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The Librarians: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Moon Emoji Reviews

apple, producing the classic new moon with a face. he has such a smooth face, with baby like skin, and eyes as deep as the ocean, its hard to not get lost in his forever gaze. if you stare too long though, you will swear you can feel his human lips brush against your ear. 7/10

google’s interpretation is very friendly, welcoming. his big round nose reminds me of a papa cartoon character, and is, therefore, very easy on the eyes and lovable. although the eyes are a tad blank, and frightful. 6/10

microsoft takes an interesting take on the moon - it appears to look more like a stale cookie, or like spongebob’s parents. his feline type nose throws me off… hes throwing mixed signals… this is not a moon, but a beast of the night, taunting, lurking. 4/10

samsung… oh samsung… what did you do? you’ve turned microsofts cookie moon beast into a cgi monster, with soft features, similar to that of apple’s. maybe this would be better if he didn’t have those patronized glints in his eyes. 3/10

LG has taken an interesting turn. this moon is… curious… and content, but you can clearly see the pain behind his eyes. his eyes are deep. lurking. a man of mystery. 5/10

what a happy face!! i feel delighted to see this moon on my screen. he is doing great, but not quite giving off the look that this emoji is supposed to represent. he is wonderful though anyways. 8/10.

what an interesting buddy! Facebook has taken a different path, while taking time to accentuate each and every crevice and curve of this moon’s surface. a beautiful boy, with caressing eyes. 7/10

a very calm moon. i feel calm looking at it. it is doing a wonderful job on conveying the night times sleep appeal. it is not doing a great job as the original emoji purposes, but is conveying a different emotion entirely. what a beautiful and intricate boy. a work of art. 10/10

i didn’t think there could be a better moon emoji than the original, but i stand corrected. what a 🌚  emoji. the empty stare takes the cake. 7/10

mozilla does a nice job at creating a unique yet form fitting moon face emoji. nothing to call home about though. he looks too eager to be here… what is he planning… 4/10

… an… interesting… take… terrifying, yes. calming, also yes. i’m not sure how to feel about the immense detail upon this ones face. a solid 5/10 should be okay… although i know that i should give this emoji a higher rating, or else it will come to me tonight and look at me through the window, open mouthed breathing, gently fogging up the window glass around it.


Fine Line

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: 18+ (smut)

Prompt: “Please put your penis away.” / Smut / It’s a fine line between love and hate. At least, that’s what you tell yourself in order to remain blindly oblivious to the fact that, despite your best efforts, you have a definite attraction to your roommate. A roommate who may or may not like you back. 

Word Count: 2,330

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Request: Shawn comes back from a celebrity party really wasted and Y/n worries and they get into an argument but the make-up and y/n is all like “You smell like a wet dog” / You’re seriously like a man-child / “You cannot banish me! This is my bed too!”

a/n: hiiii!! this is just a little short one but i hope y’all enjoy it!! i’ll be watching the grammy’s tonight so if you’re tuning in as well we should chat about it! i have a really busy few weeks coming up so i’ll try and get more writings up as soon as i can! but school is my top priority! i hope y’all are having a nice end/start to your week!!💜💜💜

           It was after three in the morning when you heard the door unlock to your apartment.  Shawn wasn’t very careful going about his actions either.  You heard him fling his shoes off as they loudly came in contact with the floor, you heard him stomp down the hall until he paused his movements for a moment.

           There was a part of you that wanted to be mad at him. He promised he wouldn’t some home late, yet here he was trailing in after three in the morning.  But then again, you knew he was out having a good time with his friends.

            He walked into the room, trying to be quiet, which backfired on him when he opened the door too fast and fell face first on the floor. 

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i havent made a post about trans girl jason in a while and i miss her so

• she just goes by grace. she spends ages worrying over a name and being unable to find one that she likes, but nothing fits. piper and reyna both agree that only the name ‘xena’ is badass enough for her to deserve, but she laughs and says no thanks. she thinks, 'maybe gabrielle?’ and likes it, but it just doesnt feel…. right. its a good name for sure but… for a different girl.

