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“I sleep in a bathroom, instead of in a bed, and my mom sleeps in her cold living room with the windows wide open every single night even in the dead of winter. And also the fact that my brother has spent the past 14 years of his life in prison, I have no desire to share those stories with any other woman than you. Even after having heard and witnessed those aspects of my life, you neither feel any disgust or show any pity towards me. Which made me wonder if there are any other women out in this world who will just listen and still like me just for who I am. And my answer is, no, there’s no one else like you out there. Hae Soo-ah, if you know any other woman like that out there, then please let me know. So that Ii wouldn’t have to cling onto you so much.”

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ok listen so I absolutely love your sketch of the wolf with the "your anxiety thinks it's protecting you" and I was wondering how you felt about ppl getting tattoos of your work? like totally chill if that's a no!!

Hey thanks so much! I have no problem whatsoever with people getting tattoos of my work–it’s super flattering, haha. If you do end up getting it tatted, send me a photo sometime so I can check it out! Here’s a copy of my original black-and-white lines, if it’s helpful to see them more clearly: 

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Hi! About the song Jensen played at the end of the second J2 panel that made Jared so emotional, some people say on the youtube comments that it could be the intro to Sweet Home Alabama. I'm not sure, I don't recognize it but it's maybe a version I don't know. What do you think?

Anon:  Hi. I think Jensen was playing intro to sweet home Alabama to Jared…

In response to this ask. Sorry, for taking more time then necessary to answer. Ok, so I think you are right. Just listen to Jensen and an original acoustic version.  Sure seems pretty similar to me.

I wonder if Jared saw Jensen “Sweet Home Alabama” performance from Jib6 in 2015. In my headcanon he did see it, and I don’t know if it was important to them earlier or it became after that, but Jared’s face when he realizes what Jensen’s playing it, is well, take a look yourself:

[Can I just take a second to appreciate the way Jared looks right here. *ARMS* *SINGLE LAYER* *HAIR IN HIS FACE* *TOO MUCH SEXY CUTENESS*]

Cute little smile, biting his lower lip, dimples on display (am I seeing things or did his dimples actually deepened there at one point), his whole demeanor right then was so shy. *sigh* 

 And then look at Jensen:

Look at this fucker. He’s so pleased with himself (he should be, tbh), and that little satisfied smile right at the end. Yeah, make no mistake, that song must be important to them. 

THANK YOU ANON AND @random-fireworks for your answers so much!

I liked this song just fine, and then JIB6 happened and it gave me a new meaning and I’m sure you have some songs with the great meaning to you, so you know how it is. I’ll listen to it now even more fondly then after JIB6. 

You know, I think Jensen likes Lynyrd Skynyrd (”well, DUH”, said the voices in my head), he sang “Sweet Home Alabama” to Jared when Jared wasn’t there, and he played it now, and he sang “Simple Man” to Jared at the concert at Orion yesterday (c’mon, his eyes were on Jared every couple seconds, of course he sang it to him). 

Tbh, Jensen serenading Jared is one of my favorites. 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

Spirit Companions PSA

So, recently I have seen a lot of negativity going around aimed at spirit workers and people that go to shops instead of doing it yourselves *cough cough* last post *cough cough*. I just wanted to say this to you:

🔮It’s ok to go to a shop to find a companion.

🔮It’s ok to prefer shops that charge.

🔮Its ok to prefer free shops.

🔮It’s ok to have self doubt.

🔮It’s ok to have low spoons.

🔮It’s ok to not know what to do.

🔮It’s ok for you to keep being you.

🔮It’s ok to not want to conjure yourself.

🔮It’s ok to leave it to experienced workers instead of risking it yourself.

🔮It’s ok. I promise.

