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OtaYuri fic recs #12

Just Us by SociallyAwkwardFox (Maze_Runner_Fae), teen, 1.4k

“Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone-and finding that’s okay with them.” Alain de Botton
Yuri and Otabek being weird and domestic with each other.

Here’s to the Mess We Make by FakePlasticSnow, teen, 12.7k

Part 1 of the Yuri Plisetsky vs. Adulting series

“Fuck you. Fuck you for being kind, for seeing me for who I really am, and for looking good in a leather jacket. You ruined everything. I like you.”

Puberty sucks. Feelings suck more. In the wake of a post-Worlds meltdown, Yuri accidentally discovers his artistic identity in a jazz dance class with Otabek and Mila. Along the way, Otabek unleashes his inner Channing Tatum, Yuri gets in touch with his inner Georgi, and Yakov probably loses more hair. Welcome to the madness.

If I Ever Get the Nerve by FakePlasticSnow, mature, 2k

Part 2 of the Yuri Plisetsky vs. Adulting series

“Thinking Out Loud did not lend itself well to a club mix, so corny speech it is.”

Proposing was intimidating enough on its own, but how the fuck was one supposed to propose to Yuri “Married People Suck” Plisetsky? While coming up with 15 reasons to convince him, Otabek looks back on the last five years.

Otayuri RPF by kalakagatha, mature, 1.8k

@yurizangel OMG @otafurry, what are you doing tagging Yuri in your fic link? Don’t do that shit! Hashtags, not @-signs! #stupidnewb #rpfhasrules

@iceicetiger Do we have to go over the ten RPF commandments again? DO NOT SHARE THE RPF WITH THE RP. @yurizangel @otafurry

Yuri discovers Figure Skating RPF.

Like A Sun, It Burns by CalamityK, teen, 1.8k, warning: angst

Mila points out that maybe Yuri looks at Otabek a little differently, a bit too long, and a bit too starry-eyed.

“When he’s in the room, Yura, you barely have eyes for anything else.”

“He’s my best friend.”

“He’s your sunlight. You’re brighter when you’re with him.”

In a way, Yuri thinks, Otabek does kind of burn like the sun.

Cat Shirts and Creepsters by Kiraly, teen, 1.8k

Yuri and Otabek are trying to get ready to go out, but Yuri can’t find a shirt to wear. Otabek helps.

Liquor Stash by Severe_Minx, explicit, 39k, WIP

I want him.

When the full realisation hit him, Yuri felt as though he couldn’t breathe. Detached and fleeting thoughts that had passed through his mind finally took shape in these three words at that exact moment. The I being himself, Yuri Plisetsky, age 17, a Russian figure skater with a list of impressive accomplishments to his name that seemed pretty pointless right now given the context. The want being desire, the need to bury himself, the thought to consume, but never actually act out except behind locked doors in empty beds or shower stalls. The him being the person standing across from Yuri sipping coffee from a take-away cup with creased brows, the low sunlight hitting his face just so to light up his otherwise dark eyes. Someone he considered to be his best friend, who came all the way from Almaty just to spend a week with him and who was blissfully unaware of the fucking turmoil Yuri was feeling in the pit of his stomach. Or at least, Yuri hoped he was unaware.

In which Yuri Plisetsky invites Otabek Altin over to stay with him in Saint Petersburg, freaks out over his feelings and delves into Lilia’s liquor stash.

In the Land of the Wanderers by alpha_hydra, teen, 26k

“You have to use your Instagram more if we’re going to be friends, Altin,” Yuri warns when Otabek assumes Yuri is only waiting for Nikiforov and Katsuki to finish groping each other. “It’s no fun otherwise.”

Later, Otabek thinks of Yuri every time he pulls his phone out, and that’s really where it starts.

Hey, Jealousy by RC_McLachlan, general audiences, 4k

There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

Every Time I Try, Every Time I Win by thissupposedcrime, teen, 4.7k

At least no one’s brought up couples costumes. Yuri isn’t sure how Otabek would react to a live recording of him leaping over a table to fight a reporter, a symbolic stand in for the death of Yuri’s sanity and Victor’s cutesy legacy. He guesses not well, and that is enough to hold his tongue.

Or, Otabek is naturally romantic, Yuri is naturally clueless, and somehow they work it out.

Wondering by lovelyisthenight (IrishFaerie01), teen, 964

He’d already come to terms with the fact that he doesn’t want it. And now, having to deal with the fact that he does, maybe, is… well, it’s a little terrifying.

vena amoris | one
  • pairing: jungkook/reader
  • genre: fluff and v light angst (i’m not sure since the plot ain’t there yet)
  • warning: cursing (+there’s no smut in here yet, take note: yet.)
  • word count: 4477

summary: a soulmate au with idol!jungkook where everyone has a soulmate number embed on their wrists. when the person exchange their first words with their soulmate, their soulmate’s name would materialize on their left ring finger, written in gray that is similar to the their own handwriting. and once they make skin contact with their soulmate, the blurred script would turn darker, the name would be defined, and that’s when it makes the two soulmates certain that they’ve found each other. the real summary is: how would you reach out to the one and only jeon jungkook?

[11:32AM] Lisa: Y/N, gurl, are you up?

You blinked your newly awoken eyes rapidly, checking your phone for any notification. There was nothing in there except for Twitter, notifying you that your favorite boy group posted a picture, and another one, a message that came from your best friend, so you clicked that chat, yawning after reading the question. You weren’t in the mood to fangirl, your head was throbbing and you probably won’t feel all giddy about the status update so you just ignored it and swiped it away.

You went drinking with your squad on broad daylight around two o’clock in the afternoon, and Lisa was your wingman. There was an unspoken rule between the two of you that once the other is already intoxicated, they’ll have to take her home, even though they haven’t had their share of fun yet. So when ten shots of pure vodka had been laid out in front of you after a few minutes of preparing, you downed them all, not even hesitating and caring about its nasty taste or the way it burned your throat. After fifteen minutes, you felt your head spinning, body unconsciously dropping on the floor and all you could remember was that your squad was forming a circle around you dancing, as if you were some sort of campfire. Lisa took you home immediately when you passed out on the floor.

You did not want to stay in the bar for long, that’s why you took every drink laid out in front of you fast without even pausing for a chaser. It was two in the afternoon and all you wanted to do was stay at home and weep over the fact that you’re already nearing your mid-twenties and haven’t met your soulmate yet. People, including your family and friends, met their soulmates when they were around eighteen to twenty years old. So you knew that yours was really becoming more and more delayed as more time continue to pass by. It was a moving-on-party that they organized especially for you. You didn’t get what was it exactly that you’ll move on from, but you believe that they’re just trying to cheer you up, to indirectly say that you should just have fun and not get so sad and worked up over the fact that you’re still single. 

During the past few years of your life, you did not care about finding your soulmate. All you did was study, hang out with your family, happy thursdays with your friends and etc. Never did looking for your soulmate ever crossed your mind. In your teenage years, you were pretty concerned about it but as you turned eighteen, you didn’t mind it that much anymore, since you thought it would eventually come within two years. You had your fair share of flings, but they were all because you were feeling rebellious, all of those love affairs were petty and just for fun. And besides, that rebellious stage only lasted for a year. You still took the soulmate system serious, yes, keeping in mind that the person you’re having the moment with also has a soulmate.

When you turned twenty-three, you were starting to get anxious, troubled on why you haven’t met anyone with the same numbers as the ones on your wrist or why you haven’t felt any of the serious sparks they were talking about, or why nobody’s name has made its way to your ring finger yet. You’ve heard scary stories and seen some elders grow old alone, not having met their soulmate yet, only marrying and settling for the ones alike to them, the ones that haven’t met their own soulmates, too. You were afraid, what if you became like them? They were content, but not as happy as the ones that have met their other halves, the ones that filled their happiness to the brim. You certainly did not want to have a content, but loveless marriage. You were terrified, you did not want to feel that way, which is what you’re starting to feel as you get near your mid-twenties. You thought, that maybe in your next life it would be fine to not meet your soulmate, that this lifetime should be the best one, that maybe the you in the your next life would be able to accept such fate.

[12:04AM] You: i’m wide awake

Yup, you are indeed wide awake with an awful hangover. Shit, you thought, after realizing that your body clock just got ruined again. It was always like this during your holidays vacation. You go to your family to celebrate then after two days, go back to your own house, have your own party, go to other people’s party, go to the bar or the club with your friends, hike a mountain, or just stay in and watch dramas or your favorite boy group’s videos.

[12:04AM] You: wide awake wide awake no lie

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all to myself: vlog 4

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

teaser&info | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | on-going

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Hey everybody! I’ve finally got some money put back for this, and just in time — to celebrate 20,000 follows and 300 Ask Sam Stuff entries, I’m whipping out a contest parallel to Sam’s big beautiful B-day.

For the month of April, I’m hosting an Ask Sam Stuff contest that leads up to Sam’s birthday!

The basics are simple: pick an asksamstuff entry that you enjoyed or have some interest in, and expand upon it or recreate it in whatever way you want!

