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Peter Parker x Shy/Scared Reader

Summary: Even though Peter’s been busy with saving the world, you’ve been feeling neglected and unwanted. He notices and decides to do something fun to cheer you up. 

Word Count: 2,453 (my longest one so far, holla)

Warnings: heights, panic attack, language, fluff, sad stuff. Let me know if I missed any. 

A/N: Alrrright guys, hopefully this turns out okay. I was thinking about making this into a series depending on how much you guys dig it. If you do, then I will post all about what I’m going to do for the series to see if you guys are interested. Sound good? As always, feedback is definitely appreciated. I never get any, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or right. Enjoy!

Ever since Peter told you he was the big ‘ol Spiderman, it felt like your guys’ weekly hangouts and movie nights were coming to an end. Of course you understand that he’s saving the world and stopping the bad guys, but it leaves you worried and afraid for his well being. He always seems distracted around you and it fills you with a darkness. Telling Peter would make you seem selfish, so you bury it, hoping it won’t poke its way through. 

Being the shy, reserved, person you are, you definitely had difficulty talking to Peter, especially since you’ve always had a never ending crush on him. After a while of trying to ask him if he could hang out, you stopped. It wasn’t worth the pain of going through to only be rejected once again. 

However, what you didn’t know was that Peter noticed you putting up your walls again. He didn’t want to lose you and decided he was definitely going to do something about it. Starting tonight

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12:00 (Jordan Fisher x Reader)

Word count: 1468

Genre: FLUFF

Request/Summary: “The classic one where you’re an ensemble member but then (since its been Christmas time) you mention how you’ve never been really into Christmas parties or Christmas anything and being the Christmas enthusiastic Jordan is he changes your mind”-Anonymous

I tweaked the request a little bit so that it revolved around New Years, so sorry if you hate me now. 

Pairing: Jordan Fisher x Reader (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Warnings: Maybe cussing.

A/N- Look at this gif. Also, happy New Year. Have fin watching 2016 burn and die.

Also, @whatdimissmotherfuckers tried to help me with 11:00 but eventually I just gave up and made it not exist, but thanks anyway Ruby. They’ve also come to the conclusion that Jordan and my ship name is Jorphie. I’ve gotten about 99 (WHAT) new followers in the past two days (As I’m queuing this), so welcome. Enjoy this awkward and strange creature some call Sophie, we love to have you here.

You walked off the stage after belting out ‘Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?’ and taking your bow with the rest of the cast.

“Hey, you coming to New Year’s Eve at Javi’s?” Alysha asked, jogging up and clapping your back.

“He invited me but I think I’ll just stay home and see how long I can stay awake, I’m such a grandma I’ll probably be out by ten.” You chuckled.

“What?!” A new voice joined the conversation. You felt those annoying butterflies again in your gut at the familiar tone and smiled involuntarily as Jordan appeared beside you.

“You’re not going?” He asked in disbelief. You shook your head.

“You have to!” Alysha complained.

“I got this Deslorieux.” He stated cockily, throwing an arm across your shoulders.

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Could you do a rfa headcanon of MC being pregnant and loosing the baby... i know its a bit sad but i want to know.. also sorry if i have bad grammar.

first of all your english is absolutely fine anon. as someone who is not a native english speaker either, I would never judge someone else. you were dedicated enough to learn another language and that’s to be celebrated. ୧ᗒᴥᗕ୨

second, I had no idea how to include Jaehee in this prompt so I left her out I’M SORRY (๏ ʖ̯๏)

warning(s): sensitive topic matter (please take care if you’re easily triggered), bucketful of angst~


  • Feels like someone has taken a hot white iron and shoved it through his heart. Is likely in disbelief for a good while, refusing to believe something so awful could happen to you both. 
  • Crumples to the ground with tears in his eyes, harshly pulling on his hair to lessen the pain in his heart. An almost feverish chant of, “Why, why, why?” spilling from his lips.
  • Takes some time to pull himself together. Is desperate to see you straightaway—not only because he’s worried about you but also because he just can’t be alone right now. Can’t.
  • When he sees you—so pale and fragile, and hurting—immediately wraps his arms around you and holds you to him with heartbreaking desperation.
  • You mourn together, most of the time quite literally holding each other together when pain gets too much.
  • Kisses your tears away when you wake up in the middle of the night crying. Always whispers how brave and amazing you are, and how their baby will always be alive in their hearts. How proud she/he would be to have a mother as amazing as you.
  • It takes time and gentle understanding between you both but you slowly heal your heart. One night you’re both cuddling when you quietly tell him that you’re ready to try again. He looks at you with such warmth that it melts your heart, and you know that you’re going to love this boy forever when he grins at you tenderly and says, “I’m so proud of you.


  • NO. Just NO. Refuses to believe that the wonderful little bundle of joy was gone. Refuses to believe that all the baby clothes, all the toys you bought so happily together were for nothing. Refuses to believe that all those hours he spent listening to that tiny heartbeat will now be just hollow memories. 
  • It’s not fair. For the first time in his life, he hates fate with a burning passion for taking something so precious to you both away. Storms away to cool off—doesn’t work.
  • Feels like he can’t breath; there is loud buzzing in his head and he just loses it. Ends up smashing his fist into a wall over and over again in anguish. Barely feels the burning pain because physical pain could never be worse than the pain in his heart. For once he doesn’t care about his looks because it’s the last thing on his mind.
  • If he’s bad, you’re worse. The loss takes a huge toll on you. You barely talk and refuse any physical comfort from him. It’s a very hard period in your life. Zen doesn’t know what to do when he can’t even hold your hand anymore or comfort you when he hears you quietly crying at night.
  • Pushes through his own anguish because he needs to be there for you above all else. Cannot lose you as well.  
  • It takes a long time, and things get worse before they get better. It starts small. Like you sit with him on the same sofa one day. A week later, you accidentally fall asleep against his shoulder. He’s so happy that he almost wraps you in his arms and doesn’t let you go. But instead he thinks of you first, and wrapping his arms around your body takes you to bed before tucking you in.
  • Kisses your forehead with all the gentleness in the world, “I’ll wait for you however long you need.” Thinks you’re asleep but you hear him.
  • Next day you are sitting beside him when you silently grasp his barely healed hand and give it a timid squeeze. He doesn’t say anything to you, or you him, but when you glance at him from the corner of your eye you find him smiling genuinely for the first time in weeks.


  • Tries to rationalize it. Surely someone made a mistake and is to blame for this…this unfamiliar agony in his chest— Becomes a living nightmare of ice and fury trying to find responsible parties.
  • Refuses to see you at first because he feels like he failed you. Failed you and your unborn child in worst way possible. Cannot accept the fact that it was nothing more than a cruel twist of fate and no one is to blame.
  • Ends up calling V in the middle of the night, half-drunk and just so desperate for relief from this pain, “Did I do this to her? The stress, the parties… Is it my fault our baby is gone?
  • The miscarriage results in some health complications, which leaves you housebound most of the time. Elizabeth 3rd, as if sensing your misery, is constantly by your side, purring and curling up beside you. Jumin often catches you two napping together. He is both envious and grateful.
  • One day he comes back late from work only to find you crying into your pillow. Feels sick at the sight of you in such pain and is about to walk away when Elizabeth 3rd raises her head and gives him a look as if to say, “Do something.” His heart is pounding but he approaches anyway. Only manages to take off his suit jacket before he pulls you in his arms, wrapping you tightly in his embrace.
  • You pour out your heart, voice chocked and harsh as you tell him how badly it hurts to lose your baby before he pulls back and kisses your wet cheek. He runs his long digits through your hair slowly, soothing your pain with his soft kisses on your skin. “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here,” he whispers between the hollow of your throat and the slope of your nose. You sleep calmly that night, and he feels the pain in his chest fade just a little.
  • With only best care, you recover quickly physically. Emotional recovery takes longer. But Jumin is true to his world and stays by your side. You get better eventually but every once in a while he still notices that look in your eyes. When he sees it he just wraps you in his arms and lays a lingering kiss on your brow and reminds you, “I’m here. I’ll always be here.


