it's transparent *o*

hello i am here to jump in the dapper wagon, woop woop 
And congrats on 17 million subs, Jack! 

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I’m late smh but here’s day 5! So, I don’t know, Amanda is a princess cooped up in her castle all day long and Farah is the timid knight assigned to protecting her in all her various antics and pseudo-psychicness.

Farah’s knight design is ripped from my OC Christa!

fanart for this story

usually i dont go for A/B/O fanfictions because the consent thing really bugs me, but, like, things like this i can fully get behind and support!, i might draw some more for this one later

[Edit] I’ve just realised that my dyslexic ass spelt “level” wrong, it was bound to happen eventually, I am sorry