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SansxReader Fluff. -Skin-

This is an idea i got from tumblr, and was inspired. its the Skin Au where whatever markings you get on your skin show up on your soulmate’s skin. im doing this au where everyone’s soulmate is can be one year in age varied from yours. and 18 is when the soul-connection starts. its common around the world for people to wait a year after turing 18 to begin writing and contacting. And, because its undertale and magic is a thing, im also gonna say for monsters, they can start writing whenever. in humans it takes longer for the connection to build. so once monsters are able to read/ write, they write. they are told by their parents, though, that its just your true best friend. not soulmate.and its rare a human and monster are paired together.. so magical things happen. allright. enough explination. lets dive in yeah?  - Tean

The markings had started appearing since 5th grade for you.. but then, you didnt know what they meant. you just knew you had a friend in yourself.  the one in your skin had been there for you through alot.. and you were there for him.

you discovered his name was Sans. And he was AMAZING at jokes. and never failed to make you smile. on top of that, he was quite the artist.

you had to perpetually wear long-sleeves because of him though.  no-one else had notes on their arms.. other than adults.. they were the only ones. you didnt know what it meant, but it made you diffrent so you hid it. Sans knew this, so sometimes at school we would draw these beautiful scenes or scapes on his skin for you to see when you got home. It always made you smile.

you both would chat untill your arms and legs were all full of text and doodles. it was good to have such a good friend.


on your 18th birthday, your parents told you the meaning on the writing, and demonstrated on eachother. you went pale but nodded when they told you to wait about a year to write, incase your soulmate was younger than you.

You didnt tell anyone about sans. no-one.


on your 19th birthday, sans had drawn a gourgous cake on your arm that looked good enough to eat.

your heart ached.

Sans?  you wrote

Whats up buttercup?

how old are you?

19. same as you, silly.

i want t-

you stopped mid-sentance and hesitated.

Want what?

nothing. sorry.


i want to meet you..

your arm stayed silent for a  while.


ok?!?! thats all he wrote back?!

im pretty limited on places to go.. you know Grillbys?

no? wheres that?

snowdin. dang. you must live further than i thought. know where mtt resort is?

no?? im so sorry. i ll try and look it up online.

you went to your computer and looked up “mtt resort” and got no results. you tell sans this. he responds with a checkmark, but doesnt reply for a long time.


hey. i was worried. whats up?

Where are you from?

you know the mountian where supposedly a long time ago “magic” people sealed monsters underground? i live in the city right outside there.

he responded with another checkmark. your skin stayed silent for a LONG time.longer than it has the entire time you had known him. you were paranoid. when, two weeks later, you felt a hot sting on your arm.

you had a fresh puncture  wound in your arm. it began to bleed a little, then stopped.

you grab the sharpie from your pocket


y/n. you want to meet me right?

yeah. of course!

you know the hole in the mountian?


meet me there. ill be there every day until i meet you, at noon. when the sun is the highest.

okay! Wait, every day? Starting when?

its bout’ 11 right?


starting in an hour then.

omg. im on my way. i live close.

you got a backpack, filled it with a lunch, clothes, and cash, and you took a bus to the closest spot you could get to the hole, and hiked for about half an hour.

you could see the clearing where the hole was and you checked your watch.


you sat on the edge, and dangled your feet over and sat, nervously, and watched for your soul-mate.





You hear a whistle from below, and nearly fall in. You yell out.


saying a thousand thoughts went though your head at once would be an understatement.

“Sans?” you ask.

“yup. the one-and-only.”

“h-how in the hell did you get down there?”

“I was born down here.”

your mind went to a safe place. so, there were humans who lived down there. theres NO WAY monsters were actually real…


“is there a way i can get down?” You yelled into the darkness below your feet.

“Jump! Ill catch ya’. ITs not far. i promise!”


“y/n. come on. please?”


“yeah, but it aint easy. but i know you can make it if you really wanted to.”

what the hell were you thinking.

“c-c-catch my bag. in 3…2….1!” You lightly tossed your bag into the inky black-ness.

“got it! your turn!”

what the actual hell were you thinking. what if he missed? what if he killed you? what if there was no way for you to get out? what if?

you stepped back, closed your eyes, and ran forward. you cannonballed into the black.

you didnt catch them until you were placed lightly into someones arms.

“wow….” The voice sounded in awe

you opened your eyes

skull. black. .

surprizingly attractive.

Sans burried his face into your neck.

“hi, y/n.”

The Prince and the Princen

It’s always the princess who is cursed. Until one day, it’s a prince. Of course, at that point he’s the only one who knows he’s a prince and not a princess, but he thinks that the curse should know and should realise that’s not how the stories go. But apparently magic doesn’t have enough of a mind of its own, so the prince ends up with the curse.

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Look what you all made me do.

They’d agreed to meet on the upper levels, by Moreena’s instance.
“And don’t pick any pockets while your waiting! I don’t want you to be arrested before I have a chance to catch up.”
Ezra had put up both hands and grinned. “That’s only if I get caught though, right?”
She’d punched him in the arm, and he agreed to be on his best behavior.
So here he was, leaning against the walkway barrier and studying the people passing by underneath him. They were all dressed so crisp and clean, he certainly felt underdressed in a place like this. All the architecture was sharp and modern, and there was little to no trash at all in the streets.
At least it wouldn’t be long until the crew and he would be on their way and back to their usual brigand lifestyle.
There was a pang in his chest as he realized leaving Alderaan would also mean saying goodbye to Moreena again.
“I’m surprised you’re still here.” A female voice interrupted his thoughts, and Moreena appeared against the railing beside him. “I was sure you wouldn’t be able to help yourself to someone’s pockets by now.”
The accusation, though true in a way, and only meant in jest, still stung a little. Ezra was quick to remind himself that it was just another reason he would be glad to leave Alderaan and its nice clean cities. Lothrats like him stood out in places like this. He didn’t belong.
“Hey- I only meant it as a joke.” Moreena said quickly, gently laying a hand  on his arm and pinching her dark eye brows together.
“I know.” he laughed, showing her a smile. He spun around, and away from her touch, now leaning against the railing with his back. “I was just blinded by your dress. Are you sure your even allowed to wear that? Wont the queen be missing such finery?” he grinned at her, making a show of trying to shield his eyes from her shinning dress.
Moreena had dressed in soft greens and whites with golden trims on the edges of the gauzy cuffs. Her bright hair had been pushed back with a golden band, and  the fading light of the day caught the gold in all the right places.
She blinked, and then jaunted her hip out, sloping her bare shoulder forward and giving Ezra a suddenly wry smile.
“Do I look expensive? Enough to keep your attention now?”
Ezra laughed hard and short, “Well you remember how attracted I am to pricey things.”
“So you are attracted?”
Ezra quickly changed the subject, turning his eyes, but not his attention, back to the city veiw.
“So, how’s your family?”
“Oh the usual. Gran is all about making sure I’m a proper lady. Dad and mum are doing well.” Her face fell a little. “They miss the farm.”
He frowned. “What about little Abbi?”
Moreena snorted heavily though her nose, and a hint of acid entered her voice. “She isn’t so little any more, trust me. You should see how she flirts with the imperial cadets.” She pressed her palms to her face and dragged her cheeks down with a groan. “It’s dis-gusting.”
“Oh Abbi, no!” Ezra grimaced, trying not to laugh at the ridiculous face she was making.
“I know.” She insisted, and then her pink lips quirked in the corners. “Remember how she used to make those soft eyes at you and follow us around the farm?”
Ezra blanched. “Unfortunately.”
“Well it’s worse now.” She said seriously. “She’s always talking about how great and brave the TIE cadets are.”
“Well it takes a lot of courage to fly a tie into laser bolts.” Ezra said with a shrug.
“I blame the holonet.” Moreena said with a sigh. “You should see the dribble they spout on here. You’d almost think the Empire controls the Only channel.”
There was a heavy droll in her tone and she gave him a pointed look.
Ezra snorted, and bit down on his knuckles to stifle the laugh. She smiled, and they lapsed into silence for a few moments.
“Is it… safe to talk like that here?” he asked quietly, eyeing the city patrol as they passed underneath the walkway.
“What? The truth?” She demanded airily. He scowled.
This isn’t Lothal, Mo.” he chided, his tone turning serious. “And we aren’t just some dusty kids making trouble in the streets. People could notice you. The Empire might notice you.”
“The Empire doesn’t care about me.” she said, flapping a hand. “And since when were you afraid to be mouthy?”
Since I became a wanted enemy of the Empire
, he wanted to say. Instead, Ezra turned away, pressing his knuckles into his temple. He couldn’t get into that with Moreena now- he couldn’t risk sharing anything too sensitive. Was she in danger because he was here?
“Never mind. Forget I said anything.” he said quietly, stuffing the paranoia deep down and gripping the rail tight.
Moreena took a step closer, “Ezra,” she said, but had nothing to follow it with. They stood in quiet for another minute and Ezra internally scolded himself for ruining the moment. He took a deep breath, pulling in his focus and letting the calm fill him. But it could not dislodge the see of worry in his gut.
“I just think you should be careful.” he said finally.
“I am as careful as I need to be. I’m a big girl Ez.” she said, and knocked her shoulder into her arm with a smile.
Ezra felt something smooth brush against his fingers and glanced down to see Moreena’s hand loosely placed on the rail next to his own.
He quickly straightened and tried to slip his hand into his pockets- but one missed and he fumbled, trying to make the smooth transition by looping his thumb on his belt.
“So, uh- You gonna show me the best this porcelain planet has to offer a Lothrat like me?”
He hoped she couldn’t see the flush on his face in the low city lights.
Moreena grinned, and her smile was bright even against the colourful city skyline. “You mean a couple of Lothrats like us.” She said, her dark eyes daring him to argue.
Before he could protest, she slipped her arm through the crook of his elbow and tucked herself into his side.
Ezra gaped, swallowing hard on the lump in his throat.
“Come on, pull yourself together.” Moreena laughed, pulling him along. “I’m going to give you the only tour of Alderaan that matters.”
Ezra was still fighting down the blush but he caught the tail end of an inside joke in her voice. “So you’re taking me where the good grub is at?” he laughed.
She threw her hair over her shoulder and grinned.
“The best.”

This is all Tumblr’s fault. I always shipped Moreena and Ezra but now the spark has found fuel! Stoppit guys- I’m meant to be writing Other fanfiction. Gawsh.

Can you just imagine Zeb teasing Ezra as he’s trying to sneak out to meet her?
“Off to your date then?”
“Its not a date, you stinkfactory! Shes just a old friend.”
“Sure kid, Whatever you say.”
Sabine enters and gives Ezra a glance over.
Thats what your wearing? I thought you Liked this girl.”

John Watson is TEH's "Jack the Ripper"

Molly, Greg, and Sherlock go to investigate the mysterious Victorian skeleton in TEH and find it’s no long-forgotten serial killer, it’s just an ordinary dead man in disguise. “Male, forty to fifty” Molly says. Both Molly and Sherlock agree the corpse can’t be more than 6 months old - and only minutes prior we were told that John started growing his mustache 6 months ago. He claims to Mrs Hudson that he’s “just trying it (the mustache) out” but he’s had it for half a year - and he has no intention of shaving it off until Sherlock points out how much he doesn’t like it. He’s become an old man who’s given up, possibly 6 months ago when he started seeing Mary. I believe Mary has only known mustache John because she had a hard time telling him she didn’t like it. If John started growing it after they were already together, it would’ve been easy to say “Your mustache is cute, but i prefer my doctors clean-shaven”. Mary didn’t know how to tell him because “I don’t know what you look like without the mustache, but I’m willing to chance it since i hate the way it makes your face look old” isn’t easy to say. Mrs Hudson and Sherlock are both quickly to point out how bad it looks because they know that John knows they know something to compare it to, but Mary does not. “Mary likes it” is what John wrongly thinks on the subject, possibly because he was sporting the mustache since they started dating.

The voice Sherlock hears inside his head (John) could very well be coming from the skeleton (in Sherlock’s mind, at least). That’s why when Molly touches the skeleton, Sherlock hears the word “Jealous?”. This is why Sherlock is verbally telling John’s voice to shut up - he’s telling the skeleton to shut up.

So this skeleton is wearing a shoddy Victorian outfit that’s been “displayed on a dummy for many years”. This could be seen through John wearing the long coat and scarf at the beginning of TEH, subconsciously paying tribute to the outfit Sherlock always wore. This could also be a reference to our John whose outfit (disguise) was symbolically kept behind glass up until a fire (love) made its shoddy appearance noticeable to Sherlock. So through this skeleton we see symbolically John died 6 months ago, tried to hide his true self by “dressing the part” only to have his feelings/love expose him in the end. “How I Did It” would’ve been the tell-all Sherlock needed to understand why John doesn’t want to see him anymore even though they were such close friends in TRF. But all of it’s fake. None of it matters. Someone went to extraordinary lengths to get Sherlock to investigate this case which is just like saying, “John went to extraordinary lengths to conceal who he really is and what his feelings truly are, all to divert Sherlock’s attention” which is also like saying “John gave up and started seeing Mary because his romantic feelings for Sherlock could never be fulfilled. But even after Sherlock’s return, John still picks Mary and insists she’s the one. John still doesn’t forgive Sherlock and that confuses him because it contradicts everything Sherlock knows about John Watson”. But why would John do that? It’s all so elaborate and unnecessary. Why won’t John just admit his feelings and be with Sherlock? Why pretend to be someone you’re not? These must be questions Sherlock doesn’t understand the answers to.

“Why would someone go to all that trouble?”

“Why indeed, John.”

30 Days of Fire Emblem Day 4: Favorite Sword-User

Meg from Radiant Dawn

(Note that for Sword users I’m not counting just anyone who can use a sword, Im choosing between units who start in a sword only class i.e. myrms, mercs, etc)

Man, I really love joke characters in FE.  Shanam in Thracia 776 is a very good one and Wrys is a hoot and a half, but I think Meg is easily the best of the bunch (and conveniently is of the Sword Armor class).  Everything about Meg is charming and hilarious and delightful, partly because theres so many paradoxes about her.  She’s this tiny little big girl who is wandering around a war torn foreign country looking for a single man who she has no specific location for.  Its completely insane.  Its like if a French farmer in 2016 sent his teenage daughter alone to Syria saying “find your husband, hes in Syria right now probably, I’m not sure though since I havent seen or heard from him in 3 years.  Just poke around till you see him.”  Whats even more crazy is that she seemingly tracked him down most of the way on her own.  That or she just got super lucky.  As a unit shes got a terrible strength stat and growth yet shes allegedly able to lift cows by herself.  She joins as an armor when you are desperate for some defense for the squishy Dawn Brigade and Surprise!  She has terrible base defense and defense growth.   Shes practically a myrm or a peg knight with her stats and growths.  One of the things I really appreciate about her is that even though she is heavy set in terms of design, and its possible her weight is supposed to be another funny thing about her, it never comes up anywhere in the script, to my knowledge, and her weight isnt played for laughs.  The same is true for her dad and I appreciate that a lot.  If anything is funny about her appearance wise its that shes so small, its especially funny if you get her to Marshall.  Shes just this tiny knight with majestic armor and a silly little Meg head with no helmet to top it off. 

Things I dont like about Meg:

  • Nothing.  Shes perfect.  All of her flaws as a unit just make her even funnier and more endearing so shes actually just a perfect little peach.

Seriously, look at her Cipher art:

Fantastic.  Shes completely charming and precious. 

orange IS terrible true but i think that he and corvax would get along eventually due to a shared trait in their cultures… challenging someone / attempting to act intimidating being akin to flirting with them…


okay but I can totally imagine calum on tour and not warning you at all that he’s planned on shaving his head and the only reason you knew was because your twitter mentions were blowing up about it so you’d immediately face time him and you were so damn nervous but you didnt even know why because its just hair right? but your thoughts were interrupted by his face appearing on the screen and sure enough, the rumors were true and you didn’t really know how to react so you’d just mumble a quick “why?” and he’d rub his freshly shaved head, only to say “I needed a change” so you’d nod and sorta space out a little and he’d give you a lil smile “you still love me though, right?” he’d ask and you’d just give him the biggest smile because you havent seen his face this bright in so long and all that mattered was that it was still calum and wow im crying idk why I did this call an ambulance

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Is it okay to send our lily headcanons that dont necessarily involve james? (I ask in case you prefer scenarios that include TT/another RP-er) It'll probably take time to find the courage to post them anyway.

((OOC: You can totally send me just your Lily headcanons! It makes it easier on my end anyway. As great as @asktheboywholived is, they’re very high maintenance and kind of sassy… a little shrill at times. Just in general an overall mediocre person, but I guess thats what I’m into? Severely average humans. So the point I lost there, yes please send me your Lily headcanons!))

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The guy from ESPN tweeted he just saw Taylor, and he is in Nashville covering Stanley Cup so maybe she will be at the game tonight. She does like hockey and usd to go to the games, So maybe an appearance.

How do we know he’s not trolling though? But tbh even if its true i don’t really see her randomly attending a game, but you never know, i guess we’ll see. Whens the game?

Fact #122

The chances of being a victim of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines is just as much as the chances of Justin Trudeau appearing shirtless in the background of any photograph taken in Canada.

gosh ok what i love about Wonder Woman and that line she says to Bruce, “I don’t think you’ve ever known a woman like me”, is that it totally DOES NOT come across as special snowflake syndrome (even though, arguably, she is pretty fucking special). I’m just so fucking ready for her movie and all the other movies she’ll appear in. It’s true that Wonder Woman is usually more of a RA RA RA I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR LETS BATTLE type of hero, but Gal Gadot is just bringing something to the character that makes it slightly different and i’m just loving it. There was so much subtlety and precision and depth in the power she had as a woman and as a character when she wasn’t even in her Wonder Woman garb. ITS JUST IN HER FACE!!! HER EYES!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! 

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hey i asked the question about fe/ti and te/fi, it was so comprehensive and it definitely gave me a better understanding of the functions. I was wondering if you could do one about ne/si and se/ni in all of their positions? and thanks for putting so much effort into your asks x

Dominant Ne/Inferior Si: I see the world as full of new possibilities. Change excites me. I love brainstorming all the different ways a situation could unfold, or coming up with creative scenarios in my mind. I can make connections between unrelated things very easily and sometimes my mind makes jumps that make it difficult for other people to follow my train of thought. I’m full of ideas and energy. I like to think big picture; someone can worry about the little details later. I’m not good at remembering details and tend to forget to do things. 

Auxiliary Ne/Tertiary Si: I like thinking theoretically and pondering abstract concepts and ideas. I can see the potential in situations and imagine how things could unfold. I sometimes feel like I spend more time thinking about what could be than what is. I like to consider all the different perspectives on a single topic. I can also be very nostalgic and pull from old memories. I can be good at working with details and sometimes I would rather be cautious in dealing with new possibilities. 

Auxiliary Si/Tertiary Ne: I’m very in touch with my past experiences and tend to do things based on how they went in the past. I have a strong sense of duty and am very principled. This worked in the past, so I want to do it this way again. I’m very in touch with the details of a situation and will remember to do something once you tell me to. I also enjoy brainstorming new ideas; here’s a story about something that this conversation reminded me of. 

Dominant Si/Inferior Ne: I’m much more comfortable with things that are familiar to me. I know exactly where that actor is from; I remember them from this movie. I had a similar experience to this, so I know how to act in it. I’m extremely loyal, principled, and value things like family and duty. I’m good at noticing little details and working with those. I know that plan is unrealistic, why don’t we just stick to what’s safe instead? I know that I’m going to regret this if I do it, so I won’t. I’m a little cautious; I’ve never done that before, so it makes me nervous. Why do we need to change this unnecessarily? 

Dominant Se/Inferior Ni: I like to live in the moment and experience everything life has to offer. I don’t want to miss a single experience life throws at me. I want to go to this concert, try this sport: anything to engage my senses. I understand things by experiencing them. I don’t worry about the future; I just focus on living in the moment. I like to be constantly doing something. Instead of thinking about doing something, I’m just going to go out and do it. Dare me to do this! I’m bad at long term planning though, and abstract concepts can bore me very easily. 

Auxiliary Se/Tertiary NI: I like to express myself through tangible hobbies such as sports, crafts, art, etc.  I don’t think it’s worth planning your life out, because you never know how things are going to turn out. I prefer to live in the moment and take life day by day. I’m good at working with my hands, and like activities that engage my senses. I can really like things that are poetic or symbolic as well, when I take time to stop and think about life. I can sometimes have certain insights on things that I know to be true or false. 

Auxiliary Ni/Tertiary Se: Let’s think about how we can improve this. I see this for its potential, not what it is on the surface. Ten years from now I want to be doing this. I can be very insightful and understand things for more than what they appear to be. I know that you’re upset even though you didn’t say anything. I understand the symbolic meaning of this. I find abstract ideas, theories, and poetic representations really interesting. I’m also good at taking action when I need to, instead of just planning out. I like aesthetics and nice things, and I can get very competitive. 

Dominant Ni/Inferior Se: I have a very long term way of looking at things, and think about the future constantly. I’m very thoughtful and am always pondering the deeper meaning of life. I’d rather conceptualize something abstractly than actually put it into action. I listen to my gut in situations and have an innate knowledge about how things are going to go. I’m drawn to what is poetic, symbolic, or abstract. I get overwhelmed by too much sensory information; I don’t like how bright and loud this is. 

Confession: I’m the only full black kid in my family. Everyone else is mixed or white: Of course, they’ve all had plenty of guy friends and boyfriends. I’ve always been irrationally afraid of guys since I was young because they would always go for my cousins and leave me in the dust. Whenever we go out, they always get stopped by guys asking for their numbers and I’m always awkwardly standing aside. Its not as bad anymore though. When we go to parties, girls always go up to them and tell them how beautiful they are and once again I’m invisible. And when they talk about me, their new “friends” refer to me as “ ohh the dark skin girl”.We are 18 and 19 now and I still never had my first kiss when their relationship troubles is all they seem to talk about. They always talk about wanting a dark skin man and I always wish that men could talk about dark skin women like that. Sometimes, when I’m feeling really negative, I think in my head how people only like them for how they appear even though it’s not true. I also blame my mom for all my troubles when I’m feeling down even though I know its not her fault. All my cousin’s dad’s are still with them or at least send money and necessities but my mom had to choose the one guy, out of many who pursued her, that wasn’t light and that purposely didn’t work just so he didn’t have to pay child support. And now that I’m 18 he wants a relationship with me. I’ve always felt like an outcast. I’ve always thought that if I was born like them, my life would be so much more satisfying. I just wished the world didn’t view dark people, especially women, in such a negative way. I just want to live life normally and appreciate my dark skin.

It's Coming Back || OPEN

After his dreadful leave from Evalee’s room, it was more than clear that staying away from her was the best thing to do at the moment. True, he genuinely enjoyed a harmless ice-cream day with Delilah and it honestly made his heart feel happy that he could be around her at least. For now though, all the boy wanted to do was go out on his own roaming the streets of Dubai getting a cup of coffee, meeting a few lovely fans and just being by himself for once without any stress. Everything went quite smoothly until those flashed appeared again making him wince at the sudden light. Regret flowed through him when he realised he hadn’t gotten any bodyguards to help him through the entire ruckus. “Guys, please let me through,” he said calmly and patiently as he always did while trying to slither away from the crowd of paparazzi. ’Come on, Harry, just one picture!’ ‘One picture, Harry!’ 'Going to shag another girl, Harry?!’ 'Is it true you shagged a maid while your girlfriend was in the hotel!’ 'Fucking shameful asshole!’ 'Keep it in your pants for fuck’s sake, stop shagging all the girls!’ 'Hollywood’s biggest douchebag and world’s smallest dick! Fucktard!' 