Please dont listen to any negativity, youre not just lazy, youre careful and you’re wonderful. I want anyone out there to know struggling to find their place in life, spirit related or not, that you are loved and I love you. ~So much~. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m always here and up for a chat. Have a nice day my friends! ❤


Bonding With Your Dragon Spirit

**These methods are pretty broad spectrum and can also be used outside of dragon spirits.  These are just techniques and things I have done and this post is by no means all inclusive.  Thank you**

Bonding with your dragon spirit is an important thing to do, I think.  It helps you get closer with them and that opens the way to a good friendship and partnership!  Regardless of what kind of relationship you have with them (provided it’s a healthy one), doing these activities to feel closer is a great way to continue with your practice!

Sharing your passions!

Doing some sort of activity along side your dragon spirit that you love is a good one.  You are sharing something that you love with them and they are being included in it!  Do you like going for a walk?  Great, invite your dragon with you!  Like crafts?  Great!  work with them so you both can create something awesome!  How about cooking?  Also good, you can share the results when everything is finished!  The dragon spirit I currently work with actually likes to play games with me.  I found out through playing some Skyrim music and he was curious where it came from and now I actually have a Dragon age and Assassins Creed save file with his name on it.


I’ve always felt that spells are a great offering for your dragon.  But casting a spell with their help not only is good for working with your dragon, it’s also a great way to feel closer.  Even if it’s something small, like setting a circle!  I personally love to ask my dragon spirits to help me set a circle and it was always so nice because he would use his wings to do it so it was like I was in a tent.  It was so wonderful!  This is a great way to further your dragon magic and really get close and I strongly encourage it!  Of course this is only if the dragon in question is ok with it.  


This technically could fall under the passions section but I kept it on its own since some people may not really know how to make music or be musically inclined.  But you can listen to music with them, look for songs that they like and have it playing just for the two of you.  I have a playlist on youtube for Rivaz and sometimes I listen to it when I’m going to sleep or I’ll play it when I’m trying to communicate with him.  I also like to sing for him and that is another thing you can do!


I think this is a big one.  Using the cards or pendulum or whatever medium you use is a great way to bond with them!  I have a reading in my shop available for purchase in which I speak with whatever dragon spirit I’m working with (currently Rivaz) and they will give you a message or advice!


This kind of ties in with divination but can stand on its own.  Talking with your dragon spirit is a great way you can get to know them, ask them questions and grow together.  Plus, dragon spirits can have some great advice even if its not always what you want to hear.

Sharing meals

So, this can also be considered an offering but I think it is a great one!  Sharing your meals, I think, is a very personal thing.  Think about how many times you’ve gone out to eat with friends?  This can be a similar thing!  I also think its a good thing to share some of your favorite foods with them!  I like to share my coffee and tea!

Astral Projecting/Lucid Dreaming

This is a great one and together you can go on adventures!  I have a post about one of my own experience here.  This is a fun way to see more things and grow closer.  There’s something to be said about discovering such places that you cannot normally see.


Reading and sharing stories is a fun one.  And every dragon may have their own preference!  Lore, myths, short stories all kinds of things can be used!  You can even share your favorite works with them!  Or even more so you can read them your own work if you write!


I like writing poetry and coming up with spells to work with dragons and it’s a good way.  You could also work with them to make your own story!  This section could fit in with a few other places on this list but I still felt like I could warrant it’s own spot!

Carrying offerings with you

This is one that I really like doing if my dragon spirit gives me permission. I often leave stones and crystals as an offering or even jewelry and I love to be able to carry those items with me when I leave the house.  It’s like a little extra reassurance that they are with me and it really makes me feel more connected, especially since they were ok with me taking a piece of their hoard with me.


This may seem silly but if your dragon is ok with it, sleeping with them is a good way to bond.  My current dragon spirit is not really big on cuddles so I don’t really get to do it anymore but the previous dragon spirits I had loved it and it was so nice!  I highly recommend this method if you can!

Happy bonding!

Safe Travels

Work it out- Jikook (smut)

Jimin sighs as he sits on the end of his bed. “Vacations are a gift and a curse” he thinks. He had a wonderful time, traveling around the world to diffrent destinations with his members, but he also let loose and ate everything he could get his hands on. Now that they have returned and are getting ready for their schedual to become packed again, he knows that means diets and exercise are on the horizon, and he sighs again.

