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*finger guns* Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then send this to ten of your favorite followers.

What time is it? Time to be NARCISSISTIC m’kay lets do thisss. Me likes my scars (yes clumsiness makes me look like a bad ass bish). Me likes the way my veins show like in my arms or the back of my knee (do you kno what I mean?) I think they look weird and once someone asked me if I drew with blue marker in my arms so, yeah, sick amiright? my arms look like a 4 year old used them as paper. Me likes how I mind fuck people in my house and they think I am my mom cause sometimes we talk the exact same way and tone. Me likes that I am not skinny, yes, not being skinny is okay and its pretty so everyone who says otherwise my frens, well, THEY CAN FUCK RIGHT OFF. Embrace em thick thighs, work that arm fat, that little roll you have like in your waist and/or tummy, its beautiful, everyone is beautiful no matter what kay? Now that that is said n clear (I could brag bout that all day btw) to the next thing: I like how not so “girly” my voice is, this makes me different, being different is not wrong so fuck it, embrace that teenager “boyish” voice gals and pals. Now last but not least, I love my stretch marks, yes, who knew right? 13 year old with stretch marks and some varicose veins, well me loves em, they are natural so if I have em might as well let em be (they are so not gonna stop me from wearing a swimsuit or shorts this summer that is for sure) Now, if you are still here, thank you so much, I just need you to know one last tiny miny little thing: I used to be ashamed and self conscious about most of the things I am talking about like, not being skinny, having a horrible laugh, my peanut little toes (also my mum n bro has em), my veins, the scars, everything; but you know what, that is what makes me, well, me lol. Andddd I fuckin love ma selfff so yeah, its about time everyone loves themselves. (I know this thing is “like” but, nei, I am done just “liking”, me loves.) (I so feel that fuckin no one is gonna read this)

having an illness is so weird because even little things make you question how your body/mind works.

does everyone yawn like that?

does everyone get nervous over that?

is this normal? or just normal for me? is this normal for everyone or just everyone w my illness? or not normal at all and i should call a doctor?

wait no one does that? so it is me????

wait thats something healthy people do too??? so it isnt just me????

its like a constant state of paranoia and confusion and no answer is statisfying so you just sit there and ?????

Jaytim is definitely the power couple of blackmail. Just imagine it, Tim has excellent photography skills, and Jason is a natural deceiver. Just… Jason tricking people into doing the weirdest shit while Tim hides behind bushes with his camera, waiting for the perfect moment.

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Sorry, I just wanted to say I saw that video of the Goku and Vegeta game grumps comparison and was wondering if you ever thought about doing more videos like that? It's honestly the best thing I've ever scene and I don't think I've seen anything else like it. Your art style is really loved too. Happy drawings!

oh yea omg i totally forgot about that video tbh and i kept getting new subscriber notices on my email recently and i was like ‘wtf???’ and i looked and i was like ‘ohhh myyy gooddddd…’

like i mean…

and i have like almost 4k subs too???




honestly i thought it was gonna get like… 3k views MAX. i worked hard on it but it was just for fun and on a whim and its sort of silly and i really think no one was gonna actually dig it and i thought people would think its weird… but shit. 


but sorry. to your question:

eehhhhhh ooooo ahhhhh uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm eeeeeeeeeeeee….

like. do you mean specifically to game grumps? or to make crossovers with other stuff?

if you mean to ask if ive thought of doing more GGxDBZ crossovers? then no.. i dont know???? i mean the pachinko town clip was the only clip i thought would fit guko and vegeets and the only one i had in mind sorta. there might be a few more gg moments i think might work but its been a long while since ive watched game grumps. ive been kinda on a break with them. 

but to do other cross-over-ish things in general? there was one idea i had using the audio of the actual english dbz voice actors reading scenes from movies in the dbz voices and sort of animating(?) to that. but as you can CLEARLY SEE- I AM NO ANIMATOR LOL. (sort of why i disabled comments on that video-i dont need people telling me i cant animate… i already know that lol)

but i mean…. i WOULD like to do another sort of animated( if you can even call it that) video with better art cuz ive improved a lot since then lol

i have crossover ideas ive wanted to do for FOREVER but just never had the time… until now really. so i dont know! youll have to wait and see. i cant guarantee anything.

i do really REALLY appreciate you liked it tho, and if it actually does make anyone smile then it was worth it and im glad i made it. i dont know if ill do more in the future but who knows? it might encourage me to do more?? but for now thank you for liking it! it really mean a lot.

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Something Good | Nathan Prescott X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Characters: Nathan/fem!reader, Evan, Hayden.

Word Count: 1498 words.

Vortex Club. The elitist club that someone could imagined. At least that’s what most people said. Half of Blackwell students hated them, and the other part was made up of members or people who wanted to enjoy in. (Y/N) was in the middle term. She didn’t personally like the people who were part of the group and had no desire to get into this mess.

But that was a different day. After losing a bet to her friend, Evan, she would have to go to in a Vortex Club party. The girl couldn’t deny that she was kind of excited, her life was getting stressful lately. Tests, homework, an asshole ex-boyfriend, a lot happening in a short time. A party would be good to her. At least that was what she expected.

