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What if Neil wrote in a journal everyday and it basically became a sort of scrapbook and his reminder that he has a home and reason to finally stay

  • It was Bee’s idea because Neil finally confined in her that he still has the urge to run some days 
  • Mainly on days when he wakes up from nightmares of his Fathers men and Lola grabbing and torturing him all over again
  • Bee goes through her bookshelves and finds a leather journal that she hasn’t used yet and gives it to him
  • Her advices was to write the date on the top of the page and when the day is done to write everything he’s done or put little mementos in it (e.g. receipt, tickets, pictures

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Bittersweet Daenerys' ending

It’s sure that’s not gonna happen but this just came to my mind and seems both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Trigger warning: Daenerys potential death (it’s much more BITTER AND HEARTBREAKING than I expected though…)

She is in the middle of a battle with the Night King. She’s riding Drogon and Jon’s riding Rhaegal. A lot of Northians and Free Folks fighting on the field with Wights. Night King is flying around on Viserion. Other White Walkers fighting with “bosses” (Jaime?, Brienne?) and some of them tries to shoot dragons with ice spears. The White Walker (or the Night King himself) shoots Drogon. He doesn’t die instantly but he falls (just like in 7x4). Dany falls on the ground away from him. The Night King lands with Viserion in front of her. She looks away at Drogon but in that moment a White Walker shoots him again and Drogon dies looking at Daenerys. She’s in grief shock, tears fall down her eyes. She looks traumatized. She has lost another child, her beloved child. She turns back to Viserion and desperately starts to call his name. The dragon doesn’t attack her - he seems like he knows her. However, he growls at her and shows his teeth. Despite that Daenerys tries to touch Viserion. We can see the pain and love in her eyes. Her hand stops halfway when Viserion growls again. In that moment Daenerys understands that even if he recognizes her, there’s no chance to bring him back on her side. She looks around the battlefield, she sees slow motion fighters. She looks at Jon flying Rhaegal and realizes how much they own each other. Rhaegal wasn’t her dragon anymore, he belonged to Jon. They are a family now, jest like Rhaegar is Jon’s father. She remebers Jon is the true heir of the Iron Throne, not her. She looks at him with love and she knows he will be a good king. She looks at dead Drogon now. All memories come back to her when her husband khal Drogo died. She recalls the vision from House of The Undying - Drogo and their child in a tent. She hears in her head Drogo’s voice telling her they will meet again. She smiles through tears. She knows now. No dragon belongs to her anymore, no mission she has left to do. She looks into Viserion’s eye with a love of mother. She smiles sadly again. She’s not afraid anymore and she’s not going to fight anymore. She almost feel the warm touch of Drogo’s hand on her shoulder. Looking last time at Viserion she says “Dracarys” quietly. Viserion does listen do her. His blue flames enfold Daenerys. The last thing she feels is strange burning cold of icy fire that’s magic can destroy even The Unburnt. She’s about to meet again the ones she lost.


She should have been firm. She should have told him to go. It was a bad idea, him being here in her room. What if Lily had a nightmare and came looking for Mummy? What if Harry did hear them? Or worse, what if Ron did? But she was tired, dammit. She was tired of her own family acting like she was the villain. As if she’d broken poor Harry’s heart – which she bloody well hadn’t, thank you very much. Never mind her own heart, which had been ignored in the process. And with Draco… Merlin help her, but he made her feel that spark she’d been missing – only it wasn’t a spark at all. It was an inferno burning hot. She might go down in flames with it, but selfishly, she didn’t c a r e. [x]

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hey! I'm a little confused bout how harry styles is lgbtq+, do you mind explaining? (if you'd like, I'm just very curious)

me looking at the past 6 years of things that have happened and trying to figure out how to put it into words and realizing I can’t

Happy birthday, Gokudera!!

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