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Second Iconic Death knight, The Shadow of the Abyss


Name: Bael Heinrich Ashthorn

Apparent Age: Late 20’s

Apparent Race: Human

Alignment: LE

Titles: Abyss Walker, Skeozales Arm, The Abyss’ Shadow, Lord of the layer of dust

Alias: None

Status: Alive

Features: Light brown hair, Light blue eyes, a single scar running diagonally from the top right to the bottom left of his face, a demonic arm replaces his right.

Place of birth: The nation Esweau in Desta, The Fallow City

History: Where Bael comes from isn’t well heard of around the world. A place where death is celebrated nearly year round. As well as the existence of the abyss. People do not fear the demons and the infinite layers of the plane, nor do they fear the demons that possess their people on a nearly daily basis. The place itself was corrupt, unjust, in near constant chaos. The ruler and once noble family known as the Ashthorns were one of the few to speak out against their home’s ways.

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“Islamic fundamentalism is a more complex phenomenon. Initially, in the post second world war period,  it was propped up and sustained by US imperialism in the face of democratic and socialist movements of people, like in the Arab countries. But with the restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union and especially China, and the betrayal of the democratic national liberation movements by their compromising leadership, anti-imperialism has been expressed in traditional and often religious ways. Islam has also become an ideological force adopted by movements against the US imperialists like in Iran, or become the expression of resistance as in Palestine today (due to the betrayal of the older more secular and ‘left’ leadership). In the countries of the former Soviet Union too Islamic fundamentalism has become the means through which nationalist opposition to Russian domination and exploitation is being expressed. In countries like Afghanistan where there was no anti-feudal democratic mass movement, modernisation and, where increase in freedom to women was initiated from above during Soviet occupation, it could gain no support from the rural masses, and thus Islamic fundamentalism maintained its social base.

Hence the warlords who came to power in Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal in 1992 were as reactionary as the Taliban that swept to power several years later, and RAWA, the women’s organisation that opposed the restrictions on women’s rights, was as critical of the warlords as of the Taliban. Today the same warlords are back in power under US protection. But whether they are reactionary regimes like the Saudi monarchy or the more mass movement based organisations, they have been making control over women’s dress, her movements and manner of her participation in public life an important part of their campaign and this is what has gained the maximum publicity in the bourgeois and imperialist media given the campaign being launched by American imperialism against Islam.”

— Anarudha Ghandy, “Fascism, Fundamentalism, and Patriarchy”, 2001   

Moria: Jinbei it’s a matter of gallantry, you just CAN’T mock a woman like you did.

Jinbe: Yeah yeah whatever you’re saying, big onion.

Kuma: Eh, I still can’t believe how weird this place is!

~ Epilogue ~

Teach: … What.

Lafitte: Oh thank god, we thought you were dead. you didn’t speak for DAYS.




(( Magic Anon 9/9 !! ))

To be honest, the Bandit King had no intention of ever marrying. 

She had no desire for love or anything of that sort-she was far too independent and far too self preserving for it. Too mistrustful to fully give her heart to another. 

But when law dictated that she had to marry her wives…she had no choice but to obey. If she ever hoped to be the Bandit King, she had to be their wife. She had to be a mother to their children. 

Its been almost a year since their wedding…and miraculously, she finds herself happier than she has ever been in her life. For the first time in her life she has someone…a family…to protect. To love. 

For the first time she understands what it means to put the lives of others before your own. 

She would kill for her family. She would die for them….

She’d take down a city if it meant it would keep them safe. 



retire bitch
—  cassie to cheetah, minutes before getting wrecked

After having a short debate the other day about how people like Mathias Nygard (and Mathias Lillmans, and Petri Lindroos, and a slew of other guys in metal bands) deal with being the object of lust of several thousands of people (who don’t necessarily show it in the most tactful manner) 
- I decided late last weekend to ask the man himself, because Turisas has a question forum that Mathias will sometimes take some time to answer.

