it's too late for me to be on the internet

morse code

based off of this prompt:

hi! surprise, surprise, we’re not dead (just like someone else am I right) (okay that was too much) (I’m sorry) (have some gay)


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Sherlock had been considering deleting Morse code from his mind. After all, there was never a use for it.

He knew caring was not an advantage. He knew letting himself feel things was not good, and would probably come back to haunt him. He knew he was a high-functioning sociopath, and this wasn’t what high-functioning sociopaths do.

But his heart pushed aside all thoughts of reason and allowed him to fall for John Watson.

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does it ever strike you how lonely you actually are

like when you see pictures of your friends or people you used to hang out with having fun without you

it’s realising they have lives without you even though you never really hang out with them anyway

it’s realising they won’t come to you because you don’t come to them, but the reason you don’t come to them is because you think you will annoy them

it’s realising you are not wanted unless someone actually needs you

it’s realising it wouldn’t matter if you weren’t around because it wouldn’t affect their lives at all

Little Touches

Request: 13, 14, 17, 18 and 100 with none other than Leonard Snart please! My internets been down for the last few days so i havent been able to submit this. I hope its not too late.

A/N: No worries! I wasn’t super strict on time tbh, TO LET EVERYONE KNOW I AM NOT ACCEPTING ANYMORE PROMPTS! Anyway, was about to post this when I had forgotten to put in 18 but it’s in there. I feel like this whole week had slightly helped me improve my dialogue. I hope. Let me know. Thank you to everyone who requested prompts! Enjoy the last one!

Pairing: Leonard Snart x Fem!Reader

Words: 447

Prompt(s):  13. “Don’t ask me to say I don’t love you.” 14. “I want you so much. You’re all I fucking think about.” 17. “We’re not just friends, you know that.” 18. “I’m nothing without you.”  100. “I love you.” 

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hi guys i only have 53 cents in my bank account & my brother refuses to buy me food/necessities on the grounds that he doesnt believe i need it/im “a crackhead”/he’s a fucking asshole

i have somewhat specific tastes due to an unknown digestion issue, there isnt a lot that i can eat here, most days i only get to eat once, sometimes twice a day… it’s shitty & it’s been going on for far too long

any amount helps and i will draw you anything youd like in return even if its 2 dollars, just send me a message after ❤

anonymous asked:

okay but i love 2p england and it makes me legitamately upset when people make him a fucking psycho with 0 reasoning behind it whatsoever.

OH YEA ME TOO!!! tho it must be taken into consideration that the 2ps emerged during a time where the fandom (though still kinda idk edgy? now) was in its stages of deepest internet repulsiveness yknow like the late 2000s early 2010s so while not inexcusable it is understandable

Been wanting to delete my Facebook lately, but won’t bc I have too many old classmates and some old friends from various places and lots of family and current friends… But I never get on there and its existence stresses me out when I think about it. I unfriended a bunch of ppl I have no memory of ever knowing or friending. Most of them are just from internet mutual friends, they don’t know me either. So weird how FB was, for like 5 minutes, an internet social network. Now it just feels like a crusty old yearbook, or a handwritten address book of racist family members I don’t talk to and people I met when I was at some college party many years ago.

Hm. Well at least I got the count down to 375. I think it was close to 500 before. I don’t even know why.

aoshilove  asked:

Iced coffee, mint tea, hot chocolate

Iced Coffee) do you like reading? If so what are your favorite books?
Gurllll I am a BOOK LOVER. I adire the hiuse of night series and anything written by Stephen King! Plus I write my own stuff too…

Mint tea) how do you relax?
I usually relax with a night of tumblr, iced tea and a good writing session. But when internet goes out I usually make stuff with my beads huehue

Hot Chocolate) Are you an affectionate person ?
Actually I am not? I might seem nice and loving on the internet but thats because I dobt have to hug or give physical affection. Otherwise I absolutely cannot stand it when ppl touch me unless I know them. Its grosses me out lmfao

Sorry I took so long to answer this! I havent been feeling well lately lol

Confessions of a Fangirl in Distress: Taemin

Hmmm, let’s start with something like this

well hello there 。◕ ‿ ◕。

here, have a close up:

deadly, innit?

see? even he approves. he knows what’s up.

he laughs at my face. 

is he sorry?


but is he cute?


Is he hot?

Oh yes.

The point is, I forgive him for laughing at my face. Why? 

Because (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻! UM, I mean (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

heheh heh yeeeeah about having some 

☆☆☆Daily Dose of Internet War☆☆☆

-no one can convince me that internet war doesn’t spark them feels-

In conclusion-!

Bang bang, he shot me down. Bang bang, I hit the ground. 

And then he lucifered all over me like

he don’t give a fuck.

Ahem, in conclusion:

No but seriously

Lee Taemin is a DANGERous man. And he’s not just any man, he’s TaeMAN, who drives me TaeMAD, cause he’s TaeRAD, even though sometimes he makes me TaeSAD, which makes him TaeBAD, someone stop me before I go TaeCrayCray. Too late.

Does anyone know how I can watch the Kuro musicals??

The whole fandom raves about them, but I can’t find them anywhere and its super depressing. The internet is hiding them from me in hopes I get a life, but its too late for that.     

I need to watch all these idiots sing and dance.

pls help save a life

the signs when they hear a noise late at night
  • aries: grabs the knife they keep under their mattress
  • taurus: stays very very very veerrryyy still
  • gemini: "i know ur playing a joke on me its not funny.....wait... hello?? OH GOD"
  • cancer: hides under the blankets and decides whether or not it's too risky to run to their parents room
  • leo: turns on all the lights in the house because nothing can hurt u if there's light, right? RIGHT???
  • virgo: "oh god did i lock the door???? i don't think i locked the door. oh god oh god oh god"
  • libra: text bombs all their internet friends
  • scorpio: puts in their headphones and hopes it goes away
  • sagittarius: grabs their flashlight and investigaTES
  • capricorn: somehow knows (or thinks they know) exactly what it is and goes to sleep peacefully
  • aquarius: plugs their ears and sings really loudly in hopes of scaring "it" off
  • pisces: calls 911 immediately