It can be fanfiction, fanart, crafts of some kind, or even edits! So long as they link with the selected entry in some way in subject matter, they’re all perfectly within the guidelines.  I want to see how amazingly creative all y'all are and expand our love for our boy, Sam Winchester (though of course, other characters are totally welcome, so long as you have Sam in there as a focal point). Post your creation to your blog with the hashtag #asksamcontest so I can find your entry throughout the month of April; you can also use @asksamstuff in your entry somewhere to ping me to it, or e-mail me a link at

Be sure to link the asksamstuff entry that it is based on in your contest post, or let me know which entry your post is based on via message!!

At the end of April, I will collect the entries and pick the winners of a select group of prizes!

The categories are: fanfiction, fanart, and fanedits (crafts will be placed under fanart unless I recieve a decent enough count to make a fourth category). Judging will be based on how well the entry is done — not just in artistic ability, but in effort, creativity, uniqueness, and so on! So don’t feel discouraged; a lot of it will come down to personal preferences and different ways of selecting winners.

There is ONE person who will get a top prize — a unique and one of a kind Sam-centric fancomic, 15-20 pages in length, printed and shipped to their house with a special thanks printed in the back! And it will be entirely based on one of your own prompts that you supply when the contest is over. It will have a thank you letter and will be solely your own to do with as you please; your eyes only, unless you’d like to post it or what have you. It’s all yours! (As a note, it may take a few weeks for this to be completed and shipped out, so bear with me; light character shipping is alright but nothing too dirty, I’m a prude).

From there, here are the prizes for winners of individual categories!

Two winners of each category will get to choose between a grayscale copy of any of the asksamstuff volumes, a color copy of The Little Golden Hunter’s Book — OR a piece of art based on a prompt they offer, if they already own the books or prefer a drawn picture. The art will be personalized with a thank you and can be sent to you, if you would like that instead of being gifted digitally.

A listed number of runners up will recieve a notecard with an original hand drawn Sam Winchester and a personalized thank you, as well as some stickers, in a cute little envelope!

Everyone who participated will be listed on a masterlist of entries for all to see, as well as a link to your blogs, that will remain linked on the asksamstuff blog’s navigation page. ♥

The only requirements for entering is the following:

• Fanfic should not be any longer than 10,000 words. People who can pump out more than that are so cool and I want your powers, but I want to be able to judge everyone quickly, and I fear I may not have time to go through long entries! 

Mark anything NSFW as such! But these things are not excluded, so long as they’re connected to the asksamstuff entry you selected.

• You have to be willing to give me an address to ship things to! If you’re very private and you’d rather enter but get an art piece or whatnot via e-mail, let me know when I announce the winners. I will ask winners to e-mail me at that time with addresses and what prize they want. Please be sure to be available via e-mail! Tumblr is very wonky sometimes.

Also again, be sure to use #asksamcontest so I can see it!


Have fun, and I’ll see you then!! ;)

(And don’t be afraid to ask questions if needed.)

— Ashlee

funhouse mirror

i could say that this isn’t a somewhat passive-aggressive response to the anons @capseycartwright got the other night about it somehow being okay for people to make robert gay instead of bi in fic, but then i’d be lying.

Robert can feel the music in his bones. The heavy bass thuds through the floorboards and up his legs. He’s on his fourth drink of this club alone, and the world has become delightfully fuzzy. Aaron must be feeling equally carefree, because he’s moving against Robert in a way that could almost be considered dancing. As his husband curls his fingers into the hair at the base of his neck and pulls him in for a kiss, Robert can’t help but feel proud of himself. He’s at a gay club, kissing Aaron as the lights flash around them, painting the insides of his eyelids red then purple then orange. When they pull apart Aaron laughs and leans in close to Robert’s neck. For a moment, Robert thinks that he’s going to give him a love bite, which will be fun trying to hide under clothing in the thick July heat, but he just asks if they can step out for a moment to get some air.

When they step out into the smoking area, it’s like being released from a pressure chamber. Even under the heavy cloud of smoke, the air feels open and breathable compared to the stifling heat of the club. They take a seat on some steps that lead down to a pit where most of the smokers are stood. A passer-by asks Aaron if he has a lighter, which he doesn’t.

‘Are you having a good time?’ Aaron asks, speaking at normal volume for the first time since they stepped through the doors of the club.

Robert nods. ‘I am.’

Aaron grins, letting his head fall against Robert’s shoulder. It’s a comforting weight, and despite the chaos around them, Robert couldn’t feel more calm.

‘Isn’t that the most domestic thing you’ve ever seen?’

Robert is shaken from his serenity by an unfamiliar voice. A man stands a couple of steps down from them, cigarette in hand. He looks like something from a 90s grunge band; his hair meticulously messy and his clothes expensively inexpensive looking.

‘Well, we are married,’ Aaron says, slipping his hand into Robert’s. Robert can feel the cool metal of Aaron’s wedding ring pressing into his palm. A silent but wonderful reminder of the commitment they made to one another.

‘Hashtag love wins,’ the man says, raising his cigarette to his lips. His fingernails are painted black. ‘We don’t get many coupled up guys around here. Mostly just sad, lonely people looking for a quick lay. That and straight girls who just love gay culture. Y’know?’

Robert nods, even though he’s not sure he does. It’s not like he’s ever been all that familiar with the gay scene. He hasn’t been to pride. He hadn’t willingly gone to a gay bar before now. Back when he was with Chrissie he’d hooked up with random guys off Grindr, but he’s not sure that counts as engaging with LGBT culture.

‘Still, congrats,’ the man says, raising his glass in such an aggressive toast that beer spills down his arm into the frayed sleeve of his plaid shirt. ‘Gay icons, the pair of you.’

The words are out before Robert even thinks about what he’s saying.

‘I’m bi, actually.’

He feels Aaron’s hand tighten in his. His head is too fuzzy to make sense of why. The man raises an eyebrow and stubs his cigarette out on a nearby wall.

‘Still holding onto that, are you?’

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Please read :) And be sure to like the post after you’ve read it!

Hi guys,

First of all, don’t freak out! We’ve tagged everyone under the readmore, including ourselves, as we didn’t want anyone to miss this message because we have a LOT to tell you. We’ve been taking in everyone’s most recurring comments and concerns, and have been working hard over the last couple of months to come up with new ways to address them. So, in this Admin note, we’ll be covering the following things; new businesses, premades (because there’s never enough lol), a brand new section, and a small but very important rules update.


If you wish for your character to work in any of these locations, please send a request to the main.



While we’ve always been very vocal in encouraging players to talk among each other, and discourage OOC posts with hashtags begging for plots, we’ve come to the realization that most players are simply too shy to approach others directly. So we’ve decided to make a Wanted Plots section. Now, before you all go crazy with plots and everything, please be sure to read the directives before completing the form. Everything is explained there. 

To make sure that plots won’t get lost, we’ve created a sub-blog to the main just for them. So please be sure to follow our new sub-blog (here) and see the new Wanted Plots section (here).


We always prefer to go to players individually when an issue is brought up to us because we find it to be more discrete and respectful towards our players. But unfortunately, since the end of last year, we’ve seen a pattern increasing with starters/the starter tag, and even though we’ve taken the time to send friendly reminders to those concerned, we’ve realized that people keep on repeating the problems –

Please, please, please remember to reply to new characters’ starters before posting your own. Please also only use the starter tag for open starters.

We’ve been working hard to make sure that everyone feels welcome in our group and that players remain respectful towards each other, so this is very important to us. We’ve therefore made some changes to rule 3.4 (pasted below, changes in italic) to make it, and the results of breaking it, clearer.


The starter tag, CCitystarter, is only for open starters; please do not post closed starters that are exclusively for one person with the tag ‘ccitystarter’. We expect you to use the starter tag efficiently by:

  • making sure no one has posted a similar starter to the one you want to post;
  • replying to starters instead of posting one when you have been away for over a week;
  • replying to other starters as well as posting your own. In particular, please respond to new players’ starters before posting your own (“new players” are those who have been in the game for less than one month). New players’ starters often don’t show up right away in the ccitystarter tag, but it’s your responsibility to check the main for new players and check their blogs for a starter;
  • not spamming the tag with multiple starters - limit your starters to only one per day, per player;
  • posting para- as well as gif-chat starters;
  • making sure your starters are a good quality - do not just post one line of speech with no description or gif, or a gif without description or speech (unless the gif itself has text);
  • making your starter different to those that have recently been posted. e.g. if there are a lot of starters aimed at masters or slaves, post one designed for civilians, and if there are many starters set in a particular location, create one in a different place;
  • making an effort to post status-friendly starters. i.e. starters that all citizens can easily reply to;
  • ensuring that your starter reflects the city and its themes - avoid uninspiring starters about ordinary people’s ordinary lives (unless it’s essential to your character, such as their job);
  • not changing the nature of a starter. e.g. if a player makes a starter happening at night in the woods, don’t change the location or the time of day when you respond to it;
  • not posting a starter that you can’t respond to right away. e.g. posting a starter then going offline to respond on another day.

