it's true love because it will last forever

Wait, why do we need to start the gospel in Genesis 1?

“In the beginning, God…” 

Where do you begin your telling of the gospel? 

The other day, I was taught how to do the “Romans Road,” a list of verses that help you evangelize and explain the gospel through verses in Romans. While this is a great strategy that can be useful, I respectfully disagree with the choice of starting verse: Romans 3:32 - “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” 

If we start our gospel story in Genesis 3 with the sin of Adam and Eve, we begin with broken relationships and a fallen world, forgetting that our true identity lies in Genesis 1 with “In the beginning, God created.” We were created by God to be in perfect relationship with Him and to live in perfect relationships with each other. We have to remember that the reason we should hate sin so much is that we were not created to be living in it. We should grieve over our fallen world because it was not created to be that way. Sin is the destruction of a world that was created good. 

Here’s what happens when we start the gospel with “The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth…” (Genesis 6) rather than “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good” (Genesis 1): 

1. We lose the meaning behind “Savior.” If the world was always bad, and we were born in sin, what exactly do we need saving from? The reason we need a savior at all is that the Creator God wanted to restore the relationship that was broken and redeem the identity that was lost.

2. We fail to comprehend why Christ would die at all. The biggest question we should be asking ourselves in response to the gospel is “Why would he do that if we didn’t do anything to deserve it? Why does God love us so much?” It doesn’t make sense why God would love us if we don’t understand that he created us in his image. 

3. We put our focus on worldly things instead of eternal things. Sin is temporary, Christ has overcome. We need to start with the explanation of what the world truly is, because our fallen world is not going to last forever. Our focus is not on the sin that we want to escape from, but rather the God we want to run to. 

4. We do not fully understand the end of the story without its true beginning. Without knowing “and God saw that it was good,” (Genesis 1) we don’t understand “Behold I am coming soon” (Revelation 22). We know that Jesus will come again and create the new heavens and new earth as it was always meant to be, because we understand that God is Creator. 

But if we’re going to sum up one reason to remember Genesis one, it’s this: 

Before there was sin, there was God. 

“In the beginning, God…” 

-31Women (Beth) 

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“and slowly… i was forgotten" for Scanlan (and anyone else you want to add).

How about everybody since this is a great prompt for a vox machina gets forgotten by history except for their most basic traits thing. 

Time is cruel, even to the best of heroes. It reshapes and changes their character, and makes them something they weren’t. A pale imitation of who the people actually were. 

And slowly, the true people are forgotten altogether, replaced with simple concepts and ideas of what people think the heroes used to be. Nothing lasts forever, and its hard for history to remain true and the facts not to be tweaked, as time moves on. 

History tells of a barbarian named Grog, a bloodthirsty brute only able to be tamed by a cleric who found him half dead, and trained him to fight for her. No mention of his kindness, or his love, towards his friends and adopted sister survived the flow of time. Slowly everything he was besides the dangerous man who loved to kill was forgotten. 

History tells of the cleric Pike, who saved the bloodthirsty Goliath, because of her kindness and innocence. The woman who loved and remembered for her ability to forgive even the worst people. No mention of her immense strength or occasional cruelty is acknowledged, and if it is, it gets laughed off. She is remembered as a pure beacon of light, with no fault in her. Slowly, her courage, anger, and the few acts of trickery she displayed are forgotten. 

History tells of the bard Scanlan, the lying crime boss scoundrel with a quick song and care for only those related to him. No mention of anything he was besides the cruel crime boss was left. The songs and letters he left behind are lost, nowhere to be found, leaving him with the rest to be remembered as a shell of his former self. Slowly, he was forgotten. 

History tells of the dragonborn Tiberius, a bumbling oaf who was quick to get angry and died from his arrogance. History remembers him this way, because history does not favor the chromatic dragonborns, none more then the reds. Whatever he may have been like before, was forgotten long before the others. 

History tells of the artificer Taryon, almost exactly the way he wanted to be remembered. His book was detailed in explaining himself as the brave adventurer who saved people, but neglected the other parts of him. History remembers him as brave and strong, but forgot his kindness, and his friendships, and his love for the people that taught him what it truly meant to be brave. History remembers him as a hallow man, just another brave book protagonist. History remembers him incorrectly. History remembers him as someone who didn’t quite exist at all, and slowly he was forgotten as little more then just a book. 

