it's up to you to find beauty in the ugliest days

spring equinox part one.

clean house.

to the doormat in me;
you have the right to say no. never apologize for your decisions— explain yourself only at your discretion. never feel pressured to defend your choices. you do not need a reason to put you first. let your favors be in love and come from your overflow. do not starve yourself to feed others out of fear of loneliness. serve you everyday. say “no” today. say it again. don’t waste time trying to figure out who feels what about you. you have the right to be the only person you live for. free up your time that was once full of commitments that didn’t honor you. the kind of love worth a favor is counterfeit. do not become bitter when you see the love you gave was not returned to you. continue to love with discernment. you have the right to boundaries that only abide by you, and cause no harm to others. make it a mantra for others to follow. fall in love with having a voice. now fall in love with hearing your voice. become your favorite sound. you have the right to love that won’t exploit you. there are people who are okay with you living for yourself. the love you seek flows freely within you. you have the right to please you. do what makes you smile. you have the right to relationships with those that you won’t ask you to pay with your life to love them. your love belongs where it’s appreciated most, not with the highest bidder.

to the manipulator in me;
you have the right to engage in confrontations. you do not always have to concede to psychological warfare. allow people to know your wants, needs and desires in its most natural form— tell them. you do not have to live avoiding altercations. let that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach be a reminder of your release from feeling undeserving. you have the right to ask for what you want directly, confidently. you do not have to plant seeds, use power of suggestion, and create dramatic scenes acting out roles of victim & damsel to access the affection you long for. you have the right to be honest with yourself. you have a duty to remind people how you prefer to be loved. you have a duty to know what to tell people because you know yourself. you have a right to authenticity, and a life void of ulterior motives. you can be yourself and still receive what you need. you will never have to deceive, extort, or exploit others for your needs again because you know there is enough for you. you have the right to ask for more from others. you don’t have accept everything that is given. you have the right to be vulnerable. you have a right to be safe.

to the ugliest parts of me;
you have the right to believe beautiful. you deserve to be showered with compliments. accept every kind word you receive without a counter argument. do not second-guess celebrations of yourself. bask in your moments of worship. you are glorious. we will never experience the unique frequency that is you, again. honor your rare existence. you are precious to me. be the best you there is. walk upright, and have compassion stored for the days that you don’t. you have the right to forgive yourself. the love you demand does not rely on successes and failures but on inherent self-worth. you are allowed to be imperfect, and you are allowed to receive love while imperfect. be proud of your work. there is healing in every mistake you made. they have a right to be seen so they can touch others. you are a picture best when shown when complete. find beauty in your own right. join hands with the rest of your existence. i am not complete without you.

part two.

my boundaries.

use this as a template to create your own boundaries, or you may use this.

people may not use me as their emotional dump.
people may not attempt to make me feel less than them.
people may not gossip, lie in front of me, or ask me to lie.

people may not invade my space without permission.
people may not use my needs to control me. people may not use me or my power to bring harm.
people may not be allowed to affect my mood. people may not negotiate me.

i may not be dishonest with myself.
i may not please for approval.
i may not put down others to feel good.
i may not hold on to what doesn’t serve me.
i may not use my power to cause harm.
i may not settle.
i may not compare.
i may not neglect my gifts given.

to protect my energy, it is okay to change my mind.
to protect my energy, it is okay to cancel a commitment.
to protect my energy, it is okay to take a day off.
to protect my energy, it is okay to not answer that call.
to protect my energy, it is okay to not share myself.
to protect my energy, it is okay to do nothing. to protect my energy, it is okay to be alone.
to protect my energy, it is okay to sleep in.
to protect my energy, it is okay to speak up.
to protect my energy, it is okay to move on.
to protect my energy, it is okay to let go.
to protect my energy, it is okay to change.

By: Warsan Shire

spring equinox part one.

clean house.

to the doormat in me; you have the right to say no. never apologize for your decisions— explain yourself only at your discretion. never feel pressured to defend your choices. you do not need a reason to put you first. let your favors be in love and come from your overflow. do not starve yourself to feed others out of fear of loneliness. serve you everyday. say “no” today. say it again. don’t waste time trying to figure out who feels what about you. you have the right to be the only person you live for. free up your time that was once full of commitments that didn’t honor you. the kind of love worth a favor is counterfeit. do not become bitter when you see the love you gave was not returned to you. continue to love with discernment. you have the right to boundaries that only abide by you, and cause no harm to others. make it a mantra for others to follow. fall in love with having a voice. now fall in love with hearing your voice. become your favorite sound. you have the right to love that won’t exploit you. there are people who are okay with you living for yourself. the love you seek flows freely within you. you have the right to please you. do what makes you smile. you have the right to relationships with those that you won’t ask you to pay with your life to love them. your love belongs where it’s appreciated most, not with the highest bidder.

to the manipulator in me; you have the right to engage in confrontations. you do not always have to concede to psychological warfare. allow people to know your wants, needs and desires in its most natural form— tell them. you do not have to live avoiding altercations. let that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach be a reminder of your release from feeling undeserving. you have the right to ask for what you want directly, confidently. you do not have to plant seeds, use power of suggestion, and create dramatic scenes acting out roles of victim & damsel to access the affection you long for. you have the right to be honest with yourself. you have a duty to remind people how you prefer to be loved. you have a duty to know what to tell people because you know yourself. you have a right to authenticity, and a life void of ulterior motives. you can be yourself and still receive what you need. you will never have to deceive, extort, or exploit others for your needs again because you know there is enough for you. you have the right to ask for more from others. you don’t have accept everything that is given. you have the right to be vulnerable. you have a right to be safe.

to the ugliest parts of me; you have the right to believe you’re beautiful. you deserve to be showered with compliments. accept every kind word you receive without a counter argument. do not second-guess celebrations of yourself. bask in your moments of worship. you are glorious. we will never experience the unique frequency that is you, again. honor your rare existence. you are precious to me. be the best you there is. walk upright, and have compassion stored for the days that you don’t. you have the right to forgive yourself. the love you demand does not rely on successes and failures but on inherent self-worth. you are allowed to be imperfect, and you are allowed to receive love while imperfect. be proud of your work. there is healing in every mistake you made. they have a right to be seen so they can touch others. you are a picture best when complete. find beauty in your own right. join hands with the rest of your existence. i am not complete without you.

andreil: flower shop au (iii)

part one, part two

  • the cats and andrew become best freaking friends and they get so many flowers from him
    • they’re at the point where it’s not just flowers
    • he also gets them toys even tho they like never play with them ever
      • “if ur going to have cats at least give them proper entertainment” he says to neil, who is so baffled by a stranger buying toys for his pets

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The Florist & the Funeral Director BBRae Headcanons:

-Raven is the florist, Beast Boy is the funeral director.

-Raven, for as dark and mysterious as she is, quite loves beautiful things and she’s got this great talent for arranging some gorgeous bouquets. 

-Raven has a reputation for her gentle and patient hand, and her flowers are typically sought after.

-Beast Boy is happy, chipper, and a ray of sunshine. He’s extremely good at consoling people, listening to them, and being both supportive and kind during tough times.

-When they first meet, they’re both a bit taken aback by each other and think: “Huh…you’re not what I expected for a florist/funeral director…”

-Beast Boy asks Raven for business cards to distribute amongst his clients because he figures they can have a mutual business relationship.

-She’s not used to folks being nice to her (she’s been scammed a few times), so Raven’s a bit apprehensive but doesn’t see the harm.

-Beast Boy’s always in fancy suits and Raven wonders what he wears when he’s not working.

-Beast Boy has serious allergies to some form of pollen but takes allergy medication every time he goes to see Raven so she never finds out.

-When he first tries asking her out, he goes in all smooth, telling her he wants to ask a really pretty lady out on a date with a pretty bouquet and asks her to recommend something since she’s got such great taste.

-Raven, slightly jealous and irritated by this, picks out the ugliest, most horrid smelling things she can find and tells him they’ll do wonderfully.

-Eventually, Beast Boy has to say: “Raven…Rae. Uh, the girl. It’s you. I’m asking YOU out on a date, please stop.” 

-She’s a bit stunned (maybe a touch embarassed), but agrees.

-Beast Boy flirts with her by constantly trying to find excuses to need flowers; he once told her his sister was dying just to spend time with her while she arranged a bouquet. 

-Raven, for as good as she is at her craft, curses like a sailor while working because WHO THE FUCK decided it was a good idea to give roses thorns anyways?!

-Raven’s asked Beast Boy about dead bodies at least once; she couldn’t help her morbid curiosity. He invented a horror story of one corpse disappearing and haunting the funeral home. She was not impressed.

-When Raven asks him what his favourite flower is, Beast Boy realizes he knows next to nothing about them, and spends a whole night researching them so he can come up with a good answer to impress her.

-He takes her out to the cafe for a cup of tea every time it’s slow (aka no one dead/winter).

-On Valentine’s Day, Raven is so overwhelmed with orders that Beast Boy came in on his own volition (when she had to cancel their date) and spent the night helping her. At the end, he still managed to light a few candles, spread out some rose petals (courtesy of the mess they already made), a blanket, and a bottle of champagne while Raven got a pretty good foot rub. It was the sweetest Valentine’s Day she’d ever had. 

-Raven tells Gar she could cut him a deal with her flowers, but Gar always leaves her a hefty tip to balance it out anyways. 

-The benefit to dating a florist is that they always smell good.

-Raven has jokingly told Gar he smelled like dead bodies once and he’s never been the same. 

-Beast Boy will never buy Raven flowers that are not from her shop because all she’ll do is criticize them. 

-Whenever one of her friends experiences a loss in their family, Raven mentions that her boyfriend could help them out. It’s a bit disconcerting, but Gar’s such a charmer, they’re so glad she recommended him. 

-He doesn’t remember the last time he’s had a girlfriend that wasn’t embarassed by his profession. 

-Beast Boy got into the industry by pure chance; someone had dared him to do it as a joke when he saw the ad while looking for work, and for some weird reason, he stuck around even after the joke had run its course.

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Hope you don't mind another prompt! In honor of current antics - five weddings Kaneki cried at + when he got married and multiple people cried. Preference for canon or implied pairings, but you do you

I’m going to ignore the most recent chapters in that :RE is shutting down.

The first wedding Kaneki ever attended (attended was generous…him and Touka watched from the hills as the happy couple left the church) was actually for two people who barely knew. He wasn’t invited by the couple, but was rather invited by the person who mattered to him most.

Yoriko looked beautiful. However, Kaneki couldn’t shake the sight of tears glistening in the corners of Touka’s eyes.

She didn’t cry, but he did (he cried for Touka, who life had hardened into someone who couldn’t let themselves break down or they’d keep on breaking).

