it's two people who have each other's backs and have come together against the odds and age group


(Notes! Thank you to the anon who request chan! He’s my bias so I hope this ones alright!)

•Okay so soulmates can straight up talk to each other in dreams
•You can talk to them see them or just be in their dream realm
•It’s a little weird if you don’t talk to your soulmate but you choose what you wanna do

•So when you’re young, you realize that there is a boy who you’ve never seen before
•And you tell your uncle this, him being a scientist
•and he laughs and explains soulmates, that he is yours and you’ve probably visited his dreams
•And little you is Like !!!!
•So when you sleep that night, you keep an eye out for the boy
•And there he is, talking to a superhero
•Hopping out of your orange monster truck
•You go to talk to the boy who’s in super Mario pajamas
•"Hi I’m y/n!!“
•When you speak to him and wave excitedly, his eyes widen and he waves back
•"I’m chan!”
•And that was how you met, but not really

•So every night chan and you go on adventures, fighting criminals, saving the world
•Or your favorite, when both of you watching the clouds pass telling each other dreams for the future
•But it’s not all fun, as you get older nightmares start to come
•And it’s not one of the nightmares that chan can just make disappear
•It’s the fear of growing up, of chan deciding that you’re not good enough
•It’s your nightmare, so chan can’t manipulate it
•But what he can do is go up to you and comfort you
•That he won’t leave and one day you two will really meet, not just in the dream realm
•And before you know the world has started to change
•What used to be an office, is now a room full of pillows and a box of pizza

•It had been a week since the nightmare, and since you’d seen chan last
•This was the longest amount of time you guys have gone without seeing each other
•It was silly but you were worried
•What if he found you to be to clingy
•Sadly there was no way to contact him in the real world
•You knew so much about him yet so little
•He was your age but he had amazing skills, admired Michael Jackson, loved dancing
•He was kind but could be utterly ridiculous
•When you were younger, he was afraid of dinosaurs
•But you nicknamed him Dino and The fear went away
•He was friends with people older then him
•His dreams nowadays involve dancing, school
•His nightmares were about not being good enough, losing his ability to dance

•The way you avoided going to sleep was to study, dance
•Anything to avoid him not being there
•During the day you went to school, exhausted
•At night you stayed awake, not sleeping until your body shut down
•It was a terrible way of coping, but that was the only way you decided that would work
•So you continue working your body to its limits
•On the plus side, you were getting higher grades
•Down side, the bags under your eyes could hold actual bags

•In school a week and a few day later
•You were in gym class, sitting against a wall waiting to be picked for dodgeball
•Of course you were the last to be picked, everyone knew you were exhausted
•But you couldn’t avoid this class
•When the game started, you put in little effort
•Managing to dodge the balls but letting others throw them
•Until the biggest kid on the other side went after you
•When he flung the ball, you tried to avoid it
•And you did!!!
•Went directly into another balls way
•Effectively hitting you in the face, and making you hit your head on the floor
•Knocking you unconscious
•Dreaming about the boy who loved to dance, who hated being treated like a kid

•When you woke up, the sky was dark and there is a hand holding yours
•When you looked to see who the hand belonged too
•It was a a boy who was very familiar
•His sleeping face though, was something you’d never seen
•When you tried to remove your hand from his, he woke up
•His eyes opened up, locking eyes with you
•His dark brown eyes stared into yours, time seemed to stop as you looked deep into them
•"Are you okay?“
•His question seemed to make time resume
•Nodding slowly, all you wanted to do was ask him if this was a dream
•And if it was, you hoped you didn’t wake up
•"Are you, y'know real?”
•You whispered slowly, not wanting to break the moment
•Hearing the laughter that you had grown to love
•His one word answer, managed to answer all the questions you had

•After the nurse can back and made sure you didn’t have a concussion you were allowed to leave
•As you were walking back to your house, chan explained why he hadn’t been in your dreams
•He was training to be an idol
•He wasn’t sleeping at night and usually and he slept an odd hours
•He was going to tell you but was never asleep at the same time
•One of the boys he was training with is in your grade
•Had told about a kid who hadn’t slept and could dress up a L from death note with no makeup
•He instantly knew it was you and came
•He arrived to see you getting hit in the head by a ball
•(Which you blushed at)
•When you arrived at your house you both stood awkwardly in front of the door
•You asked for his number so you could talk at least, if he wasn’t now sleeping at the same time
•Once you got his number, you used all your courage and placed your lips on his cheek
•Waving goodbye to him and then rushing inside the house
•Only to slide down the door, placing your pointer and middle finger on your lips