  • It’s twins. And he—he just can’t handle it…he shuts down.
  • Tries to forget everything by locking himself away. Goes on the longest self-destructive binge possible. Wants to numb every part of his body because all that happiness, all that pure joy and anticipation has turned into agony and he just can’t take it anymore.
  • All he can remember is you two laying together on a bed as he slowly traced circles on your stomach, smiling every time he felt one of the babies kick. And the flutter in his heart when he looked up at you and found you looking at him with such love that it took his breath away. “They’re going to be beautiful,” he tells you with setting sun making you glow. “Just like their dad.” That makes you laugh as you push him off the bed.
  • Some days he ends up crumpled in the corner of the room for hours just sobbing as he tries—and fails—to ease the ache in his heart. Sometimes he wishes he could forget you and the babies so it would hurt less. Hates himself even more for even daring to think that.  
  • Saeran finally has enough and literally decks him across the face, angrily reminding him that he isn’t the only one to have lost something precious. Practically drags him to the hospital and shoves him into a random room, “That’s the love of your life in there, hurting, so you better do something about it.”
  • When he sees you, you’re pale and sickly looking. Those dark bruises under your eyes make his heart hurt even more if possible. He feels like shit. Because he had never thought about how much worse it would be for you.
  • You wake up sometime later and immediately tear up at seeing him. You’re a bubbling mess as you try and explain how you thought that he didn’t want you anymore and blamed you for losing their babies. He only grasps your hand tightly in his, kissing every finger carefully, “Forgive me. I—I never thought. I was selfish. I only thought about my pain. I’ll always want you. Every day, forever, okay?
Just; C.H. 12

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“I’ll get Michael upstairs.” Ashton groans as he throws Mikey’s arm over his shoulders, hauling him up into a standing position and starting towards the front door without waiting for any of our responses. “I guess I’m staying here then?” I shrug my shoulders, following Calum and Luke up to the porch as they push past the opened front door.

“What the hell happened to Michael?” Calum asks as soon as we’re seated on the sofa, all of our bodies splattered out across the brown leather. Luke chuckles, shaking his head as he rubs his hands along his face.

“He bought all girls that sparked his interest a drink. And of course took one for himself as well. Instant drunk.” Luke chuckles and I laugh along, rolling my eyes at our stupid Michael.
“Ashton any luck tonight?” Calum reciprocates and by now I’m thinking that this is every college boy’s daily routine of trying to score and I kind of feel uncomfortable as I think of the times some random guy had approached me while being out. I should be flattered, but damn, I’m not. At all.

Luke shakes his head, indicating that Ashton was as lucky as all of us had been tonight. “Ash and I have been running around chasing Michael all night. He’s a tiring fuck.”
The conversation continues and on a sudden moment, after a few silent moments, Luke nudges my ribs, motioning with his head towards a dozed off Calum. “Is he asleep?”

“Yeah, think so.” I poke Calum’s shoulder and when he doesn’t respond, I nod in confirmation towards Luke.
“Well, I was chasing Michael as I said… And I saw something.” Luke starts vaguely, a stupid-ass grin on his face that I want to smack off by now.
“And what was that exactly?”

“An almost kiss that Mikey interrupted.” Luke wiggles his eyebrows and I feel the blush of shame come onto my cheeks almost immediately after the words leave the blonde boy’s lips.Of course I couldn’t get one ounce of privacy whenever it had to do with any of these fucks.
“What do you want me to say?”

“What’s going on between you to? Are you like - ?” Luke motions with his hands, waving all over the place. I don’t really know what is going on. Calum and I are friends. Okay we slept once and I might be crushing on him big time by now, but we’re just friends. The same I had been telling Sherilyn all over again and again … I don’t even believe myself anymore.

“I don’t know Luke. I think I’m getting myself in trouble.” I whisper, looking over to a still snoozing Calum before turning back towards Luke who’s giving me the sympathy glance.
“He seems to really care for you though, Y/n. I don’t know.” Luke seems at a loss for words himself. He seems to doubt his next choice of words but after a jab from my side he blurts it out and averts his gaze. “Are you still doing it?”

Have you ever felt so awkward you just burst into a fit of random giggles that can’t seem to stop even hough you wish for nothing else to happen? That’s what happens the second my ears register his words. It takes me a few moments to calm myself down and Luke just stares amusedly, eyebrows raised but keeping quiet overall.

“No, because we’re just friends.” I shake my head, hating the fact that within the last week I have at least spoken those same words over ten times and I really don’t want to say them.
“Doesn’t seem like it though.” Luke tries to pry but right now I’m sick of talking about me and Calum and especially since he could wake up any second and eavesdrop.

“How about you and your girlfriend? I haven’t heard or seen her in a while.” I make myself more comfortable, throwing my legs onto Luke’s lap, my head almost on Calum’s lap.
“Uh, I think we’re doing great. She’s quite busy with her job right now so I’m not seeing her as often.” Luke starts to fiddle with the hem of his t-shirt, avoiding eye contact and I have a feeling there’s more behind it then he’s letting on.

“Luke, you know you can trust me, right?” I smile as I rub my hand along his biceps which I can reach, squeezing once for emphasis. He might look like a rugged, angry guy but he was, just as all, a goof with a big heart.
“She’s acting differently. I don’t know, maybe that honey moon phase has passed?”

“Are you worried?” I sit up straight, tucking my feet underneath my bum, turning towards him and ignoring the snoring Calum to my left completely. “A lot. I can’t talk to them about it,” Luke points to Calum behind me, “because they never take me seriously because well, he for one, doesn’t date.”

“So I’ve heard. I think it’s amazing that you love her so much. That’s why I like you.” I smile, patting his shoulder and leaning my head against it, making myself comfortable once again to probably drift off as soon as I close my eyes properly..
“Don’t worry Luke, all will work out eventually.” I yawn, stretching my body as I hear Ashton walk around on the upper floor, probably going to his own room to get a good night’s rest.

“I hope so. I really love her.” Luke sighs as he scoots down as well, crossing his arms over his chest as his eyes, same as mine, drift closed and we fall into a deep slumber.


The conversation with Luke kept haunting me. When I woke up the morning after, both Calum and Luke pressed against my sides respectively, I squeezed out from between the sandwich, both boys landing against one another but still snoring the morning away.

I felt queasy that morning, and I blamed the alcohol consumed the night before for that feeling in that stomach. But after three days it still hadn’t passed and I knew this wasn’t just something so simple a few glasses of water and a good night’s rest could fix. I didn’t have the time to tutor Luke, my roommates hogging up all of my time and when I wasn’t helping them out with whatever weird task they desperately needed to do, I would have been napping away.

I did hear from Luke of course, telling him to revise and work ahead so we wouldn’t get too much behind. Calum and I had exchanged a few texts as well, mainly him complaining about how boring his friends were and how he wanted me to come over, but when you’re covered in paint on a ladder, you think twice about texting him that winking smiley.

I took some time to spring clean – rather late, more like summer cleaning by now of course – my own bed room, throwing out all unnecessary shit and finally changing the sheets.
I had promised the boys that I’d stop by later on today or tomorrow at the latest, but at this pace I wouldn’t be done when the next semester started.

