it's very meh i know

  • They have a channel together
  • Their channel is so random
  • Seriously what
  • They play games, they make vlogs, you name it
  • Lucy is a sarcastic meme child that is a literal ray of sunshine
  • Juvia is also a literal ray of sunshine who makes terrible puns
  • Juvia is so clumsy though
  • She literally trips and falls over everything no matter what they’re doing
  • Their most popular video is called ‘Juvia Tripping: A Compilation’
  •  One time Juvia made such a bad joke Lucy almost cried and spent the rest of the vlog just staring at the ground and wall while whispering to herself
  • Whenever Lucy wakes Juvia up in vlogs, it’s always with ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ or the John Cena theme
  • Always
  • Them playing horror games is rare but honestly the best thing
  • Lucy prays to Pepe and Doge and screams while Juvia screams and falls off the chair
  • One time she even knocked a drink on the monitor
  • Natsu once scared them while they were playing a scary game and Juvia got so scared she slapped him and poured water on him
  • Because of that, their subscribers call her ‘a water mage’
  • People are obsessed with their relationship
  • “they aRE SO CUTE H O W”
  • Lucy once feel down the stairs on camera
  • Juvia was vlogging something and talking and she was interrupted by a scream and Lucy falling
  • No matter what the video is about, there will always be one comment saying ‘Wow Lucy didn’t trip this time, impressive’
  • The have bloopers sometimes, and it’s literally Lucy screaming because she messed up her lines
Fanfic: Body Talk, Major Crimes | FanFiction

He knows her body like the back of his hand. A short little Shandy drabble.

I can’t decide at all how I feel about Finn x Rose.

On the one hand I read their relationship as platonic literally up to the moment of the kiss and it left me completely nonplussed and a little uncomfortable.  Maybe I was distracted by all the Reylo (and there was a LOT of Reylo) but I felt no romantic interest from either character towards the other.

I mean, I guess it could be kind of cute.  She idolizes him, he barely knows she exists in that way, he probably had a repressed upbringing in the First Order and isn’t really geared towards thinking that’s an option so her growing interest in him goes completely unnoticed; like, I can get on board with that.  But I really genuinely and completely felt NOTHING of the kind from these characters before, during, and after their mid-battle ~moment~