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Jim Moriarty making his clothes beg for mercy

Like putting the final touches on a masterpiece which in this case would be his own body.

I swear to god, if Lena somehow comes out of everything as a villain, it’ll be one of the most underwhelming bullshit that’ll ever come out of anything. Like, it isn’t going to be a betrayal that’s going to shock you, just leave you entirely disappointed because yet another character with so much potential is reduced to the stereotype of their name. I need a legitimately surprising plot twist if there ever will be one. No cheap deaths, no “a villain after all” bullshit. Just a genuinely surprising HOLY SHIT THAT HAPPENED plot twist that nobody really thought could ever happen.

  • ZEN [giving a speech in the RFA party]: Ah yes, I love all the members of the RFA.
  • ZEN: MC, Kim Yoosung, Choi Luciel, Kang Jaehee and *looks at smudged writing on hand* Jumanji!




Ok so I can’t decide if Fai is going down there to meet Kurogane personally or if he freaked himself out by how scared he was and needs to not be here when Kurogane arrives.


In the meantime I fixed the dialogue. 

You’re welcome


I know that with all the spoilers my theory has basically already been jossed but I don’t care.


Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the glorious MIRACULOUSONA AU!

  • So, we know that Chloé is a huge Ladybug fan and actively cosplays and roleplays as her, but let’s take this a step further by making her create her own Miraculous persona: Queen Bee.
  • (Let’s be real, with her obsession for protagonism she totally would.)
  • So she’d get a costume made like she did for the LB’s get up because Daddy’s girl deserves only the very best.
  • She comes up with the design and everything and gives herself a fictional OP power set.
  • That also explains why the suit has no visible honeycomb. Chloé doesn’t know about the real miraculous so her miraculousona doesn’t have one, instead she rocks a fashionable purse “because it’s prettier”.
  • (You can tell that the apparent absence of the comb in the preview kinda bothered me. But that’s another story.)
  • So, now that she’s suited up she gets Sabrina to roleplay with her. Only this time she’s not playing Chat. She’s playing LADYBUG.
  • (Chat is played by a mannequin borrowed from the fashion floor, dressed in Sabrina’s cat-suit and tied up to a pillar a-la-damsel in distress. ‘He’ gets forgotten half-way through the roleplay and just miserably hangs in the background)
  • So Sabrina dons Chloé’s LB cosplay (“I’m just lending it for the occasion! Don’t ruin it!”) and the roleplay starts.
  • Of course it’s the most embarassing self-insert mary-sueish tale ever told. Queen Bee sweeps in and save ‘Ladybug’ in grand style, getting all the glory.
  • Sabribug is a total fan girl who falls madly in loveadores Queen Bee and immediately declares her BF4Evereverever and one and only partner
  • (More sad hanging in the background for ChatMannequin)
  • Like, the butler. But Chloé fucks up half-way through and really ends up Akumatizing him
  • She simply thinks he’s taking the RP more seriously. Finally. See, Sabrina? Take notes.
  • Sabrina tries to timidly suggest that maybe something might be wrong but Chloé shuts her off.
  • “Don’t be silly. And take his example, you are a terrible Ladybug”
  • Meanwhile, SuperMustache terrorizes the Grand Paris, so the heroes show up to deal with the situation.
  • … just to stop dead in their tracks when they see them stage their pseudo-romantic sap
  • LB is baffled, outraged and mildly horrified
  • Chat is fighting hard to hold back a laughter
  • LB jumps down fuming and intending to drag the girls away while they deal with the akuma. Chloé’s obsession can be dealt with later, the akuma takes precedence.
  • (Oh, but when this is over she is going to have words with Chloé. STOP LAUGHING CHAT)
  • EXCEPT WHEN CHLOÉ SEES LADYBUG SHE THINKS IT’S SABRINA (she had her wear the wig and everything)
  • So after offhandedly complimenting her for getting into character and “getting rid of those horrible glasses”, she starts ordering her around
  • Ladybug is seeing red. Chloé doesn’t understand  where Sabrina is getting that attitude, Sabrina just got back into the room to find it filled with real superheroes and is having a silent freakout on the door. Meanwhile, Chat wishes he had popcorn.
  • Cue him noticing the Chatequin
  • “HEY!”
  • Chloé turns, sees Chat. Sees Sabrina on the door gripping her hands together and torturing her lips. Then turns to Ladybug who was 2 seconds away from dragging her kicking and screaming outta the room
  • “Oh…”
  • SuperMoustache enters by blowing up the door

forcing and sexualizing a topic about/and on a person who used the term as a literal meaning of father/dad is completely uncalled for and is honestly one of the shittiest things i will probably ever witness. if the idol you claim to care about has asked you to stop your disgusting and twisted jokes - then its time to fucking stop your disgusting and twisted jokes. i hope you know you made a happy and meaningful situation for your idols both uncomfortable and very unpleasant - you may now chuck yourself in a hole. jackasses.

i logged into my old account on a writing website for the first time in years today and found that my short story now has over 6k views and some really incredible comments that say unbelievably nice things, and i reread the whole thing out loud to myself in my bedroom and i was totally smiling the whole time because bitch!!!! i’m proud of myself!!!!!

