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hey, i would like to know two things.. :3 first, are you self-taught or you learned in an art school(since your anatomy and theory seems really good i assume the latter, and if it, where did you learn)? and secondly, how much time it took to be where you are now, what did you have to do to become a real artist with a reputation(besides drawing)? {i'm italian i would have said all this in italian but i thought it was rude towards others that might want to read AAAAHRG}

Hello! aah, well, I’d like to reply this in italian as well, but let’s be decent people and let’s write this in terrible english :D

Well, I’ve been self taught until 2009. Then I attended for 3 years the International School of Comic (comic class), AND the Academy of Fine Arts.
The first one taught me more practical things, and basically I learned a method to improve my art skill even after the school, while I academy I learned… uhm… stuff, but I’m glad I took those anatomy classes because the amount of things to study and draw were insane, and I still remember a lot of things, even if it’s been years. So yeah, those school were important.

About the time, I… well, I’ve drawn basically everyday since I was 15 (when I decided that draw comics was better than study math), and since then, every little step was a victory! I started to be active on internet in 2010,and since then I kept to improve and collect (and love) all the positive comments I’ve received. Of course, at the beginning it’s hard, you see that artist who can sneeze a sketch, and get all the comments and fav and notes, while no one seems to care about you but it’s not true. Is just that you are not well know. Yet. Give it time, and keep what you are doing. Trust me.

Internet is magical place, but also weird, and it has its own rules. You need to know and understand them, if you want to survive and have a nice experience.

As about me, personally, I don’t know exaclty how it worked. I know that I’m well know mostly about my fanarts, my shippy fanarts, but I’m also glad, because I’ve always drawn what I liked and loved most. Sometimes happen that that thing is popular, so it explodes like a firecracker, but I have to say that I prefer when the fandom is small and we end to know all each other. Like the Justicykes boat.

In any case, whatever you decide to draw and share it on the internet, don’t “I did this to gain attention”, but “hey people, I did this, who else like it like I do?” Be sure that there is someone, in the world, who likes the thing. And the second time you post it, there will be two people liking it, and with the third one, the fav are 5. And so it goes on. And this can be applied to all the things, of any kind, from.. a cute kitty to a gore porn. If you can think the thing, I assure you there is fandom somewhere about it.

So remember, if you want to climb the high mountain of art popularity, take a lot of patience, a LOT. Because it’s going to be a long travel and actually there is not an end. Don’t take anything for granted, and enjoy every single nice comment/note/fav you get. Like, if you post a thing on tumblr and it gets 10 notes, don’t whine about “ah, I hoped to get at least 100 ;_;” , but focus on the ten you got. With the next thing they will be 15. then 20, so it goes on. And don’t let any critic or bad comment destroy you. It’s impossibile to make everyone happy, so be ready for those. (and believe me, I get them too).

So yep that is! I also think that being nice and active with other people is important as well, but this is a personal choice :D I know super popular artists who just post art and never talk, and still people love them, so, there is not a rule about what kind of artist is better.

Sorry, I’m talkative too ahah. Hope it can help!!