The results of breaking the third bullet-point rule are:

- We will send a friendly reminder if you post on top of a new player’s starter.
- Repeat offenders will be banned from posting in the starter tag for a given amount of time.
- If it doesn’t improve, and we feel like a player is purposefully refusing to interact with new players, we’ll issue a warning.
- We hope that it will never have to come to something as drastic as asking the player step down from their role.

Because we’ve had players voice concerns about their starters being pushed down in the tag, we’ve also decided to limit the amount of starters that any single player can post to one per day. This means that even if you have two or more characters, you can still only post one starter every 24-hours.

The last two bullet points have also been added as a result of comments received over the last few months. 

If you have questions concerning anything mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to ask us off anon in the main, or on Skype if you’d prefer to talk to one of us individually (please avoid talking admin-stuff through IM on our characters’ accounts, if possible, though we’re of course happy to use it to give you our Skypes!). 

ALRIGHT!!! You’ve reached the end of that long message! It’s time to click that like button! :p

Thanks guys for understanding and we hope you’ll have fun with the new stuff. Keep on writing! :D

~ Admin Team

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thetreesfullofstarlight  asked:

Hey! I was wondering what podcasts do you recommend?

oh my sweet summer child 

thank you for asking! podcasts are kinda my shit, and i love them. 

so here we go. 

2 dope queens: 

a stand up comedy podcast produced by wnyc and hosted by jessica williams (of the daily show fame) and phoebe robinson. very funny. very diverse. lots of women comedians, lots of comedians of color, lots of lgbt comedians. nsfw

the adventure zone: 

a podcast where three brothers (justin, travis, and griffin) play dungeons and dragons with their dad. you don’t have to be into d&d to appreciate it. you don’t have to ever have played before. i haven’t ever played (though i do currently have plans to start, because this podcast inspired me to). it’s hilarious, a lot of fun, and a great story. nsfw

ask me another: 

a comedy quiz show (think bar trivia) produced by npr. recorded live with a new celebrity guest every week. very fun, clever, funny, and you’ll learn fun things! 90% sfw, if there’s ever anything that might not be totally okay, they’ll let you know ahead of time. 


a true crime podcast put out by radiotopia. they tell a short story from the world of criminal justice every episode. this show is a lot less graphic and scary than a lot of true crime tends to be. short episodes. easy to digest. mostly sfw, if there’s ever questionable things, they’ll let you know ahead of time. 

dear hank and john: 

a comedy advice podcast about death hosted by john and hank green of the vlogbrothers. funny, sweet, informative, introspective. very enjoyable listen. 90% sfw

ear biscuits: 

if you like youtube and youtubers, you’ll probably like this show. rhett and link interview a different youtuber each week about their lives. very in depth, very interesting, very introspective. the people who’ve been on the show say it’s like coming in for a super intense hour long therapy session. mostly sfw, but not always. you will be warned ahead of time. 

game of owns: 

if you’re a game of thrones fan, this is a great podcast. the hosts, micah, zach, eric, and hannah recap episodes and discuss what happened. they talk about theories, give opinions, etc. very in depth analysis. when the show is in its off season, they read the books and discuss a new chapter every episode. nsfw

interrobang with travis and tybee: 

this is my new favorite show. i donate to this show every month because i love it so much. the hosts, travis (middle brother from the adventure zone) and tybee rant for an hour. they meander from one topic in the beginning of the show to who knows where by the end. they are kind, sweet, funny, smart, thoughtful, and i think really good people. enjoyable to listen to. some of my favorite people. i can’t recommend this podcast enough. nsfw, you are always warned at the top of the show about any possible triggers. 


a show produced by npr that discusses the unseen forces that guide and shape the way we live our lives as humans. sciencey, fun, ethereal. sfw


a show that discusses legends, myths, and folklore. the host tells stories about those topics, does research into the real events that inspired certain tales, and tells them in the perfect blend of spooky, fun, and informative. mostly sfw


the hashtag is silent. a show hosted by four millennials (laura, elysa, matt, and andrew) where they talk about pop culture, current events, politics, their personal lives, etc. fun, heated, funny. nsfw


i’ve been listening to mugglecast since i was in the seventh grade, before the harry potter series had really come to an end and there were still theories to discuss and questions to be answered. their latest episode was a review of the cursed child where andrew (also a host on #millennial), who saw the show gave a recap to micah and eric (also hosts of game of owns) and they reacted. let’s just say, no one’s very happy. smart, fun, funny, nostalgic if you’re a harry potter fan. sfw

my brother, my brother, and me: 

my second favorite podcast by a very close margin. the same three brothers from the adventure zone (justin, travis, and griffin) host this comedy advice show for the modern era. they take your questions and turn them, alchemy like, in wisdom. it is the funniest goddamn thing i’ve ever encountered. this show has genuinely had a big part in keeping my mental health relatively steady lately. listening soothes my anxiety and depression, makes me smile and laugh, and makes me feel at home and happy. super super nsfw. 

no such thing as a fish: 

if you like qi, the quiz show currently hosted by stephen fry, you’ll like this show. it’s hosted by the people behind that show. the ones who find all of the crazy facts you learn on qi. each week, they each bring their favorite fact from the past week and discuss! very funny, very informative. mostly sfw. 

oh no ross and carrie: 

they show up so we don’t have to. ross and carrie investigate claims of the spiritual, paranormal, and pseudoscientific. they’ve joined cults, gotten acupuncture, became scientologists, got their fortunes told, visited haunted ships, you name it, they’ve done it. very funny, very informative, very fun. nsfw

philosophize this!: 

if you’re interested in learning about philosophy and famous philosophers, this could be a good one for you. it’s like listening to a college lecture on the topic. sfw. 


another harry potter podcast that i’ve been listening to since i was 13. not a whole lot different than mugglecast. different hosts, different feel, same concept. 


formerly of npr, now of wnyc, radio lab is one of the coolest shows out there, imo. basically, take this american life, but all the stories are about science. super cool. super fun. super informative. sfw

more perfect: 

a brand new podcast from the same people behind radiolab. this show is about the supreme court. they tell us about some of the major cases that the supreme court has covered and get really into the nitty gritty. super interesting and informative. sfw

rose buddies: 

now don’t judge me. rose buddies is a bachelor/ette fancast. griffin (of mbmbam and taz) and his wife rachel recap episodes of the bachelor/ette. they know. okay? they knoooow. it’s a garbage show. but they, and all of us listening, like to roll around in that garbage every week and just laugh at the ridiculous people on tv. it’s amazing. i had never watched the show before, but after listening to this show for the last season of the bachelor, i decided to tune in, and ohhh my god. it’s so worth it. that show is a MESS. i love it. nsfw


a marital tour of misguided medicine. married couple justin (of mbmbam and taz) and dr. sydnee mcelroy discuss all of the horrible ways we’ve tried to help each other over our entire history. hilarious and educational! so much fun! sfw


c’mon. you know about serial. 


married couple travis (of mbmbam, interrobang, and taz) and teresa mcelroy talk about etiquette! manners, shmanners, get it? such a cute show! travis and teresa are so sweet together, and the jokes are funny and sweet. great! lots of good advice! sfw

still buffering: 

this is the last of the mcelroy shows that i currently listen to, but there are more. sydnee (from sawbones) and her two sisters rileigh and teylor talk about being a teenager. rileigh is currently a teenager, and her two sisters are both much older (in their early thirties, i believe). they talk about what was different when they were teens, they ask rileigh about all the crazy things that she and her friends get up to. super fun, sweet, insightful, funny. sfw

stuff you missed in history class: 

pretty self explanatory. hosts holly and tracy tell you about things you probably didn’t learn about in history class. very informative and interesting. sfw 99% of the time, you’ll be warned if there’s anything questionable. 

stuff you should know: 

from the same company as symihc, stuff you should know is very similar, but they cover literally every topic known to humankind. from hoola hoops to serial killers, they research and relay all the information they find. super informative and funny, hosts chuck and josh can make anything interesting. 

sword and scale: 

this is the other side of the true crime coin. scary, harsh, violent, dark, morbid. host mike goes very in depth with his research on real murders. he talks with experts, witnesses, family members of victims, etc. this isn’t exactly entertainment. it’s informative and a harsh reminder of the reality of our world. nsfw. 

this american life: 

everybody knows this show. 

welcome to night vale: 

i don’t have to tell you about wtnv, do i? 

i’m gonna post this for everyone to see, because there are several shows here that really deserve the publicity, and maybe someone else out there would be interested! have fun! let me know if you fall in love with any of these shows. i bolded my absolute favorites. 