History tells of the gun maker Percival, name all but forgotten besides de Rolo, the name used for the latest gun. History remembers him as cruel, with a shadow demon at his side as a helper in creating his many inventions. His gifts and harmless inventions, and love towards the people he called family, was ignored in favor of the inventions aimed to kill, like the guns and other creations he made after. History doesn’t remember his intellect, or his love for sibling and wife, and slowly, he was forgotten. 

History tells of the twins, dependent and always together, unable to stay apart for long. One that walked the path of death and became her champion, the other who walked the path of light and became his. History tells of the twins, dependent and always together, forced apart by a path of their own making. History tells of the twins, two sides of the same coin, alike but different. History tells of the twins Vax and Vex, but history does not remember them. 

History tells of the archdruid Keyleth. History laughs at the archdruid Keyleth. History laughs as the archdruid ashari leader tries to keep her friends memories alive, tries to tell the truth of who they were, tries to keep them remembered, but she was never great at getting people to listen. History watches as she tries anyway, and fails. History tells of the ashari druid Keyleth, the awkward half elf who lost so much and could save so little. History is silent as the archdruid Keyleth is no longer there, and history forgets her, and with her, the last of who the group truly was

And slowly… Vox Machina was forgotten. 

‘Mum, I’m in love with a man that won’t love me back. Will I ever love someone else…?’
Her daughter questioned with a broken voice,

Such a question struck the mother, it wasn’t what she was expecting from a 17 year old girl.
“Love isn’t always requited my dear, but that doesn’t make it less true. If you truly love someone, you probably always will. Doesn’t mean you won’t ever fall in love again, or find another man’
The mother replied gracefully,

“But I love him, and even though the two of us are not meant to be, I keep on wondering if I’ll still love him when I find the man I’m destined to be with. Because I genuinely feel like he’s the one”
Her daughter replied almost breathlessly,

“Katy, you’re still young, you’ve yet to experience life and love. Don’t worry about love, it’ll knock on your door at the appropriate moment!’ the mothers’ weary lips stated hastily, though her voice was tainted with drops of doubt and cynicism.

“I know that I’m still young mum. I’ve yet to fall in love and build a family, or meet a man and let him embrace my hand for the rest of my life… But that man will not be him. For he’d be gone, forever. Although I’ll still love him. Won’t I? I question my love, not because I’m unsure of it, but because I don’t see how we can love two people at the same time. Would I love him less? Impossible, because love isn’t some weighing scale that changes with time, it is as constant as its purity. So it’s either I won’t love him anymore, or not love the person I’d be with… which means that I wouln’t have really fallen in love again.
And you always told me that we can’t ever fall out of true love.. that it’ll haunt us forever!”
The girl stated with exuberance, though her face appeared as fragile as glass. Tears were forming at the corner of her eyes.

When her mother heard this her tongue froze, she felt speechless. She had never imagined such words coming out from a person so small. Her daughter was experiencing love, true love, and it was killing her. She was feeling its bittersweetness in this very moment, and her mother couldn’t do anything about it. She couldn’t make it better because she knew too well nothing ever will… she knew it because she had felt the same way ages ago… so she simply… lied.

“It has gotten late my love, you need to sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning… Heartbreak does not last forever.”

—  MD

I woke up on the salty side of the bed this morning so this is probably 9000% less diplomatic than I would usually word things, but…

…what the fuck is the trend in kin/fictive circles to 

a) replace canonmates as if they’re interchangeable identikit slot-in-here pieces when a friendship or relationship doesn’t work out 


b) assume that if a friendship or relationship doesn’t work out, it must have been because they weren’t “from your canon”?

I’m not sure if “dehumanizing” is the right word for what’s going on here, exactly, but it does seem to treat people as if they’re part of a narrative rather than…you know, living breathing beings with feelings and ideas of their own. Oh, a Minnie Mouse fictive doesn’t actually feel like dropping out of college to follow Mickey Mouse into the Peace Corps? Let’s find another Minnie who will! Oh, Goofy broke up with Donald because things weren’t working out? Well, clearly he wasn’t the real Goofy from Donald’s memories after all, because as we all know relationships never ever break up for mundane reasons!

Look, I get it. When your life is turned into a story, or when you resonate so strongly with a story, it’s tempting to see your life now as if it should follow the rules of a story. True love lasts forever. Heroes never die. Evil gets its comeuppance. The power of friendship conquers all.

But a life is always more complicated than a story, even when it is one, if you get what I’m trying to say. It doesn’t run on tropes. It doesn’t leave out all the boring bits. It doesn’t fade to black on a convenient dramatic moment–it keeps going, and maybe Minnie and Mickey end up going to marriage counselling, or maybe Harry and Ron stop talking to each other for years because of something one of them said over butterbeer. Or maybe everything does work out and you die happy surrounded by your loved ones and then you come here and have a whole new mess of complications to deal with–complications that will probably end up meaning that even if you meet “your” person again, things aren’t going to magically go smoothly forever. Maybe, despite someone being your canonmate, you actually need to treat it with the same care and respect as any other relationship? Give it the room to grow slowly, give it the option to turn into something it might not have been before? 

Or maybe you can’t work things out. And maybe that’ll hurt like Hell. But if someone felt right to you, resonated beautifully, felt like the person of your memories, why would you pretend that didn’t happen and…trade them in for someone else? It just completely boggles my mind. 

How Long Is Forever? (Nate Maloley)

Can you write one with Nate where you guys are married but really young and then you get into a fight and he suggests that they should get divorced and Idk u can pick the ending, ps thank you 😊 -Anon

I knew getting married at 19 was going to be hard. And I knew it would be hard being with a man who was constantly surrounded by groupies that were skinnier, and prettier, and more bold and daring than me. I knew finding time to be together when he was building a career in music and I was building one in art and photography would be hard. But the difficulty I imagined wasn’t even close. I never thought being with Nate would be so hard. Ever since he got off tour, all we seem to do is fight. It’s  non-stop tension and not the good kind. We don’t even sleep in the same room anymore.

“It was nothing, babe.”

“Oh, really? Then why did you both come out of that room looking so fucking pleased with yourselves?” I yelled angrily.

“Why don’t you trust me, huh? I told you it was nothing, why can’t you believe me?”

“Because she’s been hanging around you more than what’s okay and you have more whiskey running through you than blood! And excuse me, but if I were to even sit next to another man you’d be jealous like that!”

“Fine, whatever. Let’s say I did sleep with that girl. What are you gonna do? Leave me?” he said it almost as if he was teasing me.

“What happened? What happened to the promise we made? Did you even mean those vows?”

“Here we go again. They’re vows! Everyone says them! You have to!”

“No, you don’t have to. You choose to, because you love someone and you want to be with the for the rest of your life.”

“Well, right now I don’t even want to be in this room with you!”

“You know what? Fine, I’ll leave. Don’t bother coming back until you’re sober.” I turn to head out of the door.

“How about I just not bother coming back ever?”

“What?” I turn back around, whispering.

“That’s right, I want a divorce. This shit just ain’t for me anymore.” He takes another swig of whatever’s in the bottle in his hands. We’d got into some really nasty fights, but we never even got close to mentioning divorce. He must be serious.

Tears immediately fill my eyes but I refuse to let him see them. As much as we fought, I still loved him just as much as on our wedding day. I didn’t think 4 words could hurt so much. But, I guess if 3 words could make you the happiest in the world it made sense that 4 could tear you right back down.

“That’d fine with me,” I gritted through my teeth. I rushed out of the door of the supply closet and slammed it behind me.

It took everything I had in me to not sob in the cab on the way home. By the time  got home, I was so tired all I could do was put on some pajamas (which took forever to find because normally I wore Nate’s shirts). Wearing his stuff just didn’t feel right when in a short period of time we wouldn’t even be together anymore. I got in bed and cried until my eyes were so sore all I could do was sleep.

The next morning, it hurt even more than it did the night before but I refused to lay around in bed all day. I grabbed some boxes, which were from when we moved in a few months ago, and packed his stuff from the bathroom we shared and a few other items he just had laying around. I started packing some of his clothes, but then I started crying and I didn’t want him seeing tear stains on his stuff.

So I put myself together, got on some makeup (because there was no way I’d let tears ruin my fucking perfect cat eye), and headed down to the city courthouse. It took a minute, but I managed to get all the necessary papers, and they gave me a list of lawyers they recommend, but I won’t need one unless Nate’s got one. I ran a couple more errands while I was out, but they felt weird because Nate wasn’t there, and I no longer had to consider him (like getting his favorite cereal while I was at the store).

When I got back home, the fresh air and having something to do had helped a little. It still felt fresh and raw, and it would for a while, but I was alive and functioning, so I couldn’t ask for more. I felt like I was moving to fast in this whole ‘divorce acceptance’ process, but I’d been through it before with my parents, and things just usually didn’t affect me as much as they did other people.

I finished packing most of his clothes. Lastly, I organized our living room, which was what the front door led into. I set all of his boxes there and left his set of the papers on the table.

When I woke up the next morning, it was to the sound of his key in the door. I took my time getting up, then walked into the kitchen and made myself some tea. I sat down at one of the bar seats and looked at him through the opening to the living room.

“Most of your stuff is there. All that’s still in the closet is that dresser of your older stuff. And i didn’t know when you’d be free so you can call the number on the top to schedule a hearing, or whatever they said comes next.”

He just stared at me in disbelief. “Wh-what is this?”

“…your stuff. Thought we just went over this,” I said, getting up to grab a granola bar. “Judging by the fact that you didn’t come back last night I’m assuming you already have somewhere to stay?”

“What do you mean somewhere to stay? This is my home,” he said, frustration in his voice.

“Yeah, until we settle what we’re going to do with it.”

“What do you mean settle? And did you say hearing? Like, as in, in court?”

“Yes, sweetheart, that’s what happens in divorces.”

“Is this about that goddamn comment I made the other night? Baby, I said I’m sorry, did you even read my texts?”

My phone had been off since a few hours before the fight. “You can’t just say I’m sorry, Nate. Its not just a goddamn comment. You wanted to end our marriage.”

“Baby, you know I didn’t mean it. I was drunk as hell, you know that.”

“Ever heard the phrase ‘drunk words are sober thoughts’?”

“What? No! That’s not true at all. The last thing I want to do is end our marriage.”

“Well, it’s kind of late for that. I already filed. As soon as you step back out of that door, we’re separated.”

“Well then I’m not leaving! This marriage is not over and never will be!” he exclaimed, taking a seat on the couch.

I rolled my eyes. On the inside I kind of wanted to cry, but I needed to show a strong front.

“Y/N, I barely even remember saying it. And if I knew this was how you were gonna react I wouldn’t have said it. I regret it so much.”

“How else was I supposed to react? Was I supposed to completely ignore the fact that you just wanted to make our vows null and void? Was I supposed to just ignore that you basically said that they didn’t even mean anything anyways?” I was raising my voice but I didn’t care, he needed to know how big of a deal this was.

“No, but,” he sighs, “Can we just put my stuff back, and throw away the divorce papers and talk about it?” He gets up and comes to me, wrapping his arms around me from behind. “And then, maybe if we can’t work it out, even though we will, then we’ll revisit that option.”

“No, Nate, we’ve tried to work it out already, remember? And then every time we end up back in the same spot 3 days later. And there’s still the problem of that groupie you’re fucking.”

“What?” he jumps back, as if in surprise.

“Don’t act dumb. That one that came out of the supply closet looking real pleased right before I came in.”

“Honey, I found her in there crying because she thought Sammy was into her, but he was out with someone else. She came out happy because I told her the same thing Sammy told me earlier: He really did like her, he was just scared to get her involved with his busy life. I also told her about us, and how even though, we fought, we’d be together.”

I could see it in his res, it was all truth. “Okay, but you still asked for a divorce.”

“I try so hard to mean everything that I say, but I definitely did not mean that. Don’t I get a take back?”

I just glared at him. “That’s not how marriage works.”

“That’s how it should work. It should also include you having to wear my shirts to bed every night. What are these?” he says, picking at my shorts and camisole with an plaid unbuttoned flannel (mine, not his).

“These are my pajamas. Your shirts are in your boxes.”

“Well take them out! And put one on while you’re at it. And then we can go back to bed, and I’ll hold you while we talk and then we can have makeup sex,” he says, pecking my neck. I giggle, he knows my neck is super ticklish, that little shit.

When he gets no response he lifts me up and takes me there himself, and even though I could, I don’t stop him. and once we get there, we actually do talk. About those damn fights, and about him not going out as much, and me trusting him more because he loves me with is all and I love him right back. And true to his word, as soon as it’s all sorted, he pounces on me and kisses me hungrily, as if its been forever, which is what it felt like.

And for the first time in weeks I actually feel like we’ll last forever, just like we promised.

A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! All I have left after this are song and list prompts, which there are a lot of, but REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN just in case you want something, just know it might be a minute.

To the requester: I hope this is what you wanted! You said I could make the ending and I’m not really a fan of making unhappy endings. But yah, sorry it took so long!


Seasons of Waiting

Some might dislike the time jumps but I for one love each one of them for different reasons because they suit the whole narrative and express what the characters are going through, especially the 3-year time jump. It perfectly underscores the THE THREE main themes of the entire story - ENDURING LOVE. From the very beginning, the SoSoo love story has been a ROMANCE DEFINED BY SEPARATION AND TRANSCENDING TIME (divided by 1000 years) AND SPACE, so it’s only apt that they would be separated by long distances for long periods of time - it’s the perfect symbolism. A LOVE ISN’T DEFINED BY THE TIME THEY SPENT TOGETHER BUT BY ITS CONSTANCY AND STRENGTH.

“I will wait for you.”

That’s inseparably connected with the theme OF WAITING - because all those years both of them have been waiting for each other, even though THEY DIDN’T MAKE ANY PROMISES NOR VOWS TO EACH OTHER, they were given no hope by the other person, but THEY’VE BEEN WAITING ANYWAY - LOYALLY, FAITHFULLY, STAYING TRUE TO EACH OTHER, THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER NEVER WAVERING. If a love can stand the TEST OF TIME AND SEPARATION, it will last forever.

“I guess you really have forgotten about me.”

And finally, there comes the theme of NOT FORGETTING/REMEMBERING and it’s impossibly powerful because we have a man here who used to always tell this woman that she should forget it all and she later told him to forget her, but BOTH HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO FORGET EACH OTHER, NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRIED - THEY REMEMBER EVERY WORD, EVERY TOUCH, EVERY TEAR, even memories from 7 years ago when they barely knew each other… They have been LIVING ON THESE MEMORIES - they are what KEPT THEM ALIVE ALL THIS WHILE. They are engraved in their skins and hearts, just like their physical scars that will never disappear. HS kept the poem as a token, just like So kept the lotus hairpin with him when he’d left for Later Jin. Wang So can never forget Soo because everything in this world reminds him of her - the stars in the sky, the wind he feels when he rides his horse, the whisper of waves,… I mean, EVEN AFTER 3 YEARS HE STILL COLOR-COORDINATES HIS CLOTHES WITH HER SANGGOONG UNIFORM!

“Are you sleeping well? Eating well? Do you still… resent me?”

That backhug speaks of such a deep longing and desperation and it’s the thought that she might lose So forever, that he is once again leaving her and she doesn’t know if she would ever see him again, which spurs her into action. IT’S A DESPERATE ACT OF TRYING TO KEEP HIM WITH HER. And he tries to numb himself everytime he is around HS, but is failing miserably. It’s an unbearable torture for him to feel the warmth of her whole body against his own, her arms holding him - THE TOUCH HE’S BEEN STARVED FOR AND DREAMING ABOUT FOR 3 YEARS.


Wow guys, if what’s being reported about JKR’s wonderland interview is TRUE, what we harmony shippers have longed for since the books fucked with our canon has happened: SHE ADMITTED SHE WAS WRONG ABOUT THE ROMIONE ENDGAME!!! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WROOOOOOONG!!!! I CAN’T SAY IT ENOUGH!!! ITS REGRETSVILLE FOR JKR REGARDING HER “CANON” PAIRING!!! FUCK YEEEEEEEEES!!!

*ahem* excuse me *cough*not sorry*cough* I almost can’t believe it and I’m praying to all the deities out there that this isn’t some sick joke that’s bing played on us >_< After all the shit we’ve had to wade through from Romione and hinny shippers throughout the years, if it turned out to be nothing but, it would just be another truckload of crap on the shit-pile we don’t want or need.

But if it’s true, oh my I’m just—my feels are nearly overwhelming, as I’m sure they are for all of us who’ve captained the harmony ship for as long as we’ve known Hermione and Harry. It’s JKR finally realizing what we’ve tried to tell everyone who didn’t believe in Harmony, that you can’t force a relationship just because it’s what you want like she did with Ron and Hermione, and by extension Ginny and Harry, that we were basing our feels and pairing on what was already there between them, not what we were *disgusted scoff* “making up”.

I’ve also noticed a few of the Romione reactions have been that JKR is delusional, that there is STILL nothing between Hermione and Harry to warrant her change of heart, and my personal favorite, that she can’t take back what she’s written that’s it’s already canon and it’s impossible to do “take-backs” *cue eye-roll*.