• well, technically, she doesnt just go by grace, that was a lie. leo actually calls her 'supergirl’

when she tells leo shes a girl his eyes go wide and his jaw drops and she feels so afraid for a moment but then he says loudly “youre not blond superman, you’re supergirl! that makes so much more sense!” and he’s grinning and being his usual self. he makes a few jokes about how “pixie cuts are in, dont worry about the hair” because thats the only way he seems to know how to be nice and she quietly resigns herself to a lifetime of being stuck with him

secretly, though…. she thinks its sweet. and shes more relieved than she’s ever been

• she’s called other things, too. 'friend’, for one. 'sister’ when she tells thalia, who’s over the moon to hear she has a little sister. 'fly girl’, by percy and piper, as well as 'gorgeous’.

and on one memorable occasion… 'legs’. that had been the first time she’d seen dakota since she’d begun to present more femininely. it was also her first time being cat-called.

she’d bristled and turned to strike the dude into a pile of ash, but then recognized dakota (who was smiling like a fat happy cat) and her face fell into flat annoyance. she looked at him with a blank stare for maybe twenty whole seconds before his cool, cheshire cat facade broke and he fell over into giggles.

“welcome to the land of the pink, white, and blue, my dear,” he said after their hello kisses and hugs. “its a hard road, but its…” he struggled to find the words

she smiled. “its different, but it feels a lot better.”

he grins too, and says thoughtfully, “i agree. funny, you and me, both praetors of the fifth cohort, both trans, both gorgeous…. we’re basically the same person.”

she laughs and pays along “we’re like twins.”

“you cant even tell us apart!” and so on, and so forth.

its good to see dakota again. his sense of humor is…. well, he’s dakota, and she’s missed that. being with him reminds her of simpler times. it reminds her how much and how very little things have changed since then.

• she’s also called 'aunt grace’. it started as a bit of a joke, since she’s technically the aunt of hermes cabin, apollo cabin, ares cabin, dionysus cabin, and athena cabin.

will solacd, who is also trans, started it. he’s telling her he’s proud of her for coming out, that if fighting monsters time and again didnt prove she was brave then this did. it makes her smile, even though she shrugs off the praise. this doesnt feel like bravery. mostly shes nervous and tired and irritated by how repetitive coming out has been.

she pulls herself out of her thoughts to reply but then his eyes go wider and he cocks his head to the side, as if surprised. “guess this means i have two aunts!”

theres a beat of silence. she blinks. “…what?”

will laughs, shaking his head. “sorry, i mean you and thalia! well,” will concedes. “two mortal aunts, i guess.”

then, before she knows it, cecil markowitz hears about it and is telling his entire cabin about aunt grace. aaaand the hermes cabin tells the other campers who tell other campers who tell other campers and word gets all the way around camp half blood. before she knows it, tons of kids are calling her “aunt grace”. most people say it ironically (at first) but the younger campers do seem to look up to her….

she talks to percy about the situation over an iris message and he laughs and laughs. “you always were the motherly type” he says. “does this make me uncle percy? can i choose to be uncle percy?”

she groans and throws herself down onto her bunk. “unbelievable”. but secretly, she doesnt mind. in fact… she kind of likes it. being an aunt, being a sister. its not so different than being an uncle or a brother, but she supposes thats because she never was those things. she’s always been supergirl and aunt grace and baby sister. maybe even 'legs’, she thinks, a quiet giggle escaping. she’s just finally allowing herself and others to truly realize that.

and its nice. very nice.

#6 Auston Matthews

okay so that hurt auston matthews one was so good, could you write something more like that? maybe not him being injured but just frustrated bc the leafs are losing lots of games or something like that

I LOVE ANGST but im v bad bc i just write everyone happy smh

Tbh i just realised i got two similar requests in a row

Warnings: language idk?? 

Song suggestion of the day: Scorpio by Emily Bea (its so sweet and I.. AWH)

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You narrowed your eyes a little as you tried to concentrate on the garbled instructions on the other end of the phone over the noise of the television blaring in the next room. You found yourself apologising quickly as you ducked your head out of the kitchen, covering the bottom of the phone as you did so. “Auston can you turn that down a bit.” You called, but you didn’t bother to linger long enough to see if your boyfriend, who was sat rigidly on the couch glaring at the TV, would actually comply with your request.

“Sorry,” you murmured into the phone, pressing a hand to your other ear as you attempted to catch what they were asking you as you tried to update your health insurance for the third time this week. “Okay, yep.” you replied, hastily scrawling something down on the notepad you had ready. You suppressed a groan of annoyance as the TV continued to play at exactly the same volume. “I’m so sorry.” you told the woman on the other end of the line before you walked into the living room, covering the phone again and resorting to standing in front of the TV to get your boyfriend’s attention. “Auston, can you please turn that down, I’m on the phone.”