Nishiki and Kimi got married in :RE in a ceremony that involved only the exchange of blood (ghoul tradition) and a pair of rings (on Kimi’s insistence…she was understanding, but she wanted something physical to show that Nishiki wasn’t leaving this time). She had been so brave when Nishiki first came back to her. She’d been supportive and kind and so…so afraid of losing him again.

Kaneki glanced down at where his fingers were interlocked with Touka’s (a tarnished ring on his index…not his ring finger). He was so happy that Nishiki and Kimi had found each other again. He was happy he could be here (with her). They’d both lost so many people.

They were going to lose more, but at least they could be happy for now.

He cried a little bit and Nishiki, bastard that he was, never let it go.

Ayato and Hinami don’t get married. Kaneki thinks they never will (Ayato won’t look at the ring on Kaneki’s finger. He didn’t show up to Nishiki’s wedding either). However, what they have is special.

Kaneki had been reading in the greenhouse when he heard. Hinami promised never to leave Ayato, that he’d never be alone, and that they’d share their lives forever. Ayato hadn’t cried (though Kaneki certainly teared up), but he did sound awfully choked up when he told Hinami,

“Forever. Even if we die.”

It wasn’t romantic yet, but Kaneki knew one day it would be.

Amon and Akira’s marriage was abrupt. There’s fear in both their eyes during the ceremony (desperation for it to go faster, a feverish terror that it wouldn’t happen at all). Amon’s hands shake so violently he can barely get the ring on his wife’s finger. Akira’s are steady, however Kaneki knows her well enough to see that she’s gone pale.

They are getting married because they know there isn’t much time left.

Kaneki knows that too. Maybe that’s why his hands start to shake (him and Amon had always been a little too similar).

Unlike Amon’s, his didn’t stop until Touka shoved him into a wall and kissed him until he couldn’t think of anything else.

Naki and Miza’s wedding is a gigantic party. It’s full of dancing and laughter and everything that his been missing from the somber occasions proceeding it - it suits the couple well. Kaneki is happy for them, laughing until his vision blurs with tears, and he finds a little bravery in it.

Maybe he can take a risk today…

Touka and Kaneki’s wedding is attended by all of their friends. It’s not a party like Naki and Miza’s, but it’s still…a celebration.

Kaneki’s hands shake, but Touka is smiling. Her eyes don’t hold the same fear that Akira’s did. They don’t reflect quite the same history that Kimi’s did - an old love or a wounded one (though Kaneki had given her plenty to be hurt about…today was free of that. They were free of that). No one has to hide in their crowd of friends.

There’s no doubt here - they’re in love. They’re getting married because they’re in love.

There’s no aisle to walk down, no white dress, no rings except for the one Kaneki already wears. There’s just Banjou, newly inducted into internet priesthood, along with a speech that each of them had written. Kaneki’s is five pages long after many nights of editing (it was 20, but Ayato had beaten him up and said he didn’t want to hear about his sister for that long). Touka’s is one.

Touka cries at what he has to say (passages from all her favourite books, quotes from her, every example of her kindness he knew she couldn’t refute, and how much he wanted to be with her instead of needed to be…because she already knew about the need). Some others tear up at his sentimentality. Touka’s one page is what turns on the waterworks for Yomo, Ayato, and all the old members of :RE.

“I love you. I never thought there was a reason for me to live in this world other than my refusal to die. I never thought I could be redeemed - I didn’t want to be. But you, you made me…see the world. You made me look. When I looked at the world, saw its ugliest parts and its beauty, I saw myself, too. You made me look like somebody worth living for, so I want to spend my life on you. Let’s both make the most of it.”

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes | When Phil realizes Dan spends so much time in the bathroom telling himself off, he decides to take matters into his own hand’s and starts leaving Sticky Notes to cheer his best friend up. | Phan | Teen and Up | TW: Self-Hate | 2,541 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

I have an exam due soon but then I read this prompt (x) and I just had to write it. My exam will have to wait.

Look! There’s fanart now! Thanks to hopelesslyhowell

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Summer Jobs Series (svt) - retailworker!jeonghan

ok imma write about my favorite person in the entire world rn so I don’t even know if I can finish this without exploding with feels !!! i probably won’t check this after writing it so sorry for grammar and whatnot /// anyways, enjoy~

  • being a broke college student had its ups and downs
  • you’ve been to more job interviews than there are stars in the sky
  • and the jobs you’ve done have been absolute hell
  • serving rude families with crying babies at diners, being creepily hit on when you were a barista, being asked the most simple and obvious questions and having to answer them when you worked at a call center  
  • you’ve never had a job you truly liked ,,, you kinda just had to do them or else you would be worse off than you already were
  • until one day you noticed that a clothing store you pass by often had a help wanted sign
  • you couldn’t believe your luck
  • you were a fashion design major and have always dreamed about working in something even slightly related to your passion
  • you applied and were ecstatic when you got the job
  • like jumping around on the street happy after being told you got the job because !!! you don’t have to serve screaming children and low tippers anymore !!!
  • you came in the next day, literally skipping on your way there
  • you get to the clothing store, which is actually quite big for how it isn’t one of those corporate company owned stores
  • in fact it felt very cosy ,,, it felt like being in a really aesthetically pleasing thrift store
  • it offered a lot different styles of clothing, appealing to a lot of different customers /// the neutral color palette of the whole store also helped the whole feel ///
  • when you met the manager, she kindly welcomed you and helped you get acquainted with the store 
  • she then was like !!!! i forgot !!! i need to go check on the clothes being shipped in !!!! then she tells you to stay put while she finds another employee that can help train you
  • when she comes back she comes back with ,,, the most beautiful ,,, perfect looking guy you have ever seen ,,, he had the fluffiest and softest looking blonde hair you have ever seen, the prettiest facial structure that was enhanced by his thin rimmed glasses
  • he wore a simple white tee with black ripped jeans ,,,, and even if the look was incredibly normal ,,, you were just starstruck by his beauty
  • you had to internally scream at yourself to shut your gaping mouth and stop drooling over him 
  • he was smiling like crazy and was like !!!! hi!!! im jeonghan!!! you’re new yeah??!! 
  • you’re still in disbelief at your incredible luck as you stupidly just nod and introduce yourself ,, still in a daze he just laughs, keeping the situation light 
  • you both said goodbye to your manager as she runs around frantically  cause wHerE ArE mY KeYs???? 
  • jeonghan’s then like shall we start??? then he GRABS YOUR WRIST AND BRINGS YOU AROUND
  • and your hearts like !!!! while your brains like ???? why are you overreacting ??? right it’s because he’s someone you haven’t met before!!! yeah absolutely that’s exactly why your heart is pounding so loud people across the street would think a marching band is coming through the city
  •  and he’s just too nice ,,, he happily shows you where the inventory is and how they organize, how the cash register operates, what to do in some situations 
  • and you just kinda start to relax ,,, and actually start being like yourself cause you realize ,,, for someone as pretty as him he’s just like any other person
  • and then you start joking around with him
  • and that’s kinda how you guys became friends
  • your manager was swamped with work the rest of the week so jeonghan basically trained you
  • and since you pretty much got the gist of it from the first day its been pretty smooth sailing
  • you guys weren’t the only ones working at the store but you just always kinda ,,, gravitated towards each other and just always helped each other
  • it wasn’t like you guys weren’t friends with the other employees it just that it just felt really comfortable when you guys were working together
  • jeonghan will never admit it but having you around was like a blessing cause you never realized that you basically did like all the work while he did one thing in the past hour evil,evil angel
  • and even when things were hectic and all in the store you guys just always had each other’s backs
  • there was this one time where jeonghan was dealing with this guy who kept yelling about something no one understood and he just looked at you and mouthed help
  • you smirked at him and pretended you couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell you even though he knew you could
  • jeonghan’s pleading look got to you so you just sighed and decided to help as if you weren’t gonna sooner or later
  • you came over and sweetly asked what the problem was
  • and you just smoothed over the problem like it was no biggie and  jeonghan’s like you, you are my god
  • on days that were pretty slow cause the lack of customers, you guys would sneak some snacks in and eat them in the back room
  • you guys would play games and you were dying cause ??? he always won ?? how ?? he would just smile as sickly sweet as he could while saying that no one could beat the angel before laughing
  • he told you mindlessly before that he kinda nicknamed himself angel and you gave out the biggest laugh since he was far away from being angelic except from his looks wait i didn’t say that what
  • you guys would just play games when you were bored in the store ,,, like who could come up with the ugliest outfits and stuff
  • you always had a good time with each other whether there was nothing to do or when you both are literally dying because of all the work to be done 
  • you had just become so comfortable with each other ,,, talking about anything and everything and always enjoying each other’s company
  • one day on a particularly boring shift jeonghan was like y/n~ i’m so bored~~~
  • you laugh while you fold clothes and ask what he had in mind 
  • he then was like !!! we should try to make an outfit for each other !!! and whoever has the better one wins !!!
  • you’re like alright game on, but the loser has buy the winner ice cream after this shift
  • and he smirks and hes like you got yourself a deal
  • so you guys have 20 minutes to make an outfit for each other
  • you casually walk around the store ,,, pretending to be fixing stuff up at the mens area and secretly take the clothes you wanted
  • you took this white plain tee and paired it with a denim jacket that had a fur lined collar, then took some black ripped skinny jeans 
  • it was yet again another simple look but jeonghan didn’t usually wear something flashy
  • you thought it would suit him ,,, it was chic yet simple and very boyfriend
  • you met up with him at the third floor ,,, somewhere where your boss or coworkers wouldn’t find you guys goofing off even though they knew you guys would 
  • you both put the clothes in bags so the other wouldn’t see until you got into the dressing room 
  • once you both got in your separate stalls you both gasped softly
  • you opened the bag and saw this ///outfit///
  • it was a white shirt dress paired with a denim flannel 
  • he even got you accessories ,,,  a simple gold chained necklace with your name’s initial ,,, as well as a gorgeous charm bracelet with a charm of your favorite animal
  • and that really touched your heart ,, like he remembered you saying you loved that animal from a while ago
  • after you guys changed you came out of the stalls and looked at each other ,,, then looked at both of you in a mirror
  • “wow we are totally matching” jeonghan says, still gazing at the mirror
  • you guys started laughing as your outfits are eerily similar 
  • you kinda ,,, liked it ,,, liked that you were matching
  • “I gotta say that I won on this one though” he mentions with a confident smile 
  • “what! the outfit fits you wayyy more are you kidding me?”
  • “what?? the outfit fits you beautifully ,,, and i even got you accessories!!!!”
  • you had to cave in and were like ugh fine you win i’ll get you some ice cream
  • you guys were about to change when jeonghan grabbed your wrist to stop you from changing back
  • “umm ,,, you don’t have to change,,”
  • and you’re like ??? jeonghan that’s stealing??? i need to change back lol
  • and jeonghan’s suddenly shy, which is rare, and starts looking down at the floor
  • “i kinda bought the outfit for you already ,,,, cause i knew you would look amazing in it ,,,”
  • and you are ///FLUSTERED/// and you’re intensly blushing as you’re like what??? no no no you didn’t need to ??? i can’t take this
  • and he holds onto your wrist a bit more firmly and looks into you eyes as he’s like please just take it ,,, you look beautiful in it ,,, if you really wanna pay me back for it ,,, you could go on a date wih ,e?
  • and here comes the butterflies in your stomach is it bad that my hearts beating hard for this??
  • and you’re like you wanna go on a date with me?
  • and hes like yeah,,, ever since you’re and i saw you checking me out LOL
  • at this point you’re a blushing mess but he makes you look at him and takes both of your hands
  • and he’s like i seriously like you and asked if that’s a yes and you’re like !!! yes, of course !!!
  • his smile looked so heavenly you thought you saw a halo above your head as he was like imma go change now, don’t you dare change out of that amazing outfit brought to you by yours truly
  • you laugh as you think that’s probably one of the last things you would think of doing right now
  • after he’s done you both giddly try to get out of work early by telling your manager you both have the flu and you both try to act sick 
  • but your manager just becomes giddy and is like YOU GUYS ARE GOING ON A DATE AREN’T YA
  • and you’re like what?!?! no!!! we’re both dying from sickness that’s all!!!
  • your manager wasn’t even listening to you as she was running around telling the other employees that the ship has sailed !!!! jeonghan finally did it !!!
  • you and jeonghan are like ,,, what have we done to her ,,,
  • your manager then pushes you both out of the store and tell you to take the whole damn weekend off 
  • while you guys are walking off you can hear the whistles and cheers of your co-workers and the occasional ‘don’t forget to invite me to your wedding’
  • and the date was perfect 
  • you guys just walked around the city, taking pictures of each other, buying all the street food you could then sitting at a nearby park
  • and the date felt so natural ,,, just like you were hanging out
  • except ,,, the hand holding, hugging and ,,, kissing hdkssk
  • you guys wouldn’t usually show pda but you both were just so happy and giddy you couldn’t get enough of each other
  • and before you said good bye you bought jeonghan his ice cream ,,, and maybe had the best goodbye kiss you’ve ever had sjdkdj
  • all you could think about that night was even if you lost the game that day ,,, getting your job, meeting jeonghan and falling for him made you the true winner 
Eye for Fashion- Poly!Lams x Reader (Soulmate AU)

