it's weird using two different art styles

kanjiklubb  asked:

I haven't seen any of the Raid movies, although they have been on my "to watch" list for awhile now. How do they rank among the asian/martial arts movie scene in recent years?

Put simply, they’re the best thing to come out of martial arts cinema in decades. I genuinely think they reinvented what could be done in action films today.
While Hong Kong was giving us glare and style in their fight scenes (”Ip Man”) and Thailand was giving us brutality (”Ong Bak”), Gareth Evans combined the two and revolutionized fight choreography.
On top of that, not only is “The Raid 2″ one of the best action films of recent years, it’s one of the best films.
It’s an epic crime film borrowing its depth from the gangster classics of yesteryear. It’s stupidly good.
And it’s weird just how different they are. The first is a flat-out action film from start to finish. The second is a world expanding crime epic with action beats that will blow your socks off.
I recommend watching them right away.