it's way more sensitive than what i'm used to

Okay, but really… I need some advice.

There’s a girl where I work, while I realize she’s using it in an ‘affectionate’ way most of the time, who constantly says bitch.  By constantly, I mean every three or four sentences at least.  (she even calls our dress forms bitches…)   Goodness, I know I’m more sensitive than who knows what percentage of the population to swearing but it’s so constant that it really bothers me and actually makes me feel sick.  She’s also one of those girls who will, for lack of a better term coming to mind, ‘mansplain’ current topics to you and won’t allow discussion unless it’s the same opinion… so I’m at a loss to even begin to think of how to tell her it bothers me.  I don’t want to make it worse but it’s literally to the point that if I have to listen to it again, I’ll say something not soft and make things way worse…

So you guys… what, if anything would you do?