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HOW TO: make vine edits on your phone!

i’ve been learning how to make edits for vine just recently from downloading apps and through maaaaany trials & errors, so i found a way to make them that i find is comfortable for me. the apps listed are actually for the iphone, so i don’t have any knowledge on how to make edits via android devices. also, i do recommend playing around with these apps before SERIOUSLY creating a vine so you get the flow of how it works. read more below the cut and enjoy! (excuse the typos tho; i need to sleep it’s a sunday night and i have school tmr) ✨

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ghostbehere-deactivated20160226  asked:

i feel like to fully enjoy your blog i need to listen to the libertines... where do i start

The Band

Pete Doherty

  • Peter Dohety, aka Bilo
  • singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • a large boy (6′2″) and yet so very very smol
  • dont u just wanna boop all his freckles and moles and kiss his lil nose and pet his floofy hair and tuck him into bed and make sure no one disturbs him till the morning
  • probably a cat (large baby animal eyes, soft floofy hair, licks carl)
  • his dad was in the army so he grew up all over the place
  • very very smart and witty and literary
  • struggled a lot with heroin etc but! he is clean now and better than he’s been in years
  • has a son named astille who is an angelic child

Carl Barât

  • full name: CARL ASHLEY RAPHAEL BARAT, aka Biggles, aka Carlos
  • singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • THE TINIEST i bet pete can scoop him up
  • but so angry and fierce!
  • his mum was a hippy so he spent half his childhood on a commune
  • he had a twin brother who died when he was a baby and he says he feels thats why he’s always desperate to be with someone. also pete once said he feels like hes the reincarnation of carls brother or… something. thats kind of. messed up guys
  • studyed acting for a year and became friends with petes sister amy jo, which is how pete n carl met, before he dropped out
  • absolutely Terrible and Embarrassing in every way (cant swim, was never on a plane in his life until he was 22, acts in terrible films etc etc)
  • struggled with depression and suicide and cocaine and alcohol for a long time :( but! also much better now, partly due to his gf edie and their two kids (more angelic children)
  • we make fun of him a lot but he can be so sweet and lovely and vunerable so. also tremendously attractive in a ‘crawled out of a parisian garbage can’ way, despite his tiny nipples
  • Hippy’s Son is the most hashtag carl thing ever to exist

John Hassall

  • bassist
  • im not sure that john is… entirely human?? like he hasnt aged in 15 years??
  • does he ever like? speak? smile? laugh? emote?
  • nontheless a killer bass player, beautiful in the way that greek temples are, and a good guy to have around
  • lives in sweden or denmark or somewhere equally mysterious, appears when summoned
  • has a band called yeti, v mysterious altogether

Gary Powell

  • GARY!!!
  • the drummer
  • a tremendous strong and stylish friend
  • what a pal, what a guy
  • honestly what is there to say about gary? so nice and good and pure and always happy and good natured
  • a good friend and never stood for any malarkey

there’s so much to say about the band? have some highlights;

  • the band formed when petes sister, amy jo, introduced him to her flatmate carl. they started arguing straight away and then became eternal soul mates
  • pete and carl used to live together. a lot. like. they slept on the same mattress
  • they were always fighting and falling out but simultaeneously obsessed with each other it was amazing/terrible
  • sometimes they couldnt pay the rent so they would post invitations to gigs on the band forum and charge a tenner at the door of their flat
  • its all very romantic and wonderful tbh
  • thigs fell apart a bit in 2003, carl kicked pete out bc of the drugs etc and then pete got angry and robbed carls flat and then carl sent him to prison it was. it was really messed up
  • then when pete got out carl was waiting for him and they fell into each others arms and played the Freedom Gig (please read the whole thing) and it’s like this one shining incandescent moment of glory before everything started to go wrong again
  • they broke up properly in 2004 :( and then everything was up and down, will they wont they for years
  • and then in 2010 they reunited for reading and leeds!
  • and then in 2014 pete went to rehab again and he got so much better and they played hyde park and carl and john and gary went to thailand to be with pete and they recorded the new album and now the singles out and!!! ah!! its really happening!!

The Albums

Up The Bracket

  • what do i even say this album is amazing
  • its all ~ PUNK VIBES and sid vicious hair but the lyrics are so sweet and poetic and and arGH
  • i cant even say anything else its perfect
  • radio america :(((
  • the good old days :((((((((((

The Libertines

  • i cant even listen to the first track without crying bc its About Them the entire album is just About Them
  • agony and pain and heartbreak
  • im sorry its just all a bit Much
  • a few older songs from the early years worked their way back in
  • idek what to say its agony and fire and death
  • buts its good tho imma still listen

Anthems for Doomed Youth

  • the new album B)
  • out this september i believe 
  • the single is ‘gunga din’ and its breaking my heart

Other Projects


  • pete’s other band
  • just a shambles baby
  • actually extremely good like. like wow theyre really really good
  • three albums; Down in Albion, Shotter’s Nation and Sequel to the Prequel
  • some of petes best songs
  • oh yeah drew mcconnell is the most pure, most precious of all the cinnamon rolls

Dirty Pretty Things

  • carls other band (ft gary)
  • two albums; Waterloo to Anywhere and Romance at Short Notice
  • again, really really good by virtue of having carl in it
  • honsetly i cant believe we live in a world in which DPT era carl once walked truly we are blessed

Carl’s Solo Album

  • the picture is mostly irrelevant i just think he looks really beautiful here
  • i havent listened to it but alissa tells me its. not great and i trust her
  • however! it does contain ‘so long my lover’ which is like. the greatest thing carl ever achieved on his own so theres that


  • petes solo album
  • its all sweet acoustic folky little songs and its so good
  • also sweet by and by?? is definitley abt carl??
  • like its just SO GOOD
  • also pete was like. aesthetically at his peak i mean that hat

Carl Barat and the Jackals

  • in 2014 carl put together a new band called the jackals and they recorded an album called ‘let it reign’ and. its good its really really good
  • the video for glory days is incredible?
  • well worth a listen

More Fun Libertines Facts

  • do what i did and operate on the basic assumption that every song is about pete and carls relationship until proven otherwise
  • is an absolute goldmine for info and downloads
  • photographer andrew kendall has some great downloads on his website (shaking and withdrawn and untitled are essential pete acoustic sets)
  • although tbh most unreleased stuff is worth getting a hold of especially stuff like ‘you’re my waterloo’ bc. hoo boy
  • bilo-shambles has downloads for essential libs books (threepenny memoir and the books of albion are carl and petes own books, respectivley)
  • this is the most important libertines footage you will ever watch in your entire life
  • here is a very tiny pete getting interviewed while queing for be here now
  • here is a very out of it carlos staring at noel gallagher in abject adoration and making a fool of himself on tv
  • oh yeah pete has a song called ‘for lovers’ written by wolfman. uh. get someone else (like actualcarlbarat) to explain wolfman to u
  • im probably missing six million things this is only the beginning everyone make sure to correct me and add more as I’m only a baby libs fan m'self
  • honestly ur best bet is to do what i did less than six month ago and throw yourself in headfirst and everytime u learn something new yell THIS CANNOT BE but it is!! its all true!!
Rant/Review: Marvel’s Defenders’ Series --or-- Netflix Owns the Superhero Genre

Originally posted by marveldailys

As some of you well know, I am a big comic book fan. I will eat up any comic book movie that comes out (as long as it’s good.) Marvel is owning the cinematic universe with its recent thought provoking with politically fueled arguments with pros and cons on both sides that it becomes downright fascinating to analyze with Civil War, and an Oscar studded cast with breath-taking visuals coming out in November. DC, though having a few recent mess ups with Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman, shows promise movie wise with a new man (Scott Snyder, I believe?) now being the “Kevin Feige” of DC and has shown to put as much care and love into this cinematic universe as it deserves. TV wise, with the Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl on the CW, they’re bringing their A-game by reminding everyone how fun DC comic properties can be. (You’ll notice I didn’t add Arrow to that list…there’s a reason for that that I won’t go into.)

But. That all being said.

I believe that all of those shows and movies are being shown up in every regard quality wise and just overall. By who? Noneother than the Marvel Netflix series, which are currently Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

Every Marvel movie PALES in comparison to these shows, in my opinion. As does everything else in the superhero genre, both new and old (that’s right. I’m also including the dark knight trilogy in that.)

My reasoning for this is the fact that, at least for the moment, every show has been EXCELLENT and has pushed the comic book genre to greater heights and proven time and time again that the comic book genre isn’t just a silly thing for kids, but can be seen as legitimately artistic shows with depth, intrigue and multilayered characters all across the board.

The only three movies that I can say for sure also pushed the comic book genre farther as an art-form would be The Dark Knight, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Captain America: Civil War (though arguments could be made for other films, and I probably wouldn’t object.) And even they didn’t push the boundaries as far as these three series currently have.

Allow me to explain. So far, among these series, I’ve noticed a pattern. That among these shows, there’s always a central theme that ties the whole series together in a nice little bow (though not always neat.) 

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

Daredevil has centered on justice. Morally, in the first season, we’re asked who exactly is in the right. Kingpin or Daredevil? Kingpin, though doing morally depraved things, is still doing so for the greater good. “This city has to die before it can be reborn” I believe is the phrase used by Wilson Fisk himself. So when Daredevil shows up to stop Kingpin, it becomes this question of IS he doing the city a favor or is he just going to return everything to the status quo and crime is still going to be as bad as it was before. And while in comic book movies, these themes aren’t anything new, it had never been explored at this great a depth. With every character who was on the screen getting humanized. And don’t even get me started on Wilson Fisk, who I’d argue is still one of the best Marvel villains I have ever seen portrayed on screen. Period.

