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50 Things To Remember In Life

Dear Friend,

There are 365 days in a year
And you and I both know from many unfortunate personal experiences,
That not all of those days will be good.
For some, the majority of those days will be a breeze
For others, each day will be a trial.
The world is a difficult place.
The world is an interesting place.
I am here to give you a few reminders
To keep up with this trying world we live in.

1. Follow your own heart and dreams. Don’t ever let anyone else tell you what you can or can’t do.

2. If you want something enough, you will find a way to make it happen.

3. You will meet people who hate you, and you will meet people who love you, and you will meet people who you think love you. Don’t be fooled. Some people are just passing by in your story called life. They’re there to teach you something, so always be aware.

4. Always remember that bad things and situations you don’t like will end. It may take minutes, hours, days, or years, but never forget that they will end eventually. You can get through anything.

5. You are your own person, not anyone else’s. Don’t let people take control of you and change your beautiful self.

6. The people in your life who make you giggle and smile in the darkest of times are ones you need to keep with you forever. There is always the potential for hard times, and you’ll need someone to cheer you on.

7. You do not have to live up to any standards or expectations. Family and peers and society are constantly telling us that we have to be a certain way, or else we aren’t good enough. Tune out of that thinking and just be yourself. That’s the best thing you can be.

8. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Being out of the box can bring on so many amazing new opportunities you never even thought existed.

9. A lot is going to happen to you during your lifetime, so let yourself feel anything and everything. Always feel as much as you can. It makes you experience things at a higher level and you can say, “Yes I know this feeling. I’ve been here before.”

10. A good cry cleanses the heart and mind and soul.

11. Appreciate the small things. They can teach you to love and be at peace with everything around you.

12. It’s okay to take a break from everyday duties once in a while.

13. Travel whenever possible, it opens the mind. Go on adventures in new places and learn about the world. You will come back a new person.

14. Get up the courage to talk to strangers. That’s how you meet people. Who knows, the next person you meet could end up being your new best friend.

15. Stand in the rain and breathe in the wide open air and absorb everything you can about the earth.

16. Long walks are something that can clear the mind and resolve many issues.

17. It’s okay to lay in bed with a book all day.

18. Look out the window and watch the snow silently fall. It’s one of the most peaceful and relaxing things you can do.

19. Remember that everyone is living their very own life with their own problems, so always be kind and respect others.

20. Keep and open mind and listen to people’s thoughts. You might discover more than you think.

21. You are not defined by your weight or skin color or career or the number of friends you have or your grades in school or your decisions. You are so much more than that.

22. Everyone makes mistakes in life, so don’t judge a person based on their decisions.

23. Keep your own limits and morals. Don’t give them up for anyone.

24. Live a little. Be spontaneous and experience all that you possibly can.

25. Aim to live a life that you will be proud of and content with when you’re 90 years old.

26. Things in life will tear you down, but time heals everything.

27. Rumors don’t help anyone. Don’t start or spread them.

28. Your soulmate is out there in the world searching for you too. Don’t lose hope. You’ll find each other one day.

29. Treat yourself once in a while.

30. Random acts of kindness can make someone’s day and it can make you feel good too.

31. You’re going to have to work if you want to live a truly happy life. Don’t cheat or make someone else do the work for you. That will only make an unfulfilled and empty life for you in the end.

32. Be proud of everything you do.

33. Self love never hurt anyone.

34. Find things to look forward to. It will keep you excited and more hopeful for the bright future.

35. Leave a piece of you in every place you go and with every person you meet.

36. Always listen to people. Everyone just wants to be heard and understood and feel like they matter to someone.

37. Do what is best for you in the long run, even if it hurts at first.

38. Love with all your heart and soul at every opportunity.

39. Never settle for less. You deserve the best and whatever makes you truly happy.

40. Don’t feel bad if someone doesn’t like you. It’s their loss because they won’t get to experience your magnificent presence.

41. Never fear love. Love can make you grow and blossom and teach you so much. Don’t fear it, but proceed with caution. Broken hearts will heal with time, but they are never fun.

42. Dancing silly to your favorite songs will guarantee some giggles and smiles.

43. Always sing in the shower, and when you’re home alone, sing as loud as you can.

44. Put effort into everything you do. It makes it all worthwhile and you feel better about it in the end. You can reflect and say “Look at this. I’m proud.”

