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imagine the party™ writing thank you letters for Mr. Clarke during their senior year. Will drawing little turkeys on the side, but science turkeys. they each having their own unique handwriting and sayings representing them. and all thanking Mr. Clarke for different, personal, meaningful things. and Mr. Clarke having the letters hung up on a bulletin board for years to tell about, with a proud smile each time telling.

Marco’s unconditional love for Star and why it is still amazing

TomStar is really cute and I really fell for it at first, I was confused wondering if I still love Starco anymore. Then I re-watched the two previous seasons. 

The amount of care Marco has given to Star is really something, from worried about her during the Blood Moon Ball to the point where he goes down to get her himself, to giving his 100% trust to her at everything such as Baby’s test and riding a bike.

Then, printing a bunch of flyers looking everywhere tirelessly for Star to the police station when she went missing. Understanding the way Star works at playing a game(changing the rules) and allowing her to do so, proceed to get Tom to understand it as well. There’s also the time he wanted to show Star the Old Youthful because he wanted her to see something amazing. During the two seasons, Marco has been noticeably teaching Star how to become a better person.

In the Season 3, Marco realized his feelings for Star. His love and care grew even stronger. When Star tried to contain her sleep-portal ability, Marco guards her as she sleep without any complain, not because he is a squire but is 100% willing to do it. As much as he wanted adventures with Heckapoo, he wishes to protect Star more than anything. When Star went off missing during sleep-portaling, he panics and used the wand even though he knows the risk.

Marco didn’t give up caring for Star even after acknowledging the fact that she’s with Tom now. THAT is true love. 

Starco isn’t dead, it’s been there the whole three seasons. You just need to see it.

my angel, my world

Hey guys, just a little reminder to not tag your maladaptive daydreaming posts as ‘md’ or ‘mdd’. Those tags are used for other disorders and they’ve asked us multiple times not to use them for madd things. Thank you <3


I wanted to draw the Voltron fam doing a chicken fight and it got out of hand

anybody else feel like an absurd amount of foreboding for 2018 like 2016 sucked my soul out 2017 put my corpse into a really fast car i couldn’t control and i feel like 2018 is The Arrival At The Gates Of Satan

[… I’m here.]

rip, the blue glass thingie loki caught mid-air c’: