it's too hot to think rn

if you don’t think jung jaehyun is hot af then i just wanna say that i cannot relate

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UT, UF and US bros. How do they react to an SO who's like, really good at Makeup? Who cares, who doesn't, what do they think. That kind of thing. Sorry it's so random, it's like 3am rn and it popped in my head



If it makes you happy, then he’s happy. It’s your body and you can do what you want with it. But to him, with or without makeup, you’re still beautiful. 


PLEASE DATEMATE MAKE HIM BEAUTIFUL TOO! Paps doesn’t have interest in learning, but in your free time, he’d love it if you did his makeup too. He looks killer in winged eyeliner. (I saw artwork for this a long time ago but I can’t find it sorry) 



Red thinks that make up is kinda hot. Especially that seductive smoky eye look. He’s really into it. 


TEACH HIM HOW TO MAKE UP SO HE COULD LOOK EVEN MORE INTIMIDATING. Seriously, he loves the idea of make up. If it could make you beautiful, it could make him scary. 



Blue fully supports you and encourages you to follow your passion! Since you’re so good at makeup, you should start a makeup tutorial youtube channel! He’ll even be your mascot! 


Like Classic, Stretch thinks it’s cool and you look good in whatever you wear. But sometimes….he’s such a butt and he’s the perfect target for your make up pranks. Seriously, he’ll sleep through you drawing on his face and coating it with make up. You have some hilarious pics. 

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Sofi, have you seen that snapchat of Normani's birthday. There's a split second where the video goes from Normani to his friends and you see Ty and Lauren sitting close together with Ty's hands on Laurens waist. It was too dark though, but if you screen-shot and edit the exposure and/or brightness you can clearly see it's them. I don't think Tyren is PR. I also don't think Camren is together rn. I think they're trying to move on from each other, but I have faith and I trust destiny. Camren yo.

I think the same sweets - now I need Camila to get a hot girlfriend until she finds her way back to Lauren - like, this needs to happen.

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What are your hc for the trio when they are just chilling together and not doing camp activities?

- i def hc that they share a tent - i think max said it in canon, but i can’t check it right now, so i’m just going to say it before anything. they share a tent.
before neil and nikki came along, max didn’t share with anybody- it’s at least his second year at camp campbell, so david just let him have this.

- still about the tent thing, nikki falls asleep as soon as she hits the pillow, and snores pretty intensively. neil usually talks a bit with max before trying to sleep, and max well. he canonically cries himself to sleep every night, what can i say.

- max is a huge fan of personal space, but is slowly and surely getting used to neil and nikki, and that typical casual friend-intimidacy people get used to around friends.

- poor kids are p much bored out of their minds most of the time, so someone (usually nikki, sometimes neil) threws an idea out there and they just end up following that.

- it more often than not involves david in a negative way.

- heck, it almost ALWAYS involves david in a negative way.

- the poor guy just can’t get a break, can he.

- nikki is super energetic, but she also LOVES to draw. so does neil, to an extent. he and max draw blueprints of different devices sometimes, while nikki  draws something that is Not Nerdy Crap ™ .

- neil has bad anxiety issues, and nikki consciously tries to get him talk about science or cartoons or something unrelated to his worries when he’s doing unusually bad. max has adopted this after a while, and they’re both ready to make an effort to make neil feel at least a bit more at ease. not like they’d ever admit it, though.

- they have at least one escape plan/day. when it’s too hot or they’re not really feeling it, they just use one of the lamer ones and fail quickly, so they can get back to doing whatever and still feel like they tried.

so i always seem to think of pynch headcanons when i’m listening to blue neighborhood (bc emo gay lyrics) 

so i was listening to ‘for him.’ and the part that says “pizza boy im speeding for ya we can get married tonight if you really wanna” made me think pizza boy!adam AU 