Quelle surprise this afternoon when I saw on Twitter that he had responded to some questions - namely mine - even spending some time on it to answer visually in a clear concise manner using the famed Magritte painting… it could not have been answered better in words.

It is nice to know that he doesn’t feel crushed under the pressure to have the babies of a thousand Warlord-crazed fans who couldn’t even hold a conversation with actual Mathias.  It’s good to know he has the power to disconnect.  And that makes him a stronger person, I think.

Regardless.  I am happy that my question was answered, and as it is fairly wise, I am posting it on Warlord Wisdom - even if this is technically Mathias Wisdom.

** EDIT - 15:02 **
I’ve noticed that there’s a bit of a stir in the FB comments over this question.  I’d like to chime in here as well.

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History Rant: Shinsengumi/Bakumatsu

Okay, it’s been a while since I asked about what you guys wanna know about Japanese history, and I haven’t forgotten you. I guess I’ve got a few thoughts bouncing around in my head so I’m just going to rant about the shinsengumi and the surrounding time period for a bit cause I feel like it. Uhh if you need sources and want to read more, I could probably find some for you, but this is all from my brain lmao. I repeat: this is definitely not even remotely everything I could say on the subject nor is it researched or sourced okay please read this post lightly and not as a scholarly article!!! That being said, DO feel free to use the information below as a springboard for your own interest and research. 

This is my absolute favorite time period in Japanese history. When I was about 14 (in the ancient year 2000), I discovered the shinsengumi via Rurouni Kenshin. Sure they were the enemies, but I wanted to know who these people were and at the time there was little to no information on them. Then I just started learning a lot about Japanese history and taking Japanese classes, lol it was a gateway drug. Contrary to what everyone might think, I could not chose anyone in the Shinsengumi as my favorite historical figure, but I love them like something out of a really cool story. I think history is supremely interesting; often more interesting than novels. I hope you’ll enjoy learning a bit about them too. 

First of all, a brief history. You have to know that the Shinsengumi (which just means the new group/squad/whatever) came around in a time of civil war. After ~200 years of isolation, the Tokugawa shogunate and its system of keeping the warlords under its control had turned the balance in economy and social structure upside down so that the people on top (the samurai) were the poorest. The shogunate itself also became weak and ineffective, and by the 1850s when Perry showed up to force Western trade on Japan there was legit NOTHING to be done except accept his offer or face utter defeat in the face of a West that had advanced while Japan hid in its own borders with minimal outside contact. 

Two major factions came out of this: one for opening to the west, and one for expelling the foreigners (most notably headed by the Choshu, Satsuma, and Tosa clans, who were not among those in favor of the shogunate). The second one later came to support getting rid of the shogunate and reestablishing the emperor and became known as “sonno joi” which is easier to type than all of that. 

So where do the shinsengumi come into this?  They were formed from a bunch of ronin to protect the xenophobic wimpy emperor in Kyoto (aka hold him captive) and uphold the laws of the also wimpy shogunate. Originally they were stationed outside of Kyoto, but were eventually given permission to police the city. 

And they were AWFUL. Straight-up, the worst. They were given a lot of nicknames, most famous of which is the Wolves of Mibu. They hunted down and slaughtered the emperor’s supporters.

They had very strict rules, which on the surface seem almost honorable - following bushido (which is just a bunch of bs made up by the ailing upper class btw), no personal fights, no personal income, can’t leave the shinsengumi - but they resulted in a lot of members having to commit suicide or having to die in battle. And they did mercilessly enforce their code. An example that comes to mind is Yamanami Keisuke, who was a vice commander of the shinsengumi like HIjikata, and had to commit seppuku when he tried to leave. 

The Ikedaya incident aka map 6 is what really got them famous and made people want to join them. They crushed a group of sonno joi supporters and probably?? prevented them from setting fire to Kyoto. 

The shinsengumi are really famous and romanticised today, as you well know. Like most of Japanese history, the bad parts are glossed over! But I do love them, so I can’t say anything. 

Returning to the general view of historical events, what I think is really interesting about this time period is how things ended up. Sonno Joi did win in the end. The shogunate gave up power, and they reestablished the emperor, but—! The emperor’s supporters moved the imperial hq and set him up as a puppet ruler, making themselves the actual ruling council (aka just like the shogunate) and then began a very seriously intense westernizing of Japan! Expel the foreigners indeed, haha. 

UM, I want to post something more in-depth about the swords and their characters and stuff but I’m still thinking about it >__> so you get this shitty nonsense instead. About 50% history, 50% my thoughts and JUST Hijikata and Okita for right now bc they are kind of like the BIG 4 popular sword group (sorry Nagasone) and also (my) faves. Although I feel like I wanna add Kondo he’s just kinda boring and then I also wanna write about Sakamoto Ryoma (who Kondo was executed for killing lol IF HE DID???) but I haven’t even mentioned him thus far and tbh he deserves his own post. 

Hijikata Toshizo, Vice Commander, devil creature?, hot guy

Here he is, wow look at this handsome fella. Yes that’s right this is my icon. I have read that Kane’s personality is based on him (in the same way that Yam emulates Okita) but I don’t think so at all. Mostly because Kane is a stupid muffin and actual Hijikata was known to be a serious samurai guy. Just a farmer guy (and kind of .. pharmacist?) being the best he can be. He was mostly in charge of keeping things in order in the shinsengumi, and also did a lot of interrogation… and may have done some very, very gruesome things. But also, he wrote shitty haiku, which is p charming. Apparently he was incredibly handsome and people fell in love with him like all the time and I know that’s true bc I’m also in love with him. 

After everything, he kept on being the best and led what was left of the shinsengumi after Kondo was executed, trying to fight the new government. But he was gunned down in the battle of Hakodate (lmfao the Kane/Hori scene in map 1-1 which tells you the order of these…. is none). 

I’m pretty sure that Kane’s design and personality are LARGELY influenced by the more romanticised versions of Hijikata in things such as Hakuouki (which I haaaate, no offense). But I like to think that a lot of it comes from him being a sword from a proper name, just without an real antiquity or heritage. Like Hijikata is a farmer-born ronin following bushido and upholding the samurai lifestyle, Kane is kind of a weird excited kid who is a fancy sword…? Well, maybe it’s a stretch. Just aiming really high and being super hot.

Horikawa is kind of a mystery though. I think his outfit at least stems from the more modernized Hijikata you can see above, but I can’t really get the rest. Like I said I didn’t like.. do research for this post, so I’d be interested in hearing other opinions or ideas! 

Okita Souji, 1st squad leader, child prodigy, eventual cat-hater

OTHER THAN artists’ renders?? this is the best photo I’ve ever been able to find and I’m not sure if they ever confirmed that it’s Okita. 

What does he look like, who knows.  Regardless…  he was not beautiful like Hijikata, but we can keep pretending. This bitch was so good at swords when he was a kid he had mastered like all the things by the time he was 18 and became an instructor himself. He was the leader of the 1st uh, troop of the Shinsengumi and famous for being really fucking good at stabbing dudes in the fucking neck and also being a generally funny happy guy. I’ve read he liked to play with kids too, which is p cute (or creepy). He’s like always paired with Hijikata (in EVERYTHING) but idek if they were friends. He had tuberculosis as everyone knows, and it’s said to have been discovered when he collapsed during the Ikedaya incident, but the cause of his collapse is debatable.  Still, as a result he had a very very short life, and so died outside of the fighting in a hospital at about about 25ish? He tried to murder a cat he kept seeing in the garden and he couldn’t, and that really pissed him off. 

What can I say about okitagumi?? It’s already well-known that Kashuu looks fancy because the sword broke and couldn’t be repaired. I don’t need to address that or really anything about him. Except that I love him. Both he and Yams look p young because Okita was very young himself, so I like to imagine they both reflect his age despite their own age/origins/etc bc they have such a deep connection with him. I also hope that every time they’re pictured with cats, it’s bc of the above reason. 

