it's ugly isn't it


produce 101’s 95-line


Just some scenes that I wish would’ve been animated in Book of Atlantic.
It’s the small details that matter most.


If you’re one of the 2307 people who liked that comment and have been part of that mess, please feel free to unfollow me right now. This has absolutely nothing to do with being “legal” or that Johnny isn’t a minor, but if you’re just stanning him because he’s so “Daddy” then you are not a fan of him at all and it’s really disheartening that most of the “supportive Johnny comments” on Youtube are created by thirsty fans, who absolutely don’t know where the line is.


i really hate being an aquarius rising, why can’t i be born 2 hours early

I, um, recorded a video of me speaking in Norwegian today while I was on a walk.

Would you guys be interested in me posting it here or no?

straight ppl r so fucking weird dude

not to be /that/ bitch but the K pop industry as a whole is rooted in anti blackness n ur idols were founded upon the idea that the things we (black people) create are open for consumption all while degrading/belittling us, every time some one does black face, or makes a comment that eludes to dark skin being synonymous with ugly, dirty, unnatural etc.