•It had been a few years since you met chan, and a few things changed
•He was an idol now!
•In a group with twelve other boys, which you had met
•He still admired Michael Jackson
•But he made sure to text you once a day
•Whether it was a goodnight text or him asking for math help (which you snorted at and replied no)
•He had grown up, but you wouldn’t be left behind
•But you weren’t the same either
•You didn’t need to depend on him
•You just liked knowing he was okay
•On a day off though, you two would watch a movie in the dorm
•Before falling asleep to create havoc in your own dream world
•You might grow up, but if he has anything to do with it
•You’ll grow old together

•"That’s so cheesy chan"
•"You love it!“
•"No stupid, I love you”

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So fourth day is about victory, rite? I thought myb putting in other victories in their life like their biggest achievement, their first job, their first love, their wedding day and so on and on and when they look at it they start pitying the narrow view of victory they had in their teens

Day 04: Victory - “We’ll Become The Best”

Thank you for the suggestion anon! I loved the interpretation of this theme and really hope you like what I came up with based off your idea!


1:  the overcoming of an enemy or antagonist

2:  achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties


Kuroko smiles warmly, sincere joy on his face as he stares down at his new born son; he has his father’s eyes which are wide open and full of curiosity. Nuzzling his nose, father whispers to son, “I don’t know what I’m doing but I promise to become the best father I can be for you.”

Kise takes a deep breath working to calm his nerves. He’s never had stage fright or performance anxiety, always overtly confident in everything he’s ever done. But as he slips the small velvet box open and shut one last time he feels his heart racing; this isn’t a game, it isn’t a stage and there’s no one to copy.

He’s all on his own.

The night goes off perfectly and as he takes a knee before the woman who’s captured his heart for good he says through tears of his own, “I’ll never stop working to be the best husband for you, if you’ll have me.”

Midorima has always known the value of hard work. Natural talent helps but it can only take you so far. That’s why he never stopped practicing even when everyone else did, why he always to this day makes sure to have his lucky item so he can say he’s literally done everything he can to succeed. As he grips his doctorate, a wealth of new ambition surges through his chest and he knows without doubt that hard work and dedication will lead him to become the best heart surgeon in the country.

Aomine has trouble remembering joy, that deep seated feeling of happiness outside of circumstances. It’s been so long since its touched his life. But now, looking at dozens of hope, fear and excitement filled young faces, he remembers the elation he felt the first time he touched a basketball. “Consider yourselves lucky brats,” he announces after roll call, “Cause you’re gonna be working with the best coach you’ll ever have!”

Akashi understands pressure, more so than most people his age. He had to grow up quickly and for the most part, alone. He pushed down feels of inferiority exerting his will to dominate things which for normal people would be out of their control. But even he couldn’t avoid a fall of ill fate forever. But now, having regained the part of himself he lost, he understands that adversity (and failure) is something to be appreciated, because through them one’s character can grow. So when he found himself wishing he’d had someone to remind him of that while growing up, it set him on a new path in life for good.  And as he stands before a line of boys who’ve suffered the same loss as himself, he takes a deep breath, internally vowing, “I will be the best group therapist there is.”

Murasakibara surprises everyone when he leaves Japan after high school and heads of to France. When asked about his choice in destination, he replied simply, “It’s where the best pastries are.” Eventually he falls into culinary school only to drop out and start working at a local pastry shop to learn from a true master who takes him under his wing. His appearance garners a wealth of attention which drives the sales through the roof pretty much sealing his fate as a well-known apprentice. Now completed with his training, he returns to his home country, and for the first time in his life truly has something he’s passionate about. “I’m going to become the best and most well-known pastry chef in Japan,” he affirms to Himuro.

The generation of miracles stand together in a large park, Kuroko smiling as Kise’s fiancé holds his blued eyed baby boy cooing at him and making him giggle.

“Looks like I know what’s next for you, Kise-kun,” he teases.

Kises laughs, a light blush coming on his cheeks. “Kuroko-cchi! Not so loud! You’re gonna give her ideas!”