I groan when I hear my phone buzz on my bed again, crawling from underneath the piece of furniture. “I swear to god Calum if you whine one more time I’m emptying my vacuum cleaner on your bed.” I mumble to myself as I snatch the phone from its spot, seeing Luke’s name flash along the lit up screen along with its text.
I talked to him

It takes a few moments for me to register what Luke is talking about exactly. But as soon as I do, my eyes widen almost instantly, my mouth opening and closing at rapid speeds as my fingers fumble to get my phone to call him.
“Hi Y/n, I –“

“Shut up! You did WHAT?”

“I talked to Calum. And so should you, later. Mikey, Ash and I are going out. We’re leaving Cal here. Gives you the time to do so.” Luke whispers into the phone, Calum or the other boys probably in his vicinity.
“But Luke you can’t just –“
“Be here at eight, Y/n.”

“Be here at eight, who does he think he is – fucking prick I’ll show him who will be where at eight.” I grumble towards myself, obviously directed towards Luke as I haul my heavy body up the driveway to the front door of the boys’ frat. Ashton’s car is gone so I honestly believe Luke had dragged everyone out of the house with no specific reason at all, Calum probably a sourpuss by now that he couldn’t tag along to whatever Luke had planned. That’s if Luke didn’t tell Calum I was coming over – more like forced to come over – for our little chat.

By now I was used to just barging in the house, but by now I was reluctant to do so. I gingerly press the door bell, dancing on the balls of my feet when I hear Calum approach from the other side.
“What are you doing? Just come in.” Calum groans as he opens the door, sees me and immediately turns around to drop back onto the worn out sofa.

Did Luke even tell him that I had called? When Calum eyes me from afar, his eyebrows raised I realise I have been standing frigid in the middle of the living room.
“Sorry, I’m stuck in my own head today.”

“Is it because we’re supposed to talk?” Calum nonchalantly questions and I can feel my cheeks redden at his words, my bum dropping besides his laying form as I tuck one of my feet underneath my ass.
“Mainly, yeah.” I dryly chuckle, my fingers rubbing over my closed eyes before I rub my temples tiredly, taking a deep, calming breath. I hate you Luke.

“What did Luke even say to you anyway?” I mumble, keeping my gaze locked on lip sync battle on the television as I feel Calum’s eyes burning on the side of my face.
“That he almost saw us kiss.” I jump slightly when I feel Calum’s fingers ghost over my exposed leg, trailing along the length as I avert my gaze to Calum’s vibrant eyes, twinkling in the dim lighting.

“Ah – uh yeah, same.”
Calum sits up straight, full body turned towards me as his hand comes up to pull my strap back on my shoulder. “What is this, Cal?” I whisper, my body involuntarily gravitating towards his, his body doing the same. “I – I don’t know.” Calum mumbles as his hand cups my neck, bringing me closer as our lips meet in a small peck.

My eyes had fluttered closed as Calum neared me and they slowly reopen to see Calum granting me with a soft, lazy smile. He shifts and I am pushed backwards as Calum leans his full body weight against mine, my back softly hitting the sofa, his tan, tall frame enveloping mine.

“Do friends do this?” Calum whispers, his breath ghosting over my lips. His gaze keeps flicking from my eyes to my lips, my breathing ragged as I feel his heart beat rapidly against my chest.
“That depends. Do you kiss Michael as well?” I breathlessly chuckle, drawing a pained laugh from Calum’s lips.

“Fortunately, no. But I really want to kiss you.” Calum whispers, his hand brushing along my neck, his face hovering mere centimetres from mine. “Then kiss me.” I let my fingertips ghost along his neck, crossing my fingers at the back of his neck to press our lips together.

Calum fits comfortably between my legs, his hands caressing my face as our lips leave open mouthed kisses against each other. I simply enjoy the small token of affection Calum grants me with, my hands roaming along his back. After a few minutes of kissing Calum slowly swipes his tongue along my bottom lip, silently asking me for entrance.

His tongue pushes past my lips and our tongues battle for dominance, but I’m quick to give into him and let him take control. I hum against his lips, one of Calum’s hands sliding along my waist.
“Switch.” He mumbles against my lips, momentarily stopping our little make out session, pushing himself up on his arms before flipping us over so I’m hovering over him.

His flattened hands press against my lower back so my whole body weight lands on Calum’s larger frame. “That way I won’t crush you.” Calum smiles up at me and raises his hand to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, my head immediately lowering to press our lips together again.

“You wouldn’t crush me, Cal.” I breathe against his lips, my hands cupping his face as I press my lips to the corner of his mouth.
“Maybe I just like your body pressed against mine.” Calum admits, something considered a blush crawling into his cheeks. My heart swells  and I lay completely flat on his body, our lips catching one another again.

“We should stop before we take this too far, Y/n.” I’m mentally slapping him for being so considerate. I know we are supposed to be just friends but I just can’t.
“Maybe you’re right.” I press my lips against his once more in a tiny peck and lift my body off of his, both of us sitting up and staring into each other eyes. This probably wasn’t what friends do.

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if you're still accepting prompts, could you write an AU where So is Soo's fake boyfriend to make her cheating ex jealous, but they end up getting together for real?

Oh my gosh, I am such trash for these kind of scenarios. Also I changed it a bit where instead of her trying to make her ex jealous, shes actually trying to get away from him, enjoy~

Hae Soo was waiting by her favorite BBQ tent for her sunbae-nim. The night was chilly and she didn’t bring a jacket. She wanted to go inside but she hadn’t seen Oh sunbae since she moved to the states for her degree. Soo missed her almost every day and wished that this time she could’ve stayed in Seoul just a bit longer.

She heard her phone ring from her pocket and saw that the caller ID was from sunbae.


“Hae Soo-ah, I’m so sorry something came up. One of my colleagues asked me to help her son something and I’m already on my way to the university to meet her. So I can’t have dinner with you today, can we do it some other time?”

Her face drooped, “do you really have to help your friend? You just got off the plane. Aren’t you tired?”

“I know, and I really am sorry. I’ll make it up to you, okay?”

“I understand. We’ll talk later.”

She hung up. Her shoulders slumped in disappointment, and looked at the tent longingly. She didn’t particularly like eating alone but she was starving, and the grilled pork belly smell was overwhelming.

Get over yourself Hae Soo, you can easily finish three portions of food, she chided herself. She straightened her back and walked through the doors, determined to eat as much food as she could stomach.


The place was packed but since she was alone, she walked in and found a small table in the back. It was a bit tight as it was in the corner and there was even a draft coming from under a spot in the enclosure. She didn’t mind though, she liked the bit of privacy that it provided.

She was scanning her menu when she heard someone call her name.

“Hae Soo?” said a voice loudly. She looked up, and saw the face of the last person she had ever wanted to see in her life. Her first boyfriend was smiling at her, as if they were longtime friends, and not scorned lovers.

“Myung Soo oppa,” she acknowledged.

“Are you here by yourself?” he asked smugly.          

“I’m just—”

“You’re still single aren’t you? Darling if you hadn’t broken up with me, we might even be married by now. What a thought huh?”

She cringed, “Yeah, what a thought.”

“I’m actually meeting a friend here, but I don’t think he’ll mind much when I tell him that I’m rekindling an old flame, am I right?” Before she could protest Myung Soo was already pulling a chair from the other table and sat across from her.

“I’m actually waiting for someone. So please if you could just leave, I’d greatly appreciate it.”

“Come on now, I remember the way you looked every time I disappointed you. Someone obviously stood you up. I’ll even pay for the meal,” he waved for service.

“Ahjumma! Could you bring some soju over to this table?”

“Oppa, I—” she began to protest.

“Excuse me,” a man in an olive sweater with auburn tousled hair, hovered over their table, his eyes intent and deadpan on Myung Soo.