Originally posted by jessicajones

In Jessica Jones, the theme was about control. “Men and control. It’s a disease” is roughly the quote that I’m reminded of. What I love about this series in particular (fun fact, this is not only my favorite out of the bunch, but one of my favorite shows ever made) is that asks so many really dark questions about control that most shows that are outside of the comic book genre haven’t been able to ask or handle in the mature way that Jessica Jones was able to. For example, the question of what exactly constitutes as rape—forced control, not wanting it, a bit of both?, the question of how do you regain control of yourself after a traumatic incident (or even if you can), if everyone is forced to do everything you say because they’re under your control, then is your life really any satisfying, etc., etc. All of which, topped with the fact that, just like Daredevil, every character is given enough screen time to flesh out their characters and, if not make them sympathetic, humanize them. There’s an interesting parallel one can make with the series (or, I guess, season) Jessica Jones and the Dark Knight film as the two do share a similar plot structure, but go about it in COMPLETELY different ways. Thanks to this series, Jessica Jones is currently my favorite Marvel character next to Spidey himself. Give Kristen Ritter all the praise for that performance. She earned it by how much nuance and care she put into playing that character. Also, props to David Tennant for making me want to piss myself twenty times over. I didn’t think that was possible from him, but he did it. Hot DAMN. 

Originally posted by daredevil

Daredevil Season 2 continued the theme of justice and upped it by adding TWO characters to question Daredevil’s sense of justice. The Punisher and Elektra. Both of whom believe that killing the scumbags of the world rather than just locking them away is MUCH more effective (and in Elektra’s opinion, more satisfying,) than Daredevil’s solutions. As well as the consequences for not killing criminals like Wilson Fisk. And though I find this to be the weakest out of all the current Marvel Netflix runs for one specific reason (the romance between Matt and Karen is incredibly forced with a serious lack of any chemistry next to tHE PERFECT SHIP. OF FRANK AND KAREN. HASHTAG KASTLE.), it still provides incredible character development which fleshes out the character relationships and flaws that every single character has while providing one of the best performances of any actor I’ve ever seen in a comic book role. Jon Bernthal as the Punisher. Give it up.

Originally posted by sextmen

And recently, Luke Cage has gotten the spotlight for its great social commentary, and predominantly African-American cast. And, yeah. It should get that praise. It’s excellent. After binging the entire series in one sitting, I can attest to the fact that everyone put their A-game into this, with stand-out performances of the show for me being Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth, Mike Coulter as Luke Cage and Simone Missick as Misty Knight. The theme, I believe, for this series was hard to initially pin down, but I think at the end of the day it’s “You never know what someone’s capable of,” to quote from Mariah Dillard herself. And, again, while not an entirely new subject matter to be delved into when it comes to superhero movies or shows, it’s the amount of care and depth to which they explore it. While not only putting Luke Cage under the microscope, but EVERYONE. Cottonmouth, Diamondback, Mariah, Misty Knight, and even Claire Temple to an extent! It’s about the potential we have. To “shed ones skin”, to quote from Diamondback, and become something new. It just depends on whether or not that potential is for good or for evil.

While my brief, BRIEF descriptions of these shows can never do these shows enough justice (especially considering I’m trying to stay as far away from spoiler territory as I can), within four seasons and three shows, Marvel’s Netflix series have proven time and time again that if you want the fine dining equivalent for comic book adaptations—look no further. They school everyone with not only the amount of grit and realism used in the shows, but also the amount of depth used, fun had and fascinating questions that the shows pose per season and series. And if I were forced to choose between the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie wise and these Netflix series, I would choose the Netflix series any and every day of the week. They’re given more time to develop characters and can be as dark and tackle as many adult themes as they want, despite being under Disney’s banner.

My current rankings of the series thus far are:

1)      Jessica Jones

2)      Daredevil Season 1

3)      Luke Cage

4)      Daredevil Season 2

Actually, to be honest, it’s more of:

1a) Jessica Jones

1b) Daredevil Season 1

1c) Luke Cage

2) Daredevil Season 2

Because they’re all just THAT high in terms of quality. Beating each other by a HAIR.

So if you haven’t checked them out already—GET ON IT. Even if you think that the comic book genre is over-saturated, trust me. Just watch the Netflix series. They’re a breath of fresh air in the genre and will blow you away.

Considering the track record thus far, color me excited for Iron Fist. And I’ll bet, when that inevitable Defenders crossover happens, it’s going to outshine and out do anything and everything that Marvel or DC could scrape together movie wise. My body is ready.

Side note, if this makes me look like a Marvel Fanboy, I swear to god I’m not. I still like and love DC movies (until recently) and DC’s current TV lineup. It’s just that I think these are better than any other thing ANYONE is putting out. Including Marvel’s own movies. 

Edit post Iron Fist: …ok, well, 3 outta 4 ain’t bad…
Vidcon Isolation

“Don’t forget to tell everyone I’m sorry in person.”

“I know, I will.”

“And let them know I’ll be making a video a bit later today.”


“Also, make sure they know I’m literally miserable being here and that I’d rather meet them. And—”

“Dan! I know! I promise I’ll do all those things, okay? Now put your eye drops in and get some rest.”

“I’m not tired,” Dan mumbled, watching Phil smile at him while making his way around the hotel room, getting ready to meet the fans waiting for them at VidCon.

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I’d like to dedicate this massive pile of bull shit to my best friend because this is the product of our weird Skype conversations, so there’s that.  I love you, Bewbie. <3

It all started when I started complaining about muse, and how fickle it can be.  As a writer, I have my ups and downs, and experience various highs and lows depending on muse and whether or not it’s cooperating.  Muse likes to come and go as it pleases.  Ninety percent of the time, I imagine it’s kicking back at the side of a pool somewhere, sipping piña coladas and just generally being a tease.

And then it sashays back over to me like it owns the world and gives me something brilliant, and all I have the ability to do is keysmash the idea down like a drunk with epileptic fingers.  I’ll gush about it, scribble about it in my notebook, and even hashtag the whole summary to friends when talking about it in Skype, which is really… not cool.  But, whatever.  Basically, tonight was one of those nights, and this was too good not to share.  Or in other words, I’m curious to see if others have ever had similar thoughts.

I’ll be blunt.  I ship James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes with Jemma Simmons.  So hard.  So ridiculously hard, it’s not even funny.  I don’t even know how this happened.  Or well, I do, but it happened, and I’m not sorry.  I will, however, blame the asshole who harassed me into shipping Skye with Steve Rogers because I did not see that one coming and it hit me like a truck.  BAM!  I’m hooked.  Both are wonderful, and I will probably be flailing about them for a looooooong time to come.  You know, making gifsets, writing drabbles and fics, and generally embarrassing myself because that’s how I roll.  Fair warning.



Skye just gaming for hours.  And Steve watching her like, “O.O What’s this?”

“It’s called Minecraft.  Wanna play?”

“I’ll just watch you play, if you don’t mind.”

Because if he can’t even work his cell phone properly, I doubt that he’ll know how to play Minecraft or even want to learn, but in my head, Steve enjoys watching Skye play games on her tablet and her laptop and on the wii and on her xbox and any gaming system she gets her hands on.  It’s probably therapeutic for him to just sit there on the couch, curl up next to her, and wind down with tea or coffee or a beer or whatever his poison is.  Him curled up next to her, smiling softly, and getting a kick out of her shenanigans because Skye’s commentary (and colorful vocabulary that puts him to shame) as she’s losing to Tony at Words With Friends is pretty funny, and her cooing at fluffy animals in knitted sweaters and dorky glasses is adorable.  And after having psychotic motherfuckers shooting at you because they want to take over the world every other day, it’s nice to go home and just sit with your girlfriend and watch her kick Clint’s ass at Halo, cackling maniacally as she does so.  It’s love.

And Skye probably makes fun of him 99.9% of the time, but she will not tolerate others talking badly about her boyfriend excepting Tony only sometimes and when she’s feeling generous (or you know, if whatever it was that Stark said is A+++++ material that automatically has her thinking baddum tish, this asshole must have been a comedian in another life)

And that’s how things would go with these two.

The techno geek and the technology-challenged.  A true match made in heaven!

And then there’s Bucky and Jemma.  The lab rat and the scientist.  Excuse me while I swoon.  Words cannot express to you how much I love this pairing.  She’s a sweet, goof of a girl with a love of science and learning, Doctor Who, and tea.  She can be sassy, is a little awkward, cannot lie to save her life, and I basically classify her as a smile – a smile so wide and massive, it can be blinding to those who aren’t expecting it and its intensity.  And I genuinely believe that Jemma Simmons is the heart of Coulson’s team as well as the peacemaker excepting when Fitz and her argue about things.