Back to the mundane task of sit ups, push ups and weight training. He can feel his muscles burning already. He runs a hand through his brown hair and collapses back onto his bed, releasing a long suffering groan. There has to be a better way. A way to get in shape, stay in shape and it not be a soul sucking routine.

So wrapped up in his thoughts, he forgot he wasn’t alone and almost falls off his bed at how hard he jumps at his hyung’s voice.

“What’s wrong Jiminnie?”

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BTS reaction to when their S/O's gets scared watching a scary movie with them

Request said: Bts reaction to their s/o and them watching a horror movie. All cute n stuff ?? Thanks :)


Jin: Since, you guys haven’t really spend time together, Jin decided to make a movie night. He went to closest convenience store and bought popcorn and your favorite candies/chocolates. You decided to make the popcorn, while Jin choose the movie. As you came back with snacks, the movie was already chosen and set. You sat down on the couch and Jin sat next to you. “Jin, what’s this movie about?” you asked very curious. “Sh… You’ll see” exclaimed Jin. Since he put a finger on your lips signalling that you should not say another word, you keep quiet. The movie started and you knew by the suspense at the beginning that it was going to be one of the scary ones. The drama of the movie was good until one part you screamed your head off and quickly hid your face into Jin’s chest. He would pet your hair and make you face him to kiss your cheek. 

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Suga: As you got out of the shower, already dressed into pj’s you didn’t see your boyfriend in bed no more. Until he came into the room “Let’s watch this movie” he said while he pointed the movie case, since you didn’t exactly see the cover of the movie case you went along with it. You got downstairs and the movie was already playing. You and Suga decided to cuddle while watching the movie. Until one part of the movie, scared the heck out of you and it resulted on you quickly falling into your face on the floor; which made Suga laugh and you getting angry at him. He eventually got to you and kissed your lips to make you feel alright. 

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J-Hope: “Jagiya come downstairs” said Hoseok. “Ok” you screamed back. You got down the stairs, and there he was waiting for you. He was smiling at you and then he said “Come follow me” you followed him into the living room. To find the table already settled with popcorn, candies of every kind and your favorite chocolates. You smiled at him and kissed his cheek in order for him to feel that you appreciated what he planned for you two for that night. He motioned you to sit down at the sofa and he grabbed the remote control and quickly played the movie. As the movie started you asked “So, whats this movie about?” “I don’t know…one of the guys told me to watch it with you” he responded. “Oh..” was all you said, After some minutes of the movie, out of nowhere a demon came into the screen looking very scary and scared the heck out of you two.  Resulting on both of you screaming and jumping into each others arms for the rest of the movie.

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Rap Monster: Since Namjoon just returned from his tour, all  he wanted to do was to spend some time with you. He decided to have a movie date at the movie theater and watch one of the scariest movies featuring , but you didn’t knew about it because he kind of knew that you hated these types of movies but he did it in order  to be closer with you and recover all of the time that he had missed. You guys got seated and waited for a few minutes and the movie started to play. But as soon as it started you got scared, in which resulted the popcorn being thrown away into the floor and your head into Namjoon’s chest and him hugging you and saying “I am here, don’t worry. I’ll protect you”  and then he started to pet your hair and stealing some pecks on your lips. 

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Jimin: “Hey, Y/N” said your boyfriend. “Yes, Jimin” you said while facing him. “Let’s go somewhere?” asked Jimin. “Yeah, sure why not?” you said. “Then let’s go…” he said while grabbing your hand. “Where are we going, Jimin” you said struggling to get out of his grip. “To the movies” he said. “Oh..” you said while finally giving in. You guys quickly arrived. Since he wanted to keep the movie as a surprise, he went and order everything for you. All you had to do was to carry your snacks that he bought for you into the movie room. You guys sat down and the trailers quickly played in the screen. After a few of those, the movie finally started. You started to get happy but suddenly as the movie built the story, you could not help but feel impatient and asked yourself why you were feeling like this,  Until, suddenly a very scary scene played and you got so scared that you started to scream and shut your eyes, but you keep screaming. Since you could not hear what Jimin was trying to say , he grabbed your wrist and quickly headed you out of the movie room. Right there he hugged and kissed your lips in order to make you feel better. 

