it's what i've been saying all along

//I would give anything to currently be at Armageddonexpo to see and hear the pile of salt that is Mark right now. It’s gotta be glorious. At least we know now he didn’t wanna leave and that they just kicked him because the writers were lazy and didn’t know what else to do. (That’s right. Whenever you realize you don’t know how to deal, you just give up and walk away. Damn right, SPN writers, gj!) I don’t think any of them ever watched the show or realized how much potential they had with Crowley even this late. They kept him tiny and caged, no clue why. Maybe they were scared he’d turn out better than expected, especially with Mark playing him. I mean, he offered to help with Crowley’s storylines. What did they do? Tell him no. (He said so at an M&G in 2015! Even then they sucked.)

Touch-Tone Telephone
Lemon Demon
Touch-Tone Telephone
I try to call you every day 
I'm rehearsing what to say
When the truth comes out (Of my very own mouth)
I've been working on a unified theory
If I make it through tonight everybody's gonna hear me out
'Cause I'm the right one
On my touch-tone, touch-tone telephone
I'm the only one
On your A.M., A.M. radio Don't hang up yet, I'm not done
I'm an expert, I'm the one
The one who was right all along
Better to be laughed at than wrong
I'm an expert in my field
UFOlogy, yes, it's all real
Ancient aliens, it's all true
I'm an expert just like you
And like you, I'm a genius before my time
Disbelieving, that's the real crime
Pretty soon they'll discover me in the Super-Sargasso Sea

Frasier Pairings: {Martin & Daphne}

 Daphne: You know it's funny when I think about the two of us.  I 
         mean, sure, we have our little fights, but for the most part 
         we get along so well together.  And when I think about how I 
         enjoy looking after you, and how you always seem to miss me 
         when I've been gone for too long, well it's sort of like 
         you're my...
 Martin: [smiling] What?
 Daphne: No, it might sound funny to say this...
 Martin: No, come on, that's all right, you can say it.
 Daphne: All right.  Well, it's sort of like you're my pet.
 Martin: What?!

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I've seen a couple people say something along the lines of "Sega, you've opened Pandora's Box", and I'm like that box was opened and had all it's contents strewn across the floor at least fifteen years ago.


people have been making ocs for ages like shit i made ocs when i was a kid before i even knew what an oc was or used the internet lmao, nothing’s gonna change besides kids being able to see their characters in an actual game (which is pretty rad imo)

also why are people acting like thats such a bad thing like just ignore it if you dont like it dude, some kid’s weirdly designed character isnt going to ruin anything for you man, live and let live y’know lmao

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I'm not sure if this is pure coincidence or not but I think I've been cursing people. For instance, I don't particularly get along with one of my coworkers and I remember thinking 'I don't want to see her face at work' and then next day she called out for the entire week, crying saying that she was having pregnancy complications. It's just a little frightening. What do I do?

Rest assured, it is very unlikely that you are cursing people. Curses take a good deal of energy to be effective, like all spells. While on the fly magic is certainly a thing, there is very little chance that your stray negative thought about a coworker resulted in pregnancy complications.
If you are truly worried, you could try to actively counter any unintentional curses with some very intentional blessings. Meditation and grounding exercises will also help you find focus and calm, and may calm down any subconscious energies you’re sending out there.

the way the signs make me feel
  • aries: happy. i'm always laughing and because of that i feel like the memories i make with you are ones i'll remember.
  • taurus: content. sitting next to each other on the bus in silence is just fine for us, i'll offer a headphone and we'll nod our heads to the same beat.
  • gemini: uncontrollable. my head wasn't made for this kind of disorder and neither was yours but the scattered papers on the kitchen table and the way we laugh wildly when a car rushes too fast just past our noses suggests otherwise.
  • cancer: unfamiliar. i find myself saying things i wouldn't normally say and doing things i wouldn't normally do. i don't know if you've put some sort of spell on me or if i've been like this all along.
  • leo: appreciated. you tell me the things i write are better than i think and i always feel like i'm where im supposed to be when im by your side.
  • virgo: relieved. when i'm around you its like my stress just dissapears on the exhale like it should, and i finally understand what real life is supposed to feel like.
  • libra: poetic. i want to recite poems with excessive rhymes and alliteration and match my rhythms to the beat of your heartbeat and make a world for us out of metaphors.
  • scorpio: loved. you always know how to make every star in even the blackest sky to become as bright as the sun and set a smile on my face as soon as you walk through the door.
  • sagittarius: excited. a big wide smile always rests on my face when you're around and i feel like i could take on the world if i took a big enough step hand in hand with you.
  • capricorn: collected. i was the down to your up and the mess that you ever so loved to clean up. i was organized by color, shape, and size when i was around you and no problem
  • aquarius: confused. sometimes i forget you're not as happy or as strong as you'd like to seem. you're disconnected and i just want to find a way to light up your smile again whenever i find you spacing out.
  • pisces: understood. i knew i could tell you anything without bias or judgement. you dreamed a house in the clouds for me where we'd drift away and pretend the past doesn't hurt us like we know it does.

Literally every bad thing someone has to say about Steroline gets knocked down in canon, eventually.

Haters: Stefan will never love Caroline like he loved Elena.