But YAMS??? Now I have at least one thought about his design. Of course he was made to reflect Okita bc he looks up to him so much. But…????

The aforementioned (prettier movie/ova version of) Rurouni Kension version Okita Souji is always the one I imagine bc just….!?? Whenever I look at Yams this is legit all I see. If you have not seen this movie, then please watch him in action here in this clip of the Ikedaya incident, just the first minute or so. I’m right, right? You know I’m right. Except for the clear gap in design details, Yams looks like he’s copying him 100%. Also his bubbly/kind personality that gets a little bit creepy/idgaf in battle is soo the stereotypical Okita personality, it’s so good.

Anyway, PLEASE feel free to send me your thoughts/theories or requests or anything like that. I’d love to hear what you think! 

Suggested reading:

So if you’ve made it this far, congratulations on reading this… masterpiece. I wouldn’t consider it a really good reference or anything (PLEASE), and I honestly just wrote it bc I felt like it. Future history info will be more informative with actual research and references/sources, and I’ll probably do another, more educational post on the Shinsengumi and the time period in the future. HOWEVER for now, if you are very interested in the Shinsengumi and want some actual intellectual and organized information, I URGE you to please read this book: 

Shinsengumi: The Shoguns Last Samurai Corps by Romulus Hillsborough

It is THE English book on the Shinsengumi. I recently bought it again for my kindle (I left my hardback copy in america lol) and it is just as great as I remember. Seriously worth the read. 

otherworldly - part 2

Paring: avengers x reader

Characters: all the avengers + bucky

Summary: when a camping trip to the woods goes wrong, the avengers find themselves in another world with new creatures, new people, new culture and a queen to learn about. War brews below the surface and the team arrives at the wrong time.

Word count: 1.8k +

A/N: Listen, I’m gonna update and I have a new series, actually two. One Bucky and the other one is avengers. I also have three other imagines that I want to share. Do you guys even like this story?


*Pictures not mine*

“About once every two or three years, on the Night of the Interdependence, ” The girl said. “A portal between my world and another universe opens up. I’m guessing this time it was with earth. Which is why I was roaming the woods with my creatures, not always do fellow humans like you come wandering in.” She paused. “Sometimes its warlords who are foolish enough to declare war on a land they know nothing about. They always end up losing.”

“When is the next portal opening back up? To earth, I mean,” Sam asked.

“Three years,” She said bluntly.

“Three years,” Tony dragged his hands down his face.

The girl laughed, “I joke. The next portal will open up on the night of the Ice Moon. Which is a week and a half for you Earth people? In the meantime, you are welcome to stay in my kingdom. Rooms will be provided for you at my palace.”

“What’s your name?” Pietro asked.

“Y/N,” She replied. “I’m the rightful ruler of this land and until we get you back to your planet, you are under my protection. What are you called?”

After brief introductions to each of the members of the team, Y/N smiled. Her split skirt seemed to billow, yet there was no wind. She dug the end of her spear into the rich soil, “I sense magic.” She paused and tilted her head up. “Strong magic, too.” Her eyes fell on Wanda and her pupils dilated while her irises glowed. “A fellow sorceress.” She smiled. “I rarely ever meet other sorcerers. Come, my guests.”

Y/N led the group out of the woods. The animals that walked at her side had a defensive stance to them. They weren’t alert of the group but at their surroundings. Ready to pounce if deemed necessary.

“What are these animals? They look like a breeding mistake of a wolf and tiger,” Sam mumbled.

“They’re hellhounds. My sacred animal, only a few left on this land and I don’t plan to have them killed,” Y/N replied. “The night is quiet, but the city is restless when I am gone.”

