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The signs as ugly renaissance babies














Jonathan & Ish-Bosheth + Of Kings & Prophets 1.01 ‘Offerings of Blood’ 

Mystic Messenger but its an Alternate Universe in which they’re characters from Shrek
  • Rika
    -even better because its like,,, fuckwad,, i am so salty at her fight me
  • Saeran
    -one of those,,, u kno…. these i cant remember what theyre called lmao

          -I mean fuckin ruined by Fuckwad Farquaad so ya kno

  • Yoosung
    -Gingerbread man
    -idk i just? at least the way i took it, Rika/Farquaad manipulated him
    -sweet boi, great support
    -dont anger him
  • Zen (A few spoilers for his route in this one!!!)
    -I mean?? At least when he was younger his family tried convincing him he was ugly
    -shitty parents
    -Doesnt want a s/o that cares about his appearance but personality??
    -so,,, Shrek
  • Jaehee
    -Shreks supporter and pal
  • Jumin
    -Puss in Boots
    -you know
  • Seven
    -seven crossdresses s o
    -tries to hide the “ugly” parts of himself until he realizes he can be accepted, like Fiona with being an ogre
    -Fairy Godmother
    -Suspected to be good until the end
    -but then theyre revealed as a villian
    -i still lov u tho V
    -dies in the end
    -or one of the three blind mice
  • Mc
    -terrified viewer

Knuxamy first kiss

i would like to imagine that Sonic went off to fight Metal Sonic or something like that but he went on his own and tails found out and told knuckles and amy was listening so she went to go when knuckles refuse cause he had his emarald to take care of so amy gets as far as outside the city or something and knuckles stops her and this happens

yeahhhh im not good at this but i tried and this is my otp sorry for the lines all ugly im drawing with a mouse so its hard to draw good lines i dont like to use the lineart tool cause it takes to long in paint tool sai

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What do you feel towards latinas/woc who ship and support sanvers?

ive said this before but honestly do ur thing like i couldnt care less. Just stop tryna guilt trip woc/latinas that dont fuck w it cause its annoying and ugly. People have the right to stay pressed.

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I saw your post about how people don't care about people's souls and you're right. Like the longer I'm in high school the more I realize how much appearances matter. Like a girl that is conventionally attractive says something and everyone thinks it's funny but if a girl that is "ugly" says the same thing it's "cringy." It sucks so bad.

yeah its true tho no one cares and everything is looks based. Like i said i used to be really awkward and ugly and during that time no one wanted to talk to me and when i “glowed” up guys started to notice and ppl then “cared” but na they dont really give a fuck they didnt know me. Its also who youre friends with, i usually tend to have “popular” friends so people who notice im friends with them flock to me because they want THEIR attention, bullshit i know wtf ur doing 😂😂The same bitches who were talkin shit retweeting my pics so fuck them and that fake shit lmfao

i know my soul and i know im a great and giving person i know my pure soul and im amazing i will take time out of my day to do above and beyond for loved ones i dont give af about someone elses looks because a lot of very attractive people have SHIT personalities. fuck that

its not even that i hate rich punks its just the point of punk is its against capitalism and shit and the point is to be spending as little as possible or even like. nothing and just buy from charity stores and shit like i dont see why ppl need 2 fulfill this weird ugly ass aesthetic to rebel or w/e like its not rebellious at all like no one rlly cares abt punx like ppl dont look at them and think ahhh ohhh oh no…..better watch out 4 these antifas……..generally ur not seen as ?? subversive or anything just stupid jshjshsj

as ugly as a lot of the recent animation is..apart from the slimming down characters and the like..i dont care much. if the show had amazing writing i wouldnt mind the art so much. lapises hair looking bad isnt what makes the show bad

sure go criticize it u have good points but dont put “its off model” right before “its bigoted” in reasons why the show sux

To those that care

I dont know why anyone would care but I have been… out of sorts lately.. for awhile actually. I’ve had so many personal issue going on in my life that it’s sorta become too much to handle all at once. and trying to take them down one at a time is sorta making everything worse. The main thing im struggling with is my depression. It’s mainly coming from the fact that after i settle one thing another thing immediately rears its ugly head. Whether its something from my past preventing me from moving forward with my life or something in the present preventing me from going towards the future i dream of.. It’s becoming so much harder and harder to smile anymore.. Hard as it seems to believe, i haven’t been happy for many many many months. Therapy hasn’t helped at all because i keep getting passed around like a football from one therapist to the next and its making it harder to come to a resolution for my problems other then “Medicine and a new doctor every two weeks” But honestly i don’t know how im able to stand in front of my “friends” and fake a “smile” for as long as i do. Meanwhile i’ve done some really self destructive things and pushed away people that meant a lot to me.. and what sucks the most is that in maybe the past year and i half.. no one has just said “hey Smokey. How are you feeling? Anything you want to talk about?” or if they did they did with some alternative motive. I guess long story short.. I don’t love myself. I’m not happy with my life as it is. And there have been so many times where i’ve wanted to just jump in the middle of traffic and let whatever happens, happen. I keep fighting that first instinct.. but it’s getting so much harder and harder and harder to resist.. every time i hear a truck. or a train.. the thought goes back into my head.. I’d never act on those instincts but just the thought.. *sighs* i’m Sorry.. i don’t mean to depress my followers and my friends.. what few i do have. Just a lot going on in my life and my head.