With that, Harry finally entered the lobby with the help of a few security guards from the hotel and all the curly haired boy could feel was pain. He couldn’t even stand up straight and his eyes stung with tears already streaming down his face. He felt a hand on his back and a deep unfamiliar voice telling him that he was okay but that didn’t help dial the pain at all. He felt so terrified and panicked and he didn’t even know why; the trouble was practically over but in his head, the situation was a whole lot more different. He could hear the muffling yells through the glass door as he closed his eyes letting the tears fall freely when he felt that same pain in his chest. Only this time it was much worse. Before, he could actually control because he had used his inhaler but right now he didn’t have access to it. His heart beating irregularly, his breathing abnormal, panic flowing through him, every breath shorter than the next. The boy pressed his hand to his chest to push away the pain as he heard some of the guards yelling at the receptionist’s to get help. 

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Hi! I think noone pointed that out yet so here it goes. When Garnet cryies only her right eye is teary. Right is the red one so it represents Ruby. In Jail Break Ruby is the more emotional one and she express her happines with tears. That's too obvious to be a coinsidence. What do you think?

ahh, I’ve heard several people say this and its a neat theory but its actually not true! She doesn’t cry too often so we don’t have a lot of examples but in “So Many Birthdays” its her left eye that gets teary while in “Warp Tour” it appears to be her right

my guess would be that it actually is just coincidental which side the tears fall down. We’ll need an episode where she really cries (as Pearl and Amethyst have) to know for sure, though

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  • who says “I love you” first: 

I actually think Iwa would say it first. Tooru appears quite flamboyant and confident but he becomes very shy when it comes to Iwa and true love. 

  • who kills the bugs:

neither. Tooru hates bugs and would never touch them. But Iwa loves them too much so he just picks them up gently and sets them outside their house or just away.

  • how often do they text/call:

everyday. tooru texts iwa very often about his daily life and though iwa complains that its annoying (both of them know that iwa loves knowing how tooru is doing.)

also, both love hearing each other’s voices so they call each other over lunch break, and if they have free time :)

  • what are their names for each other in their phones:

in tooru’s phone, iwa is the *flexing arm* emoji xD

in iwa’s phone, tooru used to be kusokawa. but one day tooru changed it to ‘tooru <3′ and though iwa notices, he never changed it back :>

  • who convinces the other to do couples cosplay:

tooru ahem has many many many cosplay ideas. some of which should be illegal.

  • random fact:

mornings together are the best, especially when iwa wakes tooru up with morning kisses all over his face and tooru turns into blanket burrito and becomes grumpy and pouty because someone woke him up. (iwa then proceeds to kiss this adorable blanket burrito all over, again)

Slowed down the scene of the changing cake topper - because I read this post and realized I didn’t even notice it when I watched it the first time.

“[…] But in the transition from the Coronation pose to the skating pose, for one tiny instant, the scene on the fjord appears, a reminder that even though Anna was redeemed (and redeemed Elsa as well) by her act of true love, she … was … dead.  Dead by Elsa’s hand.” - grrlgeek72


For those doesn’t know, my sona is actually a shapeshifter made out of magic, science, technology and whatever that makes sense to you. He’s able to shifts into any living creature at will(but his markings and body mass always remains the same) and this is his ‘default’ or main form, he only appear in his cat form most of the time because he feels like it.

And the stripes are more than just stripes, they actually serves as a seal to contain his true being, which I will show in the future when I’m done with their concept.

Also I think I’m gonna make my sona to stay in this from now on, but you guys can still draw him in his usual/cat form though but its gonna be like a sub-form of his. I just felt like showing you guys his default form.