45. Exercise makes you feel good and you’ll feel accomplished too. Try it sometime.

46. You are beautiful exactly how you are. Don’t deny yourself of your own loveliness.

47. You may not be perfect, because no one is, but you’re hella radiant, which is near perfection.

48. To grow as a person and expand your mind and soul, learn at least one new thing everyday.

49. Don’t beat yourself up about things you have no control over.

50. Happiness is not a goal or a point on a map. It is a state of being that everyone deserves.

Now my friend, I hope you can carry these things with you in your heart
Because every time you are down
You can always get back up.
Every time you are afraid
The fear won’t last forever.
This world and the people in it may knock you down
But you need to keep getting back up.
You have to.
Live, live, live.
Live your dream life. Make things happen.
It will be hard and it may seem hopeless and pointless sometimes,
But just remember that things really do get better.
The world is a difficult place.
The world is a beautiful place.
But only if you believe it to be.

Don’t lose hope.
I love you.

Sincerely, Me.

—  s.h. (via evanescentbeings )

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“I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won’t remember them all, so I put them all together into one…

                                                      …I’d like to spend more time with you.”

lunaklow  asked:

Could you do a tutorial or give me some tips on how to digitally paint hair is the hardest for me thanks for your time:)

Some tips:

*Never color black hair with pure black, it makes it look bad and you cant put shades on it and, its very difficult to make good lights too. Its much better if you put like a dark gray or something like that but never paint it black.

*Is more preferable if you do not use very saturated colors for the hair, it’s just too bright and make it difficut to watch, putting away the fact that it makes it look very ugly if you dont know how to use that kind of saturated colors.

*Have fun painting it, take your time. I do, and tbh one of the best parts for me its painting the hair, it makes me feel relaxed.

I hope it helped a little bit at least (?)

also sorry again if you didnt understand, my english is a little crappy and my handwriting is very confusing for some people <:0

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Hey 😃Maybe a Bellarke Fic were something dramatic has just happened and they go back to their room and suddenly everything is silent and calm and they clean each other's wounds? Maybe in cannonverse ? Your blog is amazing and you are a blessing thank you

Omg thank you :’) I’m sorry it took me forever to get to this but I hope you like it. Not TOTALLY sure if the title is 100% applicable but it’s super bellarkey anyway so. ALSO! This is 4x06 spec

Hello Love, My Invincible Friend


Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Rating: G, I guess
Words: 1,441

On her forehead there’s a slash from which blood trickles in a steady flow into Clarke’s eye. She feels a bruise blossoming across her cheekbone. Her head pounds in her temples and between her brows, a sharp ache that rears its ugly head with each second that passes.

But Clarke has jumped hundreds of feet into violent waters. She’s opened her own stitches and slit her skin to cut deals. She wrestled a damn jaguar and survived.

She’s dealt with worse.

Bellamy has too, but that doesn’t quell the fear bubbling in Clarke’s gut like a waking volcano when she looks at him now.

His jacket is thrown onto the bed, leaving him with only his t-shirt to veil the gash sliced along his bicep. Blood drips in a curtain down his arm, staining the fabric of his shirt and falling in thick drops to the floor. With his opposite hand, Bellamy tries rolling up his sleeve to get a better look at the damage. When he fumbles, frustrated, Clarke crosses the room to help him.

It’s the first time since Trikru attacked them on their way to Becca’s lab that Clarke has seen the injury, and when she does, she can’t help the shallow breath she sucks in. Bellamy tenses. Clarke knows the blood makes it look worse than it actually is, but even so, she can tell slapping a band aid on this one won’t fix it.

Over the lump in her throat, she says “I need to clean this,” and hurries to the attached bathroom to wet a cloth. “And stitch it.” She grabs her first aid kit from their traveling bag. “And probably amputate it.”