Tbh, I think Sinbad has always respected Aladdin and Alibaba’s opinions, even if he didn’t fully agree with them. Considering those two are the only ones who weren’t completely against him or easily swayed by him, often times siding with their thoughts rather than dismissing it and simply following along with Sinbad. Even his generals and close friends, whether they fully agreed with him or not, haven’t outwardly spoken against anything he’s done or said. And even if they did attempt at giving their thoughts, they quickly backed down in favor of following him. Which is why Sinbad respects the two, because they’re the first to actually stand their own. I mean, even his enemies have tried to sugar him up.

That’s why, I think, in this last arc, he might actually be enjoying his time against Aladdin and co. He’s put them in a situation where they have to choice but to voice their stand and attempt to sway him in his beliefs, or at least have him acknowledge their ideals. He’s dealing with a party that’s not all against him and not all for him, and he’s actually getting insightful criticism that he’s not really gotten from others. They’re telling him of what type of person he’s actually is and discussing what it is he’s actually doing, not what others have made him out to be.

Which is why I also believe is the reason Sinbad values them so much.

owl-by-night  asked:

"It was a cold winter's night, the snow already building up against the windowpanes and threatening to overcome the warmth of the fire."

“We should have enough wood to get us through the night,” she said aloud, carefully placing another log on the pile that was already burning in the fireplace. 

The power had gone out just a few hours earlier, they had said in the news that it would, so she’d been prepared: many different candles lit the room from the various pieces of furniture they stood on, creating an illusion of warmth and flickering slightly whenever the wind blew too hard against the house.

A rustling sound that was definitely not coming from the crackling wood broke the silence; “I’m afraid you can’t go into the bedroom at the moment,” she got up and turned to face the source of the noise,”I brought your bed out here, see?” she pointed at great big pillow that had seen better days, “we have to stay in the same room as the fire or else we might get too cold during the night, the heating’s off remember?” she added, as the rustling sound stopped and a small brown dog made his way into the light.                                                         She beckoned him to come sit by her near the fire place and he hastily complied, wagging his tail and looking at her with his mismatched eyes, one blue and one brown, until he was close enough that she could pull him in her lap and stroke his short fur.                                                                                 “You know,” she began “they say your eyes are different colours because one is keeping watch on the things of the Earth and the other one on those of Heaven, would you like to hear a story about that?” he looked up at her adoringly, and that was encouragement enough to continue telling the story she hoped would not let her fall asleep until the power came back on, or the wood ran out or dawn, and with it the end of the storm.

no one can convince me that scanlan isn’t pike’s right hand wingman, you just can’t.

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So is Wally Savitar or am I just trippin? Like he's in some kind of loop where he gets pulled into the speedforce, goes crazy, sees flashpoint, and gives himself superspeed just to replace himself in his speedforce prison that Barry sent him to by not saving him when he called out for help.

okay so when i initially read this my kneejerk reaction was “holy shit that could be true” but the more i think about it the less likely it seems?

even if wally is super bitter about barry not saving him (which tbh just doesn’t sound like wally) why would that ultimately lead to any situation where wally would be willing, much less gleefully eager, to kill iris and the others? 

i refuse to believe that even a wally west twisted and traumatized by his experience in the speed force would ever lift a finger against his sister. and if the show tries to pull that shit, that might be it for me watching, to be honest. i love cisco and i mostly watch the show for him if i’m being honest with myself, but i could never stand for such a massacre of wally’s character.

Reasons to watch Elementary instead of BBC Sherlock

  • Lucy Liu
  • asian representation that isn’t super racist
  • a talented and diverse cast that doesn’t rely on stereotypes
  • adorable trans Miss Hudson
  • there’s more than 12 long-ass episodes
    • there’s 4 whole seasons!!!
    • i think it’s still ongoing???
  • Lucy Liu
  • there’s a tortoise named Clyde
    • a tortoise!!!! named Clyde!!!
    • sometimes they put him in costumes!!!
  • Detective Marcus Bell is literally a gift to humanity
  • Lucy Liu
  • Sherlock actually fucking respects those around him even if he is a bit of a dick, and owns up to his shitty behavior!!!
  • Sherlock has T A T T O O S
  • did i mention Lucy Liu???

man i love my bonkai fam but sometimes i just have to grit my teeth through the anti-damon and anti-delena i see on my dash…