here??? They're gay for each other
  • Helpless: somebody call the doctor, she is unwell
  • Satisfied: I'm gonna steal your man, then... Give him back because I'm a nice person
  • The Story of Tonight (Reprise): well my boyfriend is getting married
  • Wait for It: how Tragic™️
  • Ten Duel Commandments: fIGHT ME SON
  • Meet Me Inside: whoops
  • That Would Be Enough: I offered you my soul okay
  • Guns and Ships: *incoherent sounds* j'habite dans une classeur
  • History Has Its Eyes On You: young man you better smarten up. It is a skirt, not a belt
  • Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): a thrilling conclusion to a fight that doesn't concern me at all
  • What Comes Next: somebody woke up on the wrong side aGAIN
  • Dear Theodosia: how to say to you 'I live in a filing cabinet?'
  • Non-Stop: gotta go fast
  • What'd I Miss: godDAMN YOU CAN BE ANNOYING
  • Cabinet Battle #1: see, the other guy is wrong. How??? I dunno he's just wrong
  • Take a Break: gotta go even faster
  • Say No To This: jUST SAY NO IT'S NOT HARD
  • The Room Where It Happens: personally I wanna be dead but you do you buddy
  • Schuyler Defeated: why
  • Cabinet Battle #2: you've presented facts and logic, but you are wrong.
  • Washington On Your Side: I doNT NEED YOUR HELP ANYWAY *single tear slides down cheek*
  • One Last Time: going out with a bang. Like the Titanic. Everyone on board lived, right?
  • I Know Him: okay do you need some coffee
  • The Adams Administration: God you annoy me
  • We Know: y'all need Jesus
  • Hurricane: abort mission ABORT MISSION
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: 0/10. Maybe even -1/10
  • Burn: yassss. slay him
  • Blow Us All Away: why
  • Stay Alive (Reprise): WHY
  • It's Quiet Uptown: W H Y
  • The Election Of 1800: oh dear god here we go again
  • Your Obedient Servant: son this isn't a good idea
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: sit down. Yes. Do not go. Thank.
  • The World Was Wide Enough: can't you see the tears in my eyes??
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: damn orphans sure are lucky
Graduation Imagine
  • It's been a long senior year and you've finally made it to graduation. You're laying in bed, excited to finally start your life. But then you realize; (TC's name) will no longer be your teacher. You get this intense feeling of dread in your stomach.
  • You: (thinking) fuck. I can't believe it's over. How am I going to get through this? It's the last time I'll see him. School isn't the only thing that's going to be over with... Tomorrow is the last day I'll ever get to see his smile, his eyes, his everything. I'll never hear his voice again.
  • You start to panic and you end up falling asleep because all the stress made you sleepy.
  • You wake up the next morning and you instantly remember TODAY is the last day. You get sick to your stomach but you pulled yourself together.
  • You: (thinking) Well today's the day... I should have prepared myself for this. I knew it was going to happen but time flew by so quick. This can't be happening.
  • You get ready for graduation and you look beautiful as fuck. You and your family drive to the school and on the way there all you can feel is your stomach turning. Wishing time would stop or you could relive the last couple of months. When you and your family arrive at the school, you don't want to get out of the car. You just use the excuse that you don't feel good to stay in the car just a little longer. But then it was time to go in. Time to face your reality.
  • You walk into the school and out of all people who could have been standing 10ft in front of you helping your soon to be former classmates, it's (TC's name). You immediately stop and look at him and his eyes lock with yours. He smiles at you but you can't even smile back because you know what is about to happen.
  • You: (to your parent/sibling) oh my god I'll be right back.
  • You run into the bathroom and lock yourself in.
  • You: (thinking) This can't be happening. How dare he smile at me when he knows it's the last day I will ever see him. Gosh, I fucking hate this. How can he be so calm about this? Why isn't he showing any emotions? Maybe all this time I was wrong. Maybe he doesn't like me at all. Maybe I don't matter to him.
