it's weird shipping a married couple

all fandom ships can be categorized into the same exact universal identifiers:
  • Wholesome Married Couple: most often goes hand in hand with childhood best friends but these are the two who make sure the other is well fed, never seem to have any personal space, and arent afraid to say “i love you”. often are the alternative ship to the Dramatic Edge Ship (ex. makoto/haru, naruto/gaara, mccree/hanzo, finn/poe)
  • Dramatic Edge Ship: tragic gays who would die for each other but also sometimes try to kill each other. a huge discourse bomb that can veer into weird territory although most of the time its not that real. often times rivals! (rin/haru, naruto/sasuke, shinji/kaworu, vriska/terezi,)
  • The Ship Everyone Agrees On: everyone knows theyre dating and its a constant across all fans even the most shipwars heavy spaces. oddly enough sometimes this means its hard to find fancontent because theyre consistently put into the background of fics but not the focus (rose/kanaya, nagisa/rei, gerita, taako/kravitz) 
  • The Weird Straight Ship: like its just fucking weird and you dont know why straight people are like that (rey/kylo ren, sasuke/sakura, dave/rose, tavros/vriska) 
  • Straight Ship You Approve Of But Also Theyre Both Gay: straight ships you approve of but also theyre both gay. theyre quality ships for like a straight ship (beast boy/raven, naruto/sakura, dva/lucio, finnrey) 
  • I Know Theyre Straight But: str8 ships that are just really good. a lot of the time they get “theyre lesbians harold” treatment. youre a lil bit embarrassed by how Good this str8 ship is (winrey/ed, shikamaru/temari, steve/peggy, jim/pam) 
  • Can You Not?: the ship that is just really fucking bad and has a lot of abuse/age shit/other weird things but doesnt necessarily have to be str8 (oh come on you know them)
  • Its Not Bad Its Just Boring: absolutely is nothing wrong with this ship but you just find it so so sooooo fucking boring. the fandom is fine and the fanart is cute but youd rather die than read the 5k fluff no plot fics of them. you approve of them and trust people whos otp are of them but god its just really isnt your thing (gaara/lee, mccree/genji, rei/rin) 

anonymous asked:

What are your Les Miz OTPs? :)


Valjean/ Happiness and Self Acceptance 

Fantine/ A Long and Happy Life With Her Daughter
Georges Pontmercy/ A Long and Happy Life With His Son IN THE REPUBLIC

Marius/ Getting A Clue 
Cosette/ Everything She Ever Wants Especially Her Family Being Honest With Her And Listening To Her Oh My God This Story Would Be 24601 Percent Less Tragic If People Listened To Cosette

Eponine/ A warm house with books and good food and friends 
she can share with Mabeuf and Mother Plutarch okay because THE SAME FOR THEM
Gavroche/a real family and awesome adventures
Les Amis/ Long and Happy Lives as awesome friends together IN THE REPUBLIC 


Tholomyes/ Getting Punched
Thenardier/ The Bottom of the Sea 
Gillenormand/ Stepping on Legos
Patron Minette/ Being arrested by an actual government that won’t just give them a pat on the back and send them out to kill old men?!? WHaT THE HELL RESTORATION WhAT THE H 

Javert/ dude I don’t even know I want you to be happy but in some way that doesn’t involve persecuting other people on behalf of the state so like maybe you can go somewhere quiet and think about what that might be for you and come back when you’re ready to share with the group??? I hear there are some nice dairies in Pontarlier hiring, you could check that out

I FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT ALL THESE OKAY, give me these and I will so read your story

but you probably want like. OTPS between people. Uuhhhh OKAY  THAT IS SLIGHTLY TERRIFYING but HERE GOES. 

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