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I walked across the glade in my knee high shorts and very small strap shirt I could tell the boys were trying to not look at me but all struggling a lot not to look at me I walked through the gardens and saw newt and Thomas messing around Thomas sore me and dropped his knife 

“what’s the matter with you tommy?” newt asks before he noticed me his eyes going wide for a second before smirking at me “oh hey love” he smirks at me “you look nice today” he smirks

“thanks newt” I smirk kissing his cheek and wondering off to my work just a little further away 

“lucky shank” Thomas sighs 

“what?” newt asked him 

“she shucking kissed you man” he sighs 

“yeah, she does all the times its kinda normal” he shrugs 

“then why don’t you… you know, ask her out?” he asks

“don’t think I’ve tried, she doesn’t want a boyfriend tommy, she just likes teasing me” 

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Think about it though!! We are currently living our lives never having heard solo Harry and on the 7th everything will change and after that we won't be able to remember what it was like ever NOT hearing it before!! We will walk around wondering how we ever survived! This is such a weird time! I'm reblogging and tagging everything like its a photo album that I will show my kids one day like, "here's when he changed his defaults to all blank" THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING


Jung Jaehyun: First Heartbreak

You’ve been wondering this for a while. Will Jaehyun ever break up with you and leave you one day?

It hurts to just think about it. He was and is your first boyfriend after all, and sometimes firsts don’t work out. You’ve been with him for a year though, but you had all these questions running through your head.

Every time you look at him, you get anxious and think that one day you may never get to see those loving eyes and that sweet smile he gives you every morning and every night. it constantly worries you and keeps you up at night.

You come to a conclusion that this means you really, and I mean, really, love him.
You’re self-conscious of every thing you do and say around him, scared of making mistakes.

Jaehyun has always been a good boyfriend and bestfriend to you, but a few months ago, you started feeling insecure. Were you being a good girlfriend to him, too? Were you doing enough? You think that Jaehyun did something to you, because he’s been making you question all of this. But you try to tell yourself to not overthink so much about it and just enjoy Jaehyun’s presence. Appreciate the moments between the both of you in the present.

Because if Jaehyun really left you one day, you wouldn’t know what to do. That would be your first heartbreak.

But two years later, you’re so sure that he won’t be your first heartbreak because he proposes to you under the shining stars on a summer night.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this Crunchyroll admin:

They’re so nice

and polite,

but also savage as hell

and sarcastic.

They don’t stoop to these people’s levels

and act maturely.

They’re just really polite, positive, and kind

and this makes me so incredibly happy.

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies




this was SO great to plan and organize, and i’m so thankful for all of my incredibly talented wonderful friends who worked on it! 

animator credits in the vimeo post!

A bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Imagine them all sitting back at the entrance to enjoy the fireworks display. Its been one heck of a year. Ready to greet the new year with a blank slate and a light heart!

“that is the moon and stars, my friend” sans answers. “and those are fireworks”

“Golly, they look like magic flowers!”
“Yes, my child. They are beautiful, are they not?”

“T-this is the m-most magical night e-ever!”
“NGAAAH! Spending time with my neat pals is the best! This is exactly how anime characters celebrate new years too!”

“My, how time flies fast. I wish I brought tea for everyone to enjoy this”

*Enjoying the view at the closing of the year and the opening to another, you look at everyone having a great time. Knowing that they will be with you to face whatever comes in the uncertain future….

It fills you with determination.



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Don’t you know how to greet a new pal?

Well hello there, Error! Long time no see! I missed getting to draw him and his dorky and fun expressions!

Error Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies, Ink Sans belongs to @comyet :D

Edit: I realised Error’s text is a bit difficult to read, so you can read what Error says under the cut!

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Today Im starting a more official blog, especially with my exploits in Boston and along its coast. My uploading schedule will be as follows: Mondays I will post pictures from the nearby museums and all of their wonders. Tuesdays will consist of a post about outfits and what I love most about the Mori subculture! Wednesdays I will be uploading pictures of my times in Scotland and my current attempts to return there.Thursdays I will be taking a break as those are my fullest days of classes. Fridays will be fun projects I am working on, such as knitting or embroidery. Saturdays will be another break because that will be my primary work day. And then on Sunday’s I will talk about my adventures in the inner Boston Harbor! cant wait to share my experiences with everyone, and hopefully you all will be willing to listen! Tomorrows blog will be up by 7 O’clock hope to see you all then!

*Sees person* i wonder what music they listen to

Finally got time to redraw what might be my favorite shot in the entire show <3

god ok can i just say that i’m so happy abt the way lin talks abt vanessa?? like i think when someone is at the level of fame/popularity lin is, a lot of the attention vanessa’s getting (from fans/press/whatever) is to do with him, ppl asking what she thinks of him and his success and all that. and it probably is pretty easy to get swept up a little bit, being called a genius all the damn time. but he so consistently lights up when he talks abt her, he’s so vocally appreciative and quick to give her credit where it’s due and point out how incredibly brilliant and hardworking and supportive she is, he just shines. i get the impression that they’re very equal and really see each other as a team and i love that. vanessa nadal appreciation society 2k16, tbh.


A lot of things has happen to me in 2016. I remember from the beginning of year that it was a rough start and I thought it was going to be the suckest year of my life. But….because of Undertale and its community, it actually changed my life. I discovered what I want to do in life, I met so many wonderful friends who supported me, and it actually gave me Determination to keep going. So here’s a recap of 2016 of my experience through artworks. 

[January] - My first gif. and how it all started.