Usually this wasn’t a problem but the way Auston had been acting lately was anything but usual. Your sweet and charming boyfriend had been moody and overly sarcastic for the past couple of weeks. No matter how open to talking you’d made yourself to him he was having none of it. So you’d given him space and hoped he’d sort himself out but now you were of the opinion that it had gotten a little out of hand. Auston had been watching his old games at full volume and you’d tried to be accomodating. He hardly spoke to you and you’d tried to be patient with him. He was hardly home and you tried to be understanding. But seeing as you were trying to keep this house functional, your patience was wearing thin.

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How about cat boy Shiro & shance?

It got away from me….
Lance yawned as he opened to door to his house, tired after a full day of work. Allura was a slave driver, having him work the clearance floor of the fashion building. There had been a huge sale today, customers having flooded the shop and nearly cleaning it out, and not all of them were nice to him.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes, shutting the door behind him. After getting changed into some sweatpants and an old t-shirt, he flopped on the couch, shutting his eyes. He got about what felt like ten minutes of blessed sleep before a crash and a yowl of pain woke him up, the lanky 25 year old man bolting upright in surprise. He got up and looked at the clock. What the fuck? Who was even awake at 4am?

With a groan, he got up and decided to investigate the sound. He shrugged on a light jacket and stepped out onto the porch, bare feet cold against the concrete. He glanced around and walked over to where a soft whimpering was coming from, the alleyway with all the trash cans.

“Hello?” He called, padding inside the alleyway, hand against the wall of his house. His eyes caught a hunched shape next to the dumpster, something big with a twitching tail and curled in on itself. Oh.

Now that he was closer, he could see it was a Hybrid, creatures that were a common pet in this city. This one was a Cat Hybrid, with long, messy and dirty black hair and ears and a white forelock and a white tipped black tail. It was making soft, pained sounds, gripping at its right arm.

“Here kitty kitty, what’s wrong?” Lance crooned, attempting to appear as non-threatening as possible. Which wasn’t hard, he could see the muscles through the tattered shirt on the Cat Hybrid’s body, even though it looked very malnourished. He walked a little closer, trying to recall everything Hunk had told him about Cat Hybrids since the big guy worked at a shelter for all kinds of Hybrids, like Keith, a mixed breed of a Cat and a Wolf Hybrid.

The Hybrid’s head shot up, staring at him with wide, panicked silver eyes that were admittedly quite pretty. Now that he could see its face, Lance could tell the Cat Hybrid was male, and hurt too by the bloody cut across his nose. The Hybrid growled warningly, ears flattened back and tail puffed up in fear.

Lance held up his hands, palms outwards, staying calm like Hunk had taught him when handling scared Hybrids. “Woah there, Kitty, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m just trying to help. Can you let me do that?” He soothed, focus entirely on the terrified Hybrid.

The growling paused for a moment, wavering, and an almost curious look flashed through those gray eyes before being replaced with more caution. Lance took a small step forward, encouraged.

“You don’t look too good there, Kitty. Want me to get you some food and a bandage for that cut on your pretty face?” He cooed, shuffling a little closer and crouching low to appear smaller, less dangerous. The Hybrid’s ears flicked, indecision flickering across his face. Lance was now close enough to reach forward with one hand, carefully.

The Hybrid leaned forward, uncurling a little to sniff at Lance’s fingers, before cautiously turning his cheek against the Cuban man’s palm before pulling back a little with a soft whine. Lance smiled gently, keeping his teeth hidden, and ran his hand over the Hybrid’s hair and ears, a small purr startling both males.

Lance spoke up again. “Hey, let’s get you into my place so we can fix you up, okay?” The Hybrid blinked, confused, but allowed Lance to pull him up and suddenly Lance had to reevaluate this because the Cat Hybrid was taller than him by a head and a lot wider than skinny little Twig Lance. Not to mention heavy! For someone so emaciated, he sure packed a lot of weight!

Lance carefully led the Cat Hybrid out of the alleyway and into his house, shutting the door quietly and tugging him into the bathroom. “Okay, I know cats hate water, but we need to get you washed and cleaned before we bandage you up.” Lance explained to the startled Cat, who was staring at his reflection in the mirror with something akin to horror.

Lance filled the bathtub with hot but not scalding soapy water, and guided the Hybrid in. The water seemed to relax the dirty kitty, and Lance easily pulled off the ragged and soon to be burned old shirt and boxers the Hybrid had been wearing, finally able to assess the damages.

The Cat was covered in old scars and new injuries, like he’d been in a fighting ring. His right arm was missing, obviously recently because the stump hadn’t healed completely and was an angry reddish purple, blotchy and clearly infected. The poor Cat was going to need a Vet, and Lance hoped Hunk would cover this. But first he had to do what he could to help, since he’d never been one to turn down a creature in need.

He set to work, using safe shampoos and soaps to clean the dirt and blood away, having to drain and refill the tub several times until the water stayed mostly clear and bubbly. The Cat Hybrid flinched with every wound wiped down, but seemed to recognize that Lance was helping him and didn’t fight back. Lance hummed to fill the silence, a soothing Spanish lullaby his Mama loved singing.

Once he finished, he rinsed the Cat one last time before leaving to grab some overly large clothes that would probably fit the huge Hybrid, which he was guessing was of the Maine Coon variety. He came back and drained the tub, tugging the relaxed kitty out and drying him off, bandaging every wound with a bandaid or gauze before helping him into soft, clean clothes that actually fit the Cat just right, if not only slightly tight.

“Okay, just a haircut and then some food, sound good?” Lance soothed, sitting the other male on the closed toilet and holding up a pair of scissors and a hair razor. The Cat eyed the items warily, but merely made a soft noise of agreement before letting his eyes fall shut.

Lance pulled a towel over the Cat’s neck and shoulders, before setting to work snipping the long, tangled black locks of hair. He shaved away the worst of it, giving the Hybrid an undercut and leaving the top alone, trimming around the ears to a short, fluffy length and even grooming the ears and tail to get rid of the matting. The white forelock was left a little longer than the rest, since Lance found it kind of cute.

He cleared away the mess and once again tugged the Cat Hybrid by the wrist along with him to the kitchen, the poor kitty making a soft mew, a wordless question. “Food then! You look pretty hungry, kitty, and I think I still have a package of turkey somewhere.” Lance clarified, gesturing for the Hybrid to sit on the couch while he entered the kitchen to rummage around his fridge.

He came back to see the Cat Hybrid looking around curiously, tail flicking and ears up, which was definitely a good sign if he was showing interest in his surroundings. Lance gave himself a mental high five and cleared his throat lightly, gathering the kitty cat’s attention. He held up the package of turkey and had to stop himself from giggling at the way the Hybrid’s eyes lit up and ears perked, staring at the wrapped meat hungrily. His stomach let out a demanding growl too, and Lance definitely laughed then.

“Haha, okay, here you go then.” Lance chuckled, opening the plastic package and unwrapping the seal around the meat, plopping it back into the container and handing it to the Cat Hybrid.

While the cat scarfed down the meat, Lance dug his phone out of his jacket.

He had a few calls to make.
This….. got waaaaaaaayyy out of control…… it was supposed to be a small fluffy fic and I turned it into some angst? And yes, Shiro is the nameless Hybrid. I don’t suppose you’d want more, maybe? I mean I wouldn’t mind making more? Gah- I need to stop making all these AU’S, my brain is out of control ;0;
Hope you enjoyed!

(edit- here’s chapter 2- )

Mind V Body

Paring: Leonard McCoy/Reader

Tags: female reader, enemies to friends to lovers, doctors and physicians, protective Bones, Jim is a little shit, minor Spock/Uhura, mental health issues, fluff, angst.

Summary: A recent transfer to the USS Enterprise poses a threat to Dr McCoy’s position as leading physician and CMO. Said transfer has no want to take over his position, thank you very much, but you try telling that to a grumpy Bones.

Word Count: 5,644

Current Date: 2017-09-14

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I really love the miraculous au!!! its so cool! could you do that one masked ballroom scene from the original post? >u< if you don't mind of course <3

Its the coolest thing ever, I spent most of tonight freaking out over it XDDD Bless @emthimofnight for coming up with this amazing AU <3

So yeah I don’t mind writing more for it haha. Thank you again to emthimofnight who told me more about the ballroom scene so I could write this!

THE INCREDIBLE FANART THAT INSPIRED THIS & other thing I already wrote for this au & a third thing I wrote for this au

Miraculous Ladybug au, featuring Killua (secretly Chat Noir) and Gon (secretly Ladybug). Enjoy!

The sad thing was, Gon almost didn’t recognize his best friend.