“I think the idea is already planted,” Akashi remarks with a small smile. He casts his eyes to the basketball court, pleased to see his group of boys getting along so well with the few from Aomine’s team that happened to be at the park today, all of them getting coached by the former ace of Too.

“It’s weird to see Mine-chin with kids,” Murasakibara comments.

The rest of the groups nods as Midorima replies, “He only does so well because Momoi-san still keeps him in line. Those two are attached at the hip I believe.”

“Well, they will be if Aomine-cchi ever gets his act together and proposes! The poor thing’s been waiting forever,” whines Kise.

A rough shout of, “Hey!” calls all their attention. Walking over and down the crest of a hill comes Kagami, fresh from America on a break during the off season. He reaches the group, extending proper greetings to them all before sending a wave to Aomine who pretends to ignore him.

“Still an ass, I see,” mutters the basketball star.

“Aomine-kun is Aomine-kun,” Kuroko sighs taking back his son to pass him to his best friend. “So you did it,” he continues, watching as Kagami attempts to hold the baby comfortably and failing miserably.

As he returns him to his father, Kagami asks, “Did what?”

“You became the best.”

Looking around the group of faces, knowing where each of them has ended up, Kagami splutters with a red face, “We all did, just in…different ways.”  

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I don't know if you've gone in depth about this before, so I apologize for asking about this if you have... I just love your analysis posts about seventeen, and I was wondering what you thought about jihoon's relationships (like his dynamics) with all of the other members. Thank you :)

It’s no problem! Thank you for the kind words!

First of all, I’d like to say that over the last couple of months it’s been really great to see not only Woozi but all of the boys start to grow a lot in their friendships with each other, and becoming more comfortable with their new positions as idols and not just trainees. They’re growing, which is crazy exciting to see. But especially with Woozi, since he seemed to have it a little hard at first. Over the last few months, we’ve gotten to see him become a lot more comfortable with the fans and his members, and he even did a subunit and collab and I’m really proud of him. Looking back at Seventeen Project and seeing the growth always makes me cry.

But anyway, onto the question. I don’t want to start with Seungcheol, because I might never finish, so I’ll skip right ahead. For now. That means Jicheol trash, you’re either gonna have to read it or scroll aaaaaaaall the way down.

Woozi+Jeonghan - Since Woozi and Jeonghan are in the same unit and Woozi is his “boss” of sorts, it can be awkward, I think. Especially since Woozi has to be in charge of someone older than him. But the two seem to get along well. (See “Jihoonie never upset me~”). If anything, their relationship seems one between two people who aren’t especially overly close, but certainly don’t have anything against each other. The only reason they would find to argue is Woozi might occasionally find Jeonghan’s greasy sappy style or his cutesy clingyness annoying sometimes. I’ll bet Jeonghan once tried to claim Woozi as his tiny fairy. It was probably met with a swift kick to the knee.

Woozi+Joshua - This one might not seem like there’s much there, but I’m just going to straight out admit that this is one of my weaknesses. Joshua isn’t one to hold age over Woozi, so he would naturally try harder to get close to Woozi at first than Woozi would, and I think Woozi would appreciate that. They share a lot in common, for instance during Seventeen TV days there’s a few videos of them singing English songs together (and I’m just going to hit on how sweet Joshua is here by never correcting him or making him stop asdfghjkl bless anyway) and they both play musical instruments. Plus, I’d like to think Joshua looks up (down? … That wasn’t a short joke…) to Woozi because Joshua has talked about wanting to be better at rearranging and creating music as well. Which is adorable. Arguments aren’t likely to start between the two of them, even if Joshua’s not doing too well singing and Woozi gets impatient, since Joshua is a very easy going personality.

Woozi+Jun - I’ve… Never thought about this… Is this a thing? (A short trip to research fanfiction confirms that 2 entire people in this fandom think it’s a thing). I think Jun and Woozi probably don’t have a lot of reason to interact so it’s hard to see interactions between them… For instance, it would be rare to have them line next to each other (their heights… kinda… heh), and they’re not in the same unit, so all of what I’d say would have to be entirely speculation. Woozi’s not the type to go too far out of his way to talk to people, being a bit blunt as he is, and I don’t think they’d necessarily be argumentative, except for the same reasons as Jeonghan, with his slightly hyper, clingy personality that might annoy Woozi.