  • its another one of his shitty jobs right. probs works at ninos w blue omg omg ok 
  • so like he always has to deliver pizzas to aglionby boys. and like he feels super shitty and self conscious about it bc like they’re so rich. and he goes to their school. and he’s their fucking delivery boy. and then like they see him at school and they’re like– wait…that’s the pizza guy and they all laugh
  • also he hates when they give him tips bc they always give too much, like they can just throw their cash around like its nothing. but he also can’t complain bc he does really need the tips. 
  • him and blue probs bond over their hate for aglionby boys even tho he’s like. technically one. but blue’s like ‘nah ur chill’ 
  • so then one night he gets an order to be delivered at monmouth manufacturing. and he’s like wtf at first (blue: isn’t that the old factory warehouse?? someone lives there???) 
  • and then he remembers. that gansey kid lives there. oh fuck. another aglionby boy delivery. and gansey man. he’s like the epitome of aglionby boy right??? 
  • so he goes over there all grumpy and displeased. knocks on the door but no answer. he opens it and realizes he has to go up to the second floor. 
  • he knocks on that door and he’s just like. waiting for five mins. and he just wants to get this over with. 
  • more knocking knocking knocking. he hears a door open from inside and then the obnoxious sound of screeching music. 
  • then finally the door is opening and— 
  • its not that gansey kid…its…that guy from his latin class. ronan lynch. fuck. 
  • ronan is just standing there, probs like shirtless, in nothing but sweatpants. adam is just like. sTARING. 
  • internally ronan is screaming bc WTF Adam Parrish?! as if he was not just writing some cheesy poem about him in his room waiting for the pizza. (and possibly doing some sinful things thinking about him too) he looks up at the heavens like thank u god but also fuck u bc Parrish looks fucking HOT rn what am i supposed to do w this??
  • so he’s just like ‘pick ur jaw up off the floor u look like a loser’ and adam just startles and then scowls and hands over the pizza. and ronans internally like shit why did i say that ur beautiful ur beautiful. beautiful loser.
  • adam’s like expecting more hostility from ronan bc…its ronan lynch. everyone knows what he’s like. but ronan is oddly quiet. and he just goes back into the room and he sees him pull out some money from a wallet on the coffee table that adam suspects does Not belong to ronan. 
  • he gives him a 20 dollar tip for an 11 dollar pizza and adam like. doesn’t even care. 
  • so then after that like. it becomes a Thing. ronan figures out adam’s schedule like a Lovesick Loser Nerd and only orders pizzas when he knows he’s delivering. 
  • blue always answers the phones and after awhile she starts recognizing his number and she calls over to adam ‘ur raven boy’s calling’ and he’s like ‘shut up!’ but he’s blushing so hard. 
  • and every time they slowly start getting more and more friendly w each other and ronan is like Dying bc adam looks so fucking hot in his tight Nino’s shirt ok it’s like a size too small bc he accidentally shrunk it in the dryer once and it says “Nino’s Pizza” inside a circle that supposed to be a pizza (i put way too much thought into these things…i work at a pizzeria ok) 
  • so anyways ronan is like interally Screaming every night adam shows up on his doorstep and he always wants to invite him in and press him up against a wall and make out with him so hard like fUCK. 
  • so then one night ronan finally gathers up the courage to invite him in and he’s like. ‘u know. my roommate’s not home. and the other one is a ghost who doesn’t eat (adams like wtf at that) and this is a lot of pizza…even for me…i mean. do u want a slice?’ WHAT A LOSER NERD WHAT THE HELL
  • BUT IT WORKS. and i mean. adam’s been working all day. hasn’t had time to eat anything. so in response his stomach growls like super loud and ronan’s like ‘i’ll take that as a yes’ 
  • and adam follows ronan to the couch and he gets a slice. ronan turns on the tv…adam’s like…i really should go tho like. i’m sure you have stuff going on…and i have to get back…but ronan’s like ‘sit down parrish’ 
  • so adam sits. and he’s like ‘u know my name???’ and ronan’s like ‘duuuh i sit behind you in latin’ (and i’ve written 10 thousand poems about ur dumb gorgeous hands and face and everything!!!) 
  • so then they eat more pizza. and watch shitty tv. and they keep getting closer and closer on the sofa. and they keep glancing at each other and looking away too fast. eyelashes fluttering. until finally!!! they look at each other at the same time and its like ‘oh’ and they do like that nervous laugh thing and try to look away but they can’t. 
  • and then they’re just like leaning forward, all slow, and the moment is so quiet and they’re both like fuck it. who cares. and their lips touch. slow at first, testing. and they’re both like thinking OH FUCK but also OH YES and they want this so much so then they just go for it, desperate, hungry for each other. 
  • and after adam returns to ninos hair all mussed up, lips bruised, hickey’s everywhere and blue’s like “i’m happy u finally got w ur raven boy but that was horrible for business do u know how many pizza’s i had to refund when u never showed up to deliver????” and adam just drops a wad of cash on the counter and he’s like ‘from ronan’ and he’s so blissed out he’s smiling so big like wow he really just made out w ronan lynch and they have latin tomorrow wow he gets to see his face again in a few hours 
  • and blue just laughing and shaking her head all fond bc dumb kids in love and she wonders if she’ll ever look like that about someone and then the door open and ‘oh what’s this who’s coming in so late we’re about to close…’ 
  • “hey sorry, are you still open?” says the customer *adam is unresponsive lost in thought about ronan* Blue: “barely. what can i get you?” and she looks up and..ugh its a raven boy. who is this loser wearing a salmon colored polo shirt and bOAT SHOES?? *thIS could be the stART of something nEW* ;)