When she arrived at the pool area she was surprised to see that she knew most of the people who were there. But they certainly wouldn’t do her much good as company, everyone was absurdly high. She started to walk around and regret started to appear in her mind. Most of the party was covered by smoke, which made her cough for a long time before the idea of leaving pass through her head.

“You came!” (Y/N) heard a familiar voice behind her shout. Evan. Finally.

“I don’t want to pay the bet running through Blackwell only with my underwear, thank you.” the girl smirked, which made Evan laugh. “What are you doing here? Thinking of joining some group in the midst of this smoke?”

“Actually I just wanted to see if you would come.” he shrugged. “Besides, parties are always a good way to socialize. Socialization leads to people indicating your work for other people. You should try sometime.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure my career is guaranteed if I become Hayden’s friend. Thanks Evan.”

“Not him. This is a good way to learn with whom to talk to, little bird.” he gave pats on the girl’s head. “Only sober people.” and then he began to walk away. “I’ll let you fly alone. See you around.”

“Moron.” (Y/N) shout for him to hear, making him laugh and answer something that she could not hear due to the volume of the music that seemed louder with each passing second.

People jumping, dancing, rubbing at each other was what she could see at everywhere she looked. How did Evan manage to find someone sober to “socialize”?

The girl sighed, heading toward the nearest wall to lean on. She never would bet anything anymore.

“Look who’s here.” a male voice drew her attention for its proximity to her body. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N) came to our party.”

Nathan Prescott. The “leader” of the Vortex Club. She’d seen him around the campus, they exchange some looks, but (Y/N) always tried to stay away from him, she didn’t want to see his bad side that everyone was always talking about. And for the lack of contact between them, she was surprised that he knew her name.

“Yeah, I’ve always been the party gurl type.” she shrugged, making the boy smirk.

“Sorry then, parties master.” he leaned against his side. “I hope our party is pleasing you.”

(Y/N) looked around. Evan was talking to a group in a quieter part of that place. Some teenagers she didn’t know were throwing random people in the pool. And she swore she had seen someone without the bottom of the bikini. Ew.

“A bit extreme.” her voice rose when the music started to get louder than before.

“Don’t be so lame.” he reproved. “We’re just having some after this shit week we had. You should try to do it too.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“I’m serious.” Nathan got away from the wall and pulled the girl by her arm carefully. “Come and have fun.”

(Y/N) knew that was probably no use denying it. She was there for that anyway, forget the shitty week she was having. She just didn’t expect that Nathan Prescott would be the one to help her forget everything.

The girl let herself be led, until she realized that he was leading her out of the party. What he was planning? She let go of the boy’s grip, making him roll his eyes and hold her arm again, now with a little more force. (Y/N) sighed and looked back before walking out the door of the place. She could see Evan staring at her, he didn’t seem pleased with what he saw, but let her go anyway.

Finally, after a few minutes walking, she found out that Nathan was taking her to the boys’ dorm. She froze, and even when Prescott tried to pull her again she continued in the same place.

“I won’t go in there!” she exclaimed as if he were crazy for considering this idea.

“Don’t be so lame.” Nathan muttered, trying to draw her with him.

“No!” the girl let go again. “I can be expelled if someone caught me there, Nathan!”

The boy looked at her like she was crazy.

Then it hit her.

Nathan had the school and the principal on the palm of his hand. She would have no problems while she was with him.

(Y/N) sighed, starting to walk by her own toward the dorm. That action seemed, somehow, please Nathan, who laughed while following her.

The girl stopped when she reached the hallway, looking at the rooms and trying to guess who they belong to. Or at least trying to find Evan’s, which was not difficult, since it was at the entrance of the place. “The Vortex Club sucks ass - love, Evan”. Original. She erased it, writing in its place a simple “Friendship is Magic” with a small pony.

“Done.” she muttered.

“I’m not going to ask.” Nathan said around the corner. “Come.”

(Y/N) entered the boy’s room. Weird was the first word that passed in her mind. On the floor, Nathan put a nargile. The girl’s eyes widened. It was THIS the fun that he had talked about?

Nathan sat around the object. And after a few minutes without any reaction of (Y/N), he pointed out that she should sit as well, what she did cautiously.

“I don’t know how it works.” she said leaning against his bed while he lit the fire under the object.

“Suck it.” he answered without even look at her. “Then release it.”

(Y/N) slowly pick one of the hoses, doing what Nathan had told her. She sucked the essence, choking with the smoke, which made the boy laugh. Then she started to repeated, until she got the hang of how to do it properly.

After some time talking with Nathan and seeing him join drinks into their party, she was sure he was having fun. He seemed to be a little out of his mind due the mix he had done. And at some point, he began to face her and smiled.

“You’re kinda cute.” he muttered.

“And you’re high.” she laughed and Nathan crawled to her side, leaning agains his bed.

“Nah, I always thought that.” he shrugged while he stared at her deeply. “I want you for a long time already, but you always go away before I have a chance to talk to you.”

And in the next moment, Nathan’s lips were connected with (Y/N)’s. She didn’t know how to react at first, but then her eyes closed and her hands went into his hair. The boy directed his own hands to the girl’s waist. And they stayed that way until they needed to recover air.

“What the hell was that?” she whispered.

“Us.” Nathan leaned against his bed. “‘Us’ becoming real.”

(Y/N) felt an unusual happiness fill her body. She didn’t know if it was Nathan or the nargile they used. Perhaps a mix.

She laid her head on the boy’s shoulder, he had returned to put (Y/N)’s hose in his mouth. The girl allowed herself to smile and closed her eyes. She had fun. She didn’t remember what was upsetting her anymore.

The Prescott boy watched her fall asleep on his shoulder and smiled. He put one arm around the girl’s waist, pulling her body closer to him, closing his eyes and relaxing afterwards. Nathan must have fallen asleep at the time, because when his eyes open again, though it seemed to haven’t passed any single minute, the light shone into the room and (Y/N) was no longer in his arms. She wasn’t anywhere in his room.

That bothered him for the rest of the morning he spent in his room until he finally decided to leave the place, meeting Hayden, who gave him a sly look.

“Had a good night, huh?” the friend ask him before going into his own room.

Nathan got confused and stopped in the hallway for a few seconds before turning back to the board next to his door, noticing that the classic “The Prescotts rule this town” had been replaced by “A shitty week doesn’t seem so bad anymore”.

SDCC: Legion Screening and Q&A -



  • Albert Ching

Marvel Television and 20th Century Fox Television’s Legion was a trippy, critically acclaimed hit in its first season earlier this year, and the X-Men-inspired show made its Comic-Con International in San Diego debut late Friday afternoon with a screening and Q&A.

In attendance: show creator and executive producer/writer/director Noah Hawley, executive producer John Cameron, longtime live-action X-Men franchise veteran producer Lauren Shuler Donner, executive producer and head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb, and cast members Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, Bill Irwin, Jeremie Harris and Amber Midthunder.

The panel began with the seven-minute “Boléro” sequence from the penultimate episode, which first aired in March. Along with that came the news that season 2 will be 10 episodes (up from 8 in its first season), and start early next year.

“It’s a joy to watch,” Stevens said of the show. “Seeing all the weird things we did put together is mind-blowing.”

“I was always looking for ways to create something that just felt bigger and more emotionally relevant,” Hawley said of his inspiration for the “Boléro” sequence. “The moment you put the silent movie cards on it, it becomes bigger, because silent movies had that sense of scale to them.”

Panel moderator Eric Goldman from IGN pointed out that this was Jeph Loeb’s first time working with mutant characters on television. “It’s funny how old lawsuits come together,” Loeb said.

Loeb complimented FX executives who “fought through incredible duct tape version of red tape” to make the show happen. “Noah and John just had a take that was so unique and wonderful,” Loeb said. “When Noah first told us the story, you couldn’t deny it. I always joke that Noah is Legion. He’s creating a world inside his head.”

Speaking of the show’s clearly unique quality, Donner said, “It has to exist on its own plane. It can’t ever cross over with the movies — or why watch it?”

Goldman asked Stevens if he’s looking forward to playing Legion without the Shadow King inside him. “Yes,” Stevens answered. “What fills that void? There are a lot of questions I still have for Noah.”

Keller said she’s looking forward to her character, Sydney, realizing her powers can be used for good, rather a curse, as she had previously looked at it.

Turning to Plaza, Goldman asked about her character’s complicated journey from Lenny Busker to being revealed as the Shadow King. “It was a wild ride, man,” Plaza said. “It was really fun. I kind of knew the broad strokes of where Lenny would end up, but I didn’t know how I would get there.”

Discussing Melanie’s future, given Oliver’s status, Smart said, “There’s always that ‘hope springs eternal,’ but in some ways she might think, ‘I tried, and it didn’t work.‘”

Talking the unique relationship between Cary Loudermilk and KerryLoudermilk, Midthunder said, “I find myself describing them more as siblings, and I find you describe them more as the parent dynamic.” “She has a lot to learn,” Irwin added. “She knows plenty!”

“I think he’s definitely sitting on a lot of trauma,” Harris said of his character, Ptonomy Wallace. “He’s fearless when it comes to expressing his opinion, because he’s seen so much.”

Hawley dropped some news on season two, starting on the status of David Haller himself and then a major piece of casting: “He went on a little ride in a little ball, and that obviously will take him some place, and he’ll have to get his way back to the others, he said informatively,” Hawley said. “We are going to meet the Shadow King, Amahl Farouk, who will be played by a fabulous actor named Saïd Taghmaoui.” Taghmaoui was recently seen as Sameer in Wonder Woman.

“If season one was the honeymoon, season two is figuring out, how will this actually work?” Hawley said.

“I think the thing that makes Marvel different and unique, and part of the reason why these characters connect with the audience is, they start out ads regular folks,” Loeb said. “People with hopes and dreams. But in reality, their life is poop. What I love about this cast is, everybody has a secret, and hopefully, we’re cheering for the right guy.”

Of Hawley’s creativity, Loeb said, “He’s living in the future, and we’re living wherever we are, and we’ll catch up eventually.”

The panel revealed that Stevens was feeling sick when filming the show’s Bollywood sequence. “It’s not a great dance style to perform while you’re nauseous,” Stevens told the crowd. “There’s a lot of spinning.”

