it's tuesday angst


You look like a ghost

She’s scared.  Another reminder that he’s as good as dead.

Hold on

He’s scared.  He can’t bear to see her eyes like that.

Can I t-

She wants to, just one more time if that’s all she’s allowed.

I’m still just an image.  No touch.

And she could, despite what he tells her; in that moment, at least.  His thumb brushed the controls of the sonic screwdriver just enough for him to come through completely as her hand reached up to him.  He could feel the warmth radiating off of her fingertips on his neck.  That was enough to run one more crack through his breaking hearts.  The universes could have shattered around them, bringing a reality to how he felt inside, but two seconds couldn’t hurt.  That’s all he’d allow himself.  

How long’ve we got?

This wasn’t exactly the reunion she was hoping for.  She wanted to go, or for him to stay.  Instead they stood in limbo.  

About two minutes.

It would’ve been longer had he not caved to feel her hand so near his skin.  He could hold her, one last time, but it would only be for a second.  He wanted to use his time another way, once he worked up the courage.

I love you.

His hearts stop and beat faster all at once.  Part of him knew, part of him hoped…But to hear the words from her lips, the lips he wished he could feel against his.

Quite right, too.

His palms are sweating.  He doesn’t know how much time he has left, but he knows it’s running out.  

And I suppose, if it’s my last chance to say it…

The words catch in his throat; the hardest goodbye he’s ever had to say.

Rose Tyler-

Her weeping face pixelates.  He watches as his pink and yellow human fades into the nothingness.  

He ran out of time.