it's worth 3 months worth of rent

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how did you handle living on your own and what troubles did you face? Like the things no body tells you when your about to move out. I'm going to be moving to LA to become a pursue my dreams as a screenwriter and i'll most likely be roughing it for a long while, could you give a scared but determined 18 some life wisdom?

haha oh man i dont live on my own just yet. i live with my grandparents until i can save up to have a place of my own. Though, while i was living with my dad, it felt as tho i was living on my own since i had to take care of myself entirely. I’ve also got 4 older siblings who all moved out on their own at young ages too, and my sister, who left home at 18, gave me the best advice i am currently following so i’ll pass on some of that to you if you’d like.

  • When youre planning to move anywhere, always have enough money saved up for 3-4 months worth of your life. This includes 3-4months worth of rent, utility payments, car payments, pretty much any payments you’d have to make in that time, plus money for food/clothing/expenses. This gives you a good buffering time that will allow you to settle everything you need to in the new area, including looking for new jobs and what have you.
  • when eating on a budget, stay away from fast food. it seems like its cheap and filling meals, but a $7 meal twice a day for weeks adds up. Luckly, its not hard to fill a fridge on very little money if you’re stingy about it. Rice, beans and eggs are go-to’s for budget eating thats actually food. Shop via sales papers for local stores, places like Sprouts will do deals where you can combine sales from the previous week with new ones offered that wednesday. Asian and Mexican markets are excellent places to find meats at affordable prices. in the LA area theres Superior grocery, you can get decent amounts of chicken or pork for very little (which you can portion and freeze). when i was living on about ~$40 a month, Superior, Stater Bro’s, and Sprouts were life savers.
  • Learn to live without. Cant afford to go out for drinks with friends? learn to say “i’ll go in youre buying, im broke bitch”. Don’t buy unnecessary things. Yeah it gets lonely but things will get better. you CAN treat yourself too, but nothing too crazy like a $200 figurine of an anime hunk or something lol

lol sorry my advice is mostly money driven. I dont live on my own yet but i know the main factor is budgeting. When i ‘lived on my own’ at my fathers, i went weeks without food (i went 2 months living off whole milk alone, and eventually became malnourished until my sister stepped in and would buy me some groceries every other week). Its hard, and gets lonely, but start to take pleasure in other things, like your screen writing or learning to do things on your own. i’m sure theres 101 more pieces of advice out there and i’m sure i know other ones too, but i just got home from work and am very tired lol