Not because Gon was a bad friend. Far from it; he could usually find Killua in a crowd just from the hunch of his shoulders, the hands shoved in his pockets. Gon didn’t need to see the starlight-silver hair or flash of midnight blue eyes to recognize the person Gon had grown up with his whole life.

This, though. This was entirely different.

“What’s the matter, Gon?” Killua asked, familiar smirk growing underneath an unfamiliar mask. “Cat got your tongue?”

Gon was too speechless to respond to the pun.

Killua was dressed head to toe in a startling white suit, adorned with matching gloves and an intricate cat mask that hid most of his face. His eyes- beautiful, shining, the deepest blue Gon had ever seen- glowed in the dim light, sparkling like jewels. The final touch was Killua’s hair- instead of its normal chaotic mess, Killua’s hair was now swept back in a graceful arc.

Gon’s heart throbbed. He had always known Killua was pretty. It wasn’t hard to miss the way other kids at school stared at him sometimes, despite the fact that Killua was a Zoldyck and ‘not to be trusted’ for a reason that made Gon’s hands shake with fury.

But right now- this very moment, standing in the center of a crowded Masquerade Ball, with chandelier lights glittering in the background and sweeping music drifting through the air-

This was the first time Gon realized how utterly breathtaking Killua truly was.

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Movie Affair

Chapter I.

Current obsession; Aaron Taylor-Johnson. AARON FUCKING JOHNSON MAN!.

Summary: Life as a young actress was hard, but when you get a part in a promising movie and reunite with the man you’ve fantasized about since you were 15 things get harder. At first it’s like every dream you ever had is coming true. But reality pulls you down from cloud nine as you start to fall for the one guy you weren’t supposed to.

WARNINGS: Language for now.

A/N: Different warnings may come with each chapter, please make sure you read them each time. Also it’s 3:30 am, facts may not be “accurate accurate,” sorry lads. ALSO, I invented the movie plot so it’s a bit cliché.


Snow. I loved snow… Except when it was making me late to a very important cast meeting. I hadn’t even been picked yet for God’s sake! This wasn’t a chance I could afford to miss, not at my age when I was just barely discovering the good stuff.

“Ma'am, I know you are in a hurry but taping the window with your knuckle won’t make us move faster,” my driver says. I frown, stopping the unconscious action and sitting straight. Damn Peter, if he would’ve just told me earlier he couldn’t bring me I would’ve called a cab earlier. Sure I could’ve drove myself here too, but my driving wasn’t New York City level yet so I guessed I’d spare a life or two.

Impatient I open the door and get out of the cab. “Lady! Lady what are you doing you need to pay me!” The driver screams and honks as I jog to the walkside. I turn for a brief moment and yell “Sorry, you’ll have to thank me when I’m in this movie!” I jog towards the building I was supposed to be at seven minutes ago and scold myself for wearing a dress today.

As I make it inside the building I’m pretty much trembling by the cold. The receptionist chuckles knowingly “They probably don’t even know you aren’t there,” she winks and I muster a “Thanks” once she hands me an ID. I walk towards the elevator and call for it trying to shake the cold off. Once I’m in I mark the floor number and drum my freezing fingers against the cold metal bar of the elevator anxiously. When the elevator doors open he is the first thing I see, standing by the door shaking hands with another man.

His eyes fall on me when the other man’s do and he is stunned by a second, a cheeky smile slowly taking over his face as he recognizes me. He tilts his head and chuckles, opening his arms towards me. Inviting me in a hug.

I walk towards him a little unsure and giggle a little. Oh I was so not over this man’s sexiness. He pulls me against his warm chest and I quickly respond by wrapping my arms around him. I laugh in shock, trying to ignore the awakening butterflies inside my stomach. His cologne floods my nostrils and I relax under his arms, feeling a little light headed. No one ever made me feel like this with a simple hug. And he had to say the next words “You are so big little one!” I clench my jaw a little and roll my eyes.

Pulling away I smile, a little annoyed. “I’m not a little girl Aaron.” I pull a hair being my ear and gaze up at him.

“Not anymore you are not! You could pass for a 20-something woman, Y/n” he says scanning my figure.

“So!“ the other man interrupts, distracting Aaron when I blush under his gaze. He motions for us to walk inside the office and to sit. “The movie is about a male CIA agent who after making a mistake is lowered to the task of training a younger female agent.” he puts his hands together as he sits on front of us both and hands me a paper “You get the main part Y/l/n.” My eyes go wide at him and I look at the paper with the words in bold that read ‘Agent Carina Stokins’… ok it wasn’t the best name but it sure was the best role. I smile so hard it starts to hurt, and the man turns to Aaron.

