it's upping to youtube now

Am I studyblr enough yet


The sim card for my new camera arrived today and oh my stars trying to figure out how to get high quality footage transferred to my computer was a mission but I think I’ve finally got the right settings figured out????

I’m actually so hype to start recording proper videos with it omg!!

Soundtrack: The Usher 

01. Savlonic - Android [Equavox Remix]
02. CHROM - Down Below
03. KMFDM - Full Worm Garden
04. Death in June - Fall Apart
05. ohGr - minuS
06. She Past Away - Rituel
07. Scattle - Serrated 
08. Perturbator - Souls at Zero
09. Dynatron - Dust of the Saturn
10. Cold Showers - Only Human

Listen on YouTube.


There are actually a few kdramas that start airing in September and that sparked my interest. Which upcoming kdramas are you looking forward to?


exactly six years later, and they still only have eyes for each other. 



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Artie be careful, the episode Stuck Together fully leaked online and it's on youtube right now. Just a heads up as I know people will be spreading spoilers like wildfire.

thanks for the warning! But it actually wasn’t leaked, it’s on the CN app and the CN website, which means it was officially released. It would be nice if CN bothered to announce stuff like this, though, instead of dropping episodes suddenly so people find out about it via sudden bursts of spoilers

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did you see Misha's ponytailed #PuberMe pic in Stephen Colbert's video? (he pops up at 1:44 in the video.. it's on YouTube now.) and they raised A MILLION DOLLARS FOR PUERTO RICO! :D

Look at hiiiiim ahaha. One of the best photos.

For real though, the #PuberMe project did sooo well. Find out more about the project (and watch Lin-Manuel Miranda bein’ cute!) here

well it is 6 am, and I’m meant to be up at 8 to move downstairs to my sisters room to watch Trico (our dog) while they’re away for a few days

Still no regrets

Last year I got to work on an animated short called “Alex and Sylvia” produced by BRC Imagination Arts for the EU at the Milan Expo. I got to do some character design, key scene painting, color scripting, and other design work which I’m happy I can finally share since the film is now up on Youtube in its entirety. This shot was a color key for one of the final scenes featuring our two main characters designed by the great Peter de Seve.


Joshifer+ Clapping Laughs on Jimmy Fallon