  • You start having a panic attack but you hear a knock on the bathroom door. You pull yourself together and wipe the tears off your face. You open the door and pretend like your fine. It's your best friend.
  • BFF: What the hell? What's wrong? Why have you been crying? Are you okay? Who do I need to kill?
  • You: (slight laugh) Nobody. I'm just emotional that this is the last day of high school. I'm really going to miss this place. It's actually over.
  • BFF: Who cries this much over school? I've known you for years, all you wanted was for school to end. Are you sure there's nothing else going on?
  • You: (thinking) Yeah, I wanted school to be over with. But that was before I fell in love with (TC's name).
  • You: ... Nothing is going on ...
  • BFF: I can tell when you're lying to me so tell me the truth, please. I want to help you.
  • You: You'll think I'm a freak or think it's gross.
  • BFF: C'mon if I thought you were a freak I wouldn't have been your friend for this many years. It can't be that bad. You can trust me.
  • You: Fine... I'm in love with (TC's name) and today is the last day we will ever see each other.
  • You: (however many years or months)... I don't just like him. I love him.
  • BFF: Does he know?
  • You: Of course not. He'd never feel the same way about me so why would I risk everything we have and make everything complicated?
  • BFF: Tell him. What's the worst that can happen now? The worst thing that could possibly happen is that he'll reject you but that's his loss. You're an amazing beautiful woman. If he can't see that then you need to find someone who will see that.
  • You: I can't just tell him... He'll think I'm weird.
  • BFF: Here, lets go. We are going to be late if we don't hurry up. We will think of something.
  • You and your BFF go get your graduation gowns from (TC's name). You and (TC's name) make awkward eye contact and you both smile at each other. You and your BFF start walking to where all the other students are.
  • BFF: He totally likes you. I can tell.
  • You: Please don't get my hopes up like that. I don't want to be let down even more.
  • BFF: I'm sorry...
  • -To save time I'm skipping to the part where you walk across the stage to get your diploma.-
  • You walk up on stage and you're more nervous than you've ever been. You walk up to (TC's name) and he gives you the brightest smile ever.
  • TC: (Your name), congratulations.
  • He hands you your diploma and you two get close together so the photographer can take your picture. The photographer takes the picture when suddenly...
  • TC: (whispering in your ear) I know you like me.
  • You: Oh my god what? (Your face turns really red)
  • TC: Congratulations again!
  • You are in shock. You walk off stage and sit back down in your chair.
  • You: (thinking) What just happened? Did I hear him right? Did he just tell me he KNOWS he likes me? What the fuck?
  • The graduation ceremony ends and you're with all your friends and family in the lobby taking pictures together. (TC's name)comes up to your group.
  • TC: Mind if I have a picture with the new graduate?
  • BFF: SURE!
  • You: (thinking)Oh my gosh, why is all this happening? Why does he want to take a picture with me?
  • You and (TC's name)smile for the picture.
  • TC: can I see the picture?
  • BFF: Yes!
  • TC: (takes your phone and sets a reminder to pop up on your phone for 10pm) Awesome picture!
  • Your TC smiles and walks away. You noticed he was typing while he was supposed to be looking at the picture but you can't find anything. So you forget about it. You and your family go home and have a home celebration. There's gifts, cake and family. You are very tired from the stressful day so you cut the party short and get ready for bed around 9pm. You take a shower and put your night clothes on and you get all comfy in bed. You're laying in bed and you feel your phone buzz. You roll over thinking it was another text from someone congratulating you for graduating. But you were wrong. Your TC put a reminder on your phone to go off at this time. You read it and your heart stops for a good minute.
  • Reminder:
  • I've been waiting a long time to kiss you. Come kiss me.(Address).
  • -(TC's initials)
  • ---------------------
  • This was my first ever long imagine so please, give me some credit lol. I tried my best.
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