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anonymous asked:

I am sorry you had thst experience. It's a hard situation. For my part, me and my abuser ended up throwing accusations at each other like cowboys in a quick draw. I haven't forgiven people who didnt believe me, but I can't blame them either. It's an impossible situation which feeds off our desire to do good; and uses our own strongest ideals as a weapon against us. So ugly. I hope you are doing ok x

(2)(cowboy abuse accusations anon) edited to add, that person was not only big on consent, but was a consent educator and activist in town and rather prominent in local campaigns. So it goes. I’m having some trust problems, and a lot of feminist or social justice buzzwords still read as red flags to me - including ones about abuse and survival. Oh blimey, it’s tough. I hope you are doing ok.

Thanks, and I hope you’re doing okay too.  It’s a really impossible situation when abuse accusations are the abuse, and not at all a rare one.  But then you get into “saying my abuse accusations are abuse is just reinforcing abuse” and oh my God it’s turtles all the way down.

In the end, all we’re left with is that it’s really hard to know from the outside what a situation is.  "Believe everyone” ties you in knots, “believe no one” is heartless, “believe the more respectable party” is very dangerous, “believe the less privileged party” is hopelessly naive, even “trust your gut” is just a gateway to the inner prejudices of your gut.  It’s really hard.

I’m not going to claim I know what to do now, but at least I know a little bit more about how tough the problem is.  Hopefully.

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I hate to bother you ! but the download on your icon post isn't working ! c:

you’re not, love! i’m so sorry, dropbox can be awful, so i just decided to upload it with two more borders in a zip file to media fire. it can be found here. please like or reblog if you’re using.  i hope i’ve helped! xx

seventeen as things i’ve heard people at my school say

S.coups- *coming up with nicknames so the teacher can remember our names easier* “just call me daddy danny”

Jeonghan- “i hope your middle school ugly phase returns so i can be the hot friend again”

Joshua- “watch your profanity you’re only 18”

Jun- “the only reason he invited you on a boba date is because those boba balls won’t be the only thing you’re sucking”

Hoshi- “i feel like when i die they’re just gonna cut me open and pull a big strip of bacon out of my heart”

Wonwoo- "you run like a fucking book character, you skrub”

Woozi- “i would say im sorry for you but, you know, its rough out there. especially when youre a pussy"

Dk- “if being awesome was a subject, i’d have an A+” *instant laughing and disagreement*

MIngyu-  “do you think if i just start crying they’ll let me go home?”

The8- “ladybugs are just girl beetles"

Seungkwan- “you bit- *biology teacher walks by* biotic factor!”

Vernon- “i’m not going to answer your question until you ungay it”

Dino- “you may be a soccer mom, but you’re not my soccer mom!”


You don’t have to walk the night on your own
I will say a prayer for you to lead you on 

“ You … won my heart ? “


lol i did it with those 4 colours lol ,, this was the MCM challenge and requested by Arashi Senpai ;;u;;

I hope you like it Senpai >u< ,, sorry if its kinda ugly lol  sorry if it took long too :’D

his hair is such a pain lol ;;u;;
school has been keeping me busy lol ,, and yes i just did this with the #50 colour palette lol ,, i have used all the luminosity and multiply as i can ;;u;; i kept on mixing red , blue and yellow lol ,,

now my hands are itching to play ;;u;; oh and resident evil 7 biohazard had just been released ~ bless ;;u;;



ya lit meme: eight otps/relationships [5/8] ➸ lara jean song and peter kavinsky

“dear peter,
i miss you. it’s only been five days but i miss you like it’s been five years. […]
you haven’t brought me down. just the opposite. you’ve brought me out. you gave me my first love story, peter. please just don’t let it be over yet.
love, lara jean.”

thornsandwillows  asked:

It's past my bedtime but I just finished the Carpet Merchant chapter and now I'm ugly crying...I haven't been this struck by the depth of a fictional character relationship in the longest time, thank you for making something so beautiful.