Woozi+Hoshi - Awww yeah slip into the SoonHoon life. Hoshi and Woozi are the same age, which is an important part of being close in Korea, but also they seem to get along well. Especially predebut, there are a lot of SoonHoon moments, but if you have a keen eye, you can still catch it. People might assume Hoshi is “too loud” for Woozi, but it’s just like Hoshi to go out of his way to befriend the members who seem to be left out or misunderstood a lot, and Woozi seems genuinely comfortable with him, even hugging him with a smile and playing with him when Hoshi wants to tease the members. Unlike with the other members being met with grimace or eyerolling, Woozi will laugh at Hoshi’s antics and play along. It’s adorable, and it’s really great to see that Hoshi can put Woozi at enough ease to open up and have fun and be himself. Hoshi likes to take care of people (see Dino), but Woozi doesn’t like to be babied. Hoshi’s very subtle in taking care of Woozi, but it definitely happens, and it shows in how much Woozi cares for Hoshi too. Also, I’m really glad they were friends before the group was formed because Hoshi might end up being Woozi’s rival. S. Coups is the leader of Seventeen, and there’s no chance Woozi could compete with that. But when there’s another kid of similar age that holds the same rank as him, it’s very easy for someone like Woozi to start comparing himself to Hoshi, to how the fans and how Coups and the members see Hoshi, which is more of an outgoing friendly personality. It could seed a lot of bad feelings, but because they’re friends, there’s no comparing and no competition between the two. SoonHoon is really cute, and I’ve probably talked about it too much. But it’s really sweet, okay?

Woozi+Wonwoo - This is another one I don’t know much about… Again, probably because Wonwoo and Woozi aren’t really initiators. Hoshi, Coups, Mingyu, pretty much anyone Woozi is really evidently friends with are more likely to initiate the conversation. You can see the same trend in Wonwoo’s friend circle. He’s not an initiator either. But it’s unlikely that they argue much. If they do, it’s because Wonwoo’s shopping for lamps instead of writing lyrics again.

Woozi+DK - This deserves a ship name. I think out of everyone, DK is one of the more likely ones for Woozi to argue with, because both of them have a slightly awkward charm and DK might bring it overboard a bit… And he talks a lot. Because he’s in the same unit as DK, and DK is a main vocalist, it’s likely that Woozi can be a little hard on DK at times. Plus, Woozi can definitely hold a grudge (see the Sukira incident where Woozi ended up calling DK “Dokyeom-ssi for like a week) and so communication might get rocky. But at the end of the day, I think they can get along too.

Woozi+Mingyu - Or, Jigyu, I believe. Ahhh, bless this dynamic. Somewhere there’s a post explaining “Foetps”, two people who are so perfectly made to be enemies but friends to each other that it has to be destiny. I think Boonon and Jigyu are the perfect representations of this. Mingyu is almost directly under Woozi in age order, so he’s the first chance Woozi gets to really pick on his dongsaengs with, and Mingyu is such an easy target. It’s like watching a fearsome kitten overpower a scared, easily frightened doberman who doesn’t know his own strength. Bonus points for Mingyu letting him climb up on his back at any time and place. Jigyu is adorable and perfectly contrary.

Woozi+The8 - Another pairing I don’t see as overly close but still adorable. If I had to guess how this relationship works, Woozi probably sees The8 as his cute dongsaeng and helps him occasionally with his Korean, and is very patient with him recording his lines and during practices, and The8 is probably starstruck by how cool his hyung is and how hard he works and is very respectful. After all, Woozi is a real live songwriter, and I think The8 would be in awe.

Woozi+Seungkwan - Another pairing who are adorably at odds with each other. As the vocal team maknae, Seungkwan probably has to deal with a lot of scolding from Woozi, but I think the two are secretly close. Plus, he probably deserves the amount of scolding he gets, since Seungkwan keeps waking Woozi up by singing loudly and obnoxiously. It’s paid back by Woozi laughing at Seunkwan whenever he fails miserably at something, like trying to read English. It’s unlikely Woozi would ever outright try to take Seungkwan, but that doesn’t mean he won’t laugh his head off when he gets it from someone else. And at the end of the day, I believe Woozi has a really soft spot for Seungkwan, especially when he’s having a hard time missing his mom or having a hard time emotionally. I… kind of spazzed about it here, which I don’t think many people ended up seeing (thank goodness because I went a bit super fangirl…)

Woozi+Vernon - For the most part, I think this friendship is built on mutual respect. Even though they aren’t constantly talking together, I think Woozi has a lot of respect and admiration for Vernon’s talent and Vernon has the same for Woozi’s skills and ability. Woozi doesn’t go out of his way to be a good hyung to him and take care of him, but Vernon pays close attention to him when he gives instructions anyway. I think they both take each other as artists and take each other very seriously, and there probably aren’t many misunderstandings between them.