She was walking through the streets, shoulders hunched, trying to make herself small, when she bumped into someone. She looked up despite herself, trying to locate where the offender was through the haze.

“Sorry,” she apologized, finding a faint shape.

He helped her up. “You’re my soulmate.”

Y/N squinted, tilting her head to the side. “Sorry- sorry? I- I’m still- I still can’t see.”

“What do you mean?” he seemed confused, and it broke her heart.

“I’m really sorry,” Y/N said, still holding his hand tightly. “Is- is this possible?”

He laughed. “I guess so. I’m John Laurens.”

“Y/N Y/L/N.” Instead of shaking her extended hand, John pulled her into a hug.

“I don’t have work today- I can escort you wherever you were going?”

She grinned. “That’d be great, thank you. I mean, I have the city memorized by now,” she held up her cane. “And I have this, but it always helps.”

John wrapped one arm around her shoulders, putting his free hand on the small of her back and guiding her along the sidewalk.

“So, where are you going?”

“Back to my apartment,” Y/N told him, laughing as he abruptly steered her away from something. She gave him the instructions to her house before starting a small conversation. “So, um, how are we going to do this?”

“I guess I’ll date you, and you’ll date whoever you’re meant to be with.”

She giggled. “This is not how I imagined my day would go.”

“We’re here,” John announced, stepping into the apartment building and going into the elevator. “What floor?”

She told him and handed him the key to her apartment.  

“Not much decor,” he joked, making her laugh once again.

She shrugged playfully. “No, I have never really had an eye for fashion.”

She once again found herself wishing that it wasn’t this way, that she wouldn’t be able to see anything except a dark gray haze until she touched her soulmate for the first time. And of course, Y/N, who had struggled her whole life with the fact that she couldn’t see, had to have bumped into the man who could see because of her, yet she was still blind.

“So, do you want me to make something?”

“You cook?” she asked, pleasantly surprised. Y/N could almost hear the chuckle in his voice as he replied.

“No- I mean, yeah, sometimes, but- if you want to survive the night I can order takeout.”

She smiled at him sweetly. “Takeout sounds good- I really hope that whoever my soulmate is can cook, ‘cause at this rate, we’re gonna need it.”

John used his cell phone to order delivery and took the time to get to know her. Although she couldn’t see him, Y/N found herself already falling for the man in front of her- he might not be her soulmate, but he was certainly something.

“You’re beautiful, you know?”

She looked at him as best she could with the haze covering her vision. “What?”

“You’re absolutely gorgeous. You’re stunning. Just thought you should know.

She blushed and looked down. “Thank you.”

“Anything for my soulmate.”

Y/N and John had become a bit of a legend- the boy who could see because of her, and the girl who was still waiting for her soulmate. Wherever they went, John carefully leading her, there were swarms of people, people who wanted to find their soulmate more than anything, the people who would attempt to purposely bump into them in the hopes they would suddenly be able to see.

“I’m tired of all of this,” John grumbled one morning, protectively wrapping his arms around Y/N. “If one more person ‘accidently’ bumps into us, I’m going to-”

“No, no,” she interrupted. “No threats- you start with your rants, we’ll both be late for work.

John squeezed her shoulders and kissed her cheek, making her soften against his touch. “Fine- only for you, baby girl. But the moment we get home, I’m going to talk your ear off.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“We’re here,” John said, guiding her to the door. “Want me to walk you to your cubicle?”

“Sounds so official,” she commented with a grin. “Yeah, that’d be great.”

They made their way up a few flights of stairs, the bane of any person without a soulmate’s existence, and onto her floor. Before they could reach her spot, a man approached them.

“Hi, do you work here?”

John answered for his girlfriend, knowing she couldn’t see the man. “I don’t, my girlfriend does.”

The man smiled brightly. “Ah, great! I just got transferred here, I have no idea where my cubicle is, the boss isn’t very informative.”

John took the paper the stranger held out and studied it. “Oh, you’re right next to Y/N’s cubicle.”

“Really?” Y/N grinned. “Finally, someone else moved it. It’ll be nice to finally have a neighbor- I have the end spot, so it’s an empty cubicle on one side and a wall on the other.”

“Lonely,” the stranger mused. “My name’s Alexander Hamilton.”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” she replied, extending her hand. “Though I guess John here accidentally introduced me?”

They all chuckled before Y/N gasped. Alexander had taken her hand, making a tingling sensation run down her arm and through her body, finally landing at her eyes. A bright light flooded her vision for the first time, the gray haze finally dissipating.  

“Oh my god,” she whispered, looking down at her hands and studying the skin. “Oh my god!”

Y/N’s voice turned into a squeal as she jumped up and down, not yet turning to Alexander or her boyfriend. She saw the plain white tiles speckled with gray dots, her black flats, her black skirt and white button-down shirt that John picked out for her. She picked up a strand of hair, studying it carefully and smiling at the color.

John suddenly realized what had happened. “Oh my god!”

First, she turned to Alexander- she saw his shiny black hair, the color of his skin, his suit that had to be the ugliest one in existence. She bit her lip as she scanned him up and down, making him shift under her gaze. Y/N felt John’s hand, gentle and sweet on her shoulder.

She turned to him, gaping at his curly hair tied back, the freckles dotting his face, his blue-and-white suit.

“God, you’re hot!” she exclaimed before blushing. She giggled at the fact that pink blush made its way up John’s face, too.

“I can see!” she cried, jumping up and down. “I can see, I can see, I can see!”

Alex seemed to have figured it out. “I’m your soulmate?”

She turned back to him. “I’m your soulmate! So- John is-”

“My soulmate,” Alex breathed, reaching his hand out. John met him halfway, grinning as Alexander’s face lit up, his eyes alight with wonder. Hamilton and Y/N looked around, finally able to see.

Y/N and Alex’s boss, George Washington, passed by, putting a hand on both of their shoulders.

“Feel free to take the day off. Laurens, I’ll call your boss- you deserve to get to know each other.”

Y/N smiled brightly. “Thanks, Mr. Washington!”

The three of them walked to John and Y/N’s shared apartment, Y/N thankful to finally walk without her boyfriend’s guidance, although he still kept his hand on her back just in case. She wrinkled her nose as they entered the apartment.

“This is how you decorated my place?” she shook her head. “I’ve owned this apartment for 5 years, and you make everything green and covered in turtles?”

John shrugged, his eyes twinkling. “What can I say? I’ve never had an eye for fashion.”

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How This Woman Overcame Her Fear of Heartbreak Is Going Viral

Taylor, 22, took the internet by storm with her post on fearing heartbreak and its follow-up on what love really means. (Photo: @acutelesbian/Instagram)

A young poet named Taylor from Ohio has received an overwhelming response after penning a piece about her greatest fear.

The 22-year-old’s post is about heartbreak and was written in response to a class she’d taken at school called Relationships for Life. The four-verse piece was posted alongside hundreds of her other works on Tumblr, but quickly went viral when the topic resonated with more than a million other users who posted notes empathizing with the author. 

Here’s the work in full: 

A lot of people ask me what my biggest fear is, or what scares me most.

And I know they expect an answer like heights, or closed spaces, or people dressed like animals, but how do I tell them that, when I was 17, I took a class called Relationships For Life and I learned that most people fall out of love for the same reasons they fell in it.

That their lover’s once endearing stubbornness has now become refusal to compromise and their one track mind is now immaturity and their bad habits that you once adored is now money down the drain.

Their spontaneity becomes reckless and irresponsible and their feet up on your dash is no longer sexy, just another distraction in your busy life.

After it resonated so strongly, Taylor decided to follow up the piece with a post elaborating on her what she’d learned about love from the class. “I never expected this to be my most popular poem out of the hundreds I’ve written. I was extremely bitter and sad when I wrote this and I left out the most beautiful part of that class,” she wrote. “After my teacher introduced us to this theory, she asked us, ‘Is love a feeling? Or is it a choice?’ We were all a bunch of teenagers.Naturally we said it was a feeling. She said that if we clung to that belief, we’d never have a lasting relationship of any sort.”

