it's vampire week


buffyverse femslash week ////// day 3: buffyfaithkendra

step out into the sun
skies above they radiate me
lift up, carry the love
do you know?

that i’ve been out of my mind
this slow life i’m waiting for you
to swing me all of your line
do you know?

since i’ve been walking solo
dreaming you were back home
i find getting down low
hide until tomorrow

come back into the good life
lose these hazy love lies
i’ve been chasing my mind
lonely in the cold nights



     Day Ⅳ:

          ↳ Happiness | Smiles | Satisfaction

You’re my happiness

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Happy Halloween ⚰🍂🎃💀👻

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Autumn angels ✨ (because I refuse to believe that those two are supposed to be monsters)

And thank you so so much for over 500 followers, I love you all, you guys are the best!

Romerica week day 3.

Again this isn’t a story but here’s an au im too passionate abt. @romerica-week

I have this cool vampire au. So basically they’re vampires but their lore more or less follows the vampire lore of cirque de freak. They don’t have fangs and instead use their sharp nails to cut open skin and they don’t go for the next. Full blooded vamps spit heals wounds (like Steven’s healing spit, kinda in su). They “flit” or move really really heccing fast etc etc. They can be in the sunlight but not for long or they die. So stuff like that. Tho in my au Vampires branched off from wizards because Vlad the impaler gets cursed by a witch and becomes the first vampire. So the thing is vampires have some magical ability but its very weak and unlike cirque du freak vampires aren’t infertile so you can be born a vampire but symptoms won’t show up until after you hit puberty. Then sometimes it can be within the same year or next 3 years you start feeling symptoms. You can be blooded and instantly feel effects but that’s less important to the au. So Alfred and Lovino are born vampires and go to normal school until they symptoms. Alfred was uninformed by his family of his vampirism bc in this au Vampires can lead “normal” lives if they make certain potiond which is why Alfred has no clue. Lovino’s been aware the whole time and funny thing is they go to a human high school together when symptoms arise. Alfred panics but Lovino tells him what’s up. Alfred tells his parents and then they reveal that hes going to a vampiric school after certain symptoms show up. This turns his life upside down and thinks he’ll see none of his friends ever again. This also explains why Lovino “disappeared” from school. He then has to go and gets a roommate who is shocker, shocker, Lovino. Over the few years they bond and fall in love. I low-key wanna write a fic but have no motivation.

And that’s my submission! I hope this vampire au brings u as much joy as it brings me. And other little known fact, my nickname would have been Ara if I hadn’t read cirque du freak. Plus arra was my fav female character and it was just one letter off from my nickname.


Yeah what if you were, what if you were?
What if I’m a snowstorm burning?
What if I’m a world unturning?
What if I’m an ocean, far too shallow, much too deep?
What if I’m the kindest demon, something you may not believe in?
What if I’m a siren singing gentlemen to sleep?


Day Two ● Favorite Moment

The Reunion

Because of the smiles on their faces. Because they missed each other. Because of the running hug. Because of the joy. Because of the moaning. Because of the emotion. Because of her legs wrapped around his waist. Because of the hand gripping her shirt, making sure she’s real; grounding him. Because I’ve never in my life seen either of them happier to see anyone else. Period. End of story.

Hi there :DDD !

I’m still packing ma suitcase for the EnglandTrip tho I gotta go in a few hours and I still need a shower and stuff, haha x'DD
so, you already know that, but I’ll be gone for a week T^T ! with probably no ( good ) Internet :’D aahhh…damn… We will be traveling a lot, so i won’t have time to stalk the Internet anyway >w>)“

you gotta enjoy the 6th Episode without me v.v) ! have Fun <3 <3 ~ I’ll be excited for the Spam under the Servamp-Hashtag once I return home xD
and of course for the Spam for my 18th birthdaaaaaaaaaaay ! 8(>///////<)8 NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <3 I can’t wait, Jesus Christ HELP XDDDDD
yeah, I’ll arrive on the 13th of August, in the morning xD
It’s like : the last day of the trip in London - driving with the bus in the evening - through the night - BIRTHDAY - PARTY in the BUS - back home x'DDD

anyway, enjoy dat little SakkunChibi ~ I really adore his Animedia-style *^* and those shoes were perfect for my trip x'DD haha <3 ( ok those shoes looked like the flag of the UK, but now in higher Quality one can see that those are mostly random stripes which look like the flag…. xD ? who cares =////=) )
I hope to get the original Image of this sooooon *3*)~ <3 SummerMelancholyyyyyy ~

So, see you soon :DDD !

For those of you who already know, and for those who have read my posts/hearing about it for a good year now, my 18th month hiatus for my mission trip starts Wednesday March 16th lasting to September 16th 2017 Looking forward to this trip for years but knowing how much I’m going to miss everyone really makes this bittersweet TuT


 It won’t be ALL bad and the blog won’t be left unattended AND even have some updates! Details about it and my feelings toward everything about it after the cut. And also yes I will be trying to update what I can before then

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