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Modern AU Outsiders Headcanons

I wrote this a long time ago and never posted it oops, and I have some ship requests that will be done soon :)

- Dally, Steve, & Two-Bit’s favorite show is drunk history
- When Soda gets a new iPhone he’s getting a Rose Gold one and no one can stop him
- Ponyboy’s go-to outfit is his purple cut off sweatshirt and his Adidas joggers and fucking Jesus sandals.
- No one really knows why, but Steve has an undying hatred for Toyotas and it’s weird as hell
- One time Soda walked in on Ponyboy aggressively lip-syncing “Creep” by Radiohead and Soda was like wtf
- Every year for Christmas Two-Bit will serenade the gang by singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”
- Steve, Two, Soda, and Dally have a choreographed dance to Its Tricky by Run DMC and it’s like the greatest thing ever
- Darry fucking LOVES Adele
- And Steve will try to make fun of him for it but then Darry’s like “look who’s talking, the guy who dances like Drake in hotline bling” and you don’t hear a word outta Steve for the rest of the day
- If Johnny isn’t wearing his classic Chuck Taylor’s, he’s wearing Vans
- Dallas and Steve watch Quinten Tarantino movies together all the time (their fave is inglorious basterds)
- Johnny & Pony watch Buzzfeed videos together all the time bc they think they’re hilarious
- When Pony started driving the gang had to talk him out of buying a smart car because they’re so small & dangerous and they didn’t want him driving one of those things around trying to pick up girls
- Luckily Ponyboy figured they were right and bought a nice Chevy Malibu and he loves it
- Dally knows every word to Hollaback Girl.