She revealed that after the class she was tasked with asking married adults about why their relationships had lasted or failed. This experience totally transformed her initial attitude to finding love. “Everybody said that it was a choice. It was a conscious commitment,” she explained. “It was something you choose to make work every day with a person who has chosen the same thing.” She noted that while married couples said that “when things were bad, they chose to open the communication, chose to identify what broke and how to fix it, and chose to recreate something worth falling in love with,” the divorced individuals said they chose to walk away. 

She said this changed her approach to love from then on. “I’ve never gone for the person who makes my heart flutter or my head spin. I’ve chosen the people who were committed to choosing me, dedicated to finding something to adore even on the ugliest days.”

She also explained why she no longer fears the heartbreak of losing someone: “I no longer fear the day someone who swore I was their universe can no longer see the stars in my eyes as long as they still choose to look until they find them again.” 

bookcoversproject  asked:

good morning, have we talked about what eliot spends his money on? because so far all I can think of are (a) a fucking absurd and totally pitch-perfect car, (b) probably knives, and (c) carnivorous mail-order plants. dude probably wasn't hurting before they made $3.5M each—is it just in a bank somewhere? i mean, some of it's probably really really well hidden in distributed locations and some is buried in a box in the woods in montana, but he must have spent SOME, he isn't parker

omg, okay, this is possibly my favorite question anyone has ever asked me, because it has led me to the glowing, glorious realization of the answer. but before i get to said answer, we must, first, discuss the cars. because you see: john rogers’ blog, which i continue to read sometimes even though i disagree with a good 75% of what he says, states that eliot COLLECTS CARS, which i choose to believe because i am so absurdly delighted by it. i am so absurdly delighted by the idea that eliot spencer is not only a car buff but a car COLLECTOR and, of all the cars in his collection, chooses most often to see and be seen in his bright orange dodge charger with the blue stripes down the middle. like. l i k e. what must the rest of the collection look like? is the orange one his favorite because it’s the ugliest or does he actively collect ugly cars the way that he collects ugly clothes? is there somewhere a warehouse full of like. pt cruisers with flames on the side??? those cars that look like toasters? or are they all muscle cars in the most eye-searing paint jobs possible? is he in it for horsepower or speed or SHEER UNATTRACTIVENESS or like, the middle of the venn diagram of all three? eliot spencer u beautiful weirdo you are so fucking weird, you act like hardison and parker are weird but honest to god you are yourself the king of weird island. HE COLLECTS CARS AND HE CHOOSES TO DRIVE THE ORANGE AND BLUE CHARGER. i just. i can’t. at all.

okay. having said all that, my beautiful realization is this: aside from the cars, in many ways eliot spencer’s spending habits are all but indistinguishable from those of your average middle-aged, upper-middle class mom.


the thing about it is that eliot hates williams sonoma. he really does. on principle, he hates them. he hates what they’ve done to average american home cook and he hates how they’ve put smaller local shops out of business (eliot believes very deeply, as we know from the canon, in shopping local). he hates that they create tools that ABSOLUTELY NO PERSON NEEDS, like this fucking avacado cuber, and then charge $17.95 for the pleasure of pointlessly owning one. he hates the whole aesthetic of the place, which suggests that if people just buy one of their products they’ll suddenly be deposited into ina garten’s life in the hamptons, instead of the low lighting of their own apartment, probably feeling like a shithead for spending a hundred dollars on goddamn colanders. he hates that everything they sell that’s actually useful and necessary for a kitchen can be found cheaper and better at restaurant supply stores, or better yet, made by actual craftsmen. he hates them. he hates them! he hates them.

and yet, somehow – like highway blindness; like those times sophie used to brainwash him – invariably, a few times a year, eliot blinks and finds himself standing at the checkout counter of a williams sonoma with his arms full of items. it’s like they have some kind of hold over his very soul. it’s like he made some sort of bargain with the devil that he doesn’t remember, and its consequence was his damn addiction to damn williams damn sonoma.

“what is this?” parker says, jerking eliot out of his reverie in one of their dallas locations. they’re hanging around for a few days after wrapping up a job, just in case the client ends up needing any further assistance; parker and hardison wanted to go to some video game store and there it was, across the street: his nemesis, williams sonoma. eliot doesn’t even remember coming in here, much less hardison and parker following him in – he likes to think that he still retains at least enough of his sense of self-preservation that he would have stopped them, kept them from witnessing this particular source of shame. and yet: here he is. here they are. there’s a basket of monogrammed kitchen towels in his hands and he doesn’t know how it got there.

“it’s a fucking stupid useless insane thing nobody needs, why the fuck would anyone buy a mortar and pestle made out of salt,” eliot thinks, but what eliot says, god help him, is, “it’s ours now, that’s what.”

“hey look!” hardison calls, “it’s a cutting board i can hack,” and even that – even that – eliot buys.


a truly, truly absurd amount of money is the amount of money eliot spends on hair care products. more money than any person should spend on hair care products. more money than any five people should spend on hair care products, especially since (as febricant and i joke about all the time; this thought, like, tbh, most of my leverage thoughts, is as much, OR MORE, febricant’s as it is mine) eliot is otherwise the type of guy who like, washes his entire body up to and including his face with the same bar of dial yellow soap. (“you wash your FACE with the same soap as your BUTT??” demanded hardison, aghast, the first time he witnessed eliot screwing his eyes shut and scrubbing the yellow bar across his forehead and cheeks. “oh my god, eliot. were you raised by WOLVES?”)

but hair care; forget it. that boy takes his hair care SERIOUSLY. he replaces his blow drier with the newest and best models at every new innovation; he owns three different flat irons at any given time, the use of which he rotates based on a complicated equation of how much heat he’s put on his hair this week, the weather forecast, and the types of products he’s used that day. he has rinse-out conditioners and leave-in conditioners and he uses a different shampoo every time he washes his hair – in theory these too are in rotation but in practice he has so many different kinds of shampoo that a rotation, in the traditional sense, would be impossible. he has argan oil and macadamia nut spray-in volumizer and every kind of brush imaginable. he cuts his own hair (evidence: the rundown job, DEAR GOD), mostly because he would never ever let another person that near his neck with a pair of scissors, and so he has that crap too – hair-cutting scissors, yeah, but also the assorted clips and smocks and shit that come with it. he has highlighting kits, because you better believe those aren’t natural. he has more than one of those fancy fabric shower caps, as well as a whole drawer of the plastic ones he always makes sure to take from hotels.

and the thing is that it’s not about looking ~stylish, or, come to that, even good – hell, half the time his hair is unwashed and greasy as fuck, or curled up all to hell from moisture, and he just throws it under a hat and could give a shit. truth is, when he started growing it out it was just to cultivate a new look, confuse anyone who might be after him, but maintaining it, keeping it soft and flat – or at least as flat as possible in wet/humid climates – it got to be kind of…. well, shit. he got to liking it, that’s all. taking an hour or so of his time, every few days, and devoting it to nothing but taking care of part of himself. that’s the long and short of it. it’s not something he likes to look at too hard.

in any case, it takes him a long time after he makes it official with parker and hardison to let parker see the whole ritual of it, and even longer before he lets hardison. even though hardison is the one, of the three of them, who spends the most time and effort on his physical appearance – even though parker’s hair is the way that it is naturally, and she only bothers to tease it into anything approaching a style if it’s for an alias, part of a con – eliot himself had to shake off enough of the hard-coded masculinity shit that he’s a little afraid hardison might… not judge him, exactly, because hardison wouldn’t, but say something. make a joke. eliot’s weirdly bothered by the idea; it feels like something he could lose, the pleasure he takes in it, to something as small as a quip that cuts a little deeper than hardison meant it to. eliot’s not sure it’s worth the risk.

when eliot finally gets over himself, though – the first time hardison comes in to the living room to find eliot on the couch, parker with her feet in his lap for a foot massage, eliot’s hair twisted up onto the top of his head and pinned with a clip, something wet and white (a conditioning treatment) streaked through it – he feels pretty stupid about worrying. hardison raises his eyebrows for a second, but then he flops down next to eliot on the couch and throws an arm around his shoulder, dips his head down to nose at the side of eliot’s neck and breathe deep. “mmm,” hardison says, “whatever this shit is, it smells awesome. why don’t you smell like this all the time, man? hey, can i borrow it and put it in lucille? lucille needs this, okay, she needs it to live.”

“steal my conditioner and die,” eliot says, and presses his thumb a little harder than he means to into parker’s foot for emphasis. she moans, which is pretty distracting, and eliot ends up leaving the conditioner in too long and looking like he walked through an oil-slick the next day, but it’s worth it (especially when hardison starts finding increasingly flimsy excuses to pull him close, breathe deep).


in one of the early episodes, eliot says he grows all his own food and makes the time to do so by only sleeping 90 minutes a day; i think both of those things are scurrilous lies, but, like most scurrilous lies, have within them a grain of truth. the sleep thing, of course, speaks to persistent insomnia issues which have no bearing on this particular post, but as for the food thing, while i think the idea that eliot grows all of his own food is ridiculous crap, i do absolutely believe that he has a plot in a community garden under an assumed name, and probably like, one of those window box herb gardens in every one of his windows. i bet when they move to portland he is privately THRILLED to discover the intensity of the local farming movement; in boston he had to content himself to a teeny tiny little fenced-off plot set in concrete next to a bunch of other teeny tiny little fenced-off plots, mostly populated by little old ladies growing flowers; it was barely enough to be worth the time he took to maintain it, and the alias that went with it. but in portland he gets a whole section of open field, and most of the other people who plant there are decent, salt-of-the-earth types – yeah, a few of them are awful hipsters, but they easily identify themselves with their plaid and their fixed-gear bikes, so it’s easy enough for eliot to avoid them.

hardison has absolutely no interest in the gardening thing when he finds out about it – “call me when it’s food,” he says, “actually, no, wait, call me when it’s that chocolate chip zucchini bread you made last year, that shit was DELICIOUS” – but parker asks a bunch of questions about whether his plants do things, and what the garden is like, and doesn’t he ever get bored just… digging or whatever? and it takes eliot a round or two of these questions before he realizes that she’s doing that thing she almost never does, where she’s a little shy about wanting to ask for something and so talks around and around it. when he does work it out, he sighs and says a not-actually-all-that-sorry mental goodbye to his solo gardening time, and asks parker if she wants to come with him to the garden store.

and look, eliot spends so much money at the garden store that EVERYONE THERE KNOWS ELIOT BY NAME, even though, okay, it’s the name of his alias, which is joshua. still, they know him and keep things aside for him that they think he’ll like, and all the people who work there (mostly women, a few men) think of him as a terrible flirt, because joshua-eliot’s-garderner-alias has always been a terrible flirt, because hey, eliot enjoys that even though he’s very embarrassing at it every single time. parker thinks the gardening supply store is going to be boring at first, but it’s pretty fun to watch eliot be somebody else, especially somebody else that he decided to be for no reason other than that it pleased him to do so; then she finds the section with the hand-held cultivators and starts running around with a few of them in each hand, yelling “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” and terrifying passing shoppers (but deeply entertaining their children, who follow her like a tiny army). eliot would make excuses for her, but joshua-eliot’s-garderner-alias is a very low-key kind of guy, so he just rolls his eyes and is kind of like, “family, what can you do?” he buys her two of the cultivators (“two, parker”) and some pumpkin seeds because she’s really into the idea of growing her own halloween, and a gardening tool belt because – not that he intends on sharing this with her – she looks so fucking cute in it, and takes her out to his garden.

and it’s weird, because even though she pokes at all the plants and demands explanations for them, and sprays him with the hose a lot (usually right in his face), and at one point gathers up a bunch of dirt in a bucket and then dumps it over his head, cackling, before she scurries away; even though she steals a veggie or a flower from every plant in everyone else’s garden and hides them on or about his person; even though he has to explain to her like five times that no, parker, weeds can’t be allowed to flourish, and no, parker, i don’t care that you like how they’re spiky – even though she’s so very parker about it all, after the first time it’s hard to imagine how or why he ever did it without her. she likes digging and turning over the soil and can’t be trusted not to go overboard with the pruning shears, which is an oddly good incentive to make eliot use them, something he used to hate; they work silently sometimes and laughing about nothing other times, and either way it’s more fun, a lot more fun, than he used to have alone. at least once (and usually more than once) in a given visit parker will find a bug that’s not good for the plants – a katydid or a praying mantis or a spider who’s built its web somewhere inconvenient – and pick it up between her cupped palms, carry it off to the treeline where she can release it safely, cooing to it about how it’s a menace and she’s making it homeless as a punishment. eliot kind of wants to follow her when she does that, pull her into the trees and kiss her a minute or two, for being so odd, for showing her softness in such strange places, for being so unapologetically herself. he does it sometimes, too, even though more than once she drops the bug down his shirt for his trouble (though only, he’s noticed, the ones she knows won’t bite).

he could swear the food he grows with her tastes better, too, than the stuff he grew by himself. he knows it’s crazy, but there you go.

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Can you do RFA+ V and Saeran reacting to MC having scars that make them super insecure or bring back bad memories. For example I have a scar running up my tailbone and into my lower back from surgery that make me super insecure and nervous towards anything intimate.

((I am in this boat with you. Yep, admin had scoliosis surgery! So I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ASK!!! I’m going in the situation that MC had Scoliosis surgery a few years back))


  • He’s so flustered when MC decides to show him the scar on her back
  • At first, he’s worried about invading her personal space
  • But after a while, he just wants to touch the scar
  • Do not touch the scar!
  • MC quickly puts her shirt back on
  • However, he yanks at her shirt, saying that he thought it looked totally badass
  • She started crying because people always told her it looked ugly
  • “MC, why are you crying?”
  • She explains that she’s afraid that he’ll reject her for the scar
  • He pulls her into a tight hug, reassuring her that he wasn’t going to reject her
  • “Yoosung, I have the ugliest scar on my back, and I hate it. I hate how I can’t wear a two piece swimsuit because people will see it and look at me funny. I’ve already been dumped once for it!”
  • “MC, I’m not going to leave you for a little scar. I think it’s pretty cool actually…and no matter what you wear, even if the scar is showing, you’ll always be the most beautiful girl in the world. I promised that I’d protect you, and if anyone makes fun of your scar, I will fight them. I may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean I’m not mighty.”


  • He accidentally walked in on MC changing and saw her back
  • After he slammed the door shut, he wondered how MC got that scar
  • As she walked out of the room, he noticed that she had been crying
  • “Babe, what’s wrong”
  • She begins to cry again, saying that Zen wouldn’t want someone with an ugly scar down their back
  • He takes her over to a mirror (like a full body mirror)
  • “MC, what do you see in the mirror?”
  • “Does it matter? I have a huge ugly scar down my back”
  • “So? MC, why are you so absorbed about a little scar”
  • “Zen, you saw it…it’s a huge scar that runs from the middle of my back all the way down to my tailbone.”
  • “MC, look in the mirror. You may see just the scar, but I see a woman with endless potential, a cute face, and the girl of my dreams. I get that it’s hard when people look at you funny, I had that happen to me too. But damn girl, I’m surprised that this mirror hasn’t broken yet because we are the most beautiful couple ever.”
  • She laughed at his corny joke, and he got her a nice cup of hot chocolate and they took a bunch of selfies of themselves and Zen posted them everywhere.


  • For some reason Jaehee really wanted to go swimming, and of course MC had to come along
  • But MC wasn’t too keen on the idea
  • MC didn’t want to tell Jaehee why at first, but Jaehee insisted 
  • MC told Jaehee that she wasn’t comfortable in a bathing suit that showed her back because of a large scar that ran down her back
  • “Does it bother you that much MC?”
  • MC admitted that it did. 
  • “What if we got you a shirt to go over it?”
  • “Jaehee, its fine. You go ahead and swim.”
  • “MC, no, it’s not fine. We’re going to sit here until you can tell me what’s going on.”
  • MC burst out crying. Nobody had ever thought that maybe it was more than just her not wanting to swim
  • Jaehee listens as MC explains how she hates it when people give her funny looks, and how she’s been called names because of the scar
  • “MC, who called you those names? I’m going to give them a piece of my mind or my fist, because nobody makes fun of my best friend for something they can’t help and gets away with it”
  • MC freaks out, and Jaehee assures her that she’s half kidding (so she’s half serious too?)
  • But she encourages MC to not worry too much about it, because she’s beautiful regardless of whether she has a scar or not.


  • He finds out when he presents MC with a dress that has a low cut back
  • She refuses to wear it, and she won’t even try it on
  • Eventually, he gives up, but looks rather upset that MC won’t even give it a chance. 
  • He had got it just for you, tailor made and everything. 
  • MC realizes how hurt he is and MC explains that she has a huge scar and she doesn’t like anything that shows it
  • “I don’t like it because girls used to tease me in the locker room during PE”
  • “Who were those girls?”
  • Jumin no!
  • After she convinces him to not sue a bunch of people he asks her to try on the dress
  • “MC, you’d look beautiful in that dress, in fact, you’ll look like the princess you are. If anybody says anything about that scar, you tell me right away. Nobody tells my princess that her scar makes her any less beautiful and gets away with it”
  • She looks stunning in it.


  • He knows that MC has a scar, because he read that she had surgery on her Facebook.
  • What he didn’t know was how self-conscious she was about it
  • One day, MC came home crying because she had a bad day, and her ice cream falling onto her dress was the last straw 
  • He got a hot bath running, and then lead MC to the bath. 
  • He went back to working when he heard a shrill scream from the bathroom
  • Rushing in, he threw the door open to see MC cowering from a spider on the shirt she had just removed
  • He got rid of the spider, and turned to MC…who was crying
  • “Hey, spider is gone, you’re alright.”
  • “It’s not that. You saw my back…You saw that scar.”
  • “Oh, the scar from surgery? What about it?”
  • “Please don’t leave me!”
  • Now he’s confused. Turns out that MC was once engaged and the fiancé broke it off because he saw the scar
  • “HE DID WHAT NOW? How dare he! MC, I would never leave you over something like a scar. I think it shows how strong you are. I mean, you got back surgery, and I’m sure you were scared, but you got through it. I love you MC, no matter what. Now, let’s get you into that warm bath, and I’ll go get blankets, popcorn, and your favorite movie ready”


  • Since he’s blind, he usually holds on to MC when they go out together
  • One day, his hand decided to go from her arm, to her lower back.
  • MC freaked out, screeching like a bat
  • V immediately took his hand away and freaked out himself
  • *So they’re both on the street screaming
  • Eventually MC snaps at him saying not to touch her back
  • He’s confused as hell.
  • MC explains that they have a scar there from surgery and that it’s a rather sensitive area
  • “MC, you’ve become a light in my dark world, and I want to respect your boundaries. Can I ask why it bothers you so much?”
  • “…people have called me terrible names because of it.”
  • “I would never do that. MC, I love you, scar and all.”


  • Like Saeyoung, he found out because of her Facebook
  • He doesn’t mention it, but if anybody, and I mean anybody, gives MC a weird look when her scar is exposed….he gives them a death glare
  • Hell, he’s scared babies off with that glare
  • Saeran no
  • One time someone asked if she was emo, and if she was proud of the scar on her back, then proceeded to push her down
  • Let’s just say that Saeran put him in the hospital…for a while
  • When MC gets self-conscious about it, Saeran will do his best to shower MC with compliments
  • He’ll constantly remind MC that she is a fucking badass that went through a lot of pain, and that she is now safe in his arms. 
  • He loves rubbing her back, but will always ask if MC is okay with it.

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Hey are you still taking up prompts?? :D I loved your 'i thought you were dead' drabble so much omfg I'm such a sucker for near death stuff :'D Anyways, can you do #7 for Miyusawa :333333333 ohohoho~

[“I almost lost you.”]

(-wheezes- Near death fics are so painful my god I can’t. My heart. What has this fandom done to me. Thanks for the ask, although please be careful of the broken shards of what remains of my heart.) There’s only so many ways to write a near death fic right?! For maximum pain, I suggest reading with the music on. Or to River Flows in You  as that is my go-to sad music.

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Article (with exmaple pics) - Types of tape gags

Mainstream scenes gags, some are gag snobs - some want better bondage.

Gag scenes are usually lumped by families: stuff, cleave, OTM, tape, ball and etc.

Let’s talk (ironic) about gags, tape gags to be precise.
There are many types of tapes in many sizes and colors, the main things we are going to take a look at is: stickiness, size, length, number of pieces and sometimes the material itself (papery, microfoam, duct tape, medical etc.)

Now with no further introduction let’s get to the fun!


No. 1 - The loose papery

The only way this thing sticks nicely is wraparound and how many scenes like that have we seen? none.
The bright side however is that we get to see the lips, especially if the damsel has some nice lipstick on.
Look at the sides of the tape, ever rolled up few pages and later when you tried to straighten them up they refused and curled right back?
Same here with this buddy… the more time goes by the more it lets loose.
This however can be fixed if the tape is double wide because then it sticks a lot better.

No. 2 - The loose but smooth and shiny looking

So it isn’t the most sticky thing ever, it does look cute however.
Don’t count on it to do the job, but it will look nice, maybe some don’t like it for its metal plate look rather than “See those lips? they are mine! all mine! I’ll never leave them”.

No. 3 - The this is so sticky

It’s there to stay, it looks good enough to keep the damsels lips tougher and it will take some force for the damsel to open her mouth rather than just open it like the two previous types.

No. 4 - OMG! This is gonna leave a mark!

Just take a look at that… It seems the tape is obsessed with her lips, hugging them hard refusing to let go.
As said before “See those lips? they are mine! all mine! I’ll never leave them”.
Sometimes it looks like you need pliers to remove it from the damsels lips.


No. 1 - The are you cheap or something?

Look at this, it just covers the lips, edge to edge. Not very impressive or taking control.
However, it is not the worst (we will get to it in the wideness section).

No. 2 - The eye to eye

This is the first one I find satisfying, it covers enough area to look somewhat convincing.
If you look at the edges of the tape you will see that they are in direct line to the outer edges of her eyes.
Some times I find it cuter than longer pieces since we can see some cheeks and blush.

No. 3 - The between eye to eye and ear to ear

It is longer than the eye to eye and almost ear to ear, not much to say.
This is the most common of them all.

No. 4 - The ear to ear

Not very common but it does look great.

No. 5 - The over the ears but no wraparound

This is when the tape length is misjudged and ends up covering the damsels earlobes.

No. 6 - The wraparound

Even if it is not very sticky, as long as it is at least stick to itself it is still effective OTM gag, but when it is sticky it is even better doing the job in stopping clear understood speech (nothing no matter how good doesn’t stop noise, not even a 3" ball gag).
You can add to its effectiveness by mouth stuffing, another wrap from top of the head to bottom of the chin (to close the jaw in place), and a strip over the bridge of the nose that connects to the rest of the tape (you may want to bury its edges behind another wrap around the lips and head).
I might have a tape gag guide article some day (I got some creative ideas).


No. 1 - The WTF! I know this is just a movie but this is so unbelievable even for this

Basically it is a small piece that is smaller than an inch and it is barely the size of one of the lips and even if it is exactly the size of both lips it is still so stupid.
And the picture you see above is the good case scenario so you can understand how lame it is with one piece…

No. 2 - The bubble-gum wrapper tape

One level below the average 2" tape and the first one in my book that is worth collecting.
It is called bubble-gum wrapper since it resembles in color and size a wrapper opened to its maximum size.
As we can see in the picture above, early 2000’s pop star Anastacia (always loved her sunglasses and lipstick choices) beautifully wears it, we can see it covers just a little bit over each lip to a satisfactionary level.
However it is Anastacia that makes it look good and not the other way around.

No. 3 - The classic 2" tape

This is the size we are all accustomed to see, it gives an inch beneath and above each lip and seems secure enough to make ‘mmmph’ mumbles seem a bit legit.

No. 4 - The nose to chin double wide

This is the king/queen of all tapes, as you can understand by the picture above and its name this tape covers the whole lower face and sometimes it goes even beneath the chin to add more vertical mouth shutting.
If it is sticky and covers ear to ear it might be the most effective of all the good looking tape gags (never found wrap-around as beautiful just effective)

Number of Pieces

No. 1 - The simple one piece

The one piece is the quickest to use, just tear a piece and put it in place.
It doesn’t gives much to work with however.

No. 2 - The few pieces aligned the same

From two pieces and above, it may look like a double wide tape gag and therefore they are my favorites (of the few piece, My biggest fave will always be the double wide single piece).
It provides more strength since the above piece keeps the below piece in place.

No. 3 - The few pieces all over the place

In some cases it might be more effective, but they are by far the ugliest effective ones.
Or maybe I think like that because I’m such a symmetry freak.

No. 4 - The wraparound

See section Lengths - No. 6

No. 5 - The dog muzzle

I don’t think it exist in mainstream scenes, this is a wraparound with additional strip over the nose bridge that has its edges taped to the tape gag at each side of the face.
Effective? A lot.
Looks? Horrible.



Yes, there are plenty of tape types like PVC in example.
But this is not a hardware review and therefore it will not be very informative to what tape you should use to fix your sink and such.
It will be just about the way it looks and about how well it goes with lips and skin.  

No. 1 - The clear cellotape

Don’t let the picture above fool you… It looks horrible most of the time.
The damsel opens her mouth a bit and then we see her teeth, the cloudy marks left by her breathing onto the tape and the mouth moving freely.
Usually it is trash bag worthy.

No. 2 - The papery tape

Slightly better than the cellotape but has some serious sticking issues.
When it is not sticky it just folding into itself like papers that been folded for too long, maybe it has something to do with it being actual paper that is forced to stay rounded around its roll until used.
When it isn’t sticking we can see the difference in shades between the sides that are on and the sides that are off.
But when it is sticky, oh boy… We can see lips and the shade they are which is one small detail that we all seems to like.

No. 3 - Classic parcel-tape

Has all the same fabric type of the cellotape, however thanks to it not being clear we don’t run into the things that kills the cellotape gags.
It gives a nice look of how the lips are shaped, sometimes you can see the color differences of the lips sticking from beyond the tape original color.
It is not very stiff and that is why it works well with lips visibility.

No. 4 - The stiff duct tape

This tape is so stiff you can’t now if there is some lip protection below or if it’s just that much stiff it doesn’t change it looks.
Kind of look like a glued metal plate to some extent.
I happen to really like it but I know how many people hate it.

No. 5 - The nicely conforming duct tape

This is also duct tape but the difference it that it changes its shape to the shape of the damsels mouth which makes it looks one of the most effective types.
It is like the parcel-tape and stiff-duct-tape combined.

No. 6 - The electrical tape

The most mean stickiness machine out there, you might want to check if after removal it doesn’t have the damsels lips on and that they are still attached to her face.
Just look at this evil sexy thing.
It is the most sticky and most conforming, not safe for lips material out there.
Not sure if even clown makeup will protect her lips.

No. 7 - Medical tape

It is medically approved, nice and sticky and suitable for skin.
However there is a tape that is even better than this…

No. 8 - Microfoam tape

(Picture above is not the common type of microfoam which is far more smooth and shiny looking white)

Might be the best thing ever, friendly to the damsel and effective to help the kidnapper muffle her.
It is just like the medical tape, however, it has one more extremely helpful advantage, it is highly conformable and flexible.
It will stick to every part of the damsels face almost as a second skin, if she opens her mouth to try and break its hold it just stretches along with her mouth accompanying the lips on their way apart and on their way back tougher.
It is a real bitch, but not because of pain (it doesn’t, it is made for skin) it is because of the never giving up attitude that might get the captive to just accept the fact.
It is most of the time double wide which makes it better.

No. 9 - Plaster/Band-aid

One of my faves since it is so rare.
Not very effective and comes with natural lip protection (it isn’t really meant for lips however).
It is very decorative most of the time and will probably look even better with some lace clothing.


Well, ladies and not ladies, that is all for now.
If you have any suggestion to another topic that is close to my heart to do an article on just inbox me and tell me what.
I am planning a guide to tape gags that I thought about in my creative mind.

As a boyfriend; Jung Hoseok/ J-hope

i loved doing this omg (requests for these type of things are open, so as a boyfriend, dating would be likes, as a lover, as a brother etc. )

hoseok hurts me

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

First meeting;

  • ·         Laughter
  • ·         Cheeriness
  • ·         Rosy cheeks
  • ·         Loud
  • ·         Chatty
  • ·         Considerate
  • ·         Wonderful
  • ·         His dimples are deep because he can’t stop smiling
  • ·         His eyes have those mischievous glints to them
  • ·         Edgy due to slight nervousness
  • ·         Slightly tilts his head when he looks at you
  • ·         Small cheesy comments

*walks up to a stranger* “hello, hi, yeah… can you take a photo of us? I’d like to show my mum what my next girlfriend looks like”


  • ·         Smirking, with the slight lip biting
  • ·         Playful and exaggerated sensual body movements
  • ·         Purposely issuing skinship
  • ·         Unnecessary compliments

“You’re gorgeous”

  • ·         Purposeful breathy moaning to get your attention
  • ·         The raising of his eyebrows whenever he looks at you
  • ·         Strong eye contact, never unwavering; perfectly still
  • ·         His hands on his waist or on his belt loops to draw your attention to that area
  • ·         The dimples are there but they are followed by the cheek biting


  • ·         The opening of doors for you
  • ·         If it’s raining, he carry you over puddles so you don’t get your    shoes wet
  • ·         Sacrifices his jacket to keep your warm or you hair from the rain
  • ·         Shyness
  • ·         His cheeky smile is small and timid
  • ·         Sweaty palms
  • ·         Leg bouncing, putting all his nervous energy in there
  • ·         You could be walking down the street towards the small food stand, his favourite song would be playing and he’d belt it out while serenading you
  • ·         Again, walking down the street when a slow song plays in the restaurant nearby; Hoseok gets you to stand on his shoes and guides you through a very playful waltz.
  • ·         Gets the look of awe on his face when you’re not shy about eating food etc.
  • ·         Hand holding, fingers entwined and loosely swinging between you both
  • ·         Slight stuttering, scared of accidentally saying something that might offend you
  • ·         Carries extra heat packs, just in case his jacket didn’t keep you warm
  • ·         So much laughing to the point that both of your bellies hurt and have some serious hulk neck muscles
  • ·         Being clichéd and buying you flowers
  • ·         Claims to be a bravado man and protect you but ended up running from the bug that flew past his head
  • ·         Eye smiling when he sees you looking at him
  • ·         Snaps his head forwards when you catch him looking at you


  • ·         Leather jackets and claims to be the “badass hope” that you need
  • ·         Cheeky
  • ·         He gives you that look where he looks like he could devour you
  • ·         Basically eye fucks you with no shame
  • ·         Lip biting
  • ·         Sensual and fluid movement
  • ·         Exaggeration when he speaks
  • ·         His leather jacket ends up wrapped around you to keep you warm
  • ·         Moves his arms to point out his arm muscles
  • ·         He’s cheeky

You know Y/N, your lips look a little dry, and can I kiss them better?”

  • ·         Confidently chatty
  • ·         Holds your hand even when you try to pull away because you’re shy

“You don’t need to be shy around me, never be shy with me. What do you have to lose sweet?”