why do people need to pick fights w people who have different opinions than them if they’re honestly harmless opinions like who cares if someone doesnt like ur favorite band u dont gotta send death threats like why do u gotta say stuff like “my precious cinnamon roll is NOT UGLY IM GOING TO STAB YOU IN YOUR SLEEP BURN IN HELL” like…..please stop its embarrassing to everyone who shares the same opinion as you 

"Ih is the most developed ship in the series" (¬โ–‚¬)

i thought i’m out of fuel bc i have expended all that energy grieving dramatically over ukitake’s death and the atrocity that was ch685, but no. NO ONE agreed with me about ch685, how i hated everything from ukitake’s undeserved death, renji’s ugly braids, rukia’s ugly mullet which aizen and tatsuki had worn before, but i don’t care. I DONT CARE

I didnt think i could say any more shit about this manga and its fandom but i saw an enormous wall of vomit from an ih fan on how their boat is the “most developed ship in the series”

…..This is such a daring fib, it simply beggars belief. I KNOW that the majority of shippers in this dastardly fandom are all after ichigo’s king oyster mushroom, but surely, u do understand that your “ih ship” doesnt have a single role in any of the “rain chapters”, which are so integral to the story? U do understand that the theme of destiny is also responsible for the marital union between isshin and masaki? That when u joked about aizen having orchestrated the encounter between ichigo and rukia, and that the ir ship is not meant to be developed, u were also ridiculing the chance meeting between ichigo’s parents, which was ~also~ orchestrated by aizen? Do u silly ih fans not realise any of this?

Your “ih ship” has neither a single foothold in the rain chapters, “memories in the rain 1″ and “memories in the rain 2″, given solely to ichigo and rukia, nor do you even have a role to play in the theme of destiny, nor in the sand and rotator “prologue” chapters, all of which talked about the perspectives of two souls from different worlds going through similar pains and experiences in the rain, whose lives are completely changed anew through their fateful encounter - an encounter that set off various events in the story. Holy fck this shit is so repetitive i am so sick of this already but the ir ship is kubo’s most fundamental pairing, his most well-established relationship. What does ih have? Ih has some gurl frolicking around in a titty dress, and spent some time fighting beside ichigo. That’s it. Idk mate, this dude spent 17 months with this gurl around and he was still hung up on rukia.

kubo has made a horrifying amount of bad decisions in his career and has a record of absolutely bad writing ( I CAN GO FOREVER ABOUT THE SHIT HE HAS DONE TO MY FAVES LIKE UKITAKE, GIN, AND KIRA ETC. ETC. FCKING BITTER FOREVER), but making ih canon would be the craziest and worst decision in the entire history of bleach. Worst decision, you ask? Yes, worst decision. As it was kubo himself, and NOT IR fans – he is the one who reminds people again and again that ichigo and rukia are the pillars of this story. Kubo sucks at writing an extensive shounen plot - yes he sucks - but philosophy, poetry, romanticism, parallelism are some basic shit he likes.

xxxhime has NO place in the theme of destiny and fate. She doesn’t belong in the rain chapters and she is negligible in the sand and rotator chapters. She couldn’t affect ichigo the way rukia could, she also knew she couldn’t affect him the way she herself wanted to. She has nothing except her so-called “love” for him. So-called? Bc up until the fb arc she became flustered while thinking he’s “so hot” when he invited her into his house. This “love” is so shallow. She has had no internal conflict or pain that needed to be resolved by ichigo, unlike ichigo and rukia - both of whom have torn down each other’s barriers and enabled the other to be free.

Kubo himself said he does whatever he likes. He had drawn tits and asses as he wished. He had drawn fcking boring espadas and sternritters as he wished. He had done EVERYTHING shit he pleased for 15 years and yet when it comes to IR, these mofrs ihs cry, “it is bc he was forced to do it!!!” If he had wanted to do origo, he would have given the rain chapters to xxxhime, not rukia. It is the easiest way to tie the connection between two souls. If he wanted to do origo, he would have shown his readers how important xxxhime is to ichigo. But he has never done it. Not once.

Speaking of how important xxxhime is to ichigo — in ch678 — this chapter is so fcking recent. ichigo was actually proven to have shown great despair during the moment rukia was taken away. it was ranked second to the incident when his mother died. If xxxhime had meant so much, then why not show the moment when he had to go save xxxhime? There is no excuse to show this so recently and have this whole manga gone down the gutter any further by having an ih ending.

i don’t know what is it about orgs that they have this ability to tune out noise they don’t want to hear, even though they really have nothing significant. they cling onto their titties and several chapters of panel time in this arc, which bloated their confidence. And irs can’t do that? irs can’t tune out noise they dont want to hear? blech isnt about ichigo and xxxhime. it is about ichigo and rukia. even if it is an open ending, the majority of japanese fans will take it as an ir ending. 

Srsly ih won’t be canon unless kubo has really gone off his rocker and is fcking mick jagger or whatever

Warning Fangirl Alert ep 457

*Spoilers ahead




*ugly dyin fangirl noises*

love at first sight

hidan’s A class fashion sense


stupid fillers giving me soo much feels I dont even know if its canon or not BUT I DONT CARE I KNNEWWWW IITT


(lol Konan being on his level XDDD ) 

Bae talking to homocidal maniac 

soo can I see the haters saying ohh Konan is soo sensitive for Hidan

ohhh their ideals will clash??



hmm where are you guys? ..


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