Yeah yeah whatever, you used canon to trample all over every hhr shipper that’s ever existed, so it’s Only fair that you all suck it up and take it like we’ve had to all these years. How does it feel to have your feelings slapped back in your face huh?! Do you have any idea of the torment you’ve put harmony shippers through for YOUR canon?! How you used it to lord over anyone who expressed an opinion different from yours?! Well karma’s a bitch ain’t it? ^~^ Oh and one last thing. If this turns out to be a hoax and none of its true, I’d feel immensely disappointed but it won’t change how I feel about harmony one bit; you know why? Because with or without JKR’s “confession”, I’d still support and love harmony for all the reasons I did so in the beginning. To me, they’ll always be meant for each other. It’s provably the same for the anti-harmonians, but for once, I don’t give a damn. I’m just gonna sit back and bask in the joyous bright rays on the deck of my ship. HARMONY FOREVER BITCHES!!!!


a/n: Set in season 1 episode 20 right after charming foolishly rejects regina’s advances on him [clip]. Based on headcanon that Cora’s voice haunts Regina when she’s feeling down. For outlawqueenluvr because you’re bomb. And thank you lillie-grey for your wonderful brain.

He shuts the door behind him and leaves Regina alone in her mansion, emotion creeping up on her, threatening to consume her. The roof above her is caving in and there’s no one there to save her from herself. She paces back and forth, running a shaky hand through her otherwise perfectly coiffed hair. Everything is spinning out of control, this is not how this was supposed to be; it’s like she’s watching from afar as a thread is pulled away, unraveling yet another aspect of her life, no matter how desperately she tries to keep it together.

She feels bareboned and weak; stripped of everything that made her ‘the great and powerful Evil Queen’.

That’s because you are weak.

She stiffens. No. Not again. God please no.

She can’t handle this right now, not after the rejection she just faced.

She looks up at the mirror and she’s greeted by a reflection that is not her own. She sees her moth- Cora, staring right back at her, disappointment taking the place of love in her eyes, her lips pursed forward to display her disgust.

Regina will not be made to feel this way in her own home. She feels the rage of the Evil Queen within resurface when she sends her wine glass flying toward the mirror. The crimson colored liquid stains the walls, mimicking the splashing of blood, her mother’s blood. There are shards of mirror and glass scattered on the floor, but Regina can’t bring herself to care. Henry won’t be home until later, and it’s not like he would notice anyway. There’s a one-way path from the front door to his room, he doesn’t linger in the house she’s tried so hard to make a home. She feels empty. She found love in her son, and once again it’s all been ripped away. But this time it’s different than with Daniel, because Daniel had been taken, Henry chooses to leave and ignore her existence every day, and the look of hatred and contempt in his eyes makes it hard for her to breathe.

She’s so consumed in rage and sorrow, both emotions struggling to gain control. If she had magic everything in the house would have already met its end.

It’s your own fault for feeling this way Regina, love is weakness. You let that boy into your life and made yourself susceptible to pain.

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SO I DO THINK NARUHINA WILL BE CANON, AND SASUSAKU MIGHT HINT IT AT THE END. (because we still need time for them to patch things up)


(You don’t have to ship both, but they are still sisterships.)

  • We aren't a couple for a year, not even a month but I can say that in the months that we've been friends, loved each other, we are stronger than anybody else. I believe that people have different journeys and couples have different stories but there's one thing that makes stories and journeys strong, that is faith. When you are guided and protected by God, not a million fight can ruin your relationship. Why? Because you both know that it's just a challenge for the two of you. A challenge that can be overcome because of faith, because of God. We, we spend almost everyday being together. We eat together, walk together, laugh together, talk about the biggest up to the smallest thing together. Of course, we fight at times, we aren't perfect but we make sure that the fight will be a lesson-learned for us. They say, "It's love when you cannot explain what you are feeling because there's too much to tell." That's true. When we love, we do not know the reason behind loving the other person because if we do have a reason, then what if that reason will be gone? Would you still love your partner? I guess not. It's true that trust, love, romance are essential in a relationship but as I read from a book, it's all worthless if faith isn't present in your relationship. Talk with the first ever Author of the first ever love story in the world, God. Ask for guidance. And if it last forever, it may be His plan but if not, don't worry, He prepared something better.