“Who are you?” Myung Soo eyed him warily.

“I’m her boyfriend, and you’re in my seat,” the man was practically growling at that point.

Myung Soo turned to look at her, “Soo, who is this?”

“My boyfriend,” she felt her face burning but she didn’t care. It was time to say goodbye to her ex. “So if you don’t mind, I would like to have meal with him,” she looked at him firmly in the eyes until he mumbled a halfhearted goodbye and left.

Soo sat down and sighed in relief. She hadn’t even noticed that the man was still standing there until he cleared his throat, “I just go now.”

“No wait,” she quickly grabbed onto him by the sleeve. “Please, can you just sit and have this meal with me? My ex, he’s…persistent to say the least, and he might come back.”

“I uh—”

“Please, I know you probably have other things to do, but since you helped me already, can’t you continue to help me?” she gave him her most flattering smile, hoping her charms would come in handy.

“I was actually by myself as well. I guess I wouldn’t mind,” he sat in the plastic chair that her ex had just occupied only moments before.

“Should I order the food now? It’s my treat. What do you like to eat…”

“My name is Wang So.”

Wang So…sshi?”

“Before you wonder, yes my parents are old fashioned.”

“Ah. Well, my name is Hae Soo.”      

“Nice to meet you Hae Soo-sshi.”

The ahjumma came with the soju and she offered to pour him a cup. He obliged by taking a sip and placed the shot glass back down.

Sh began to grill some meats but they both were silent. It was even made more awkward when she realized that she had just invited a stranger to eat with her on impulse. She felt her cheeks redden again.

That was also the moment he chose to start a conversation, for which she was only grateful for, “about that man, do you usually prefer jerks or do they just latch on to you like leeches?”

“Its that obvious huh?”

“Kind f, yeah.”

“I don’t know what Im doing wrong though. It sounds like such a sob story but I deserve at least one decent guy right?”

“I haven’t had the best of luck with women either.”

“Liar. You look like the type to be to attractive for their own good.” Did she just say that out loud?

He choked on his drink.

“I’m so sorry, I kind of speak my mind to liberally sometimes—”

“Its alright. I appreciate the honesty, I just wished I had more people like you in my life.”

She watched him carefully. There was a certain sadness about him that she couldn’t exactly pinpoint. She liked the way he paused just a bit before he spoke, as if choosing his words carefully. He was pensive and spoke with an air of frankness much like her own. She smiled.

“Well, I’m glad someone appreciates me, only because all of my past boyfriends have blatantly told me that that was a quality that they couldn’t stand about me,” she tried to laugh it off, but she was pretty sure that he noticed that it bothered her. She cleared her throat and quickly added, “So what type of boyfriend are you?”

He chuckled.

“Did I say something funny?”

“No, you just dropped the honorifics.”

She hadn’t even realized she had done that. It was rare for her to feel comfortable; with someone to fall into a false sense of security. She was usually quite alert.

“As for me, well I just found that people always wanted something from me. After a while, I just kind of…isolated myself. Even when I go out I’m usually here by myself. That’s why I couldn’t help but overhearing your conversation with that man. I’m sorry that I intervened, I just couldn’t stand the attitude he was giving you.”

Soo was stunned. She couldn’t help but understand just what it was she was talking about. Maybe they didn’t have the same circumstance, but it felt similar enough. In her life, she had been taken advantage of far too many times. It was only when it was too late that she finally saw the real people that hid behind their forced smiles and flowery promises.

Maybe something good did come out of the whole incident with her ex.

“Please don’t apologize. I’m so grateful that you did. I usually hate eating by myself but my sunbae couldn’t make it. Then he showed up and just made things worse. Anyways, let’s toast,” she raised her shot glass.

“To what?” he asked, raising his own drink.

“To serendipity.”


“You ate a whole bag of bananas, by yourself?” his eyes were wide in disbelief.

“It was my mom’s fault for leaving them out and going to take a nap. I was eight. Kids did things like that,” she countered.

“Eight-year-olds did not gorge themselves on produce out of spite.”

“It was either win that bet, or I would be laughing stick to the whole school.”

“But how were you going to prove to your classmates that you had finished the whole bag?”

“I hadn’t thought that far to be honest with you.” They both busted out laughing and she had to hold her stomach because it hurt so much.

They stopped only when the ahjumma came to tell them that they were closing up.”

Wang So looked at his watch. “Hae Soo-sshi, its 3:00 am.”

She pulled out her phone to verify the time, “you’re right, oh my gosh.”

They frantically apologized to the ahjumma. She offered to pay the tab but Wang So didn’t let her. She insisted on paying and that went on for a while before they both agreed to split the bill. They took turns to thank the ahjumma-nim and went out into the night.

They stood by a stop sign and the snow was falling down much softer than it had when she had first gotten there. “Thank you again for helping me earlier. I really should get going now.” She turned to leave but he called her back.

“Hae Soo-sshi. I just wanted to tell you that I actually frequent this place a lot on Fridays, and I don’t know—if you happen to eat here again maybe we’ll see each other again? I mean in case your ex comes back and I wouldn’t want to leave you to fend for yourself, even though you obviously could without me—”

She smiled, “I like to come here on Friday nights too. I’m probably not going to see my ex again, but just in case…I’d like if you were there to eat with me again.”

He gave her the warmest smile yet, and she felt her heart skip a beat.

e/R | dragons, not-actual-fic, for samyazaz :P

There once was a boy called Grantaire. And he grew, sort of upwards and a little bit sideways and also a bit at random angles. And there once was a boy called Enjolras, who also grew up, but much more smoothly, which Grantaire rather hated, because puberty was meant to be equal opportunity misery for everyone.

Anyway. They both grew up, and were now men. And with becoming men came all sorts of adult things, like voting and income tax and inappropriate boners. But also… DRAGONS.

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Sometimes you just gotta drag a dog out of the house

So while I’m also working on some requests, this has been wandering around by usb drive for the past day or two.  It combines @sushinfood‘s Gasterblaster!Sans and Sans and Grillby are Friends pieces into something else.  Please reference these for a.) the noises Sans makes, and b.) Grillby’s fantastic voice and chill.

As usual, edits may or may not come at a later time.

Enjoy.  Or something.  I enjoyed this.

Sans doesn’t do well during his transformations.  Papyrus refuses to let him go through it alone.  Wosh u floors, Grillby!

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anonymous asked:

do you have any dc superhero girls! halbarry aus?