[Febuary] - My Undertale Obsession (especially for Underswap)

[March] - My first mech. of Undertale for Wondercon and meeting Undertale fans in person.

[April] - Improving animation skills 

[May] - The one animation I spend so much time on.

[June] - The start of a Beautiful Ship….

[July] - Still practicing animation.

[August] - Started Streaming and Meeting new friends. (I know these are just crappy doodles but these mean a lot to me).

[September] - The Battle begins

[October] - Paraverse Tale was born

[November] - This is my expression of me getting ready for GRADUATION

[December] - The happiest month and the year ended amazing!

It was quite an adventure for 2016 and I hope 2017 will be just as thrilling. Thank you all for your supporting. Here’s to a new year!

✨ Fic Rec List ✨

Well, my friends, I think it’s about time I made one of these. I’m so terrible at reading fics because I’m more into writing them, but I think I’ve read enough to at least start a list of fic recommendations, so–here goes~

(And please be sure to check out all the writers/blogs below, because they’re all amazing and talented, and have many more wonderful stories listed on their own master lists. I seriously respect them all so much 💕)

[Smut] Under the Cloak (Taehyung x Reader) | @jungblue

[Smut] Daily (Namjoon x Reader) | @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

[Mafia!AU] Caged (Namjoon x Reader) | @mrsmon

[Smut] Under Control (Namjoon x Reader) | @kareverie

[Smut] Punishment (Namjoon x Jimin x Reader) | @zeurin

[Smut] The Piano Man (Jin x Reader) | @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

[Smut] Louder (Jungkook x Reader) | @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

[Smut] Color You Mine (Jimin x Reader) | @noir0neko

[Smut] Territory (Taehyung x Reader) | @imaginethisbts

[Fluff] In Your Head (Namjoon x Reader) | @bts-for-life

[Fluff/Smut] Damn The Delivery Boy (Jungkook x Reader) | @deerguk

[Smut] Case Closed (Jungkook x Reader) | @zeurin

[Smut] Tinder 2.0 (Jungkook x Reader) | @zeurin

[Fluff/Smut] Guilty Pleasure (Taehyung x Reader) | @taehxyung

[Smut] Swerve (Jungkook x Reader) | @seokline

[Smut] View (Jimin x Reader) | @seokjin-seng

[Fluff/Smut] Good Morning (Namjoon x Reader) | @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

[Smut] Underneath Your Clothes (Hoseok x Reader) | @noonatrash

[Smut] Liquid Pleasure (Namjoon x Reader) | @noir0neko

[Smut] Another Pair of Hands (Yoongi x Jimin x Reader) | @bobajimin

[Smut] The Switch (OT7 x Reader) | @kookingtae

[Smut] Birthday Girl (Namjoon x Reader) | @zeurin

[Smut] Bucket List (Namjoon x Hoseok x Reader) | @yoongis-sass

[Smut] One-Time Thing (Yoongi x Reader) | @monstaccato

[Kinda-smut] Stay With Me (Namjoon x Reader) | @chokemejimin

[Smut] Fingers (Taehyung x Reader) | @pjiminnie

[Smut] Day Off (Yoongi x Namjoon x Reader) | @writingseoul

[Smut] Expensive Girl (Namjoon x Reader) | @seokjin-seng

[Smut] Golden (Jungkook x Reader) | @taehxyung

[Smut] Teacher’s Pet (Namjoon x Reader) | @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

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(I’ll try and remember to update this list periodically~)

so i was just casually thinking about michonne’s reaction to rick’s apparent death for the millionth time, you know as one does, and while i think i understand why people thought her reaction was out of character i can’t say i agree. tbh, i think it’s the exact opposite: it’s the natural culmination of all the character progression she’s gone through over the last few seasons.

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i’m doing an art project based on internet friendships and time zones and you would be doing me such a wonderful massive favour if you could film what its like outside for 3 minutes!

if you fancy helping out, my guidelines are under the read more! even if you cant help, please reblog this anyway!

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“that thing with Cassandra and Jenkins came out of nowhere!!”

are u sure

I hope this isn’t seen as confrontational. I think shipping wars are silly, ship what you want to ship! This show has always been wonderful about making any and all ships probable. I don’t ship things often and, of the things I do ship, this was probably the one I thought was least likely to be acknowledged. But they did!! I was shocked and delighted! Just as I was delighted that they fully acknowledged Cassie being non-hetero.

Cassandra has always been the one to notice when something is bothering Jenkins. Being the caretaker, Jenkins notices when any of them are upset, but it’s hard to deny he has a soft spot for Cassie. He’s comfortable enough to be silly with her (”you know what this makes me want to do? It makes me want to go ‘hmmm…’”). Cassandra is always first to jump at the opportunity to help him and is incredibly eager to do so. (That scene where Jenkins was tossing books down to the boys from the balcony and she was running about trying to catch them first, then Jenkins walked down and handed her one.) They have a great deal of mutual respect and make an excellent team.

I just wanted to point out that this ship is just as valid as the others and, in fact, has had just as much subtext as the others. They handled the situation perfectly, and Jenkins reacted exactly as I’d expected him to. He feels it would be improper, all but saying he’d feel he was taking advantage, but he let her down without being condescending (knowing Cassie is more than capable of handling herself) or dismissive of her feelings.

I hope the subject is brought up again, I hope they talk about it more. Though no matter what happens I hope Cassandra is happy, because sometimes the way people in the fandom pull her back and forth with everyone makes me a bit uncomfortable. Ship all the things, but remember Cassandra is her own person and not a vehicle for a ship! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