“After watching a few of the movies you’ve acted in I knew I wanted you for this movie. So this is the part you get Mr.Johnson” The man slides him a piece of paper too and you see Aaron read it as the director says “Main character Agent Lacousa”. Ok seriously? Who came up with the names!?

He smiles and when the man stands up we stand up. “Now, you have two days to read the contract and sing. It’s short and simple, you can call if you have any questions. Filming starts in June, is estimated to finish in November. See you in two days” with this the man waves us goodbye and leaves the office.

“Wow that was quick,” I say looking at Aaron.

He nods and asks “So, are you going to celebrate this?” with a smile.

“Oh I most certainly am” I say making a happy dance and he laughs.

“You have something to do? I was thinking we could discuss our characters together, you know, for the dynamic and stuff.” We walk out of the room together and get in the elevator. I turn to look at him and raise a finger. “Only if you are willing to join me for lunch, I am s t a r v i n g” I exagerate the last word and chuckle “We can go through the contract together afterwards.”

He seems to think about it for a second and when the elevator opens again he agrees. We walk outside as I confess what I had to do to get to the meeting in time and Aaron just laughs at me. Once we stand in the sidewalk I shiver, feeling the cold climb up my legs and naked arms. I hug myself and turn to say something to Aaron only to find him taking his jacket off. “Hey, as much as these people would love a striptease this is hardly the place,” I comment making a woman that’s walking right behind me laugh. He chuckles and when he is free of it he looks at me.“

“It’s for you dummy, you’re freezing.” As he hands me the jacket I frown and shake my head.

“What are you talking about? I’m fine!” I try to play it cool as a shiver rips through me and he raised an eyebrow still holding the jacket up.

“Then why are you hugging yourself?” He asks staring deep into my eyes. A sensation runs down my spine but I know its not the cold. I find myself lost in his eyes for a minute if two and snap out of it when he shifts in place.

“Because I love myself so much ?” He tilts his head back when a laugh rips through his throat and I take my face into one hand, laughing too. He takes a step closer and puts the jacket around my shoulders, fixing the collar he accidentally pulls from it a little too hard, making our faces end up way too close for a moment. I look at him, but his eyes are fixed of my lips and we breath onto each other for a second, before we pull away. It doesn’t take long for the heat to warm my cheeks and I chuckle nervously.

“Sorry about that” Aaron says looking at his feet, a subtle blush creeping on his cheeks. I smile and shake my head “Don’t worry it was an accident.” I murmur and he looks at me with apologetic eyes. He puts his hands in his pocket and I give an internal scream at how cute he was. “Um. Should I call a cab?” I ask and turn around, trying to get the attention of any of the taxis passing by the busy street.

Aaron grabs my shoulder and turns me around chuckling. I frown in confusion “C'mon I’ve got a car,” he said with a smug smile.

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au: bounty hunter!minghao x fem!reader
words: 2738
warnings: violence, mentions of needles, cursing, nsfw/smut
a/n: oh my gosh!! sorry guys for the extreme long wait!! i just started last year of school and the homework is m a s s i v e. but i hope this is a good enough way to say sorry for the absence of scenarios!! there is more to come!

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How the turtles say goodbye to the s/o:


Requested by: @mcartminec4

Hi! I’m going through a rough patch right now because I’m in military school & I’m going become a Solider but my parents won’t see that. So can I a scenario where the turtles have to say goodbye​ to their​ S/O who is going to war. You don’t have to do it. If it’s hard to understand it’s basically turtles x depressed solider reader. (I’m so sorry 😅)

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Leo puts on a front; he’s the leader, the other’s can’t see him weak. But the truth of it is he’s going insane; he can’t handle losing you, he loves you far too much and now he has to say goodbye. Goodbyes were never something he’d had to do before, because he’d never lost anything he loved, and never had he been more grateful of that. This sucked. It was painful and horrific, and he didn’t think he could recover from the loss of this love. He kissed you so tenderly, you barely felt it, and his lips just hovered there for what felt like forever, but at the same time it wasn’t nearly long enough. You had to look at him, one last time, and you could see each other breaking at the thought of being apart. But the main reason it hit Leo so hard, was because he was the leader; and this was the one thing he could not control. He was powerless, because he was losing you.