The roots of the trees seemed to glow a hue of blue. They looked exotic and god knows if the government could get their hands on these trees, they’d be cut down in an instant. The group followed Y/N out of the woods and the kingdom finally came into view. It was big. Bigger than the entire city of Manhattan maybe. Grand houses rose from here and there. Each screaming luxury. The palace loomed over the entire kingdom. Its architecture was alien yet beautiful at the same time. It was like a large city that can only be compared to Asgard itself.

Tall towers stood on each side of the gates. The guards, who were heavily armored, spotted Y/N and let her pass. She smiled at them. Children played on the streets, the people bowed when Y/N passed. Steve noticed that there were no beggars on the streets, no homeless people who wore rags for clothes and struggled to survive. Y/N stood tall as she passed her people.

“Your Majesty,” A woman fell to her knees in front of Y/N. She extended her arms and grabbed onto the woman with tear-stained cheeks. “Your Grace.”

“What is it, child?” Y/N asked with such tranquility in her voice.

“It’s my son, he seems to have fallen to a terrible sickness. No amount of herbs can cure him. I’ve tried every recipe that has been given. He grows iller by the hour, please my Queen, you must help,” The woman begged.

Y/N swallowed and nodded, “Take him to the infirmary in the palace, I’ll see to it that your son gets the best treatment we can find.” She paused and held the worried mother. “I promise I will do everything in my power to save your son’s life.”

“Thank you, thank you, my Queen,” The woman looked relieved.

“Guards!” Y/N called. “Follow this kind woman to her home and bring her and her child to the palace at once.”

“Of course, Your Grace,” One of the guards said.

Y/N smiled at the crowd that gathered around her, “My fellow villagers, night has fallen upon us. Please go into your homes where it’s safe and get a good nights rest. Tomorrow is a new day.”

“Rest well, my Queen,” One man said. Slowly each and every villager repeated the words.

She clapped her hands and suddenly they weren’t in the village, but standing in front of the gates of the palace. The guards didn’t even flinch at the sight of their Queen. As if this was an all too familiar routine.

“Good evening, Your Majesty,” One said.

“Good evening, Ser Ramsey,” Y/N replied. “These are my honored guests and they will be staying at the palace until we get them home. They are allowed to roam free among the palace. Please advise the rest of the Queen’s guard.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Ser Ramsey bowed his head and the doors began to open.

“Where are our backpacks?” Bucky asked as he noticed the weight that was lifted off his shoulders.

“They are in your chambers, Bucky Barnes. Have no fear,” Y/N said. “As you can see, my Queen’s guard is one of the best in all the land and so you should always feel safe.” They passed more guards until they entered a vast room, the interior looked of such wealth. Gold and silver, white and eggshell. “Each one of you will be provided with separate rooms. Unless you decide to be placed in a room with a spouse or friend.”

The group was in too much awe to be paying attention. Y/N’s words fluttered into their ears, but they weren’t being processed. She smiled at this, “You can be given a tour of the palace tomorrow. I will be leading each one of you to your chambers. They will all be in the same wing of the palace.” She paused. “Come, my friends.”

They passed a courtyard with a giant glowing blue orb floating in the middle. A man was staring at it. He was short, shorter than the average human. Tony concluded that he was as short as Yoda from Star wars. But the small man was not green. The orb cast a blue hue on his skin. He extended his hand and a string of light gravitated towards him.

“That is Master Ruke, the peacekeeper, my second in command and my trusted advisor,” Y/N said.

“There is a great pain among us. Confusion.” Master Ruke said. “One, no two men out of time. A soldier, one created against her will. A witch of great power. She fears herself. A speedster who hides pain with a smile. An archer, trouble with hearing and immense loss. A man, trying to prove himself. Finally, one soul trying to bring together all of you.” Master Ruke turned and opened his eyes.

“He can see,” Y/N said.

“See beyond anyone could imagine,” Master Ruke smiled.

“Master Ruke, do excuse us, I must show my guests to their chambers,” Y/N said.

The man bowed and turned back to the blue orb. Y/N turned on her heel and without another word, walked back down the corridor. The group followed behind her.