Asked for memorable scenes from the filming of the show, Smart said, “I thought that scene we did where we had no voice, that was difficult but it really was an interesting scene to work on. They didn’t just turn the sound off, you had to pretend you didn’t hear the other people. That was an interesting day.”

“There were days when Amber and her wonderful stunt double were laying out five or six stunt guys,” Irwin said. “Just to be standing on the sidelines on those days were great.” “Or just to be walking through the studio and seeing [Irwin] dance by himself with a broom,” Midthunder said.

When asked if the show will include more flashbacks to David’s youth, Hawley answered, “We know his story pretty well now, but we don’t know everybody’s story really well. I think there are other people we may see what brought them to this moment.”

When asked if Professor Xavier would appear on the show, Hawley said that it was up to Jeph Loeb. Stevens pointed out that he was on The Late Late Show in March alongside fellow guest Patrick Stewart, and reminded the crowd that Stewart was very excited about the possibility.

A fan asked if — or when — Professor X shows up on Legion, if it would be the older or younger version of the character. “I don’t know yet what that would be,” Hawley answered. “On some level it would depend on who would do it. When we reach that part of the story — is it funnier if it’s the older one or the younger one? I don’t know. It’d be great if you were older than your dad.” “A Back to the Future kind of thing,” Stevens added.

Stevens told a fan that some of his facial expressions are “lifted directly from the comics.”

An audience member asked which song the cast would like to see their characters perform in season two. Plaza quickly answered: “‘Ain’t Goin’ Down (Til the Sun Comes Up)’ by Garth Brooks.” Smart said “My Man” from Funny Girl. Keller: “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd; Stevens: “‘Just the Two of Us’?” “I’m writing this all down by the way,” Hawley said.

A fan complimented the panel for the show’s depiction of mental illness. “It’s very important to me that this show not be a gimmick,” Hawley said.

Loeb took a moment to express his enthusiasm for the number of female fans who asked questions during the panel, saying that it, “speaks not only to the quality of the show, but it speaks to all of you out there.” While some may see comic book-based material as a “boy’s world,” Loeb said, “It’s not an anything world. It’s a human world.”

The last fan at the microphone asked what the panelists wanted to see from their characters in season two. Plaza: “I want to ride on a horse.” Smart: “I want to do a tango with Oliver.” Stevens: “Can I get out of the orb?”

Before things wrapped, Hawley left the session with a major tease. “Because I’m at Comic-Con, I wanted to let you know about a movie I’m developing for Fox. The first word is ‘Doctor.’ And the second is ‘Doom.'”

You’re My Black Pearl | pt.3

Yugyeom x reader

Genre: Angst, smut

Warnings: Cheating/infidelity

Words: 1600

Chapter: ¾

Admin/author: Eottoghe

Beta: Zoie

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Anonymous said to kpop-reads: May I request a smutty angst fic with Yugyeom based on the song Black Pearl by EXO?

Author’s note: I’m slow, bear with me. I made it to where if you don’t want to read the smut, you don’t have to so for some of you, this may be it ;) For the rest of you, get ready.

Summary: You don’t know if you can forgive him. You won’t even allow him to explain. But, you want to. You want nothing more but for him to be here, holding you close to his chest. But, first he has to find you.

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I can often do a pretty convincing job of pretending to be a kind and friendly person (when I have to), but when I encounter people who are just naturally like that, I’m always struck by how profoundly different I am from them. I can barely fathom how their minds must work in order to be kind and friendly as a default, rather than as a carefully learned behavior.

The Eldritch Bunker

***Collaboration Welcome. Add Your Headcanon Too***

…because we are going to continually expand these characters
                   -Jerry Wanek (thanks, @hazeldomain, for the production shorts!)

@chiisana-sukima (that’s me!) wrote, in a post that didn’t work for adding, because reasons:
I think the Bunker is a Good Puppy, and loves Dean, Cas, and Sam all. But because it is a Smart Puppy, it tries really hard for each of them, but sometimes the outcomes aren’t quite what a Human might expect.

Cas and the Bunker understand each other the best. Cas understands about the Bunker being a deeply, weirdly inhuman creature whose existence is too large for mortals to fill. And the Bunker knows Cas gets bored and lonely at night while his human friends are sleeping. So when Cas wanders through the Bunker at night, the Bunker lets him explore its maze-like recesses and dimensions full of wonders and magic that Dean and Sam will never see. When morning is approaching, Cas has to gently remind the Bunker that it’s time for him to go back up to the surface levels where Sam and Dean live, so that the Bunker can lead him out, because even Cas can’t find his way back on his own.

For Dean, there’s an alcove off the garage, full of tools and parts for all the classic cars. And sometimes when its in an especially helpful mood, the Bunker leaves parts for Baby around too, or a better brand of oil than Dean usually buys, and Dean feels suspicious, because how could the MoL have had any of those things, but maybe Sam picked them up, but Sam’s not really into cars…. sometimes it’s best not to question. 

And also for Dean, the way to the dungeon is a little straighter, the corridor a little wider, the locks a little stronger, the soundproofing perfect. The holy water is always well-stocked and the salt never runs out. In the shooting range, the targets are far enough back that they’re right on the edge of Dean’s ability, so he doesn’t just keep getting useless bullseyes over and over. The bunker makes no judgements; it was built for war.