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He won’t let on that he’s upset, because he’s too tough for that, but really he’s dying inside. Breathing is agonising as he stares at you, preparing to walk out of his life for good. He doesn’t want to let you leave, but he can’t do anything to make you stay. So he puts on a brave face, plays it off like nothing, but when its his turn to say goodbye, it begins to fall. He’ll mutter quietly, so that the other’s don’t hear his soppy excuse of a goodbye, and he’ll hold you for as long as possible when you give him a final hug. When you look up at him, you can see the pain in his eyes, and even you don’t want to pull away. This is him losing his everything, and the damage is already visible in his hollow green eyes. He loves you more than he could ever say, and right now holding you is the only thing holding him together.

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He won’t say much, in the upcoming days he’ll distract himself with work so that he doesn’t have to face the awkwardness of being around you, knowing you are going to leave him in a matter of days. And when the time finally comes that you have to go, he’ll stumble over his words, not finding the right ones to say before his time with you runs out. And you’ll just smile, trying to memorise every inch of his face, and when he gets too choked up to continue, you reach up and kiss his cheek, knowing that words aren’t always enough.

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He’ll look at you with the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen, and in a second you’ll regret leaving. Despite having to go, you’ll want to stay just to stop Mikey looking at you like that. He won’t even try and play it off cool, even if it’ll make it easier for you to leave him, he just doesn’t have the strength. He’ll let out a soft sob, and pull you into a crippling hug, which neither of you want to end. Because Michelangelo knows that as soon as he lets go of you, you’ll be gone for good. And he doesn’t ever want you leave, he loves you too much to ever say goodbye. Even though he has to…

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I don't wanna be too descriptive but maybe a "dude I know you just got broken up with so how about a kiss to cheer you up it's ok we've been friends for years at it won't mean anything ((yes it will))" for egobang as a prompt haha

Dan left the restaurant. He felt the cold hard rain soak his curly hair and dress clothes. His head felt heavy as he stared at his feet. He was thankful for the rain as he felt his eyes get misty and tears fell down his cheeks. He put his hands over his face as he sobbed in the rain. He felt strangers’ eyes burn into him, judging and questioning what could’ve happened to put him in this state. He walked to his car alone, his tears fogging his vision. He sat in the driver’s seat. He couldn’t help but feel pathetic and lonely. He waited for the tears to dry before he started the car. He fumbled for his keys as he walked up to his doorstep. “I’m home,” Danny’s voice cracked. “Hey man! How’d the date go?” Danny was silent and looked to the side. “Not so well, I assume…” Danny choked back the tears that pricked at his eyes. Arin sat up from the couch he had been laying on, pausing whatever movie was playing at the time. “C'mon, man. Let’s go get you dried off.” He wrapped his arm around him as he guided Dan to the bathroom.
After Danny was completely dried of and had a fresh set of clothes, Arin listened to him sob about the girl he had just broken up with. “She- she was the sweetest girl I’d ever met! I shared so many good memories with her, I-I can’t believe she never wanted me! I took her out for dinner, and I paid for her favorite meal, and she just DUMPS me! I th-ought that she loved m-me,” he bawled. Arin rubbed his back in circles as he tries to comfort his friend. “Shhh… I know Danny, I know. It’s gonna be okay. It’ll be alright. I’m here for you buddy. I’m right here.” The room fell silent after a while, only the sound of Dan’s small sniffles remained. Arin pulled away from Danny and looked him in the eye. He wiped a tear from his cheek and Dan smiled. Arin smiled and blushed and response. After a few more minutes of silence, Arin finally spoke. “Hey, how about we watch a movie together. You can choose.”
They sat on the couch snuggled up to each other in a blanket as The Lord of the Rings played on the TV in front of them. Arin looked down at Danny, who was beginning to fall asleep on his shoulder. Arin smiled softly, and brushed a strand of curly hair away from his face. Dan’s eyes fluttered open as he looked at the man above him. “Hey Big Cat.” “Hey Sexy Kitten.” Danny giggled at the nickname. They stared into each other’s eyes for a minute until Arin opened his mouth to say something, but shut it and turned away. “Is there something wrong, Arin?
“No, it’s just…” Arin fell silent. Should he really ask him this?
“C'mon you can tell me. I’m your snuggle man!”
Arin smiled at dan. He looked down and finally spoke. “I-I know you just broke up with someone today, but I was wondering if… maybe we could kiss?” he asked slowly. “But just to make you feel better! It doesn’t have to be gay or affect our friendship or anything just a quick lil’ bro kiss,” he spoke frantically, hoping that this wouldn’t ruin their bond. Danny looked at Arin with an expression that could not be read. His face grew into a soft and warm smile and he quickly gave Arin a peck on his soft pink lips. Arin blushed and looked wide eyes at the man in front of him. He slowly touched his lips, trying not to smile. “You wanna do it again?” Danny asked. Arin broke into a smile and nodded, wrapping his arms around Dan and leaning into his warmth.

