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Just a Number

Request: Hello! Could I please get a Dean x reader where the reader is significantly younger than Dean, but both of them end up falling in love anyone.

Warning(s): Swearing, An eight year age gap if that bothers you.

Author’s Note: Sure thing. I don’t know how large you wanted the age gap, so sorry if it isn’t as large as you wanted, Anon. And sorry for its being so short.

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‘Life’s too short to be scared of numbers. That’s all an age gap is is numbers. It’s not that big an age gap, is it? I mean eight years isn’t too bad, is it? It’s not like I was in high school still when he was already past college age… oh, wait. Yeah I was. Scratch that one. But it’s still not that big a deal, is it? You know what? Fuck it. I’m in love.’

You sigh as you think about it. You can’t be in love with Dean Winchester, he’s too old for you. You have fought with yourself about the situation over and over in your head, even talked it over with your best friend, but even still you couldn’t decide whether it was okay or not. Your heart said it was, your mind said it was fine if you really love him, your best friend said it was, hell, everything said it was, so what is holding you back?

“I don’t know what to do, Sammy. I like her. A lot. Hell, I’d go as far as to say I am in love with her. But there is that age gap. That fucking age gap. That’s not okay, is it? That can’t be okay. But even so, I still want to kiss her damn sexy lips and… DAMMIT!” Dean rants, only stopping to watch his little brother for a reply.

“Dean, eight years isn’t that bad. Besides, it’s just a number. If you love her, go for it. And before you say anything, yes, she likes you back.” Sam replies, not even bothering to look up from his laptop at his older brother who is pacing the motel floor.

Dean watches as you swing your machete and take off the last vampire’s head. Despite your being covered in blood and having a nasty cut on your forearm and your breathing heavy from the workout, Dean can’t help but to think you’re extremely sexy. You were just so strong and independent and beautiful, what else was he supposed to do, not be attracted to you?

You look up from the vampire you just decapitated to see Dean staring at you. You smirk, “Like what you see, Winchester?”

“Definitely,” Dean replies, a smirk playing at his lips, too.

You laugh and walk closer, and you’re soon very aware of how close you are. ‘He must have taken a step closer, too. I didn’t walk that close, did I?’

You and Dean stare into each other’s eyes, glance down at each other’s lips, and then you’re whispering “Fuck it” as you close the gap between the two of you guys’ lips.