it's unbearable really

seen some ppl talking about their fulfilling long-distance relationships lately and it makes me v happy and thoughtful and emotional ah…. love is a good, good thing

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How can Yona be so badass? How can Jahae be so damn hot? How can Zeno be such a sweetheart? How can Yuun be so loveable? How can Kija be so beautiful? How can Hak be such a dork and still be extremely scary? How can Shin-Ah be so cute? How can all of these characters be so perfect and still have flaws?

Revere the meerkat. Believe in the meerkat.

Things with this fandom have gotten beyond ridiculous. I don’t just mean on here, but on twitter and Instagram too…so bad that Sophia’s friends feel like they have to make their accounts private. It’s really sad. When people constantly comment on their posts & reply to their tweets about things that have nothing to do with them (Bushfer mostly) it’s really not ok!! People need to find their chill & learn to respect these people and their privacy. You have gone from crazy to completely and certifiably insane. I know i’m probably gonna get hate for this, but i honestly do not care. I’m not calling anyone out & this honestly is not directed at anyone, its a general statement. I just think that when Sophia is lacking on her social media posts & her friends feel like they can’t post things freely and have to make their accounts private, there is seriously something wrong.