I kept your comment in the inbox for so long and I hope you don’t mind I make this public (kinda want a way to preserve it, since answering privately means the destruction of this lovely thing). But thank you so much! Like, lol, of course I am sorry I ended your night like that but seriously though, thank you so much for reading! And for giving me validation in the sense that I’ve done something right irt writing these characters - Zeynel and Ayse - who aren’t your typical protagonists. They aren’t white, or Western, or hyper competent (see: action movies…) or hyper special, or extraordinarily physically attractive. They are just really ordinary folk. And the story isn’t catering to conventional western (mainly American) tastes either. So to see that people have responded to this story in the way you have; feeling an emotional attachment, caring about these ‘different’ people, and understanding the universality of the relationship despite the cultural differences…aaaaa

I think what I am trying to say is that it’s really nice to know and have this proof that it’s possible for non-western (usually I mean North American) voices and stories to be engaging and appreciated. The media is dominated by US-centric stories (movies, comics, and all) and while they are valuable voices, particularly from the lgbt+ and the American minority, it makes it really hard for us creators outside of the country to see that our stories could be successful or relatable. But now I think it is entirely possible, and that we can co-exist together on an equal playing field someday. It’s probably even more important now that we pursue this.

Thanks so much again!!! < 333 For reading and supporting and engaging. It’s appreciated!

If you all want to check out the comic:

PROTOCOL -- Android!AU (Ravus Nox Fleuret x Reader)

So after discussing it and asking her about it, @chocobro-hijinks allowed me to write for her Android!AU! :D Particular for Ravus’s part within it as the Aeternia Build combat android. It was super fun to write, and I’m super pleased with how it’s turning out! It got pretty lengthy though, so I actually was hoping to write more parts for this since most of this writing was exposition to introduce the relationship of RAV N0X and the reader character. So for now, I’m introducing their bond a bit more. Then in the future, I’ll probably write some more of those steamy bits. c; Because I have plans when working with this AU. *rubs hands evilly together*

Again, thank you for letting me write with this headcanon, Hijinks! Your headcanons are a blessing to the world…! QUQ

Also, tagging @di-fantastica and @itshaejinju. Because both heard that I was writing this up, and they wanted to read more of it. c:

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In my dream, you said if I came here I’d find a beacon of hope for the galaxy. Who is the savior, and where do I find him or her?


anonymous asked:

Hey there! I've always had this headcanon where Haruka actually likes creepy crawlies, like spiders and insects, since she grew up in the country. So, how about a scenario where each of the three groups are freaking out over a spider and she just casually walks in, picks it up, and releases it out a window, leaving the boys stunned? (You can do each group separately, if it's easier for you). Thanks :D

I answered it in this format since some of them would react similarly, hope you don’t mind!

Squad: Freaking out (internally or externally) but impressed when Haruka chucked out the bug
Otoya, Tokiya, Cecil

Squad: Not affected much by the bug but still surprised aka “You like creepy crawlies?”
Ren, Van, Reiji

Squad: Still rolling on the floor screaming “GET THAT THING OFF ME NOWWWWW!!!!”
Syo, Shion

Squad: Throws off the bug himself because it’s ugly and annoying
Camus, Eiichi, Nagi

Squad: Unimpressed by the bug, didn’t even know it was there
Ai, Ranmaru, Yamato, Kira

Squad: Tries to befriend the bug
Natsuki, Eiji

Squad: Faints immediately

If you want separate scenarios for specific guys, let me know!

dungeonraided  asked:

So I love all your Antasma art and wondered if you'd ever drawn Fawful? Because holy moly the bean would look great in your style. Because look at the way you draw Antasma!!! He always looks fabulous!!! 10/10 love all your art and I hope you're having a lovely day!

bruh fawful was like……………… #1 Boy back in 2013 i used to draw him nonstop

i deleted most of my art of him because its ugly but the style i used kinda became the base for how i draw cog?

“Of Love and Agony,” (1/1)

Summary: His tongue was cruel in more ways than one.

Notes: This was inspired by a very NSFW sketch that appeared on my dash. It is also DO-era filth, which means it is incredibly sad. So be aware going into this, it’s probably the darkest thing I have written or will write. Thanks to the bae, @abbadons-little-witch! Also tagging @captainwiley, by request. xo Also on Ao3, as always.

I have lost myself in the sea many times
with my ear full of freshly cut flowers,
with my tongue full of love and agony.
– Federico García Lorca

+ He surrenders in an unknowable moment between her thighs; but he won’t realize he’s lost until it’s too late, the strange, salty taste of her an intimate, uncanny premonition of the blood in his mouth.

“I knew,” she’ll whisper days, weeks, months later, their skin warm and damp in the light of a grey, early dawn, “I knew.”

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