it's weird


“Gabriel?!” you hissed, pulling him from the cafeteria table and into the hallway. “What are you doing here?” The boy laughed and ran a hand through his golden-brown hair, much shorter now that he was a teenager.

“I’m your guardian angel, this is my job!” he replied, sipping his soda. You grabbed the can and tossed it into the nearest trash can.

“We can’t have food outside the caf, you idiot. If you’re gonna pretend to be a student at least pretend to know the rules!” Gabriel grinned at you just as the bell rang. Sighing, you took a hold of his shirt and tugged him to the row of lockers you were standing against. Students began to pour from various classrooms and adjoining hallways into the main one, and you watched as they passed by.

“Who are they?” Gabe asked, pointing as a group of the popular guys walked past, sunglasses and hats still on as they strolled down the hall like they owned the school and everything in it.

“The popular guys. Stay away from them, got it? I don’t want to have to pull your scrawny self away from a fight. You can’t use your powers here, and you sure as hell won’t last in a fight against them.” You rolled your eyes and took his hand, beginning to lead him towards your locker.

“You underestimate me, Y/N! I’m stronger than I look!”

“Sure thing, Gabe. Whatever you say,” you replied, holding back a smile. It’s the thought that counts.


(Gabe) (Locker) (Popular Boys)

For sixpenceee

(this is a plan of my house so now it will be more easy to explain the ‘’glitch’’)

For @sixpenceee

So I was 3 or 4 years old at the time (and I still remember it perfectly). I remember that I woke up in the middle of my house on the floor (the red star). It was sunny outside, I was really confused and I didn’t knew were I was, everything seemed new and unknowed to me. After looking around me I decided that I should just walk and see if I could find something.

I got to the kitchen and found a woman making dinner or something, without even thinking or anything I asked her where I was and calling her madam. When she heard madam she giggled and told me that I was at home and why I was calling her madam. I told her that it wasn’t my house and I didn’t knew her, she frowned telling me that she was my mom. I told her that wasn’t true and she assure me that it WAS true. I was really confused and I just start running to my room (I didn’t it was my room actually at that time I was just hoping to get out the soon as possible). I close the door and I ‘’woke up’’ standing in the middle of my room… I knew who my mom was (It really was the woman I saw) and the fact that it was my house and I was in my room…

 I never told anybody until I was 11 years old. My mom and me were talking about some memories of my childhood and I ask her if she remebered when I ask her where I was and I lost my memories for a second and she told me that it never happened, That night she even ask my grandmother if she ever told her a story like that (My mom talk to my grand mother praticely everyday) and no, nobody but me remember it… And I the weirdest thing is that I don’t remember anything from before that day and after that until until I was 4 practicly 5 years old.

Other weird things like that happened to me but it will be too long to explain so I’m gonna end it here but if you want to know just tell me and I will write these memories that still creeps me out.

Being trans is weird

Those little moments when you forget that you’re trans and then you’re really confused when someone refers to you with the wrong pronouns or you look down and your body doesn’t match up to what you were expecting to see.

100% true predictions for the signs

Aries: ur gonna fight a hoe

Taurus: ur probs gonna sleep today

Gemini: ur gonna talk to someone

Cancer: ur gonna look at the sky ???? idek what I’m doing never mind what ur doing jfc why did i think this was a good idea

Leo: u might eat something idk

Virgo: ur gonna look in a mirror

Libra: ur gonna pet a dog (or any animal idk I’m not a psychic)

Scorpio: u will find something good on the floor like £20 or ur enemies severed head idk

Sagittarius: ur gonna have a hot chocolate (even if it’s because I told u to)

Capricorn: ur gonna read at least 4.3 words

Aquarius: u might idk *spins wheel* watch tv or something

Pisces: u gonna sit down once maybe twice

I’ve seen people doing these so I thought I’d give it a try! I’ve hardly had anytime to do any art recently and it’s been driving me insane, but looking at my progression this year actually made me quite proud. Thanks for all the support, you’ve all inspired me so much and kept me going, from getting my art seen by Dan and Phil to meeting my great friend Meg ( @lestericalphan ) in real life!