  • whole thing takes place in coast city, in this AU darryl who takes barry in after his mom has been murdered lives in coast city
  • rumors follow barry around - nobody wants to talk to him because they know that hes a kid of a killer which is not true but you know, tell that to teens in hs
  • barry is a great student, works rly hard to be come a forensic scientist and to get into the central city uni
  • but also AN ATHLETE… runs in relay races etc… likes to have as many extracurricular activities as possible to avoid talking to people and to avoid to coming back “home”
  • during training he sometimes sees some guy hanging out on bleachers, napping or just watching them run (and he’s pretty sure that brown-haired guy should be in class right now)
  • barry pulling a muscle or tripping one day, hobbles over to bleachers to sit down and suddenly hears a “hey” behind him?? it’s the brown-haired guy!! was he sitting here all along, what the fuck
  • barry nervously replying “hey–” he’s very used to people being cruel to him because of the murder rumors B( expects hal to be the same
  • but hal just starts a chill small talk, talks about running, talks about how much school sucks, etc. barry growing hopeful?? starts getting a little embarrassed but in a good way, he’s just not used to a nice type of attention like that
  • hal noticing how flustered he is and asking barry abt it (bc hal is a very forward and direct guy) and barry just “um– it’s– cause not many people talk to me–” and he wants to Die, he thinks he just ruined everything with that loser comment
  • hal getting silent and just looking away from barry, they sit in a silence for a while and hal suddenly saying “people don’t talk to me either because the first thing i usually say to them is ‘my dad died in a jet crash’” – BECAUSE HAL IS A VERY ANGRY AND DIRECTIONLESS KID… DRIVES PEOPLE AWAY ON PURPOSE
  • but barry just sad ‘oh.’ he doesn’t question it, he knows what it’s like to lose a parent, he doesn’t react with surprise and then alarm
  • “ah – you probably know that but my mom– she was killed”
  • hal giving him a strange look, barry thinking his eyes got darker a little bit
  • “why would i know that??” “um– it’s all everyone talks about in school…” “dude i’m barely there at all, i dont keep up with rumors PFFF”
  • suddenly this heavy mood is lifted and barry feels like he passed some unspoken test?? and suddenly became hal’s friend? because hal opens up and starts asking questions abt barry and talks abt his school situation, barry can barely believe what is happening right now
  • hal is an okay student, good at maths and physics but he constantly skips all classes to sneak out to the airfield, he only shows up for the minimal required amount of hours, school doesnt mean shit to him, hes going to join USAF anyways, as soon as he’s 18, he has to escape his family and go fly
  • shows up to classes with barry more often though!! waits for barry after school
  • one day he manages to convince barry to skip classes too (AFTER SO MUCH NAGGING… barry is such a nerd….), takes him to the airfield where his dad used to work. they lie in grass and watch the jets above them… barry feeling like he got to see another part of hal’s private world, like he’s getting to know him like no other person ever has and he’s so thankful for that
  • they start meeting outside the school, hal visits barry in darryls house, sometimes they eat dinner at his home, though hal prefers to stay away from his family 
  • hal is sometimes bruised from picking fights with jack or random jackasses older than him, barry always so worried for him
  • hal also has the reputation of the Mysterious Good-Looking Guy in the school, so he gets invited to parties by girls who want to date him… hal drags barry with him and first time he gets so drunk he passes out, barry carries him home (to darryl’s home, he can’t let hal’s family see him drunk!!). puts hal in his own bed and just stares at him, hoping that hal will get better? absentmindedly brushes his hair with his hand– and then takes it away, startled a bit.
  • THEM BEING SO CLOSE………….. JESUS…. so close…. barry suspecting he’s in love with hal but has no idea what to do about this weird situation hes in
  • but they both know that all of this is going to end with hal’s eighteenth birthday, barry keeps fearing that date
  • the day comes and hal sneaks out of the home, grabs two bottles of beer and they go to the same airstrip again, to that same spot, they sit in the grass and dont talk, tomorrow hal is going to be gone, he doesn’t even need to say it. barry drinking beer and hating it.
  • hal laying down, barry doing the same, hal turning head to look at him and he looks so quiet and so serious and there’s something in the air and barry knows that if he doesn’t seize whatever this is, the chance will be gone
  • both of them move heads at the same time and they kiss, grass tickling cheeks, eyes closed, jets roaring above, barry clenching fingers around the cold beer bottle
  • they kiss for a long time, it doesnt feel wrong it feels like this is where they were headed from the very beginning but barry wants to cry because its too late, its far too late, hal will be gone in few hours 
  • the kiss ends and hal just brushes barry’s cheek
  • “if you wait for me, i’ll wait for you”
  • barry tearing up and nodding, he’s going to wait forever if that’s what it takes, he loves hal and hes going to wait for him, he’ll wait for him to finish the military training and he wont even look at another person, he’ll wait for hal
  • they kiss again and tomorrow hal is gone
Quickening, part 4

(This series is set during Amelia’s 5th month of pregnancy – and possibly a bit beyond. Each story can stand alone, but you can also read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. – All the feelings for this one. Just all of them.)

silken layers

pressed tightly

enfolding each other

in darkness

holding secrets

of infinite beauty

ready to open


longing to feel

the sun


Owen loved to watch Amelia sleep. His eyes could live forever in her hair spilled on her pillow, in her lashes resting against her cheeks. Her face was peaceful, except when she dreamed of darkness. This time there was only light.

They had fallen asleep with the sheets off and stayed that way all night. This July was unusually warm. Owen watched the gentle rise and fall of her chest. He delighted at the changes that pregnancy was bringing to her body, and thrilled knowing that he played a part in that.

He reached out with a fingertip and touched the curve of her breast, fair and soft and filled with a thousand secrets. He traced the path of a vein that brought life to where their baby would be nourished, caressing all the way to the tip where it vanished into the depths of her. He wanted to linger there, but he didn’t want to wake her. Reluctantly, he rested his hand on the sheets between them.

“Do it again,” Amelia whispered with her eyes still closed.

Owen followed the same curving path. This time he stayed where the vein disappeared. He moved his thumb back and forth there, stroking her gently. Shocks of sensation radiated to every part of her, carrying pleasure on their waves.

“I love waking up this way,” she murmured.

“I love your breasts.” His voice came out deep and full of ardor. He hardly recognized it.

“Of course you do,” she smiled, “Because they’ve grown.”

She opened her eyes to watch his cheeks flush in the early morning sun.

“It’s not that… I mean… yes they have…” he stumbled over the words, “But I always love them. I love every part of you.”

“Good recovery,” she encouraged, covering the back of his hand with hers, “…Do it again.”

He sent the waves over and over until her body ached for more of him. And he gave her more. They spent the hour opening, unfolding secrets in the sunrise.


The second time Owen woke that morning, he could feel the sun shining in the room but he wasn’t ready to open his eyes. Amelia ran her fingers lightly through his hair and brushed her lips against his forehead.

“Just sleep,” she whispered, “I’m going to Meredith’s. Rest now, and I’ll see you later.”

He felt the light dim as she closed the blinds, and he heard her say, “I love you,” before sleep claimed him again.

She closed the door quietly and stepped out into the yard to clip flowers for Zola. The roses were what Amelia loved most about this house. She thought of the day Owen showed it to her for the first time.

They were barely together then. He hadn’t even told her yet that he loved her. She was still afraid to admit that she loved him. They had no commitment, but he bought them a house. Well, technically he bought himself a house, but she knew it was for them. Standing with him in the yard that first day, she knew.

Amelia remembered…


“It’s much bigger than a trailer,” she pointed out, “You’ll have plenty of space.”

“There are 4 bedrooms,” he mentioned casually, like it was of no greater significance than the cream colored walls.

“What are you going to fill them with?”

Owen answered slowly, but without hesitation, “A family… I hope… someday.”

He knew what he wanted, and he wanted her to know it.

A summer breeze swept up just then, and the fragrance of roses was everywhere. It seeped into Amelia’s pores and made her dream.

“Why am I here?” She looked into his eyes.

He hesitated for a moment, but answered unafraid, “I think you know.”

Suddenly the roses were easier to look at, because everything else was too bright. Amelia gazed at them for a moment that felt like eternity.

“Would you like to see inside?” he asked.

She stepped forward, and he followed. The door creaked as Amelia opened it.

“This house has secrets,” Owen said.

Amelia found her voice again, “Maybe it wants to share its secrets with you because it wants you here.”

He pointed to her hand on the door knob. “The house is sharing them with you.”

“I’m not sure why it would tell me its secrets. I’m terrible at keeping them. My limited filter and all.”

“Maybe that’s why it wants to tell you. Sharing secrets brings people in and makes us feel less alone. This house seems lonely.”

They stepped in the doorway, and the roses came with them on the breeze. Amelia breathed them in and she knew. Right then she knew. Forever would be this way. Right here.

“I have a secret,” she said to the room. 