And then there’s Bucky.  He’s a man who’s been mindfucked for some seventy odd years, has been poked and prodded, lied to, tortured, experimented on, smacked, beaten up, frozen, and the list could go on and on.  Basically, he’s a big ball of trust issues and angst, and whoever ends up trying to sort through all of that is probably a Saint.  And no matter how much Steve probably attaches himself to the man’s hip, I imagine there are things that Bucky will never tell him once he starts regaining his memories and a personality starts to piece itself together.  Because he was once James Buchanan Barnes, and he was forced to become “The Winter Soldier”.  He was Steve’s Bucky, and Natasha’s James.  But what it comes down to is this: he is both, and he will need to find a happy medium between the two.  And I just imagine him needing someone who will love both sides of him, and not look at him and see someone else because he doesn’t want to disappoint.  (That is not to say that Steve and Natasha would be demanding things from Bucky or expecting him to act a certain way, but I imagine that they might be disappointed at times with his behavior and how he chooses to act in learning how to [re]build his personality once more without anyone influencing his behavior.  I just think that Steve and Nat would probably try and influence him, not on purpose or perhaps in Nat’s case… she might do so for her own selfish reasons, and that’s okay.  But, Bucky would finally be free to do what he pleases, and I think he’d be the rebellious sort.)

And he just wants to be himself, the self that he’ll inevitably end up finding while coming to terms with all that he was and all that he’s done and all that he is.  It’ll be his choice on who he will become, regardless of what Steve and Natasha say or think or feel.  Because whoever he chooses to be… Bucky will be the one who will have to live with himself and his choices at the end of the day.  Not Steve.  Not Natasha.  And in my honest opinion, I think Jemma would be the one who would be able to love him, all of him, for his past, his present, and his future.  She wouldn’t look at him with pity.  She wouldn’t think of him as a charity case.  She wouldn’t try and tell him he needed to act as he did in the past – a past he only remembers in his dreams and in his nightmares.  She would tell him to be himself and that she loves him for who he is.  Flaws, mistakes, scars, emotional baggage, and all.  Because she has them too.  She’s just adept at hiding them, and hiding behind her smiles.  (Her smiles pose simultaneously as a shield and a sword.)  And this would be a romance where they share all – where the words are plentiful, but the comfortable silence is sometimes cherished even more so as they cling to each other for warmth, protection, security, understanding, and strength.

I have this headcanon in my head (thanks to a friend) that whenever Jemma gets assigned a mission where she has to go out on the field, Bucky ends up finding out the details and if he’s not busy with Avengers’ business… he probably goes and tails her in the shadows to make sure she’s okay.  Because he knows she can handle herself, but he’s lost so much and he’ll be damned before he loses her.

And she probably knows he follows her, but doesn’t call him out on it unless he intervenes when he really shouldn’t

I mean, if some guy’s waving around his rifle like it’s his lightsaber, and intends on shooting at her for no reason, then by all means – she has no problem with her boyfriend showing up and snapping his neck like it’s a toothpick.

But if some guy is giving her an attitude because she’s small and she’s not as skilled or as graceful with her highkicks as Agent May is or if some douche is giving her trouble, underestimating her because she’s soft and probably doesn’t know how to hold a gun properly… she wants to be the one to shoot the bastard between the eyes.  Granted, it’ll probably be with the Night-Night pistol, but she may or may not make sure she “accidentally” stomps on the asshole’s junk as she walks away.

And refuse to feel guilty about it when Bucky smirks at her (in pride/amusement/love), quirking a brow because apparently, he’s not the only one with anger issues

And also his girlfriend is pretty hot when she’s angry as well as pretty adorable and passionate angry sex is probably going to happen as soon as they get home

And I imagine there are many double dates that occur between Bucky/Jemma and Steve/Skye

But seriously though

Steve working up all the courage to ask Skye out

And her thinking he’s joking

And so she jokingly says something like, “Ahahaha buy me dinner first, Cap.”

“…That’s what I’m trying to do? :’D”

And her like, “Wait. What?” Cue spit-take.

And the Avengers all gathered in one room together to watch the footage Tony totally hacked of the Bus, so they can “catch up” and see what Phil was up to while he was off on his own without letting them know he pulled a Jesus

Them watching the AGENTS OF SHIELD as if it were a show


And all of them freaking out every single “episode”

Steve losing his shit when he sees Quinn shoot Skye twice

Bucky losing his shit when he sees Jemma throw herself from the Bus

Steve and Bucky freaking the fuck out when Ward turns out to be a traitor, pretty much takes Skye hostage, and dumps FitzSimmons into the middle of the ocean

Clint and Natasha playing a jaunty edition of “Let’s See How Many Times We Can Spot Phil Wearing his Captain America Boxers” drinking game

Thor drinking everyone under the table because he has the godly ability to drink like hell

Jane making sure he doesn’t hurt anyone or himself with his hammer because he’s totally the beer muscles type

Clint, Tony, and Sam betting on when May and Coulson are going to just fucking snap and have epic, insane animalistic sex everywhere

And also debating on who tops

And also debating on whether or not the tesseract increased Phil’s libido, as if it were some kind of male enhancement supplement

Cue everyone suddenly staring at Clint suspiciously

Natasha flipping everyone the bird all, “He’s not owning up to anything.”

Everyone just collectively nodding because that about sums things up.

Natasha manipulating Maria Hill to go out on a blind date with Sam Wilson, and then demanding they name their firstborn after her when they hit it off deliciously

Pepper and Tony fluffing it up everywhere and anywhere

Tony taking Fitz under his wing to “show him the ropes” and teach him how to be a genius pimp

Fitz trying out one of Tony’s pick up lines on Darcy Lewis, but ends up getting out-flirted embarrassingly enough by the lovely Miss Lewis, herself

Darcy slipping Fitz her number telling him to call her whenever he wants to get laid with “the love machine” aka what she calls her vagina

Fitz is so done, but is totally taking Darcy up on her offer because who would pass up an offer to fuck “the love machine”?

Tony wiping away his tears because mission accomplished, he’s a proud Papa Bear

Trip hanging with Captain America and Bucky, reminiscing about his grandfather and listening to the Cap and Bucky tell him stories about the Howling Commandos

with Skye probably casually sprawled across Steve’s lap playing Candy Crush

and Jemma sitting at Bucky’s feet with her hand on his knee, and his hand on her hand as she chatters excitedly to Banner about her newest project

May and Coulson conveniently absent from the pow-wow, but that’s just because they’re on a super secret date shhhhhhhhh

Fury totally knows, but then again, Fury knows everything

He’s got his eye on you, bitches

Someone stop noona, please.
(Because trigger warnings were not given on the article itself, which is linked to in the following paragraph, trigger warnings for: discussions on body image, allusions to disordered eating/eating disorders, cissism, dieting, general health, weight loss, ect. Basically everything that falls under that category. The article is only linked to to further emphasis how gross and inappropriate it is - only read if you feel as if you can handle it or, want to leave your own two cents in the comments. As said: it is very triggering.) Over the past month, there has been continuous speculation about Kim Jonghyun’s health and weight. Speculation that has repeatedly distorted, ridiculed and encroached upon his personal appearance. The latest is an article by Soompi contributor callmeN00NA that has been positioned as a plea to “#FeedJonghyun” (a hashtag the writer herself coined on her Twitter).  There are so, so many things wrong with that piece of writing, but let’s start with the most obvious. Do not play a guessing game with someone’s health. Do not call them “sickly” for looking a certain way. Health does not have an ideal appearance. You can have a “frail” built and be perfectly healthy. Conversely, you can have a six-pack and still have an illness. Jonghyun cannot control the way his body chooses to hold weight. This does not make him “gaunt” or “skeletal” or “dangerously skinny” any of the other frankly offensive synonyms leveled at him (and SHINee, because frankly I don’t understand how that one picture told you they all have terrible diets). 

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anonymous asked:

What is with people coming into the tag saying Kabby is platonic? Or they are irrelevant? Why even tag that kind of nonsense? What did we do to deserve this hatred?!?!


All right, kids, strap in, Kabby Mom has A LOT OF THINGS TO SAY.