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Taehyung (V): *ring* *ring* your phone rang. You saw the ID caller and it was your cute loving boyfriend. “Hello V!” you said sounding happy“Hi, Jagiya!he said. “Listen, the guys and I were wondering if you like to come to our place to watch a movie” he added“Yeah sure, I would love too!. At what time?” you asked. “Come at 7pm” he responded. “Ok, see you” you said while made a kissing sound and he did the same thing too and he hung up. 7 a’ clock came by and you were already pushing the door bell. “Hello, who is this?” said a voice, which you recognized as Suga. “You know who its!” you said. “Are you Y/N??, because you are not allowed in here” said Suga teasing you.  “YES!! It is me…Just let me in” you pleaded. “No can do!” Suga said. “Suga!!” you screamed and then you saw the door open and it was Suga and you playfully hit his arm and he screamed in pain “Its not so good to see you” said Suga while still touching his arm. You just rolled your eyes and then Namjoon saw you and he screamed “V, Y/N is here!!” and then your loving boyfriend came running to you like a loving puppy does to his owner. “I missed you” he said while hugging you. “I missed you too” you replied. “AHG….Guys get a room” said Suga. “Shut up” said V. “Guys the movie is starring!” screamed Jin. You guys ran to the living room sitting on the floor because there was no more space on the couch.  After a couple of minutes passed and you were so lost in your thoughts that you had no idea what happen until something unexpected happen in the movie which scared you to death and you started to scream. V being confused about your sudden reaction, but then he understood that you got scared and  he asked if you were ok and then he would just hold your hand to make sure you were actually ok. 

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JungKook: “Y/N how about we watch this movie” he said while pointing to the TV in which it showed a movie trailer. The trailer looked like an ordinary movie so you went along with it. JungKook took you to the nearest Movie Theater. You offer to pay for the tickets but he insisted that he had every thing under control. He took you to the snack stand and told to order anything that you wanted. You did and both of you happily walked into the movie room. You guys sat down and he quickly puts his arm over you and he made you face him. “If you get scared, just look at me and hold my hand” he said. “What do you mean if I get scared?” you asked confused. “Um.. This is a scary movie, Jagiya” he responded. “Really…” you said. “But the movie trailer looked like a normal movie” you added, sounding a bit disappointing. “If you want we could go and ask for a ticket change” he started to get up. “No, it’s fine. How bad could it be” you said convincing him that it was fine. He just nodded and as soon as that happen the movie started to play. At the beginning you thought that JungKook was just teasing you until one part of the movie that completely scared you and you did what JungKook told you to do if you got scared, and for doing so, he quickly kissed your cheek. 

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If listening to ….Ready For it? doesn’t make you feel the equivalent of Wonder Woman walking through No Man’s Land in slow motion then you’re 100% lying.

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48 evak

hey! thanks for sending this pal! hope its good enough! its set right back when they first moved into their house :D

ok listen this is totally inspired by dan and phil but dont tell anyone ok? ok

48) “Boo.”

Isak isn’t quite sure how, in an apartment with only 3 rooms, he’s lost his boyfriend.

They moved in yesterday, and Even has already wandered off somewhere, when he was supposed to be helping Isak build their new wardrobe. It’s a two person job, and moving in with your new boyfriend means you’re supposed to build frustrating flatpack ikea furniture together.

“Even?” he calls, wondering why on Earth he thinks that’ll work, when his boyfriend is nowhere to be seen inside their tiny apartment.