Owen could tell the secret wasn’t for him - not yet. But he asked anyway, “What is it?”

“I think I’ll go inside and tell the house. Then the house can tell you when the time is right.”

He stayed in the doorway and watched her cross the room. “So you think I should buy it then?”

Her answer echoed off the empty walls and filled his heart. “Yes.”

She turned to him and held out her hand. “Come with me…”


Amelia walked away from the yard with roses in her hands that day, and today, for Zola. Bringing them to her niece had become a tradition whenever they were in bloom.

Zola always filled a plastic pitcher with water and placed the roses in it by the windows in the family room. “They need the sun,” she said, “so the buds can open.”

Zola understood things.

Late morning was full of the voices of the children. They wore Amelia out. She didn’t have much energy today – this whole week actually. She was grateful when Meredith called for nap time for Bailey and Ellis.

“I don’t want a nap. I’m not tired!” Bailey yawned.

Meredith reminded him, “You don’t have to sleep. Reading books on your bed is good too. Then your body will be rested for more fun later.”

Bailey always protested, and then he slept.

Amelia empathized, “I’m going to go home to take a nap too, Bay. And if I can’t fall asleep, then I’ll read a book. That’s a great idea. You’re such a smart boy - like your Dad was.”

Amelia’s eyes met Meredith’s. Her gaze was returned with a soft, wistful smile. Bailey jumped up on the couch where Amelia sat. He wrapped his sweet little arms around her neck and hugged her tight. “Love you,” he said, clinging to her.

Amelia’s heart melted.

“Will you carry me to my room?”

It had been many months since he had asked her, and she hated to say no. But she thought of her butterfly. “You’re such a big boy now, too big for me to pick you up anymore I think. But I can walk with you if you’d like.”

He nodded into her neck. Amelia took Bailey’s hand and walked him to his bedroom where they blew kisses goodbye.

While Meredith was getting Ellis settled, Amelia returned to the couch to sit for a while with Zola, who was reading too. This was the regular weekend routine. For a widowed mother with three young children, routine was helpful.

“Aunt Amy,” Zola asked, “Will you read me a story before you go?”

“Of course, big girl, which one shall we read today?”

Zola chose a book and scooted close to Amelia, resting her head on her shoulder. Amelia wrapped one arm around her, held the book with the other, and read the title, “’Love You Forever’. This one makes me cry.”

“It’s good to cry,” her niece told her, “Sadness comes out your tears, and then you feel better – sometimes.”

Amelia read, letting her tears flow when they needed to. Meredith returned for the last two pages.

“…When the son came home that night, he stood for a long time at the top of the stairs. Then he went into the room where his very new baby daughter was sleeping. He picked her up in his arms and very slowly rocked her back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while he rocked her he sang:

I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”

“The end,” Amelia whispered as she closed the book and laid it in her lap.

Zola reached out toward the book as if to take it, but then laid her hand on top of it near Amelia’s stomach. “Aunt Amy, are you going to have a baby?”

Amelia answered cautiously. “…Someday, Zo.”


Zola was so earnest and open. Amelia wanted to be honest with her, but she was afraid. She glanced up at Meredith still standing in the doorway. Meredith understood things too. She nodded, just once, but it was enough to make Amelia feel brave.

She took a deep breath, and let it out with her answer. “Before Christmas I hope – if everything goes well.”

Meredith’s wistful smile returned. Amelia mirrored her expression and shook her head in affirmation.

“Will the baby have a daddy?” Zola wondered aloud.

Amelia grieved for a moment that a 6-year-old would know to ask such a question. She had been that 6-year-old once too. “The baby’s daddy is Owen.”

Zola sighed, “It’s nice to have a daddy.”

Silent tears streamed down Meredith’s cheeks. She let them fall without wiping them away. She breathed into them.

Zola asked, “You said you’d have a baby before Christmas if everything goes well, but what if it doesn’t?”

Amelia thought for a moment about how to explain it. Her niece didn’t need any more grief. “You know our roses?”

Zola turned her gaze to them.

Amelia continued, “Sometimes roses bloom and other times they stay inside their buds, and nobody knows why exactly. You give them sunshine and water, but sometimes they’re just not meant to be. And it’s sad when you’ve been waiting for them. But it happens at times. And it can happen like that with babies too.”

Zola sighed as she moved her hand from the book and rested it on Amelia’s stomach. The baby fluttered, and Zola looked into Amelia’s eyes, “Aunt Amy… I hope your baby blooms.”

“Me too, big girl.” Amelia let Zola see her smile - and her tears. “Can I tell you a secret? You and your mom are the first people I’ve told about the baby besides Owen and my doctor. We’ll be telling more people soon, but maybe for the next week or so it can be our secret if your mom agrees?”

Zola looked to Meredith.

“It’s okay,” Meredith approved.

“When the secret is done, can I tell Sofia?”

“I would be honored for you to tell Sofia,” Amelia said.

The baby moved within her again, tapping out stories with silken wings.


Secrets can make us feel powerful. Knowing something that no one else knows can give the illusion of control. But secrets held tightly for too long can eat us alive. The thing to remember about secrets is that they want to be told. They want to be revealed so badly that sometimes they whisper themselves. And occasionally they shout loud enough for the world to stop and listen. Infinite beauty and darkness can only wait so long before they unfold.

pearwaldorf  asked:

Finn/Rey, shoulder rubs!

Finn likes to eat dinner alone, late at night when the cantina is almost empty and the base is settled into its night shifts. The jostling main meals feel too much like dining with the Stormtroopers, everyone’s helmets off for once, and something like joviality in the air. Those dinners were Finn’s favorite moments before he defected. They’re the hardest to look back on, though he can’t mention it to anyone. No one in the Resistance is interested in the good times that the First Order had. It’s easier for everyone if the suffering the First Order inflicts is unremitting.

So Finn finishes eating long after everyone else on his shift has turned in, and since everyone he knows here in the Resistance works his shift, he doesn’t expect anyone to join him tonight. That doesn’t mean he’s surprised when Rey slides into the seat beside him. He’s never surprised when Rey shows up, any more than she’s surprised these days when he finds her. Luke Skywalker says that’s because of the Force. Finn suspects that might be true, but then again, Jedi and anyone who hangs out with them too long start saying a lot of things are the Force when there’s a thousand and one more prosaic reasons. Like the fact that by now, Rey and Finn expect each other. That’s probably it.

She rests her head on his shoulder, and sighs. “I hate meditation.”

“Yeah, just sitting there? Breathing deeply? Relaxing and having a good time? That’s killer.”

Rey snorts. “You try doing it for six hours. I think even Luke was taking a nap.”