“Is there a way to connect to Earth? To make calls, or whatnot,” Tony asked.

“This planet doesn’t contain any telephone lines if that’s what you mean. My people do not believe in making contact through technology, nor do they know about things like cell phones,” Y/N said as she grabbed a cloak that was handed to her. She placed it on her shoulders and continued walking. Not missing a step.

“So you do know about technology,” Tony continued.

Y/N came to an abrupt stop, she turned to the billionaire. “Mister Stark, I understand how much technology means to you. It is what makes you, you. I, on the other hand, don’t rely on technology whatsoever. I don’t want or need a machine to do my doing when I could do it myself. Yes, I am from Earth. I lived there for about ten years until I learned about my destiny and left Earth to come here. I had an agenda and that was to rescue my people and overthrow the horrendous king before claiming my throne.” She began walking once again. “This planet has a unique way of communication. I’ll show it to you when we get to your chambers.”

She pointed to a door on the right, “Wanda Maximoff, I believe this is your room. Your brother will be in the bedroom across from you.” It wasn’t until Y/N instructed everyone to their rooms when she turned to Tony. “And this is your destination.” She opened Tony’s room door and stepped inside.

Tony was in complete awe at the luxury of a single room. The architecture was absolutely alien to him. A tree was growing through the headboard of the bed and Tony wondered if that tree contained any creatures that might fall on his face during his sleep. The backpack he brought on the camping trip was sitting neatly on a chair next to a desk that was made of some type of flower. Tony examined the structure closer.

“That’s Mojen,” Y/N explained. “A unique flower that only grows on this land.”

Tony stroked the soft petals.

“It’s poisonous and can kill you in less than ten seconds.”

Tony pulled his hand away.

Y/N chuckled, “It’s dead. It no longer can kill you. Now,” she walked over to a huge mirror on the wall. “This is the View. Our form of communication.” Y/N pulled out a round silver coin. “You toss a coin in.” The coin went through the mirror as if it were water. “Who do you wish to contact? Tell me the place too.”

“Vision, Upstate New York, Avengers facility, Upstate,”    Tony said.

“Oh, Rah, show me Vision UpstateNew York, Avengers facility.”

The mirror rippled and soon Vision appeared on the frame. Clear, just as he was there.

“Mister Stark?” Vision asked.

“Vision!” Tony exclaimed. “Aha! It worked!”

Y/N smiled, “I’ll leave you to it. I have other matters to discuss. Rest well, Mister Stark. Tomorrow morning, don’t forget to break fast in the dining room. I’ll have someone come to escort you.”

Y/N left Tony’s room. Her brow creased as she hurried to the window. There was a streak of red across the sky. Her hellhound, Rhaelor stood next to her. He sensed her distress and nuzzled his head against her face. Y/N smiled at the affection, but she was still troubled. She gripped her staff as she raced across the hall. Her cloak billowed.

Master Ruke furrowed his eyebrows while his eyes were closed. Suddenly he winced in pain and fell to one knee. Y/N rushed to his side, “Master Ruke! Are you okay?”

Master Ruke nodded grimly, “I sense something coming. Something strong and dangerous. Full of revenge.”

Y/N felt her shoulders slump in disbelief. However, she quickly recovered and extended her hand. She watched as blue energy formed around Master Ruke’s body. Y/N walked and Ruke’s body followed her.

“You must prepare, Your Majesty,” Master Ruke said. “War is among us.”

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In the cold…

Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, Calif. – - A Marine from Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division at the enemy fires for other Marines to maneuver during an assault on an enemy position during the final six-day field exercise for Mountain Exercise winter training package at MCMWTC Bridgeport, Calif., Feb. 4, 2014. The Warlords and its attached units underwent the winter training package at MCMWTC to prepare for the upcoming a multi-lateral joint and combined exercise Cold Response, which will take place in March of 2014 in Norway. (Photo By: Lance Cpl Cesar N Contreras)