For Sam, one might think the library would be perfectly organized, all the information Sam could want catalogued and easy to find. But the Bunker knows Sam better than that. Sam likes a challenge, and the Bunker likes to learn. It scatters things around for Sam. There are always cluttered new storerooms, another archive, more magical tools to sort. That way Sam will have things to occupy his mind. He’ll make new connections, figure out things the Bunker didn’t know itself. 

And Sam’s room- the Bunker is still angry that Lucifer managed to find it. It’s the best warded room the Bunker has, radiating a false nonexistence so strongly, that from the outside it’s barely there at all. But Cas had been to it too many times already before Lucifer occupied him, and Lucifer was determined.

The Bunker is determined too though. It won’t happen again. When Sam walks through the library, sometimes books fall off the shelves and land open to pages on complex warding patterns. If he’s not paying attention as he walks to his room, there will occasionally be an ancient clay jar of holy oil in the hall that he’ll somehow fail to notice until he’s already kicked it over and broken it. By now there’s a solid wall of holy fire soaked into the floorboards outside Sam’s door, just waiting to be set alight, and a fire spell has etched itself into the wood of the door frame.

@trisscar368  wrote: Sam’s room - yes PLEASE, because your idea of it being warded like that works perfectly with the fact that it keeps changing location.

The Bunker decided not long after the boys moved in that Sam would be safe when he slept; there were too many nights when Sam would still wake up breathless, the names of lovers and lost friends and tormentors alike all dying unspoken on his lips.  Too many nights where he refused to sleep until it was almost dawn, choosing to distract himself because the memories are just a little too close at hand.  So the Bunker cocoons his room away every night in the depths of the maze; it makes sure to have him back before morning, though it doesn’t always quite put him back in the same place, not after Dean snuck in that one morning to play music on full blast.

It hasn’t quite forgiven Dean for what happened under the Mark.  Oh, it doesn’t blame him particularly for destroying doors when he was a demon; he was a demon, he was barely the same creature.  The Bunker treated him as such - it has no eyes after all - trying to protect Sam by weaving extra passages between the two of them, only letting Dean find Sam when Castiel was close enough to help.  But since that last day with the Steins, with what happened in the library, Dean’s room has a habit of being slightly… misplaced in the morning.  Dean hasn’t said anything.  He still hasn’t forgiven himself, so why would the Bunker?

It wishes Cas would stay more.  It quite agreed with Kevin (oh, the Bunker tried to commune with Kevin’s ghost, but he just couldn’t hear the Eldritch being the way Cas can) that Winchester pity sessions are annoying.  Dean tends to be happier when Cas is around, and, well, the Bunker grew rather attached itself when Cas stayed those few weeks when he was ill.  It tries to feel more like home, this weird amalgamation of ideas and memories of all the people who’ve stayed inside its walls, but it doesn’t quite know what Cas wants; austere hallways of light?  Or dimly lit rooms smelling faintly of whiskey and leather and gunpowder.  Cas doesn’t know what he wants either.

The six weeks when the boys were gone were hard on both Cas and the Bunker.  He had a habit of forgetting the lights, wandering the halls in pitch black, losing himself in the grief and the guilt, trying to hide from the shadow of Lucifer.

Lucifer, now it hates Lucifer.  It hates the scent of rust that trails in his wings.  It hates how Sam stopped sleeping again when the boys knew Lucifer was free.  It hates how Cas sometimes wanders into the kitchen expecting to see a television on the counter, and stands there staring while he remembers where he is.

@floralmotif  wrote: Follow me below if you want to engage with headcanon speak dabbling in the idea that the bunker is an eldritch abomination. It’s just fun:

I’m actually not sure if it would like people in the same sense as a dog would. It would probably allow Cas a bit more reign just cause he can perceive it a little better and may be able to handle the concepts it presents without his brain shorting out. He may also be unaware of its nature on a conscious level. If this thing were actually a being, it would be pretty powerful even as presented. Amara needed Cas to find Dean in the bunker. This would mean that the bunker theoretically is more powerful than Chuck or Amara or is at least capable of hiding from them. It is no creature of creation. It just kind of settled there, perhaps drawn by the MoL or maybe it manifested on its own and they found it. They may be the only perception of human things its ever experienced. The Winchester’s found it after and it still had the same appearance. It’s possible it looks that way because the MoL were the first to meet it and the Winchesters don’t do anything to tell it any different. It may just be a void in reality with no perception that there is an outside at all. It’s like a computer display. It can display coffee as much as it wants but it doesn’t know what coffee is.

That being said, it’s a lot more fun to imagine it has a personality that can enjoy things and can create easy passage for sleepy Winchesters when it’s 3am and they have work to do. So Dean can find the kitchen easily even when it took him 3x as long when he was a demon. He doesn’t question it, neither of them do. It’s weird sometimes but they wave it on and the Bunker doesn’t mind that its unknown. It’s rather glad of it. No one has ever known it. The closest is maybe Cas but if Chuck didn’t notice the massive being of the cosmos, he probably wouldn’t either. Sometimes though, the bunker opens places for him. It wants to see how far it can go and Cas is a calm and curious being himself.