Isak thinks he’s probably sneaked out to get them both coffees from KB. Isak knows how it plays out, Even will return in 5 minutes, Isak will pretend to be irritated that he disappeared, and it’ll take him two sips of coffee and a few kisses for him to completely forget his annoyance.

He’s quite in love with Even, really. He lets him get away with pulling stunts like this because of it.

Isak sighs, and walks back from the kitchen into the bedroom, pausing to look at th instructions for the wardrobe. They’d pretty much finished building it, before Isak had taken a toilet break and Even had gone missing.

And then, the door of the wardrobe starts to creak open, and Isak freezes in irrational terror.

“Boo!” Even exclaims, emerging from the wrdrobe, and Isak jumps backwards, hip colliding painfully with the table behind him.

“Ow, fuck!” Isak curses. “Even!”

Even laughs, long and loud, and Isak would be in love with the sound if he weren’t so annoyed and in pain right now.

“You fucking dick!” he says, walking backwards away from Even’s outstretched arms that are ready to pull him into a hug. “That fucking hurt!”

Even tries to pull a guilty face through his laugh. “Sorry, baby,” he says, still grinning.

“Say it like you mean it next time,” Isak grumbles, and turns away, walking into the kitchen. Even follows him, puts his hands on Isak’s waist and his chin on Isak’s shoulder, and rubs a hand over Isak’s bruised hip.

“I’m really sorry, Isak,” he murmurs into his ear. “I thought it was funny.”

“I’m injured, Even,” it’s easier to pretend to be mad when Even can’t see his face. “How is that funny?”

Even presses his lips softly to the skin of Isak’s neck. “It’s not, I’m sorry, baby.”

Isak lets out a “hmph” to let Even know he’s got to do better than that.

“Let me make it up to you,” Even says, bringing his arms to wrap tightly around Isak’s waist pulling him back into him.

“How?” Isak asks, although he’s fairly sure he knows the answer.

Even hums in thought, moving his liips to press repeatedly on Isak’s cheek. “How about I start by kissing it better,” he suggests, “and we see where we go from there.”

“That could work,” Isak smiles, but he’s fairly sure it already has.

i took some screenshots of the show and whatever would load before the internet went down, i tried not to use other peoples art butttt it was pretty….and i was extremely bored with no internet…SO GO CHECK OUT THE OTHER ARTISTS PLZZ

that and i was listening to blackout, one of my few songs on my computer and thought it suited him… them….ye…

that and venombox should totally be the shipname


The wonderful artists,







My mind is finally clear enough for this. And yes, my eyebrows went through a lot in 2012, let’s not talk about it right now.

Top 10ish Chris Cornell Songs:
10b) Birth Ritual

Anyone whose ever relied on their own pipes to make music will know what it sounds like to struggle with a high note. Even when the note is still within your range, but touching its limits, it becomes difficult to sing the note loudly with the same control. Not a problem for Chris in Birth Ritual. The higher notes in this song are sung even louder than the notes that sit more comfortably within his range. Not only does he hit these notes with precision, he’ll drop one or two octaves within the same few bars comfortably. Power and control at its finest.

10a) Cochise
Say what you want about Audioslave, even I’ll take my personal jab at Chris’ attempt to cover ‘Sleep Now in the Fire,’ but like them or not, Cochise storms out of the gate. The song takes Chris’ vocals from his coarse belting in the chorus to the hauntingly smooth verse into a full on gravel-rolling-down-a-hill scream at around the three minute mark. It’s complemented well in the video where you see Cornell’s silhouette lean back to unleash the scream. 

By this time, Chris’ voice hardly sounds like it did in Ultramega OK or even Louder than Love. Hell, it’s even pretty far from Superunknown. Thing is, he didn’t let that stop him, he let it challenge him. Cochise isn’t the kind of song you’d give to a younger Cornell. It’s the older, matured, and weathered sound of his voice with Morello’s guitar that really lights the candle under this one. It shows Chris’ adaptability, versatility, and evolution as a musician and vocalist.

10) Smokestack Lightning
ollowing his passing, I saw a lot of songs being passed around in honor of Chris and his voice. This is one I expected to see, but didn’t. One of the great things about Chris and Soundgarden in general was the exploration and incorporation of other genres into the music. In this cover, you get a bluesy side of Cornell. Although he’s quite young here, you hear those tinges of maturity in his voice we’d go on to know later on in his life. 

Chris’ vocal control as he exits certain notes in this song is impressive. I’ve seen it argued whether or not the extremely high notes towards the end of the song are technically falsetto. Some argue he’s not even there in these notes, but whatever you want to call these otherworldly notes he belts at about the four minute mark, they’re blistering, intense, and unforgettable.

09) Fell on Black Days
 lot of the songs on this list celebrate Cornell’s range, especially on the higher end. But that’s not to say his mid-range isn’t wonderful and almost viscous in its tones. 

When listening to the discography in order, I imagined that few saw a song like Black Days coming. Fans of Screaming Life EP and Ultramega OK might not have known a lot about this version of the band; the version that loves the darker iteration of the Beatles, the version that borrows from sludge. The version that steps away from metal and into…this.

No exaggerated screams to be found in this song, no seam-splitting falsettos, just an occasional burst of 800 grit here and there.

Ben’s haunting bassline crawls under Chris’ melody. Black Days is a wonderful demonstration of the quality and depth of Cornell’s voice, never mind the range, never mind the control- just the quality of his natural voice shines completely on this unforgettable and wildly successful Superunknown track.

08) Incessant Mace
 song for villains, Incessant Mace has this malicious sensuality about it. Chris voice wears a silk red spaghetti strap dress and feels its own curves during the first half of the song. The notes meander hypnotically, allowing Chris’ voice to slither from note to note in a slow burn of seductive prowess. The extremely present reverb in the song makes it sound as though his voice is traveling along the rails from hell to earth. As the song reaches its climax, these meandering notes go from a feral caress into a vicious chopping. As we reach the end of the song, it’s as though Chris shows his fangs and spits venom. It’s the moment the skirt is hiked high enough to show the blade concealed beneath. 

The end of the song, when Chris just bellows, “Mace, mace, mace, mace” spits absolute aural venom as the song slithers out of reach.

07) Wooden Jesus
Whether it was the slight change in musical styles, the chemistry with Eddie Vedder, the personal bearing this project had on Chris, or the hand of God itself, something motivated Cornell to perform like never before on Temple of the Dog. His voice hit like fists in Hunger Strike and would do so again on Wooden Jesus, where Cornell goes from a soft, hymnal style singing, straight into a mountain-moving belt. 

06) Reach Down
We again find ourselves in an interesting and atypical application of Chris’ voice in Reach Down; gospel. A bit inspired by Andy Wood’s style, Chris leads the choir-like ensemble of voices that make up the rest of Temple of the Dog. 

Some of Chris’ vocal fills and humming sections add so much color and character to the song, moving the almost twelve minute opus down a flaming track. The instruments fall away at about 8:50 and make room for the almost apocalyptic sounding harmonies and eventually lift Chris’ voice into the foreground, where he grabs the song and doesn’t let go.

05) Slaves & Bulldozers
Slave and Bulldozers is a tense push-pull of a song that appears on Badmotorfinger and thrashes the listener through about seven minutes of pipes waiting to burst. A real tug of war on the loud/quiet/loud front, it’s when the song completely lets Chris go where the song goes from good to amazing. 

It’s particularly noteworthy that Chris doesn’t just scream the end of a syllable through the outro of a song like he would go on to do in song like Cochise, but in Slaves, Chris is screaming complete words, complete phrases, abandoning notes and vocal control for something more primal, something more visceral.

04) Black Rain
hat makes Black Rain particularly interesting was the challenge it presented on a recording basis; half the song was recorded near to the Badmotorfinger era in the 90s and the rest was filled in around the time of Telephantasm in the 2000s. 