Woozi+Dino - As a maknae, Dino’s personality is very special and adorable because he absolutely adores his group and his hyungs. He never complains about being put on maknae duties, and he’s always quick to try and clear up misunderstandings when he thinks he might come off as too intense or upset at his hyungs. That said, he’s still very much a maknae on top, and I think he shocks Woozi so often with not being afraid to say his opinion loudly and clearly. Dino clearly values Woozi’s opinion, but he’s not afraid to go against it if he doesn’t find it fair or reasonable, which is something a lot of the other members don’t do. In short, I think Dino surprises Woozi, but it’s still a really healthy relationship because Dino still really values Woozi and all the work he does.

Woozi+S. Coups - Bless you Jicheol trash if this is all you came here for, for either reading all of that or having to scroll through it all on your dash. We are now free to discuss why Jicheol is The Ship Dynamic We Need and in general just life. But first whenever I have to talk about Jicheol I have to start off by linking to this post which was kind of my original jicheol analysis and explains a bit about their dynamic as well. Moving on now. Since debut, Jicheol has actually grown a lot from the point in where that last link was made. Before debut, they were close and friends, and then debut happened and it was just… Awkward between them for a little while because of the reasons in the link (tl;dr new responsibilities to adjust to) and it kind of stayed that way into Mansae era. But I think now, after Mansae era, after the Q&A subunit, you can really see that Jicheol is starting to get comfortable and close again, and that’s really good. Jicheol’s dynamic is one that could’ve been broken by the bit of awkwardness, because S. Coups can find it very hard to emotionally connect and relate to his members and Woozi isn’t an initiator, and won’t go into a relationship unless he’s pulled in for the most part. If both of them hadn’t worked equally hard to keep going in their friendship during the awkwardness, if S. Coups hadn’t talked to Woozi about it or if Woozi just stopped talking to Coups because he didn’t seem to make as much of an effort, their friendship might’ve been broken entirely. But now that they seem past that, and growing again as friends, it benefits them both and it’s a relief to see. Woozi needs S. Coups, both to give him advice and direction as a leader but also as a friend who can understand and be there when he needs someone, someone to take care of him and to laugh with him and to just understand. Woozi doesn’t let many people take care of him, but I think that’s what makes Woozi and S. Coups special is that Coups finds a lot of ways to help him without hurting his pride, coming alongside him as a friend when he needs one most.

Aaron Carpenter - Never ending love

Two requests in one!

Request:  Aaron Carpenter??? Were you are at Magcon and he asks you out?😊 keep it up💯💕

Request: Aaron carpenter imagine about moving to LA together


They all said that teenage loves don’t last long. That we were too young and it’s going to vanish as we grow older. Even my mom always just gave me a smile when I was talking about our future, she didn’t believe it’s going to happen, but we proved them wrong. But let’s start at the beginning.

At the very beginning of the hype over the Magcon boys my bestfriend became a screaming fangirl and made her parents buy her tickets to an event. Since she didn’t have anyone to go with I was honored to accompany her. I spent the night before the event with looking up who these guys were. I had to admit that they were good-looking and at least I could be around hot guys for a day. My bestfriend was all over the place when we arrived to the location and stood in the line. She wouldn’t stop talking about things I didn’t even know what they were, but others around us took this part, so I just had to wait until we got in.

“If I faint, let Nash take care of me,” she told me when we were almost at the door that led to the boys. I chuckled but then nodded knowing she really meant that.

The guard nodded to us that we were the next ones, he checked out our tickets and then the door opened in front of us. I heard my friend smother a scream as we stepped inside. She ran to them and started to jabber about everything, I couldn’t even understand what she was talking about, but the boys seemed to handle it well. I walked closer and planned on just to wait for her to finish, maybe do some photos, but it was her moment, I was just assisting. But then someone stepped to me as I was watching her laugh hysterically on something. I glanced to my left side and found the guy whose name was Aaron I think (my research didn’t seem to be enough at that moment), he was smiling at me.

