it's weird like that


high necklines make me emotional now bc thIS SCENE

i think its so strange that because we surround ourselves in such a safe space (on tumblr, with our peers, etc) we tend to forget how many people out there are still so close minded about things that weve become comfortable with for so long. like ive become so used to being on this site with such empathetic and “woke” people that when im confronted with bigoted people in real life im actually astonished because i forget that people like that exist and its like where have you been that you are still this ignorant? and then i remember that not everybody is as informed as we are because we use this site that is constantly feeding us new and valuable information

which is weirder: ben’s american accent or martin’s?

anyway the reason I said scorpios can’t be a ‘hoe’ is because scorpio is one of the clingiest signs. Theyre a water sign thru and thru and become emotionally bonded with those they choose to open up to. If they don’t open up to you then you ain’t getting NOTHING from them. They’re literally 0 or 100 with someone. 

me: my absolute favorite thing about the joker is that he is an absolute nightmare. unafraid of death. welcomes it with open arms. just wreaks havoc everywhere he goes. a horror. has killed, thousands of people. the true definition of chaotic evil. He has ABSOLUTELY NO redeeming qualities and i love him.

the fandom: what a SWEET BOY.  a sinnamon roll™. too good too pure. such a hot badboy. he’s just hurt and needs someone to SAVE HIM.

me: *resisting violent tendencies* This is exactly what I was actually afraid of. This is actually. YouGuys. This is the nightmare scenario.  

hey, a small request:

can y’all who have seen a decent amount of my art, or who have been following me for a while… can you tell me why you like it? like what about my art makes it seem appealing or unique to you?

i only think of one thing when i think of stripping in anime. we need more psg/yoi crossovers

anonymous asked:

I think BG ending would be very disruptive to Harry's solo stuff-- since he always gets dragged into it. Or we do and him by extension. Just by the way everything has played out, I think BG is staying play indefinitely. Just no signs of movement. Plus, Sally included F in her IG post today-- so it's not like theyre gonna say Louis and his fam found out recently. The best we can hope for is that it stays relatively quiet like during the fall.

Tbh they could still say it and say they still have affection for the kid, doesn’t really mean anything. And bg/Harry will only happen if they want to. If they want to go with that narrative, I don’t think they’ll end like the week of his single (not impossible tho knowing how messy things work). But I do think it’ll be soon, and I think his lack of involvement will start to be noticed by antis pretty soon (and they’ll have to admit). So they’ll either do something or end it lol also the kid looks so much like a Clark I don’t think they can keep up for much longer - but for now that’s what they’re doing, nony. Keeping it quiet and pretending is not there 


Rare selfies of me without glasses on… Yikes