Chris’ voice sounded expectedly different for the second half of the recording. Rather than re-recording, Cornell opted to perform the missing sections of the song and pair them with the original performance. Knowing this, I could personally tell you exactly where the old Chris ends and the new Chris begins. But it’s not as jarring or disturbing as you’d think. In fact, it’s sewn together very well and the band was able to pull it off completely. I was surprised again that the band would perform the song live without issue, something I thought they’d avoid because of how this particular song sounded on wax.

Another testament to the timelessness and skill of Cornell, Black Rain reaches into early Soundgarden and late Soundgarden without skipping a beat.

03) Jesus Christ Pose
Unlike a lot of the other songs on this list where Chris goes from low notes and gradually to high notes as a release in the third act of the song, JCP starts and ends at the exact same intensity. The 4/4 driving rhythm of the song keeps the song going at a breakneck pace, pushing Cornell to the top of his performance and making him stay there. 

02) Beyond the Wheel 
 performance worthy of demon worship, Beyond the Wheel begins with a cult-worship like chanting verse in Chris’ lower register that makes absolutely no effort to create a smooth transition right into his upper register. It just happens. It happens without warning, without apology, without giving a shit. In a song where I hear some of Chris’ highest and lowest notes on record in the same few bars is downright astounding. Chris’ shrill scream is damn near blood curdling as it belts out into the empty spaces of the song, isolating him between notes in a beautiful love song to the void.

01) Hunted Down
m as surprised as you are that my number one vocal performance comes in the form of Hunted Down. But something about this song always got to me. Chris’ voice digs its nails into your flesh and drags for about three minutes. My favorite aspect of this song in particular isn’t like other songs where i’m in awe of the range or power; it’s the annunciation of the lyrics.

The syncopation of the lyrics with Chris’ short bursts of energy read like a theatrical performance. It singles Cornell out as both a singer and a performer. From the first “HUUUUEUH” at the beginning of the song all the way to the bursts of notes that fade into the end of the song, Hunted Down has such a dramatic, theatrical element about it that the song itself is a character simply based on the way Chris chooses to sing and annunciate each word and note.

You can listen to these songs in playlist on Spotify:

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Hi. I'm the anon who requested shy human crush practicing in front of the mirror. It's ok. I did wonder why is so different. Now I know. Please redo. I want how it would turn out. I look forward to it^^

(*internally screams* FUCK ME. ALSO fucked this one up all the way up.)


  • When he first heard you talking, he just listened in to hear what you were saying, and once that question was answered, who was it to?
  • When he hears it’s him, he’s a bit mad.
  • He tells himself, and he will always tell himself, that he is wayy to fragging old for you.
  • He runs off the distract himself.
  • (when you actually confess to him, he’d accept anyway. He’ll be selfish, just this once.)

Drift and Rodimus react similarly

  • When they heard you they just listen in just for a little bit, just to make sure they weren’t hearing things.
  • And then, when they’re sure it’s about him they walk in.
  • “Y/n-!”
  • “AH!”
  • “Do you really feel that way about me?”
  • You stutter as you tell him yes.
  • Rodimus would be like “hell yes!” and do a pose, then try to act cool again and invite you to the bar.
  • Drift would be enthusiastic and hug you and hold you. “Me too!” :)


  • He really slowly and quietly peeked through the crack in the door.
  • When he hears his name he feels like he’s about to cry because of oh Primus, my crush likes me, but he quickly fixes his composure and goes back to his hab.
  • He’s so damn happy, he just laughs to himself with a big smile that has ravaged asking questions. (Which he just rolls his optics.)
  • So, he pushes himself to go back to find you and ask you out, and saving you the trouble!