Perhaps it can sense intent or longing, or fear. It carefully arranges itself for whatever situation feels comfortable for it. The emotions of humans are perplexing but it isn’t a violent creature, it tries to avoid it.

                       (some shorter headcanons below the cut)

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So what is Uta relationship with Donato especially since technically both of them have the clone ability ? It feels like they are Father and son ,but it doesn't feel right like I don't know maybe anyone can clone himself ? What is your opinion about this.

I don’t think that we have any clear indication that Uta can clone himself. I think people are jumping on that a little too quickly. It seems like its saying Uta lost a piercing and Donato lost a finger, but they didn’t necessarily serve the same purpose.

And all of Uta’s lines are about how he wants to stay involved in the middle of things instead of staying on the edges, and how he likes to be right there at the moment a person changes, especially when it poses a potential risk to him. Which would be weird if he wasn’t actually the one fighting. 

Remember, Uta had his tongue pierced and he just had a run in with a really unstable Mutsuki who was slicing the shit out of his face and has a record of removing tongues. 

It’s also possible that Uta gets a piercing every time a specific thing happens, as a commemoration. That’s a fairly standard trope for heavily pierced and tattooed characters.

I think Uta’s abilities are his morphing his face and body; incredible strength, stamina, and regeneration; and a great supply of RC cells and imagination.

But who knows what else he might have in store. Maybe he can create clones or control people (another theory people are floating) or whatever, though I don’t really know why his piercings would be involved in either, as ghoul’s abilities come from their kagune and i don’t see why pieces of his kagune being used as piercing would have anything to do with their later ability to be used as clones or mind control.

Kagune as having the ability to control people’s minds, of course, is something that has already been hinted at with what Eto did to Karren, so it’s not out of the question that kagune mind control was involved somehow in this plot. But again, it seems weird that Uta’s piercings would be involved that way.

Without really knowing anything about how kagune actually work its quite hard to say how likely it is that two people could have that ability. We know there is some genetics involved in kagune, but there also appears to be quite a lot of room for thoughts and feelings, as well as mutation, in their ultimate appearance and function. And we know a bunch of different ghouls can do things like detachment.

As for Uta and Donato’s relationship, I’m as desperate for more information as anyone, anon.

Uta has at least two references to Donato in his tattoos

and they seem to share a fondness for munching on eyes.

Given the timeline information we have, Donato would have been captured when Uta was a young teen. But whatever happened before that, or since - seeing as Uta was still referring to Donato as the boss of the clowns while the latter was imprisoned, we just don’t know.

I don’t see any real reason to think they are biologically father and son, but it’s certainly possible Donato had an influence on Uta when Uta was young. 

This arc has its fair share of Father-Son stuff going on, though, so who knows. It’d certainly be interesting, considering Donato certainly doesn’t seem to see Uta the same way he does his adopted son Amon. 

But it seems like a stretch at this point.

Alright, since it’s Game Grumps 5th birthday lemme get a little bit sappy here. I made the keenveins tumblr and bounced around different fandoms after my old one died out. I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere and I missed being a part of something.

My friend was like “you should watch Game Grumps!” but I kept putting it off because I had heard things about them that weren’t exactly great. Eventually I watched a Super Mario 3D World video because the channel I had been watching stopped making them. I watched one episode of SM3DW and literally never stopped watching Game Grumps since then.

I lurked in the fandom before ever posting about it and followed a bunch of blogs I liked. I started posting about them and had maybe 40 followers and that was mostly friends who had followed me when I re-made.

The community was fun, and big, and active and I had a great time. I started writing again and creating content for the fandom and things exploded (in a good way) suddenly I had a ton of followers and a lot of people who wanted my opinion on things, who wanted to talk to me, and get to know me. It was fun and incredible and I forged a lot of great friendships.

Basically, what I am saying is watching that one episode of Game Grumps led me to so many other amazing things. I met so many amazing people, people I’ve spent time with irl, that I’ve hung out with, shared experiences with that I wouldn’t change ever.

The fandom let me meet the absolute love of my life.

The fandom led me to being more creative now than I had been in years, to doing commissions, and feeling so much more confident in my writing.

It led me to being able to talk to Arin who did/does mean a lot to me and I’ll still never be able to properly thank that anonymous donor for buying that for me.

It led me to seeing Game Grumps Live, to meeting Vernon, to hanging out with amazing people in Chicago and seeing NSP in a sold out show. It led me to being able to talk to Jack on a consistent basis.

It led me to now where I have over 5,000 of you following me and enjoying this weird, and imperfect YouTube show with me. My time here has been a trip, and I don’t take it for granted. It boggles my mind how amazing this fandom can be and how many good things we can do.

Here is to 5 more years with you lovelies. <3


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What does the story of goodbye forever party mean to you? I love it so much and I feel like sobbing and I don't what the film means yet I do?? I just can't put it into words what is your message to be told in goodbye forever party

thank you so much! this means a lot to me.

goodbye forever party is kind of a big bowl of salad made of emotions and experiences that i wanted to put down into a film..

to me its about being a person who has trouble connecting with the world around them because of their own emotional limitations and the way that their mind works. its also about how even when you try as hard as you can to get better or leave something behind, sometimes you just cant. its also about how i think teletubbies have a weird element of surreal horror and about how frustrated i was with my roommate.

lilith’s mental illnesses are basically mine and i really wanted to make something where i could truly relate to the main character because their mental state of being is the same as mine. theres a lot of things i wanted to say with the film and i thought about a lot of emotions and experiences while making it. its hard to pinpoint one specific thing. thank you for this ask!