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#99: You're a Youtuber

Ashton: “Hello everybody!” You exclaimed to the camera. You waved, smiling and tilting your head, your hair flowing over your shoulder in the process. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips when you saw Ashton stick out his tongue and make a silly face from behind the camera. “Stop!” You said, still laughing. You shook your head, resuming your focus to the camera in front of your. “So I have had tons of requests from twitter, on my fan page, even in the comments on my videos to do the “your boyfriend does your make up”. So, to enlighten you all, I’m going to let Ashton ruin my face!” You said laughing. Ashton came around and sat down next to you waving at the camera. “Hello!” He said, laughing. “And in my defence you’re going to be gorgeous after I’m done.” He said, smiling proudly at the camera. You shook your head laughing. After grabbing the camera and showing the expanse of makeup sprawled across your bedspread, you mounted the camera back on the tripod and took a deep breath. “Go for it,” You said pushing your hair back over your shoulders. “Prepare to become more beautiful than you already are,” He said winking. His hand hovered over the expanse of make up. He looked at you, and back to the various products before tilting his head. “A little help?” He asked, clearly confused. “I can’t help you,” You said giggling. He shook his head, grabbing a container of concealer. “Foundation right?” he asked. You shrugged your shoulders, watching as he poured a copious amount onto his hand, before looking around the bed again. “Um, brush or finger?” He asked, before shaking his head. “You can’t answer, god damn.” He said. “Finger it is because I don’t see a brush.” He dipped his index finger in the nude coloured liquid before smearing it across your cheeks and forehead. “Wow, that’s a lot.” He muttered to himself, you could feel him smearing it across your skin. You looked towards the mirror in your room and snorted. “Let me ask you Ashton, does this even remotely look like my skin colour?” You said. He stared at you, before putting up his hand. “I’m not finished yet, patience is a virtue.” He said, putting down the concealer and picking up your bronzer. You bit your lip, surely awaiting to look like a fake tanned girl. “Brush, brush…” Ashton muttered to himself, grabbing your powder brush and dipping it in the bronzer. Dabbing it all over your face, he began humming to himself. “Wow, you’re looking great.” He said laughing. You rolled your eyes, staying still as he picked up your baby pink blush. “I know this goes on your cheeks.” He said satisfied with himself. He grabbed an eyeshadow brush before dipping it in the pink powder and doing large pink circles on your cheeks. He ran his thumb over the expanse of your cheeks, obviously trying to blend it in. His touch was gentle, his thumb calloused, yet there was a unique softness to his caress. You grew nervous as Ashton came at you with your pencil eyeliner, only once stabbing you. You grew even more apprehensive as he grabbed your mascara, and the back of your head. “Oh god,” You said. Ashton laughed as he attempted to cover your eyelashes in the expanse of black makeup, but he seemed to get more on your upper eyelid than anything. “Lipstick,” He said, grabbing a brilliant blood red lipstick. “Purse those pretty lips,” He said giggling. You did as he asked, and you could feel it go on your skin. “Good God, I feel gorgeous Ashton.” You said sarcastically. “You know what, I may give up my career and become a make up artist.” He said, sitting back and grabbing the hand mirror. “Oh my god,” You exclaimed staring in awe and in horror as your face had become a brilliant, glittering tan with your eye makeup barely touching where it was supposed to go. “Thank you,” You said, batting your not so covered lashes at him. “I do what I can,” He said, kissing your cheek. “Well,” You said turning to the camera. “There it is folks, Ashton did my make up!” You said. “Thanks for watching! And if you liked this video, like, comment and subscribe! And don’t forget to check out 5 Seconds of Summer’s new album available on iTunes! Bye guys! Big love!” You said, waving before leaning over and stopping the recording. “You, are so hot.” Ashton said laughing. “What did you do to my face?” You asked, laughing along with him. “Do I normally look like this?” You said, grabbing one of your make up wipes and beginning to wipe your cheeks. “Well…” He said laughing. You slapped his arm playfully before rolling your eyes. “I’m looking forward to editing this video,” You said. “I’m looking forward to seeing it finished,” He said, watching as you scrubbed at your cheeks. “Want a hand?” He asked, grabbing a make up wipe and approaching you. “That would be great,” You said, as he began to gently wipe at your cheeks. 

Calum: “Whats the video for this week?” Calum asked sitting down beside you. “A Q&A” You said trying to focus your camera. “You haven’t done one of those in a while.” Calum said, sitting in front of the camera. “Oh thank you,” You said, being able to finally focus the view. “Do you enjoy doing question and answer videos?” He asked, watching you fiddle with the lighting. “They’re one of my favourites actually. Its nice for the fans to get to know me better. Plus they always come up with the best questions. Seeing as I’m dating you now, I can tell a lot of the questions will be oriented around you and our relationship.” You said, finally satisfied with the lighting. “Are you going to watch?” You added, fixing your hair. “Yeah, of course.” He said winking, and taking a seat on the chair in the corner. You tried to ignore his devilish smile, and handsome good looks. “Hello everybody! Its been a crazy week, and I am so sorry that this video is going to be late going up. But either way, I thought I would change it up a bit this week. I think the last time I did a Q&A video was sometime in September, and I know how much you guys liked it, so I think today’s going to be a Q&A!” You pushed your hair out of your face and grabbed your phone. “So to make this even more random, I put out the hashtag on twitter a little earlier #Ask(Y/N) which ended up trending, so instead of pre reading questions and having an answer prepared, I’m just going to stalk the trend and find questions I think are interesting. So here we go,” You opened the hashtag, scrolling through various questions. “Ah here’s a good one,” You read out the twitter url before smiling. “Whats your fondest memory of the past three months? Love you! xx #Ask(Y/N).” You smiled at the camera, your eyes flicking over to Calum briefly. He was studying you, his eyes glueing to your face to see your reaction. “Well, one of my fondest memories was when Calum came home to surprise me.” You could see him smiling at you, but you kept your gaze trained to the camera. “He had been away for the longest time, I think that we had been together for, and I just missed him so much. So with the help of some of my friends, they had planned a little surprise. My friend stole one of my house keys, so he could come in. They chose a day that they knew I was busy, I think it was one of those errand days, and I think I was visiting my Mum. So I came home exhausted, and there he was sitting on the couch. Honestly, I thought it was a joke.” You said laughing, remembering fondly. “But honestly, I think I can say it was the happiest I had been in a very long time, and that hug is one of my favourites.” You said, smiling sheepishly at your hands. You lifted your eyes to see Calum grinning at you, but you tried your best to ignore him. You couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at the corner of your lips. “Alright next questions,” You said scrolling through your phone. “What made you date Calum Hood? #Ask(Y/N).” You grinned devilishly, making Calum laugh. “Stop,” You said laughing more. “Well, I guess it was just the more we saw each other the more I started falling for him. I started creeping him on twitter and instagram, until finally he answered. We ended up tweeting a bit, and then DM’ing and then we skyped, and the more we talked the more we thought it would be fun to meet up. I was going to Australia for a conference and we agreed to meet up there, and I guess the more we saw each other, which was everyday I was there, it kind of just happened. He was my tour guide for Australia, and he literally showed me everything, including things that you wouldn’t normally see.” You said, blushing. “Anyways, next questions,” You said. “What have you been working on? #Ask(Y/N).” You didn’t know if you were able to share what you had been working on, but you thought better of it. “Well, I’ve been extremely busy lately. I’ve been helping out Calum with things, and in my own life I’ve been collaborating with other you tubers for something you will see very soon!” You said smiling. “I can’t share anything else, or I’d probably be yelled at by everyone,” You said laughing. You answered a few more questions before departing. “Thanks so much for watching, and don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow me! Everything is down in the little box down there,” You said pointing to the bottom of the camera frame. “Love you all so much! Bye!” You exclaimed, waving and shutting off the video camera. “You know, you’re pretty cute,” Calum said pushing himself out of the chair, and coming towards you. “I’m glad that’s your favourite memory.” He said, kissing you gently on the forehead. “It involves you, so obviously its my favourite moment.” You said leaning against his chest. “You’re too cute.” He said, kissing the crown of your head. 

Luke: “Luke! Your girlfriend uploaded a video,” Michael yelled from the other room. “Shut up!” Luke yelled back, but walking in regardless. “She’s not my girlfriend,” He huffed, sitting down next to Michael as he clicked play. “Hello!” You exclaimed, waving. “I hope everyones doing well, and its finally getting closer to Christmas. So, to change it up, I’m going to be going through some of my new favourite things that are perfect for stocking stuffers or even gifts under the trees.” You had done your most festive make-up and there were twinkling lights behind you. “So first off, I think that the perfect stocking stuffer for the special lady in your life is any form of hand creme,but I think this kind,” You said picking up a bottle. “Is the best. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also works wonders on any kind of skin. Next, I don’t know who wouldn’t love to find this in their stocking, but the new 5 Seconds of Summer album is just unreal. I defiantly recommend that everyone goes to get this, and put it in your own stocking!” You placed the disc beside you, and you looked at Michael. “So she’s a fan huh?” Michael mused. “I guess so,” Luke said, blushing slightly. Luke had found you on youtube close to a year ago and had followed your religiously, he thought you were the most beautiful girl that he had ever laid eyes on. The boys had always dropped hints that he should tweet you, or even message you but Luke was always reluctant. You had thousands upon thousands of followers, and you were so busy that Luke thought that it would never evolve into something, so why even try. But today, he wanted to, the more he watched your video the more he really saw how beautiful you were. There was a twinkle in your eye, the way you were so cheery about Christmas. Finishing the video, Michael closed his laptop and smiled slyly at Luke. “Please message her mate. You’ll never know if you don’t try.” He said, nudging his shoulder. “And say what? If I were to tweet her, the whole world would see.” “Just make it subtle, like thanks for the promotion in your video, by the way you looked hot.” He said laughing and grabbing his phone. Luke thought about it though, and he did have a point, it would give you two something to talk about. So grabbing his phone, he logged onto twitter to tweet you. He was already following you, so immediately he typed a quick message. “Hey, great video (Y/N)! :) Thanks for the promotion too, you looked great! x” He quickly sent it before he could back out of it, and Luke could hear Michael laughing. “Well said man,” He said still laughing. You frequently checked your twitter so you were amazed to see that Luke from 5 Seconds of Summer had messaged you. A wave of giddiness overcame you, as you typed a quick response. “Hi Luke! Of course I would promote you! You guys are amazing! We should meet up sometime!” You tweeted back to him. Immediately, your mentions blew up, as both fan bases caught wind of the interaction. No sooner had you sent the message but Luke had replied. “That would be great, look at your DM’s :)” He tweeted. You went to them to see Luke messaging you. “Its easier to talk here,” He said. “And the fans won’t see now.” He added, making you laugh. “I would love to meet up! :)” He added. “Great!” You typed. “When are you in the country?” You asked, remembering that his schedule would be hectic. “Soon, I think in a few weeks we’ll fly in, want to get together then?” He asked. “Absolutely! We can talk closer to the date! :)” You said. You were so giddy, the fact that you were about to meet up with Luke Hemmings, your ultimate celebrity crush was mind boggling. You were on twitter, and there were already rumours flitting around about you two, and some fans had even taken the time to photoshop pictures together to make you two seem like a real couple. The more you stared at the pictures the more you realized that you two would look pretty great together, and now you couldn’t wait for the next few weeks to fly by just so you could meet up with Luke. 

