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i think its important that with finn, raven asked "do you love me?" and he said always, then she said "we'll always be family" and he said always. the fact that bellamy asked her "you with me?" and raven responded "always" shows how significant their relationship is in her life.

I was legitimately thinking about this last night when that gifset popped up on my dash.

In my opinion, it’s very significant because when Raven loves or cares for someone, she doesn’t half-ass it. She, like Bellamy, is loyal down to every core of her being. She shows it without hesitation. Her long term boyfriend cheated on her, and she still made sure to tell him that they’d always be family despite him not romantically loving her the way she wants to be loved. She’s loyal to Finn despite his disloyalty, despite him prioritizing someone else over her. She cherishes bonds and experiences with people.

When Bellamy asks “you with me?”,  The determination in her voice and the slight shocked expression when she firmly says “Always” means that she has thought of Bellamy like family, like someone she would never leave behind, like someone she will always stand by, like someone she has committed herself to. It’s evidence that the feeling is reciprocated as he has fought every step of the way to protect and care for her. Raven isn’t naive, she doesn’t hand out her devotion to just anyone, she guards herself, her love, and her faith; but with Bellamy, there was no doubt. If it were anyone else, she would have just nodded in agreement. But with Bellamy, she gave him a promise. Always means something to Raven; promises and love and care mean something to Raven.

TL;DR - Raven is loyal and her promise to always be with Bellamy is more than just reassurance, it’s a vow of loyalty.


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I was wondering why so many ship Bamon. Like, genuinely curious, and a lot of the responses I get are geared toward Stefan and Elena being back together. But I also want to know what some of your top ten or twenty reasons are to ship Bamon? That obviously does not include Stelena?

In my experience, shipping Bamon isn’t inherently tied to shipping any other pairing. Some Bamon shippers also ship SE, but many ship SC (there’s even a ship name for that foursome, Belvafore), and many are like me and aren’t really invested in either of those ships.

Bamon shippers get asked the question “Why do you ship Bamon?” a lot. To the point where it feels kind of insulting, lol, as if the ship is somehow unfathomable for no apparent reason. But you’ve asked politely, and it’s not like I’m about to pass up the chance to talk about Bamon…

Top 10 or 20 reasons might be too much considering how long-winded I am, but let’s see:

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Today is finally the last performance. To everyone that came to the Girls & Peace tour, starting from the first concert until today, thank you very much. We have learned a lot of things from the Japan tour, and we were able to have good experiences. Every time we had a concert, we were able to make eye contact with our important fans, and also be with them. We were very happy. To give me the chance to love, and be loved, I am very thankful. Everyone… thank you very much.



“100 days, one year, our times together grow deeper. Our anniversary, moments to remember. Our anniversary, let’s keep going till the end. All the moments we were happy together and worried together remember it forever. For you, who stayed by my side I will promise you that I’ll protect you forever” – Annie Lyrics 

 It has been two years, but it seems like yesterday that I watched “Say it” for the first time. You have grown as a group, all the members are always working hard to improve their skills and makes me so proud to see the artists who have become. ToppDogg are unique, there is no music like yours and there is no one like you in this world… their passion for what they do, I can feel, even when things got tough you guys never gave up and moved on always doing your best to make ToppDogg a better group. ToppDogg love for us, Toppklass, can’t be measured, they are always kind to us, how can you guys be so precious? I’m thankful that ToppDogg exist, you guys don’t know how much you make me happy and how much I learned from you over these two years – especially never give up my dreams, you are always telling us that. 

I love you, ToppKlass love you. Let’s keep creating memories together, ToppDogg & ToppKlass as a family.