Fort Max

  • When he hears his name, he goes straight to see what’s happening.
  • When he sees you talking to yourself in the mirror, he listens for a good 30 seconds, before he hightails it out of there.
  • He’s so flustered! Once he’s back in his hab he covers his face with his hands and tires to relax.
  • But your his crush too, so should he go tell you? Would that be weird? He has mixed emotions.
  • When you do end up asking him out he’ll go silent and nod. (he looks like he’s about to cry.
  • You hug because you were both unknowingly stressed out.


  • The first time he hears it he has to physically cover his mouth from screaming.
  • He gets this big grin on his faceplates and you’ll hear squeaking from him, so of course, you whip around to see him.
  • You yelp.
  • He takes his hand from his face to say, “Keep going.” to kinda cheer you on, and then cover his mouth back up again so he doesn’t interrupt you.
  • When you’re done he runs over and hugs you do you almost fall backward.
  • “OmpMeToo!WhyDidn'tYouTellMe?!” at the speed of light because he is just so excited!!

Ultra Magnus

  • He’d walk in. he had a plan of what he was going to say. But when he saw the fear of rejection all over your face, he stops himself from scowling.
  • “Are you serious?”
  • You look at the ground and politely apologize and say if he doesn’t like you back you’re okay with it.
  • He’s pretty speechless at this point. But he says the first thing that pops in his head and it was if you would like to accompany him to swerves sometime?
  • Since you accept, he goes on with his day with a straight face, but once he get’s back to his hab, he get’s out of his suit and freaks out bc he invited you to swerves! You can’t drink energon! What was he thinking!?
  • He takes
  • time
  • to relax out of
  • suit
  • with the empyrean suite playing.


  • So
  • so flustered.
  • He has to take his glasses off the clean them.
  • He knows it’s rude to eavesdrop but, Primus he’s so happy!
  • But he feels it’d be really cool to see you confess, he’d be nervous af himself!

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Speaking of markjin Reaches......lets talk about in that ask in a box vid where jinyoung rates each member on how likely hed be to introduce them to a younger sister....he gives mark a 70%....which is the highest out of all of them....except he ended up giving bam 70% too but im like....he gave bam 30% at first and then realized "oh shit im running out of members and have to make it look like mark isnt my Absolute Favorite.......ok bambam gets 70% too nice no one will know"

fdskaflhdsakf listen he gave mark like such a high score out of the gate bc he knows how good of a bf mark would be but he still had to tack on at the end that jinyoung’s sister would wonder if she was even dating mark and i wonder… why… he felt… he had to say that…. bc mark easily talks w jinyoung just fine… so why did he need a lil thing to stop mark from being a great bf for his sister… its almost like jinyoung was like “yea mark would b a great bf!! he’d b home and available hes great ya.. wait… this is for my hypothetical sister… ha ACTUALLY no mark doesnt talk much so she would barely think theyre dating nice save :)” jfdkjfdskl but then it made me rmr that mark was asked the exact same question a while ago nd do yknow what he said?????



tagged by @narkik (who is amazing and wonderful and talented AND gorgeous at no extra cost) to post my most recent selfie, last song listened to, and lock screen (which is by @mishellja and raised my phone’s value to $20,000)

i tag @inukag-4ever, @dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns, @hireikotsu, @tenseigaa, @kongosoha, @onikik, @sankontesu and anyone else that would like to! of course it’s also totally optional to do 💕💕

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Hey so I thought I might ask this to a gay person, is it ok to hc a character to not be straight when ur straight? I'm trans but I'm straight so I was wondering if its ok :)

as long as you be sure to keep an eye out for and avoid harmful stereotypes and fetishization and listen to what gay ppl say about their representation its all cool by me 👍

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Howdy mah fella, i was wondering, when taako killed barry (in the "who?"scene) , how did barry not die? Sorry for asking but I've got ADD and have tried to peice it together, but nobody writes out episode scripts to go back and read, so im kinda outa luck trying to remember (I've listened back and tried to put it together but im a bit slow lol) *(it's ok if you dont respond to this btw)

hes a lich homie he deffos died but he’s a lich so hes undead

also they super DUPER do actually write these out @tazscripts