Michael: You never thought that you would get so big being a you tuber. It was something you had started for fun, really because your friend said that you would probably have a knack for it. And low and behold three years later you had over a million subscribers, tons of videos and you were having the time of your life. You had met so many other you tubers, some of your closest friends become those you had watched online. You had attended youtube conferences, and your life and propelled you towards somewhat that of fame. You were dating Michael Clifford, which surely promoted your channel and popularity, and you really couldn’t believe how your life had turned around. You had been a simple girl, going to school, going about her day to day life as if nothing mattered, and now you were a famous you tuber, with a famous boyfriend, living the life. It was surreal at times, and also very demanding. There were times you wished you could just shut the world off, because with the rise to fame came the lack of private and personal life. Because you youtubed, the world always knew what was going on in your life, and it was very hard to keep things quiet. You were amazed that Zoella and Alfie had managed to keep it so quiet that they were moving in together, because they both ran a normal channel as well as a vlog channel. You just ran a normal youtube channel but you found that it was often enough. Coordinating your schedule to match Michaels always proved to be a bit of a challenge. Between filming videos, editing videos, travelling, going to conferences, among other things took up a lot of your time, and Michael was always touring, performing or doing promotional work. It was a hectic schedule between the both of you, your calendar always full with various dates, times and weeks full of hectic appointments, and events. It was always most difficult when Michael was out of the country because that was when you missed him the most. It was difficult to see him normally, but feeling the lingering absence made the days longer, and the stress all the more real. There was no one to cuddle with in the middle of the night, nor anyone to calm you down when it all became too much. Skype calls were great, but they weren’t the same. Nor where the love letters the two of you sent to each other. Every video you made there was some sign that was secret between you and Michael. A touch of the nose, or something placed in the background, some subtle secret that Michael would see. And after every video, Michael would somehow contact you through text, or Skype or something and let you know that he saw it. It was a little game you two played. In his pictures you would spot things that were specifically placed for you. It was something that got you two through the distance. And then there were sometimes that your videos would take you to places that Michael was touring, and it would be the most beautiful reunion. But then it would be cut when either of you had to leave. There were times were you would convince Michael to join you in a video, which would delight the fans of both his fan base and yours, and there were times were you would be in his pictures, or livestreams. You made your schedules work, and to be honest you wouldn’t trade anything for the world. As chaotic as it was, it was all worth it in the end.

10 Health And Fitness Tips (For Beginners)

I have to admit, I don’t work out that much. I’m just one of those lucky girls who can eat whatever she wants and still look soft-tummied and fleshy. However, this year I’ve realized I do have some aspects of my body I want to, ahem, “tweak,” and am willing to work to get them to change. This is very weird and very new for me. (TW, HERE) ..

In my recovery of both disordered eating and a really unhealthy bout with extreme workouts, I’ve finally come to the point in my life where I realize that wanting to change my body doesn’t have to be unhealthy or stem from a place of body-hate. Wanting to lose weight or get toned doesn’t have to mean I’m spiraling downward into the oblivion and back into old habits. Wanting to lose some pounds and get some definition STILL can mean you are happy with your current body, and it also can mean you are willing to put fitness and health a priority, rather than just a hottie bootie. These are very important facts to reconcile with, and I finally feel at the point where I can say “hey, I love my tum but I’m planning on wearing a hot-pink mini-bikini this summer and I’d like to feel even more confident than I already am in order to do so.” Believe me, this is a very exciting development for me. I can want to lose weight while maintaining a positive body image? Awesome! Listen: I’ll never have a six-pack or a completely flat stomach. That’s just not the body I want, and I’m more than happy with some pushy soft parts. But I do want to get healthier and shape up/tighten a bit. I want to make this meat machine I’ve been gifted go as many miles as it can possibly go. Problem is, I don’t have many HEALTHY tips to go with this newfound feeling, just really damning and horrible ones. I want to be happy.

Enter Kristine! Kristine has been a friend of mine for a couple of years and is a total Brooklyn Bambina with great hair and a stomach you could serve a cheese platter on. She’s got a sharp wit and a really toned, awesome body which she puts a lot of healthy and dedicated work into. She’s a great example of being fitness-heavy while still going to brunch and livin’ life. I asked her for her 10 best fitness/health tips for beginners, and she was more than happy to write them up for me (first guest post in ages)!

If you like what you read, follow her on her tumblr and Instagram @kristineckubat. And remember, be healthy. Live long. Feel good in your boom boom booty. Kris’ tips are below:

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so. im really thankful for twenty one pilots. and i think i can safely assume that a whole lot of you are too.

so let’s do something about it.

#thankyøu: a project for the twenty one pilots spring 2014 tour. 

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With less than two weeks to go until Hannibal Season 3 begins airing in the US, I wanted to share my tricks for avoiding spoilers, and how to help others avoid spoilers. This focuses on Tumblr, other social media is more difficult.

  • Get XKIT. I don’t know how I managed Tumblr before it. It is key to helping you enjoy Tumblr on your own terms. 
  • Get the XKIT blacklist extension. 
  • Add key tags to your blacklist
    • spoilers
    • hannibal spoilers
    • hannibal season 3
    • s3 spoilers
    • episode title names
    • synopsis
    • synopses
  • Learn to love the whitelist. Once you’ve seen an episode, you can remove its title from the blacklist and add it to the whitelist. This can also work for promos or other tags for topics you don’t personally consider to be spoilers
  • Feel free to unfollow people who don’t tag. You can always refollow at the end of the season, or if they decide to tag. 
  • AVOID MOBILE - there’s just no effective way to control what posts appear on your mobile dash. 
  • If, like me, you live somewhere that doesn’t get to watch the first airing (I live on the US West Coast, so I have to wait 3 hours) avoid social media until you can watch the episode. THIS I THE HARDEST THING FOR ME. I FEEL SO LONELY THOSE THREE HOURS. But it is worth it.
    • If I feel an overwhelming need to post something to Tumblr, I go to my posts page instead of my dash
    • I just stay off Twitter altogether. DO NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO TAG SPOILERS ON TWITTER. Hopefully they’re tagging #Hannibal and you have a client that can filter/mute hashtags. 
      • One caveat, after the East Coast airing, I tweet meganmachine and ask her for a spoiler-free booze requirement estimate. She’s never failed me. I should have bought the whole liquor store for Mizumono.
    • During livetweeting, I have a twitter list of the official accounts that I open at the start of the episode and I do not scroll back to avoid seeing what they tweeted during the first airing. 
    • Just avoid Facebook. The closest I got to spoiling myself on a just aired on the East Coast episode was absent-mindedly opening FB. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no reliable way to filter FB for spoilers. 
    • Rewatch previous episodes, go to dinner, DO THINGS to avoid going on social media until you can see it.
  • Learn to use the j/k shortcuts on your dashboard. Pressing ‘j’ will take you to the next post down. ‘k’ goes up. This is very helpful for when you realize you might be about to see a spoiler and want to skip away as quickly as possible. 
  • Learn to quickly identify a potential spoilery post so you can avoid reading it. This can be hard but is a useful skill.

Now, all this is predicated on the idea that people want to help each other avoid spoilers. So, to be a good citizen of the fandom, I suggest the following: 

  • State your spoiler policy. As an example, mine is here. If you don’t tag, just be sure to tell people up front so they can use that knowledge to make their decisions about following you or not.
  • Tag consistently. If you do tag, please be consistent. I am not perfect, but I do try. The XKIT quick tag extension can help, as it lets you create tag bundles. 
  • When in doubt, tag. If you have even a brief nagging thought “maybe I should,” - do it. Wouldn’t you rather someone NOT be irritated with you for ruining some of their fun? 

Everybody has their own personal definition of where the spoiler line is. If we all work together, we can each satisfy that, and still enjoy the fandom.

Anything I missed? Any other tricks! Please reblog with your tips and tricks!