Stefan: Nah, I don’t love her like I loved Elena because that shit was a mess. What we have is going to be better.


during the 45 seconds between me saying that beeps isn’t my type and me fixing the post to say that she’s literally the definition of my type i got 9 asks that all said something along the lines of “who are you and what have you done with the real frankie” and i can’t stop laughing 

For What They Had
  • Chloe: "Okay Victoria, speak up. Calling me out for food at the Two Whales? You're either in love with me again, or you're dropping a bad news bomb. If the former, I totally called it."
  • Victoria: "Little bit of column A, little bit of column B."
  • Chloe: "...W-wait, whatthefuck? Victoria? I mean like, holy fuck I mean, like- Damn I get you can't resist my chiz, but I dunno-"
  • Victoria: "Not you, you trashbag. There's someone else."
  • Chloe: "Well holy fuck! Victoria Chase finally actually going after someone! Color me surprised!" *Chloe nudges her on the shoulder* "So who's the lucky guy or gal eh? Nathan? Maybe Taylor? I totally knew you were into her, like it was pretty obv-"
  • Victoria: "It's Max."
  • Chloe: "...Woah wait, what? What are you saying."
  • Victoria: "Yeah."
  • Chloe: "I- uh. I don't- I don't know what to say. It's like. Fuck. What the FUCK Victoria!? You know I like her!" *slams the table* "What the fuck do you think you're doing!?"
  • Victoria: "Chloe. I've been getting along with Max really -and I mean really- well. You've liked her since she came back and had half a fucking year to get off your ass and do something about it."
  • Chloe: "Victoria, I literally fucking died like a dozen times that week-"
  • Victoria: "I know and out of respect, for you and whatever we had before all that shit with Rachel went down, I waited. But time moves on, you've done shit, and I'm in love with her."
  • Chloe: "You know I've been in love with Max, why the fuck- how the fuck did you think this was okay? After all we had together, how could you tell me this shit?"
  • Victoria: "I'm telling you _because_ of what we had together." *stands out of the booth and leans on the table over Chloe* "I'm giving you one last chance. I'm meeting Max in two hours. You've got two hours to get your shit together and do something about it."
  • Chloe: "You fucking-"
  • Victoria: "Bitch Queen of Blackwell." *strides off* "And don't you forget it."
When will Harry styles realize that I've been here all along, I'm ready to run™... Away with him to where broken hearts go™ but then float away on a cloud™ as he tells me what makes me beautiful™ and how I'm his girl almighty™. And we will forever be happily™ living in these moments™ because it's gotta be me™ because I want™ him and I wish™ that he would say "I want to kiss you™" and we will live while we're young™ and make some midnight memories™. Why? Because we are fireproof™! And I love him more than this™! And when I turn 18™ he will tell the paparazzi he is Taken™ since they don't know about us™. And when they ask why he's dating me and not some model he'll say he'll never make the same mistakes™ because I stole his heart™. He will always remind me all the little things™ that made him want just one thing™... "You and I™" he says. He doesn't want some Diana™ because nobody compares™ to me because Im still the one™. I made him feel alive™ and we stay up all night™ proving that our love is not an illusion™ and I'm not some fools gold™. I would™ do anything for Harry, even have him rock me™ (😉) when later on in life he will always find me One Way or Another™ if I get tired of the publicity and hate because he has no control™ over his beloved fans he'll somehow come back for me™ and change my ticket™ when the night changes™ and make me change my mind™ and go back to him™. He will remind me all over again™ that he loved me first™ when we had that summer love™ and the spaces™ between us will remind me don't forget where you belong™ and right now™ it's everything about me™ and he saved me tonight™. So I Stand Up™ against the hate of all the crazed fans that want to drag me down™ because I'm half a heart™ without Harry and something great™ comes through the dark™. When we start our family we will have strong™ beautiful children, a baby girl who is better than words™ and a handsome boy who will steal your girl™. Harry will write his daughter a song that she will call the best song ever™. C'mon c'mon™ our children will say as they say as they pull us into our home to look at old pictures of me and Harry. We will nearly have a Heart Attack™ from all the long lost pictures of me in my little black dress™. When our little girl points to a picture of us in Stockholm (syndrome™) she'll ask why don't we go there™. She's not afraid™ to ask questions. Well just tell her a lie™ because nothing's wrong with little white lies™ but Harry spots his son frowning in the corner, does he know™ why we don't go there? Turns out he was only frowning because he lost at flappy bird, but this was the story of my life™ and it only happens once in a lifetime™.

Bedroom Tales - A collection of Johnlock ficlets

Chapter 5: A Bedroom of Horrors - Based on a prompt by the lovely eventhorizon451 - Thank you so much :)


‘I cannot stay here!’

'We’ve been through this. Three times! I don’t know what to say anymore to be honest.’

'Look at that one over there. It’s horrid, it’s creepy. Look, I’ve got goosebumps all over my body!’

John sighed and dutifully looked at Sherlock who was sitting up in bed, wide awake and leaning against the wooden headboard. Right enough, his bare arms were covered in gooseflesh. John’s eyes trailed along the lovely pale skin and then followed the direction Sherlock’s accusing finger was pointing.

'I agree. It’s not exactly pretty.’

'That must be the understatement of the century. It is nightmarish, like a medieval gargoyle. Just look at her eyes.’

'Yes, I can see why she is not aesthetically pleasing, but I would very much like to turn off the lights now and go to sleep.’

'Turn off the lights?’


'John, we cannot turn off the lights. I strictly refuse! I can’t sleep in this room with those horrific dolls around me. They are disquieting.’

'That’s why I’d suggest sleeping in darkness. You’ll find that the ensuing blackness quite handily shrouds things we don’t want to see.’




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