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I just don’t get why the fandom is always saying that Oikawa is frivolous and vain and a narcissist.

[Make it right] - hidekane

Title: Make it right
Fandom: Tokyo ghoul
Genre: Slice of life, angst, hurt/comfort
Pairing: HideHaise/HideKane, very brief mention of MutsUrie
Warning: mentions of behading, blood, badly written feelings and dorks being in love without even realizing it
Word count: 6410
Summary: They are like a puzzle in the way they fit in the tiny crevicesand asperities of one another’s personality with extreme ease, as if they know exactly where the other draws their line and never have to even cross it to feel it in their own skin, as an outstretching of their own self. They are opposites, but that only adds to their nature. They are bound to attract to one another, and they are glad to do just that.

Or: the one in which Hide is an investigator from Division II and his partner in the upcoming’s investigation is a shadow from his past.


Written for HideKane week
Day 5 ––– Winter / New Year’s / Reunion

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