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Heyo! I am super excited about S&P! :D I have a question tho. Will there any bonus characters or something? It's just out of curiosity♡ I love every character you guys designed btw, so I ain't sayin I don'tike em

Hmm, the official list of fighters is closed. like there won’t be any new youtubers.

(。◝‿◜。) Howeveh, if u wanna see the kind of fighters i could draw (bc ofc, other youtubers will appear in the game, maybe in the background, maybe as easter eggs with objects or stuff referencing them ) :

i’ve drawn all the youtubers from Revelmode and i rly love them so u can already consider that you might see them again one day or another !



does anyone else ever notice how easy it is for the BAU to find their unsubs on criminal minds? like they’ll just phone up garcia and ask her to find a male between 30-50 with light brown hair who lived in topeka kansas for one week in 1976 and had a peanut butter sandwich last tuesday and its like bam! john smith jr living with his mother in an unmarked trailer down by the river

Shit My Theater Professor Said (Part Five):
  • "You just wasted $15—fuck off."
  • "We're not Watson the super computer."
  • "I wanted some fuguly ass wallpaper."
  • "Whatever, it's Tuesday."
  • "Clearly I'm being mean."
  • "I didn't plan that, it just accidentally happened."
  • "Blues are different."
  • "I didn't give a shit about props."
  • "Alcohol makes designs better."
  • "Don't trip and die, 'cause then I have to fill out paperwork."
  • "You don't know his life."
  • "So you've volunteered your own clothing."
  • "Four weeks goes by faster than you think."
  • "That's not my thing."
  • "You should not put that much time into this class."
  • "If you wanna be a victim you can be a victim too."
  • "Nope—wrong—you got it wrong—fix it."
  • "There's a bunch of hippies."
  • "Everyone else is working for food."
  • "The douche cut it off.
  • "Well too bad, you're stuck here."
  • "That could be an interesting playground for hippies."
  • "Words are hard."
  • "It's not a gender thing."
  • "Anyway, don't do that."
  • "I'm making $1 an hour."
  • "It's a big ass show."
  • "Make the box as indestructible as possible."
  • "They might even light up."
  • "This is bullshit, this isn't true at all."
  • "We don't wanna go and do it in real life and fuck it up."
  • "It looks cool."
  • "I grabbed the shitty blue marker."
  • "What the hell does that mean to me?"
  • "Point and laugh, but don't tell him why."
  • "I didn't know what the hell he meant."
  • "There's this big nude scene."
  • "We're not gonna judge that guy."
  • "I changed my mind, I want you to feel bad for me. Pity me."

Once me and a bunch of friends dressed up like Christmas, got drunk on red wine, and decided to hold an extremely serious meeting about moustaches. 

Sometimes there are moments when I think my life is boring but then I remember that shit like this actually happens and I just

While you do whatever it is you consider to be entertaining on a Friday, i’m heading to NYC to party with some old friends in Manhattan. If you don’t hear from me by Sunday, don’t bother calling the police. You never interested me that much anyway.