  • ·         Even though it is just a first date, he will make sure that are no disturbances, so if that rude ass man continues to rudely compliment you; then Hoseok will be most likely to act upon it. I’m sure the guy could live a few days with a bruised eye.
  • ·         When you catch him looking at you, he will stay with his eye solely on you.
  • ·         Legit no shame
  • ·         Shares his food with you
  • ·         Shares his drink with you but makes sure that your lips touch the exact spot his did

First Week;

  • ·         The slight awkward shyness about finally being together
  • ·         He can’t stop smiling when he sees you
  • ·         The hand holding is constant, you need the toilet? Grabs your hands and pulls you towards the door. Need to go get a blanket, then makes sure your fingers are entwined.
  • ·         Anything you both do is highly cheery because the whole situation is just new and exciting
  • ·         He constantly wants to touch you, whether is it simply holding your hand or sitting near you
  • ·         When you were introduced to the rest of bangtan, they accepted you right away when they saw how you both looked at each other
  • ·         Whatever he says has you blushing
  • ·         The flirty aspect of it is still exciting
  • ·         Cuddling a lot together
  • ·         Eating a lot, both eating out near enough every night in order to celebrate
  • ·         You want to be near him, see him, feel his warming aura
  • ·         Whenever he touches you, the tingle are still there afterwards
  • ·         So many compliments

“Jagi? Can I call you Jagi?”

“You know, you look so beautiful wearing my hoodie”

  • ·         You both still have that wonderful crush feeling in your stomachs, like it’s a whole new territory for the both of you.
  • ·         Though it’s still uncomfortable still, slightly awkward, its new territory so you’re discovering each other on a whole new intimate level- meaning that being together is fascinating
  • ·         Its bittersweet


  • ·         He’s cocky and its invigorating
  • ·         The way he looks at you makes you feel open
  • ·         His arrogance makes you feel overwhelmed
  • ·         The way he holds himself up makes you feel like you could lean on him and he’d support you
  • ·         He sucks on the inside of his cheek when he looks you up and down
  • ·         He kisses your forehead with pressure to insinuate his affections
  • ·         In front of the boys, he’s hurtful with his jokes but he begs for forgiveness
  • ·         He’ll pick you up from where you work or school, sitting on the edge of his car or bike; waiting for you.
  • ·         Despite it being only the first week, the adrenaline of doing dangerous things with him would be indulging
  • ·         Breaking into an ice rink with him and spending the night just having fun, showing his calm side
  • ·         When someone makes a comment at you whether it is flirty or insulting, his emotions will get the best of him
  • ·         Sitting there with him, your legs over his and his index finger is drawing small circles in your calf and your hand is in his hair, brushing it back. His eyes are closed and you can’t help but admire the calmness of him
  • ·         He wants to look good for you, meaning that his usual dishevelled look that you feel for would be more exaggerated because he wants to be the best he can for you
  • ·         He loves It when you wear his leather jacket with the clothes he chose for you, showing that when it’s his turn that week for date night of the new relationship, he wants to spoil you
  • ·         He’d leave you sticky notes everywhere

“You look beautiful in my shirt” even if he doesn’t know what you’re wearing or hasn’t seen you, he knows that you’ll steal his shirt

“I think you should come round and give me kiss ;)”

First month;

·         It’s still thrilling but you’re both are finding the stability

·         When you stay over, he lets you sleep in his clothes

·         Cooks you breakfast, even if he has to be at practice early

·         Still learning about each other so each week, you both do something that either hoseok or you want to do

  • ·         The clichéd relationship perks begin to happen
  • ·         He kisses you on the nose
  • ·         Carries you bridal styles and swings you about
  • ·         Most nights end with phone calls fully of sappy words or laughter
  • ·         You usually fall asleep to his voice
  • ·         Small collection of his stuff start to accumulate at your place
  • ·         Leaves you cheesy voicemails

“Hi…Er… umm… I hope you’re okay and I just wanted to say that you look really nice today… even though I haven’t seen you but I know you do!”

  • ·         Try and spend as much time together as you can
  • ·         No matter what, he will make sure that you have the most food; whether you’re full or not
  • ·         He’ll eat your leftovers
  • ·         The ‘olive complex’ say that you don’t like olive or he doesn’t like olives, he will eat the olives off your plate or the other way round
  • ·         You’ll both start dedicating certain nights to certain objects, so game nights, date nights, fam nights with bangtan
  • ·         He takes you to practice with him and shows off
  • ·         He literally sends you selfies every day when he goes away for the first time in your relationship so you don’t miss him too much
  • ·         Sharing earphones with you on the bus, especially when he has his disguise on and makes you laugh like a crazy person
  • ·         Serenades to you
  • ·         You’re both eating pancakes and he just fruits and syrup  all over it
  • ·         Kissing the back of your hand when your fingers are entwined with his
  • ·         The ugliest selfie he has of the both of you will be his lock screen until he gets an even more impressive and worse one  


  • ·         He’s slightly possessive of you, like if someone accidentally knocks you then he may or may not re-enact the transition of a werewolf going through their first turn
  • ·         His cocky attitude is only present when you’re both around people
  • ·         When it is you two alone, he is the most endearing sweethearts imaginable
  • ·         He makes sure that all the guys know who’s s/o you are
  • ·         When you went to go refill your cup, he took the most possible sexiest selfie he could and made it your lock screen
  • ·         Remind you every day of how amazingly beautiful you look just to see you turn beet red
  • ·         Teasing you

“Jagi? Don’t you think I’m hot?” with a big fat smirk plastered onto his face

  • ·         He loves to tease you in front of his friends and bangtan
  • ·         Despite the bad boy exterior, if you ever needed him, he would be there in a heartbeat
  • ·         Pulling pranks on you
  • ·         Water fights and will tease the hell out of you if you were weariing a white tshirt

“Jagi! You look way too hot right now”

First time;

  • ·         Gentle
  • ·         Let’s you take the pace and see what you’re comfortable with
  • ·         Soft
  • ·         Caring in the sense of being overly talkative with you

“Are you okay?”

“I can stop?”

“Please don’t kill me tomorrow about the hickies”

  • ·         Passionate
  • ·         All the sexual tension that had been building up was finally being released
  • ·         He holds onto your hand
  • ·         Have the moment before everything where it’s just the staring at each other

“You’re so beautiful”

“I’ve never wanted you so much”

  • ·         His hand gently rests on the crook of your back and moulds his body to yours
  • ·         His thumb tracing your jawline so softly that the tingles drove you crazy
  • ·         All of his attention was solely on you, he made sure that you are put first
  • ·         Hickies

First year;

  • ·         Even though you both are madly in love etc., you made sure to spend just as much time with your friends and he did the same with his.
  • ·         Legit newlywed sex everywhere
  • ·         The feeling of being comfortable with each other resulted in you both being the bathroom together when someone needs a wee
  • ·         Toilet selfies, #noshame
  • ·         He takes so many candid photos of you and pins them everywhere
  • ·         You both have that 6th sense when something is wrong, it’s like a tingly feeling and usually it’s right
  • ·         3 am dance parties become more and more frequents
  • ·         He face times you while on the toilet because he doesn’t want you to miss him
  • ·         Plushies everywhere
  • ·         He cooks you dinner, sometimes you have to take over because his chatty and playful nature keeps him distracted
  • ·         When you both met each other’s parents, it went great and they love you and his parents love you
  • ·         The verbal pledge of being together
  • ·         He’ll still do the thing he does when you first got together, stare at you with a shy smile on his face
  • ·         He’ll make weird comments

“You used to fancy me… ;)”

“Hoseok? We’ve been together for over a year ???????”

“I know, how embarrassing for you” *queue incoherent screeching noise like a banshee”

  • ·         When you’re having a bad day, he will treat you like a god/goddess/ deity. He’ll begin to undress and you put in his boxer shorts and shirt and cuddle you until you sleep
  • ·         Food fights and then the argument of who will clean it up
  • ·         You both argue over small things, sometimes it will end up with one of you leaving but you both will always come back to each other and work it out, go grab a pizza
  • ·         Showering together, he washes you because you’re lazy
  • ·         He brushes your hair for you
  • ·         Lazy days that consist of joggers, his shirts, fluffy socks and hallway surfing.
  • ·         Homemade pizzas and usually the food ends up everywhere
  • ·         Movie marathons
  • ·         He usually comes home to you dancing in your underwear to his music
  • ·         Piggy back rides when you go to practice with him
  • ·         He once tried to throw a rock at your window to get your attention but broke it instead
  • ·         He still apologises profusely
  • ·         There is a box filled with numbered folded notes and it’s the date box, each number has a different and more exciting date on it but only the winner chooses.
  • ·         Usually he wins, golden hyung
  • ·         Slow dancing in the living room when you’re both gross and haven’t showered in a few days
  • ·         He brought home puppies even though you both couldn’t afford to look after one
  • ·         He named one taco
  • ·         Constantly tells you he loves you and it makes you blush redder than a tomato

…I am sorry, yet also not sorry. The crack ship has reached its opus.

Seeing as I’ve received no less than five (five!) fanfoal designs for the Bruce/Aerostorm ship (Sharknado shipping), I thought hey, why don’t I do a little design of my own? Just one doodle can’t hurt…And then it exploded into a mini character study sorry

ANYHOO. From top to bottom, moving from left to right:

1.) Just how did Bruce and Stormy have a kid anyway? Magic, of course! Although the spell was supposed to turn Stormy into the mare. Bruce is not fond of his time spent as a lady and doesn’t like to talk about it. Ever. Just one word of advice-never trust a pink and purple haired she-draconequus.
I’m not a big fan of the gender bender trope where even the ugliest dude becomes beautiful when turned female. So Bruce doesn’t look a whole lot different, just smaller and rounder (and angrier and pregnant). In the humanverse, I’d imagine he’d bitch about not being allowed to drink beer and never shave his legs and walk around without a shirt on sometimes (Stormy doesn’t mind that at all)

2.) Lil Wave Rider demonstrates her passion for adventuring, and also wrestling dangerous animals. Bruce is caught somewhere between pride and absolute terror

3-4.) Character studies for the (hypothetical?) daughter of Bruce and Aerostorm, Wave Rider.
Nickname(s): Wave, Wavey, Rider
Special talent: Surfing, treasure hunting
Personality: Wave Rider (or Wave Ridah, as she and Bruce pronounce it) is a mare of adventure. She is bold and fearless, nonchalantly surfing in hurricane weather, deep sea diving for giant pearls, and tracking and studying dangerous beasts, all for the thrill of adventure. She’s a little rough around the edges, as you’re just as likely to find her belching and crushing a soda can on her head as you are of finding her making pretty seashell necklaces with Stormy. Like Bruce, she calls herself a wildlife conservationist and loves and protects all animals (especially marine life, and especially dolphins). Wave can play the ukelele, sing beautifully, eat like a goddamn elephant, and drink a stallion twice her size under the table. She is a good flyer (what would you expect from the granddaughter of Rainbow Dash), but her passion lies in surfing. For Wave, a day out on the water beats a day up in the sky, any day.

