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(Taken from Sarumi penguin poster) North Pole strain takes post rok Saru and yata to the South Pole instead and they meet penguins. They have to not die of cuteness. It's winter in Shizume so they don't freeze in the Antarctic

I’m imagining Yata being all ‘look, Saruhiko, penguins!’ and thinking it’s really cool while Fushimi’s just staring at the penguins and the penguins are staring back. So say Homra and Scepter 4 are working together to subdue the ‘sends people to the North Pole Strain’ at last but little do they know it’s actually her twin sister the 'sends people to the South Pole’ Strain instead. Fushimi and Yata get hit by her power and end up in the middle of a snowstorm, Fushimi sighs and is like at least we were prepared this time because as a precautionary measure all the members of Scepter 4 were carrying backpacks with warm coats and a tent and survival rations just in case. Yata’s got his coat on too and together they decide they’ll just have to wait it out until the power wears off. He makes some kind of joke about hoping they don’t run into any polar bears and Fushimi just clicks his tongue because that’s the last thing he wants to think about. That’s when they come upon a cute little colony of penguins happily swimming in the water and Fushimi’s confused because they were supposed to be chasing the North Pole Strain. Yata doesn’t get his meaning at first and Fushimi has to explain the whole 'North Pole: polar bears, South Pole: penguins’ thing, Yata can’t believe that cartoons have been lying to him all these years by showing penguins and polar bears coexisting.

So without much else to do Yata figures they should go visit the penguins. Fushimi has no interest but Yata’s like come on Saruhiko I know you want to visit penguins, Fushimi reluctantly allows himself to be dragged out to where all the penguins are. Immediately the penguins come flocking over to them, naturally drawn by Fushimi’s presence, and Yata can’t help but notice that Fushimi seems to fit in with them somehow, like there is definitely something penguin-like about Fushimi and Fushimi just clicks his tongue again and looks away. The penguins totally love him though, they’re all staring at him and waving their little wings and it’s like the cutest thing Yata’s ever seen. The penguins are also remarkably chill (heh, 'chill,’ and they’re at the South Pole, get it, because it’s cold I’ll stop now) about having humans around, Yata even gets to pick one up and it just sits there in his arms without fuss. They end up setting up their tent around the penguins because it seems like a safe enough spot and spend the rest of the evening just hanging out with the penguin colony. Even Fushimi has to admit that the South Pole Strain is way better than the North Pole one, though he does have to talk Yata out of wanting to adopt all the penguins and taking them back to Shizume.


Dad!Xiu + Son!Mark then vs. now


All of the Katie interviews I could find, zoomed in on her face with bleeping when necessary.

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