it's weird but oh well

My contribution to the humans are space orcs, it’s probably been seen before but oh well.

So, You guys know about pursuit/persistence hunting right? Where we just follow the prey without stopping until it slows down or drops dead from fear and exhaustion? 

What if when aliens first discover earth, the thoughts of these bipedal predatory omnivores are bad enough but we seem pretty obsessed with farming our food so maybe we aren’t much of a threat.

Once humans are zipping about in space, that’s when they realise that these harmless bipedal omnivorous farmers are actually hunters who just never give up.

If someone hurts their crew, they just follow it for days before killing it. These soft fleshy things are terrifying. These soft fleshy things may not be the strongest or fastest but we are some of the hardest damn things to kill because we just won’t die and if we survive we won’t stop until we get you

We farm things because we can and because it’s easy. Not because we have to in order to survive.

We farm things because we’re too busy fighting each other to hunt for everything.

We stake out areas, we mimic its noises, we stalk it, we put ourselves in danger to kill a food source for fun. 


Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune in Amour Eternal Visual Book
scanned by me - please do not repost


“I’m looking for Mme De L’Oradore? Is she at home?”

“Not right now.”


“And why did you play this game?”

“Board games are played when you get bored.”

“Not this one!!!”

The text on Lafayette’s face is his signed Oath of Allegiance to the Continental Army and the United Sates. (requested by anon) [Alexander Hamilton] [George Washington and Eliza Schuyler]

I’m honestly not super happy with how this came out, so I have another one for Lafayette in the works! When he’s done, I’m planning on working on Laurens. Other than that, feel free to send me any requests :)

Pearl taking newbie!Garnet to see something awesome probably. 

Lunch doodle, 3x5″ post-it note.

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