5.) I imagine of the two, Stormy would be the super chill parent. He trusts that his daughter can take care of herself. Bruce on the other hand is such a fretting mother hen you don’t even know. It’s sort of justified when you have a daughter that regularly goes treasure hunting in underwater caves and swims with sharks. He often sends Pearlie out to make sure she won’t get into trouble, but Wave resents being treated like a baby and insists she can handle herself.

Whew. Ha. I have obviously put way too much thought into what was supposed to be a one-off , what-if character. Oh well. I had to give my otp a babbu, i just had to
wave rider is only as canon as you’d like her to be
feel free to ship whatever you want

Fluffy Pink Armor Against the Universe

It’s time to celebrate @lunaseemoony‘s birthday! 

To do so (and for the @timepetalsprompts weekly prompt ‘in between’), I’ve written a fluffy little fic. Happy Birthday, dear heart! 

Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, ~5300 words, Rated T, light angst, a hint of smut and shameless, unrepentant fluff. Read it on ao3!

beta’d by @tenroseforeverandever, @aimtoallonsy, and @sequencefairy - thank you ladies!! <3 <3 <3 

This is the story of Rose’s favorite pink blanket…


It’s an impulse purchase. As much of an impulse as asking her aboard had been.

He doesn’t think about it much, really. He just allows himself to be ruled by the swirling eddies of emotion and sensation that come part and parcel with his shipmate - something he’s finding himself doing more and more now that he’s let one Rose Tyler into his life. He’s always found that if he thinks about something for too long, he loses momentum. With Rose, he doesn’t think. He feels.

It’s pale pink and impossibly soft, just like her. There is a pattern of squares - almost waffled-looking in appearance - but he doesn’t feel any ridges or bumps when he runs his calloused hand over the soft, alien wool. All he feels is the silken slide of the material against his roughened skin.

They’ve just left 1987 and guilt gnaws at him, constant and relentless. His behavior in her past was inexcusable, unforgivable. He was abrasive, his words and actions like sandpaper against her fragile human emotions. But Rose, his sweet Rose, forgave him, undeserving bastard that he is. He has learned, over these past weeks traveling with her, what compassion looks like.

It looks like Rose Tyler. His precious girl.

She deserves something as soft as she is, something that will caress her as he will never (can never). She needs something that will comfort her when he is an utter arsehole (as he is sure to be; what else can he be?) and perhaps remind her that he is not always a prick, that he does care about her.

This purchase isn’t entirely about her comfort, he realizes. It’s also about him needing to ensure her comfort and happiness. Because ensuring her happiness is paramount to ensuring his own; if she’s not happy with him, she’ll leave. And if she leaves…

He can’t even complete that thought.

“How much?” he asks the vendor.

“Which one?”

The Doctor holds up the pink blanket.

“Fifty-four credits.”

It’s an outrageous sum, and he shouldn’t pay it. He should tell the vendor to fuck off, or at least begin the process of haggling. Fifty-four credits!?That’s mad.

“Here.” He hands over the credit stick without another word, and the vendor passes the parcel to the Doctor with a smirk.

He’s been an easy mark and he knows it. He curses himself as he walks away with the pink blanket in a (blessedly) opaque bag.

Keep reading


I woke up this morning in Borneo, went for breakfast in a crowded kopi tiam, where I greedily devoured a lip burning, nose running, utterly delicious bowl of Kuching style laksa. Tomorrow, I’ll board a long boat and, for the second time in my life, head up the Skrang River—this time for Gowai, the Iban harvest festival, where I will, I am warned, be drinking way too much rice whiskey. I have asked that my former headhunter hosts give me a hand tap tattoo. Possibly a durian pattern. I have been having regular foot massages—something they do particularly well in this part of the world. My room smells of jasmine, and outside the window, across the river, the former palace of the “White Rajah” of Borneo is visible in the late afternoon light. The muezzin’s calls to prayer will soon echo from the mosques throughout the city, one voice joining another, then another—a chorus from every direction. 

And yet….and yet…in the midst of all this….exotica…my mind runs to New Jersey. 

New Jersey, too, was exotic to me, once. For much of my childhood. The then working class riviera of Barnegat Light where I spent many happy summers. The dark mysteries of off season, pre-casino Atlantic City, with its vast, empty hotels, its novelty shops, boardwalk, salt water taffy and amusement pier. Leafy bedroom communities where I grew up, others where I was later whisked off to school…the hard packed night time slopes of Great Gorge and Vernon Valley…the fabled Pine Barrens, where untold horrors awaited amidst the discarded gangsters and mythical, griffon-like creatures said to feast on little boys. The fastidious, house proud Victorian severity of Ocean Grove right next to the decidedly honky tonk Asbury Park. The Palisades. The meadowlands—a vast wonderland for juvenile delinquents…Even the refineries of Elizabeth had secrets—their omnipresent but ever changing odors, unknowable. I came of age as a passenger in cars driving aimlessly around Route 80, Route 46, Route 4 …cruising for burgers, cruising for girls, cruising just…because….

So, to me, much maligned New Jersey was always magic. Until, like so many of us raised in the Garden State, I left—forever—for better, more “sophisticated” territory. In my case, right across the river to New York City. Everybody, of course, is from New Jersey: Frank Sinatra, Jack Nicholsen, Meryl Streep, William Carlos Williams, Alan Ginsberg, Queen Latifah, Stephen Crane, Glenn Danzig, Peter Dinklage, Donald Fagen, Ray Liotta, Martha Stewart, Lee Van Cleef, Tom Colicchio and..oh yeah…Bruce Springsteen. Anyone else not listed here was probably born there but just won’t admit it.

I get angry now when people speak badly of my home state. (I may not have been born there—but I was certainly raised there from infancy until age 17). And I get angry, from afar, when people abuse it, try to paint it in a bad light. Certainly the reality series, depicting roid-raging, Valtrex popping mesomorphs did the state no favors. But New Jersey hardly has the exclusive on meatheads.
I’ve watched in dismay for much of my life as politicians from both Democratic and Republican parties have used New Jersey as their personal feeding trough. And if you think the Christie traffic scandal was no big deal, think about how you’d feel if it was YOUR 6 year old daughter, first day of school, trapped in a school bus for 4 hours, desperate to not piss herself in front of her classmates—all because a bunch of vindictive, spiteful, gloating political hacks were peeved about matters completely outside your control or understanding—and decided to use YOUR kid as a club to beat their perceived enemy with. YOUR dad, waiting for an ambulance or emergency responder.

And certainly, what’s become of Camden, once a principle engine of the industrial revolution, after generations of mismanagement from the other political party is even more egregious. And has anyone, ever, taken as large, as ugly, as steaming a shit on a city as Donald Trump’s ‘Taj Mahal” in Atlantic City? LOOK at it! (We do, in this episode). Can you imagine an uglier, tackier structure—one more oblivious to its surroundings? It seems designed specifically to obscure the beach, the boardwalk, the gorgeous architecture of Atlantic City—the very things that (still) make AC wonderful. Of course, Donald seems eager to separate himself from his leavings these days—not because it’s an architectural abomination—but because it’s apparently become a financial embarrassment.

It would be easy to make New Jersey look amazing if I concentrated on its farmland, its beaches, its parks and its finer restaurants. Easier still if we chose to film in summer. But I thought, let’s shoot this show in WINTER. When New Jersey is supposedly at its greyest, most inhospitable, ugliest. And lets go right to those parts of New Jersey that are supposedly the most fucked up, the places where everything went horribly wrong. It is MY contention that New Jersey is so magnificent, so unique, its spirit so unsinkable and its sense of humor unparalleled that even there, seeing those places—as I do—with affection and respect and no small measure of hope, that those who watch this episode will find my beloved home state awesome and beautiful too. Even the refineries—the sprawl of bridges and highways and clover leafs—there’s beauty there. We worked mightily to show you those things as we saw them. As I feel about them.

New Jersey, it is my contention, was amazing all along. It was when we tried to “fix it” that we went astray. Drive Ventnor Avenue from Atlantic City to Margate and look out the window, and you’ll see, still there in parts—what was lost and what could be again. Look at Asbury Park—how its coming back—against all odds. And watch one lone woman’s struggle in Camden to take back, one block and one child at a time, a city she grew up in, loves fiercely and wont let go of.

The hero sandwich of my youth. Steamer clams. Jersey Italian. Birch beer. The smell of dune grass. Vanilla salt water taffy. Fried clam strips. These things should be eternal. They are eternal.

Colored Ink- Derek Hale Song Imagine

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Song: Colors by Halsey 

Request: by anon

A song preference with Colors by Halsey with the TW characters 

(I’m terribly sorry but I only did Derek since all the characters personality don’t match with the song’s meaning)

Word Count: 618

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Regal Pt. 2

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I only know when he began to dance with me
I could have danced, danced, danced all night~ 

summary:  a princess should not fall in love with a soldier, but she has no say in the matter when fate makes its own decisions.

words: 2185

a/n: part two is here! I haven’t really edited this a lot, so if there’s any mistakes, just let me know! Hope you enjoy~

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In the following weeks, you found that Min Yoongi was good at more than just tactical training, but avoiding people as well.

Or, more specifically, you.

It seemed the only time you could catch even a fleeting glimpse of the mysterious man was when he trained with Jeongguk out in the courtyard, sun beating down on his equally bright locks and yet his skin still appeared untouched by the rays. You would never admit to purposely walking through the breezeway when you knew he was there, but the annoyed glances he threw towards you and Rose had you keeping your distance.

Regardless of whether you were an actual distraction, it was fascinating to watch him work. He was never dressed with any special care for his sessions with the prince, but he still commanded the boy’s attention with quiet strength. You noticed that Jeongguk began to greatly look forward to his sessions and focused with rapt enthusiasm. It was all he could talk about during dinner was Yoongi and how much he was learning.

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fic: to build a home.

rated m for a smutty scene and mentions of ptsd. otherwise, this is fluffy, domestic!hollstein.

read on ao3.

They’re just barely graduated - living in their first apartment together (and it’s not much different than the dorm, there’s just more space for Carmilla to clutter) when she first brings up kids. They’re entangled in each other, as they usually are. Laura’s head is resting on Carmilla’s chest and Carmilla is stroking her hair. Laura’s half asleep when Carmilla whispers, “When - if, we have kids I want to name them after my family, if that would be okay with you.” Laura’s eyes shoot open and she’s wide awake and alert now because whoa. She looks up at Carmilla, who is looking determinedly at the ceiling, and she says, “Of course that’s okay with me.” She turns her head back down and plants a kiss just above Carmilla’s heart.

It’s the first time she feels like maybe, this could be forever.

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