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anonymous asked:

What are some of your fav zolu headcannons? Yours or from someone you heard from.

mmmMM OH BOY let’s see what special brand of suffering i can come up with today

  • zoro doesn’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks with the sole exception of his captain. if luffy wants to braid flowers in his hair, fuck what nami (she’ll giggle) and the cook (he’ll tease) and the rest of them say. if luffy laughs at the fact that his head looks like a wild field with the bright petals mixed in, that’s all that matters. (and he’ll never admit that he likes the feeling of luffy’s fingers in his hair)
  • zoro is the only one luffy will actively share his food with then they go exploring on new islands, and zoro knows it. he’ll go anywhere his captain asks, but sometimes he needs a little bit of a nudge, so luffy will offer to share his food along the way because that’s the equivalent of “this isn’t a captain’s order but i really want you to come please please please” and zoro drags his feet and huffs but he’s all warm inside (thriller bark is neither the first nor the last time this has happened, definitely)
  • zoro refuses to play with luffy and chopper and usopp on the deck, adamantly refuses, but every once in a while luffy will get right up in his face and smack the side of his head and say tag, you’re it! with the most devilish grin on his face, intentionally provoking zoro to play with them. and it always works. (usopp and chopper end up screaming, running for their lives from big scary zoro, but luffy always laughs the loudest when zoro plays with them)
  • for several days after a particularly long journey or a heavy battle, luffy is just the tiniest bit lethargic–not slow enough for anyone but zoro, who’s always watching him, to notice–and sometimes when luffy’s worn out from trying to act like he’s perfectly okay zoro, who is sort-of-but-not-really napping on deck, will yank him down by the back of his shirt and pin luffy in his lap without a word. luffy whines and struggles, but after a few moments in zoro’s (warm, comfortable, protective) iron grip, he always falls asleep.
  • zoro isn’t always asleep when he “naps” on deck, sometimes he watches luffy, or at least listens to his captains laughs and shrieks with his eyes closed. even when he is sleeping, he’s never really asleep–he’s in that weird in-between state where he’s half-aware of what’s going on, just sort of dozing. luffy knows this, and sometimes when he knows zoro didn’t sleep well the night before (because he was on watch or because of other things, unpleasent things) he’ll demand that he, chopper, and usopp fish instead of run around, or organize a raid on the kitchen so they’re out of zoro’s hair for a while.
  • zoro doesn’t mind that luffy steals his food during mealtimes, and luffy knows it so he always takes the most from zoro, and sometimes zoro will steal luffy’s food back because fuck off captain, i need to eat too, and it becomes a kind of game. everything they do turns into a challenge, especially eating. (and even after a long battle when he knows zoro needs the food, needs the nutrition, he’ll still take the most. because if he didn’t, zoro might take it as pity, like some unspoken declaration that he’s weak, and he would hate that.)
  • zoro only gets three hours of sleep a night (oda mentioned that in an sbs once) so when zoro is training in the observation deck well after dark, up late because he can’t sleep or won’t let himself sleep, luffy will sit with him (because after the summit war he can’t sleep well, either).
  • zoro gets caught up in his own head sometimes, trapped in an endless cycle of self-doubt because he’s a warrior–that’s all he’s ever been an all he ever will be–but at saobondy he failed, and he wasn’t there during the summit war, and he’d lost over and over and over again on kuraigana island. he can’t help but compare himself to his invincible captain, this rock, this incredible young man who’s only half his size but could scare death away with a single look, and luffy knows it. so sometimes, when zoro is trying too hard late at night–when he’s lifting weights beyond his limits and wheezing and pushing himself too far, too far–luffy will tell him stilted stories of growing up on dawn island and of the war. he’ll reiterate what he’d said at arlong park (that he needs his crew because he’s not strong enough on his own) over and over, trying to convince zoro that he doesn’t have to follow his back–he can stand next to him, it’s okay, i’m not good enough either, but there’s a difference between getting stronger and slowly killing yourself
  • sometimes luffy will bring booze, too–strong liquor he steals from the kitchen, the only time he’ll sneak in quietly and not in a whirlwind (because when he goes in for meat, he goes in for the excitement of riling sanji up and causing a fuss, not for the food itself). he’ll bring it because he knows zoro needs it, sometimes, in those dark moments, even though he knows alcohol can’t fix his perception of self–only make it worse, maybe–but when his nerves are frayed liquor and the soft chatter of luffy mumbling about nothing in particular can help, even just a little

And some bonus (happy, modern AU) headcanons from @charoum:

  • luffy and zoro send each other pictures of dogs over snapchat. every dog they see. every single fucking dog. luffy’s are always blurry (because he can’t stand still long enough to take a decent picture because holy shit zoro it’s a dog look at this dog oh my god) and they’re always captioned in all caps with way too many exclamation points. zoro always gets at least six pictures of the same dog. when zoro sends dog pics to luffy, it’s one clear picture with no caption, but it’s always of the dog “smiling” or wagging its tail or being petted.
  • sanji teases the FUCK out of zoro for sending dog pics back and luffy is just like “????? is it bad?????” and zoro doesn’t care what snaj thinks anyway, just that luffy likes the dog pics.
  • luffy has shit spelling and grammar in texts, and uses random acronyms he comes up with on the spot. half the time zoro can understand what he’s saying (which is more than almost everyone else), and when he can’t, robin translates
  • luffy sends zoro all of the green emojis. all of them.
Cigarettes - Part 1
After weeks of thinking I decided I’d publish my fanfiction on my blog cause I feel like it’s easier and idk. I did publish it on wattpad aswell so you can go read it there if you want. There’s five parts published too! Also, I’m not really expecting any feedback since I think this is not really good but whatever, y’guys read if you’re interested!

“And on top of it all, I got yelled at by my boss because I didn’t sort out the music albums by alphabetic order!” I raised my voice in frustration, trying to explain my friend Calum why I actually hate my job.

I heard him smile through the phone. “Lay, I have no idea what to tell you except I have to go!” he chimmed and suddenly hung up on me. I looked at my phone screen, confused and disappointed.

“I hate my job.” I murmured under my breath, lazy to put my phone in the bag so I just threw it on the cashier.

The cold breeze suddenly caught up to my bare arms and I instantly regretted not putting long sleeves today. It was cold and rainy but my lazy mind suggested not driving back home to take a jacket once I left but to freeze instead, all because I wouldn’t be late for work that I despised anyway. The sound of raindrops falling on the shop’s window took over my thoughts as I sat down in a huge, old and uncomfortable chair behind the same, old cashier.

I seriously had to reconcider my job. Not only it was bad, it was horrible. Should I start from irregular and generally small paychecks or the awful space the shop took place in. Every day I had to get up at 5 am and drive an hour and a half just so I could get to work on time and then I’d just sit behind the counter in the same, boring chair not doing anything every single day. I thanked God that I had to last just a few more days so I can move in in my friend’s flat that she had spare. She agreed I could live there as long as I don’t make troubles with my future roomate and pay my half of the bills, so that was a pretty good deal.

It wasn’t until I heard some noise behind some of the shelves that I realised someone was actually in the shop with me. I stood up and decided I’d go see if the costumer needs any help.

As I walked behind the big shelves, I found a tall man figure, he was wearing black jeans and a black hoodie. A dirty-red snapback was covering his blonde, messy hair that was dripping from the rain.

“Hello sir, can I help you with anything?” I asked politely bringing his attention. He looked at me with his bright blue eyes and I couldn’t help but notice a few freckles on his nose.

“Maybe. What records would you reccomend?” he asked pointing to the big box of albums and music records. His voice was deep but it cracked on every second word, and I instantly noticed his Australian accent.

I walked over behind him to get a better look of the albums but I couldn’t see anything over his broad shoulders.

“Um.. Sir, would you mind?” I stuttered awkwardly, slightly tapping the top of his shoulder. He turned around with a confused face. When he noticed what I asked he smirked, showing me his white, perfectly lined up teeth.

“Sorry.” he mumbled still smirking. I gave him a polite smile slightly blushing, and began digging through the albums.

“I’d reccomend this one by All Time Low.” I finally said handing him the album. He took it between his thumb and pointer finger and shook it in front of my face.

“I got this one just recently.” he explained and put it back to its place.

“Oh.” I trailed off, thinking what I could give him next.
“Maybe this one by Blink 182?” I remembered and offered the album to the boy, hoping he’d take it. He looked at me amazed and nodded, taking the album out of my hands and walking away to pay it.

“Okay…” I mumbled to myself and followed him to the counter, but I didn’t even notice he’s suddenly stopped walking. Clumsily, I bumped into his muscular back, having to catch his foream to gain my balance again.

“Did you say something?” he asked looking behind his shoulder down at my confused face. His face was unreadable, but he was serious. I quickly removed my hand from his and stuttered a quick ‘No’.
We came to the cashier and he waited for me to get to my working place.