“Hey, don’t you want to join her?” he asked nodding towards my friend.

“Um, no, I’m just her attendant,” I admitted feeling a bit awkward.

“Oh, so you are not a fan?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

“Not quite, sorry. But I know that you are Aaron, I did some research yesterday,” I said laughing and it seemed to amuse him too.

“Well, that’s nice from you. May I know your name?”

“I’m Y/N,” I replied and we shook hands which was a bit awkward but not that much. Aaron was a great company while my friend enjoyed every minute she had with the other guys. Then she started to take pictures with them, and at the end we took a group picture which included me as well.

“Thank you for coming,” Nash smiled at my friend and I thought she was going to faint right in that moment.

“Hey, um, can I ask you something?” Aaron asked turning to me running his fingers through his hair.

“Sure,” I nodded.

“Can I have you number? I mean, I understand if not, I just…” It was cute how he was stuttering, so I just stopped him and grabbed a card they had on a table that they could sign for the fans. Then I wrote down my number and gave it to him.

“See you later, Aaron,” I smiled at him and taking my friend’s hand I pulled her out of the room since our time was over.

He texted me right that night and our first date happened to be a week later. My friend was all over the place that I was dating one of the Magcon boys, but of course with time she got used to it and she became good friends with the boys.

Aaron and I got together a few weeks later officially. Dating him was so natural and easy, he was the best guy I had ever known even though we both were only fifteen. I won’t lie, I wasn’t planning big things with him, we were almost kids, but then months and years passed by and nothing changed. People were expecting us to split sooner or later, but that never happened. We could make things work with his career and with my studies and our teenager love became a strong relationship.

Four years later we both graduated, and we had a huge change in our life. It was obvious that Aaron wasn’t going to college, but I got into my Southwestern Law School. I was living in Thousand Oaks until then, which meant I wasn’t living that far from Los Angeles, but I had move there to attend college. Then Aaron suggested that we should move together. I mean, we had been together for four years, and it seemed like a good idea. We found the perfect apartment that was close to my school and we couldn’t wait until we could move in. Then the day came, and we officially became life partners.

“That’s the last box,” he announced closing the door with his hips and butting down the box that contained my books to the counter.

“Thank you,” I smiled at him putting the last plate to its place in the cabinet. “I’m done with the kitchen, we can do the clothes now.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

We started to unpack our clothes but then ended up having the most ridiculous fashion show ever. We both had some really lame clothes and started to try them on just so we could laugh on our taste. It was midnight when we finally finished with them, but we still had a lot of boxes that were waiting to get unpacked.

“I’m tired,” I sighed looking at them lying on the floor of our living room.

“Then we’ll just leave them for tomorrow.” That was a great idea, so I happily agreed on it. “Come on, let’s inaugurate our brand new shower,” he murmured grabbing me by my waist.

Needless to say it took some time to actually have a shower, we got distracted very easily by each other, but by two in the morning we finally got to bed.

“I can’t believe we just moved in together,” I whispered as we were lying in the dark, his arms around my waist and his hand under my shirt caressing my stomach gently.

“It feels like that it was only yesterday when I asked for your number,” he chuckled kissing my shoulder. I turned around in his arms and looked at him smiling.

“That was so sweet. I loved how nervous you were.”

“How could I not be nervous? I was fifteen, talking to a gorgeous girl who didn’t scream at me when I spoke to her. It was quite odd,” he laughed thinking back to that day.

“If someone tells you that one day we we’ll move in together, what would you say?” I asked biting my bottom lip.

“That yeah, sure dude. Shut up and get me something to drink.” I laughed at his answer and taking his face in my hands I kissed him. “What would have you said?”

“Probably the same. At the age of fifteen people don’t really expect to find their soulmate yet.”

“But we were lucky,” he replied brushing his knuckles against my cheek.

“Yes. And now we live together,” I smiled at him nuzzling my nose to his.

“And God knows what will happen next,” he said giving me a mysterious smile, but I knew he was talking about marriage.

We already discussed this topic and agreed on not rushing things. We didn’t have to do everything at once, moving in was the next step and maybe marriage will be one step too, but not now. We had plenty of time, but it was good to know that Aaron was thinking like that. After all those years I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else than him either. And if in a few years we would really get married I would be happy to say that he was the first real love and then I would call him my husband.

But for now, he was my boyfriend I was living together with and I was more than happy with it.