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Hello your writing is absolutely wonderful! I'm so happy your doing a Yoosung day because he is my favorite and needs more love! How do you think would Yoosung react to MC feeling very self conscious about having a lot of stretch marks on her inner thighs and breasts?

I love him so much. He needs more love!! He needs hugs!!! Smooches!

- He wouldn’t even think much about it, too be honest!
- He plays LOLOL a lot, but he also knows of a few single player games where some of the female characters has stretch marks!
- (Don’t ask how he knows, he will turn so red trying to explain)
- He also has a guild with a lot of girls in it, and he’s definitely stumbled into a chat or two where the girls are trying to talk about their bodies and how low their self esteem was, so he knows how to battle a few ‘arguments’ if you try to push that you’re anything less than amazingly perfect
- Honestly, he doesn’t think its weird. He’s heard of men and women having them, no matter the body type! So it’s completely normal!
- But if you’re feeling down, and none of his cute tactics of snugglings and murmurs of love work out, he’s willing to try and take your mind off of it
- (Maybe in more ways than one…)

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dont answer if its too personal but grad school? how old are you? what do you do now? I recently started my masters program, i thought i was the weird one still minding with fandoms and not moving on from my phase. i like you so much more now <3

I’m soon to be 28! i currently work as a technical writer bc i decided academics wasn’t for me. i know plenty of older ppl in fandom, it’s definitely not weird or a phase. personally, i think engaging in fandom at any age is really important for media because it prevents passive consumption which is what often causes the media landscape to stagnate. the excessive noise can be frustrating, but i don’t think that means the valid and genuine critical discussions that take place among that noise aren’t meaningful.

and tbh the way people engage in fandom isn’t all that different than the way scholars engage, it’s all built upon discoursing with your peers. i’ve seen many researchers write petty papers that basically amount to “your opinion is stupid and here’s 30 pages why.” there’s almost no difference except the medium and language style used to communicate + the fandom community is much wider and thus more open to progressive opinions bc your career/life isn’t going to be ruined by speaking up and offending your peers’ (white) sensibilities.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy - 4months post op

Okay so I am a little more than four months post op and I know I’ve been posting some progress pix but I guess I haven’t talked much about my experiences. I think a big part of that is because 1. I talk to a group of girls on whatsapp so we’re constantly talking about experiences and 2. I feel like my life is pretty much …normal? So I guess I don’t have much to say. But I mean there has been major changes and shit I’ve learned so I will randomly name a few in this post based on personal experiences. Tips, tricks, notes to self, etc.

- I can eat more now than the first month post op. There are less gas pains and I also eat pretty much normal speed.

-I still cannot drink and eat at the same time. I know most people can’t but I also know some people who can.

-the hair loss is real

-fruit smoothies from places at the mall will likely make you shit yourself

-milk…. Shit yourself

-store bought coffee that contains milk…. Surprisingly not shit yourself! Yay

-soup that has chunks of food in it… Practically like eating and drinking at the same time and doesn’t work out too well. Same for cereal. I just get a lot of gas moving around and it’s not worth it

-some days I can eat a good amount and others I can take three bites and be stuffed. Very annoying when you’re eating something tasty

-the hair loss is fuckin REALLLLL

-some people around you will try to be the food police

-other people around you will offer you bad food all the time… Don’t know why

-my boobs are gone. RIP

-my stretch marks seem more noticeable

-I keep having to buy new clothes


-take your fuckin vitamins JASMINE YOU LAZY ASS

-this surgery doesn’t change your mind set about food. If you tended to eat junk food, eat late at night, eat out a lot before surgery… You still have to consciously make those decisions every single day not to go back to those ways.

-I sadly did NOT turn into a light weight. I still need to drink a LOT to get drunk just like before surgery. I now mostly drink wine and vodka

-can’t drink beer or soda. Allllll those fuckin bubbles

-my back and feet hurt way less than they used to

-I went from being able to jog one minute to seven minutes. Still working on this

-start exercising as soon as you can so when the weight loss slows down you still have something that is going to help your body change

-most people won’t have a negative reaction when you tell them about surgery but some people will be like “be careful because I know someone who DIEEEEED!” 😒

-my boobs are seriously fuckin sad

-I feel that staying hydrated is hard especially since you’re not supposed to drink before and after you eat so you have to be extra mindful of it all day every day

-the first time you eat pizza after surgery don’t eat too fast or too much because you will barf you idiot :)

-sometimes when people take candid pictures of me now and show them to me I don’t want to die so that’s reallly cool

-I thought this surgery would motivate me to learn how to cook and it has not. Stilllllll not wifey material. Oh well don’t care

-don’t be afraid to not order a drink at restaurant. I always say water and then I have a giant cup of water sitting there the whole time and like we’re in a draught. #california

-I don’t recommend taking shots #peerpressure

-sell your old clothes to buy new clothes!

-“your hair is everyyyywhere… SCREAMING INFIDELITIES” - only tru emo kids will know

-you will notice that your body is different than it used to be but you might still feel as big as you used to be. Like you might look at a space and think “I can’t fit there” but you probably can.

-the weight loss is fuckin random. Some weeks I lose 5lb!!! Some weeks I don’t lose anything for two weeks! Only baby Jesus knows

-don’t become obsessed with the scale. I think weighing yourself every day will fuck with your mind. I think once a week at most

-my body is very squishy now. Weird thing to say I know

-I’m not constantly sweating for everything I do!! Cool

-your stomach doesn’t care where the fuck you are it WILL scream the music of its people at any time, any place, in front of anyone

Lastly I just wanna say to myself and to others going through this journey - stay focused. As soon as you become lax on your eating and exercise it is so easy to go back to old ways. Have someone help you be accountable. The surgery doesn’t change how your mind works. It just makes you get full faster. You still have to watch what you are putting into your body. You still have to be active. Listen to your body and work on your mind. Eating badly/over eating will ALWAYS be a struggle for me for the rest of my life. It is something that I have dealt with since a very young age and it’s not something that will just go away. Do your best and don’t give up. If you have questions/need some support follow @thiqgirlsquad on Instagram.

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: short story from 2005

i dont know how weird this is but i often find myself thinking about interactions with customers from my old jobs - even things from mcdonalds that happened when i was 16 years old will come into my mind sometimes. its kind of funny how unimportant & inconsequential things tend to remain in memory for years…

back in 2005 i worked at a delivery place in San Antonio. our store was located at the intersection of three roads - if you head north you’re on Tezel Rd, east is Grissom Rd, west & south is Culebra Rd.

between deliveries i would help out answering phones, and one day i got a phone call that went like this:

C: “i would like an order for delivery”

Me: “can i get the address please”

[she gives me an address that’s more than 20miles outside of our delivery area]

Me: “sorry we don’t deliver there”

C: “UGH! i will pick it up then!”

[i take her order & give her the price]

C: “what crossstreets is your store on”

Me: “Tezel & Grissom”

C: “ive never heard of those streets before, what MAJOR streets is near you”

Me: “we are near Culebra also…”

C: “why didnt you just say that first?!? everyone knows where Culebra is!!!” [she hangs up the phone]

now you’re probably thinking “well why didn’t you just say ‘Culebra’ in the first place then???”

well there’s a good reason i didnt say Culebra first - because Culebra Rd is about 90miles long & saying the store is on Culebra is about as useful as saying that the store is in the western half of Clark county.

also, did i mention this was in the middle of rush hour in one of the most congested cities in the US? there’s a stoplight at the intersection of Culebra&Hwy1604 that literally takes 90min to get through during rush hour… and guess what! she will have to go through that intersection to reach our store if she takes Culebra Rd here :) [sidenote: this stoplight no longer exists - the intersection is now an overpass with on- & off-ramps. as usual in San Antonio they should’ve made the change about 5years earlier]

so anyway it took her about 3hours to make it to our store lol

By: gute321

Kiss Me [Part 2]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Blood, Mentions of Violence

Words: 2.4k

Part 1

You woke up warm – like really warm. Blinking away the blur of sleep, you groaned slightly as you pushed back the hoard of blankets that were covering you and slammed the dismiss button on your alarm. In your mild morning-daze, you moved sluggishly, rubbing your face as your surroundings finally registered. You were in your room; briefly you wondered how you had gotten there. You could only assume that Bucky had carried you to bed since you passed out at some point during the evening on the couch. The idea of the normally stoic super soldier cradling you carefully as to avoid skin-to-skin contact – much less gently enough not to wake you – made your heart flutter and a small smile tilt your lips. Looking to your bed, you flipped the blankets back, shaking your head ruefully as you realized there were three more comforters than normal. Forcing yourself out of the bed, you made your way to your bathroom to go through your normal morning routine.

You had talked a little afterwards as you scrolled through the movie channels – Bucky had popped some popcorn and you two had bickered and laughed and it was a lot of fun. Probably the most fun you had had in quite a while, if you were being honest, but now you were feeling anxious. Would things be weird? It wasn’t like you guys had officiated anything, or really… even mentioned anything like that, but you had held hands and he asked when could kiss you, and you were pretty sure that meant he was interested in a relationship with you. And then of course he put you to bed and tucked you in, which was really sweet.

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On Gabby I also think many coaches don't like to get grown ups with baggage. Usually the coach bounds with the gymnast over the years, like seeing them growing up. They get used to the way they coach and how things work etc. Making such a bound with an adult is way harder because they've their own mind and ways and techniques etc. Like Vika's coach said recently its weird to work with her now that she's an adult and they had to kinda adjust their relationship.

oh yeah I’d never really thought of that


Long time no see
It hasn’t been that long…..its only been 4 months
Felt longer to me.
So how have you’ve been? I see your garden has flourished since the last time I saw it
I’ve been good. Nothing has really changed. I still read a ton and work on my garden. Um, so….how was Ireland?
Cold. Beautiful but cold
But it was nice to see part of your family right?
Definitely. It’s weird…. you never know you’re missing someone until…
Until what?
Nothing, never mind