“You’re too pretty to work in a shithole like this.” he then suddenly blurted out, taking my phone and observing it.
“Excuse me?” I asked, taking my phone from his hands and now putting it in my bag. I took the record he has decided to buy and charged it.

“I’m just thinking out loud.” he smirked again, tugging at his lip ring with his teeth. “Sorry”

I rested my hand on my hip and stared at him through my thick eyelashes for a couple of seconds.

“It’s okay, don’t apologize.” I finally said when I noticed his awkwardness coming up from his red cheeks.

“Thanks though.” I added and handed him the bag with the album in it. “That will be twenty five, please.”

He reached to his back pocket and took out the money, handing it to me in a small, crawled up ball. I did my best to flatten it out, which seemed to entertain him, judging from the smile on his face and the posture he now took, leaning on the side wall with his legs crossed, as well as arms on his chest.

“Thank you, have a good day.” I then said, again professionally.

“See you later Layla.” he waved from behind and left the shop, leaving me with the chimming door bells and more rain sounds.

I sighed taking off my name tag and putting it away silently cursing to myself.

Why do costumers like that even have to know the workers’ names.

I sat back in my chair again, thinking about what to do to entertain myself. When I picked up my phone ready to play any game I could find, I noticed my shift was over and I could go home.
I cheered quietly to myself and picked up my things as fast as I could, not being able to wait for a good, long nap when I finally come home.


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sorry hot stranger

word count: 2471
note: ao3 version is slightly more edited

Clarke should probably stop assuming that any brunette with braids is Octavia. Maybe if she did, she wouldn’t be in this situation right now. 

aka the “I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed” au

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since u just put up a naruhina Ship Meme post can u do the same questions but this time a sasusaku verson and your real answers what u think?

sure thing! one SasuSaku ship meme coming right up!!!

oh god its just as long as the NH one please forgive me

  1. Who wakes the other one up with kisses?
    SASUKE cause normally he isn’t too affectionate and he’s very picky about how he shows his affection and one of the ways he does it is by planting some kisses on her face before she wakes up and sakura gets soooo happy and snuggly when he does this and he thinks its cute (but he will not ever EVer tell her this)
  2. Who cooks for who?
    Sasuke cooks a hell of a lot more often then sakura does cause she is such an AWFUL COOK it literally takes Sasuke one meal to realize that Sakura really is as awful at cooking as Naruto says she is and after that he never lets her cook again. between the two of them they actually prefer to eat out but when they decide to stay in Sasuke is always the one that’s cooking.
  3. Who is the morning person/night person?
    Sakura is more of a night person. I mean she’ll get up early for work or training but she’s always grumpy in the morning she’d much rather sleep in and do everything at night and Sasuke oh man oh man Sasuke is both a night person AND a morning person. Sakura will go to sleep and he’ll be awake and when she wakes up he’s also AWAKE. she’ll ask him if he slept and he’ll answer with a yes everytime but she hardly knows whether to believe him or not she’s convinced at one point that she’s dating a vampire
  4. Who is the romantic one?
    SASUKE like when he and Sakura start dating he is SUPRISINGLY ROMANTIC and no one believes her she’ll tell Ino or Naruto and they’ll just laugh in her face and be like “sure whatever you say” and she’s like!!! I’m serious!!!! he really did that!!! and Sasuke is like sneakily romantic he’ll just do little gestures that will get her all emotional and catch her off guard like he’ll make a candlelit dinner for them or walk her home from late night shifts and sometimes he’ll just bring her flowers out of NOWHERE Sakura honestly can’t believe it like it boggles her MIND (but she lovvvvesss it)
  5. Who is the top when it comes to sex?
    I’d say it’s fairly even between the two since I imagine them both fighting for dominance usually, but in the end i’ll have to go with Sakura cause there is no way I see her being submissive without a fight and Sakura is more stubborn than Sasuke ever realized like the girl gives him a run for his money which he LOVESS. like when she takes control he thinks its so hot he can not even think straight
  6. Who would lead in ballroom dancing?
    oh my god NEITHER OF THEM CAN DANCE  they’re both absolutely clueless when it comes to ballroom dancing. Sasuke has a slightly easier time with it since he’s a bit more graceful and light on his feet but that can only help someone so much. in Sakura’s case she hates dancing like HATEESSSS it and she refuses to admit that the reason is because she doesn’t know how to dance but either way whenever shes at an event and HAS to dance she fights it until the end
  7. Who is the more cuddly one?
    Sakura Sakura SAKURA. she loves cuddling and Sasuke is justt notttt a fan (Sakura’s convinced he thinks its embarrassing) but sometimes she’ll use cuddling when it comes to bargaining “I’ll let you choose where we eat tonight if you cuddle and nap with me” “if you want to buy that new katana then you better cuddle with me whenever I want for the next three weeks” just stupid stuff like that and Sasuke always rolls his eyes and is like “sure whatever” but Sakura is almost positive that he secretly loves it (even though he doesn’t, he just does it to make her happy and he loves to make her happy)
  8. Who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch?
    Sakura and it’s mainly because Sasuke doesn’t really care most of the time. sometimes there will be a movie that she picks that he really doesn’t want to watch but in the end he ends up watching it anyways cause it is not worth it to argue with her over stupid things like movies. Sakura will defend her love for romantic comedies til the end of time no matter how much Sasuke hates them
  9. Who is the one who would pay for dates?
    Sasuke would and Sakura would haaateeee it!!!! he is totally one of those believers in “chivalry” and bullshit like that so he always insists that he pays for their outings and it makes sakura so angry cause like!!! I can pay too!!! I don’t need to be taken care of just because I’m a woman!!! stop being an ass and let me pay every now and then!!! and sometimes she’ll even try to find their waiter and pay them before he can but when she’ll excuse herself to go to the bathroom — an then search out their waiter instead — they’ll tell her that he paid when they arrived and she’ll get so FRUSTRATED!!!! she knows that it doesn’t even put a dent in his savings (since he literally has an insane inheritance) but still she doesn’t need to be taken care of financially!!!
  10. Who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes?
    Sasuke oh my god Sakura is so pleasantly surprised when she finds out that he’s a frisky little horndog like he’ll show up randomly and sneak her away for a quick fuck and it might be one Sakura’s top ten list of things she loves most about him

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Draeden Prompt: They have a baby girl and as soon as it shows that she'll take after her mom's natural curly hair, Brae sits Derek down in front of the computer and makes him watch a ton of black youtubers' hair tutorials because she will NOT let her baby walk around with ratty hair while she's away on missions just because her daddy was clueless tyvm. And Derek gets into it and makes Brae let him practice on her.

THIS.IS THE BEST PROMPT IVE RECIEVED THUS FAR YES. workin real hard to make this one good.


“That is a hell of a lot of hair.”  Malia eyed Derek as he picked Kamryn out of her crib, “well for a one year old anyway.” “I blame Brae for that one.” he put Kamryn on his hip and headed toward the living room, Malia followed making funny faces at her behind Dereks back. “Now since she just woke up she shouldnt be tired until we get home.” he said resting Kam in a circle of her toys and taking a seat. “So just keep her entertained, which shouldnt be hard.” “Got it, Stiles will do that.”  just as Malia spoke Stiles wandered into the living room, Braeden trailing behind him. “She doesnt eat right after naps she hates it, so wait maybe another hour before trying to give her anything, just put some cereal out in front of her she-” Braeden stopped mid sentence staring at her daughter who just put a stuffed giraffe in her mouth. “Derek you couldnt put her hair up or something it’s going to get all tangled and itll be hell to wash tonight.”

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