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Happy one year anniversary UNDERTALE !

Americans: we’re gonna use Fahrenheit where 0 degrees is really cold and 100 degrees is really hot so 40-60 degrees is okay weather. It’s just like we’re counting up from 0 to 100 and the closer we get to 100 the warmer/hotter the weather.  

Rest of the world: wtf??? Americans are so dumb that makes no sense??? 0 degrees is okay weather and 100 degrees means you’re dead!! Dumb Americans with their counting up from 0 method how ignorant and stupid they all are lets constantly post about it


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100% serious fanmix dedicated to thranduil & the mirkwood clique otherwise known as the soundtrack to tolkien spinning in his grave

its-animalcrazy-love  asked:

Good morning, the other day my sister was asking me "why mules cant have babies" I told her that it was because they are hybrids, but sometimes they are able to create an offspring, but how it really works? I have an understanding that is because the number of chromosomes, Im wrongly informed? Thank you

You are right! It’s all because of the number of chromosomes.

A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.
While a hinny is the offspring of a female donkey and a male horse. 

They are both sterile (there are some exceptions, like there always is in biology) and this is to do with the number of chromosomes. 

Horse’s have 64 chromosomes, and donkey’s have 62. So when producing sperm and an egg to produce the mule, these are both haploid (they have one set of chromosomes). So in the case of a mule offspring, the sperm cell would have only 31 chromosomes, and the egg 32  chromosomes. When they join to form a diploid fertilized egg they’ll have 63 chromosomes. This becomes an issue when the mule tries to create a haploid cell (sperm or egg) because the cell cannot pair up or spit up due to being odd. 

Hence why mules are sterile. 

what i say: hey just so you know mutuals can ask for my snapchat/personal blog whenever they want haha !!!

what i mean: Mutuals Please Ask For My Snapchat And Personal Blog Im So Lonely

Real talk though.

“The gems are too brightly colored!”

They’re gemstones

It’s. Kind of their thing.

Edit: temporarily removed the gif of the shiny gem orb because I can’t move the gif warning tag up to the front of the post and idk if it’ll get caught in everyone’s blacklist from the very end.

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Can I ask you where you get your artwork prints printed? I'm new to this! Thanks

I go to local print places. Most places will let you print something as a test just to see the quality. If not you can always put in a buck or 2 and print something on their cheapest paper just to see the ink quality/color.  

The best places i’ve gotten prints from are usually mildly sketchy looking shopping plazas. You know, the ones that have a generic name like “color copies” that print banners and community signs. They often care more about their printers/products and want you to become a repeat customer. 

Depending on the place they also might let you use your own paper at a discount, as long as it’s a standard size that won’t jam their equipment. I recommend google mapping copy places around you or just keeping an eye out for printer places on the road. You’ll probably find a good one.
I don’t like doing online printing b/c I’d have to pay shipping and possibly end up with 50 too dark or off green prints. 

I bring my laptop and a flash drive with me for printing so I can edit the color/levels after the first print, then print the rest with the edited version to insure they come out close to how they look on screen. You might have to do some adjusting, there’s only so much the printers can do, or maybe I’m just really picky about the way the colors print hahhhh.
You could make a test sheet with all your prints crammed together so you can get an idea of how weird the colors will turn out without having to make a bunch of copies. 

Depending on where you live staples or officedepo might make reasonable prints. But the quality and the lenience with paper used really depend on the individual store. So maybe you’ll luck out there.
If anything the printing area of officedepo often has nice rotary and guillotine paper cutters you can use for free to trim things. >:D At least mine did.


@killmygalaxy@unhealthydoctors​ I DID THE THING

so like me and my two mutuals discussed an AU in which Kamogawa gym had a gym tape of some kind and I HAD TO DR AW IT BC IM ALL ABOUT THAT TERRIBLE 80′S CLOTHES IN HORRIBLE COLOURS


the osaka tiger

And vol–

okokokokok i think thats enough for today goodbye everyone

Tell me, tell me, tell me…
Where do the boys go?


Beverly Goldberg is one of my favourite characters in the world. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching The Goldbergs, you need to get on that ASAP.

I thought the Alistair stuation was bad. Turns out the Fenris situation is worse.


Idfk just having fun with the Snapchat filters even tho I have all the time in the world anD SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR A JOB WHAT AM I DOING?!?!?!?!?!?!