it's ur birthday here so


“Hinata… This big idiot finally understands… The real meaning of the scarf you gave me when you went with Toneri… I know now, from the scarf you painstakingly knitted and took so long to finish, that your love can’t be unraveled so easily… Wait for me… This whole time, you always loved me for the way I am… Now, as a man, there’s something I must tell you… Hinata, I swear I will save you!”


a laviyuu photoset for my wonderful sister 💙
happy birthday, @rielity!


@jeonsgyeon​ HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCC!!! you’re so funny and kind and amazing and…ugh ur just so powerful. we havent even known each other for that long but u are truly THAT bitch you’re literally so funny and cute when u arent even doing anything and im sososo happy that I can call u a friend i hope u have an AMAZING! birthday today and all ur wishes come true! let’s make more memories and memes together~~ i LOVE you lucc 💞💞