The Perfect Family//Part 10

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for months so here it is!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 

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Today Spencer was Rossi off to another school to do a presentation on the FBI, being the youngest member of the group they always sent him saying he would be the most ‘relatable’. How you had no clue, not a lot of people would relate to Spencer. 

Spencer had insisted that you go on your maternity leave early, it had been 4 weeks since you stopped working and you felt like you we’re going insane. Everything was already set up, the crib, the changing table, everything was stocked, and neatly organized. 

The only things missing we’re the babies, after walking around the nursery and checking for the hundredth time that everything was perfect you grabbed your purse and keys to your car. Now that Spencer wasn’t home it was the perfect opportunity to sneak into the office and grab something to work on while you we’re at home. 

Luckily you we’re able to sneak in quietly, just as you we’re walking away clutching on to all the files you heard a loud cheery voice call your name, “Y/N, Y/N” Penelope said walking after you. Caught, there was no way out this one. 

“What are you doing here, Spencer would lose it if he saw you” Penelope said shocked to see you. “I couldn’t stay home, I’m going insane,” you quickly confessed, “Besides it is just a couple of files, nothing too crazy.” 

“Well then stay, join me Spencer should be coming back soon and you can keep me company and not be insane” Penelope had a bright smile on her face. “That’s definitely better than staying home.” 

Penelope watched you as you continuously watched the clock tick, “Time will pass faster if you ignore it” Penelope said as she continued to type. But it wasn’t time that you we’re tracking, no it was something else. Contractions. 

“Yeah, its hard” you said staring mindlessly at the files infant of you, but still you continued looking at the seconds as they ticked by, almost mocking you. 

“Y/N, are you okay” Penelope finally asked noticing the look on your face. “Um, kind of, but I think I’m going into labor and I want to wait for Spencer but..” you said in-between your short breathes. 

“Oh my god,” Penelope said jumping out of her seat, “To the hospital” she said grabbing your arm. “I will call Spencer, they will meet us there, but you need to be at the hospital” she said frantically. 

Penelope was trying to juggle your arm, her purse and a cell phone all at the same as she was walking out the BAU, “Are you guys okay?” JJ said concerned. 

“OH NO, no Y/N is going into labor, Spencer is hours away, and I am freaking out.” Penelope said she continued to type on her phone. “Okay, okay it’s fine” JJ said holding on to your other hand. “The hospital first, then we will contact Hotch and get Spencer here, it will all work out” JJ said trying to calm you down. 

Somehow it did all work out, Spencer made it just on time. JJ and Penelope stayed by your side the white entire time, reassuring you every step of the way. Seeing Spencer hold them was magical, it felt unreal to watch him as he carefully cradled they in his arms, with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes. Surely this was the best days of both of your lives. 

That night as both the babies slept beside you in their cribs you asked without looking away at them, “Have you thought about any names?” 

“Hannah,” Spencer said without looking away from the babies. 

“And Diana,” Spencer immediately looked up at you, “Diana?” he said shocked. 

“Diana, like your mother. I think it would be perfect.” Spencer quickly teared up hearing you say that. 

“Hannah and Diana Reid, they’re absolutely perfect” 

All it took

- This isn’t something I really wanted to keep working on since another project caught my interest, so it may be a bit poorly finished and edited. But I might return to it and maybe extend it to a more reasonable length-

All it took was a phone call and David found himself on a three hour ride to a city not so unfamiliar to him. The car protested the long distance drive by giving threatening sputters and occasionally turning the radio off an on when hitting a particularly hard bump.

All it took was a faintly muttered, “David come get me,” and he was already speeding to his destination, getting there in half the time. Speed limits didn’t matter when a life could be at stake.

All it took were those few words and David’s head was reeling with unimaginable terrors. Visions of his hurt camper swarmed his imagination, pictures of shattered bones and echoing screams haunted him the entire drive.

All it took was too follow the sounds of sobbing and David found himself trekking through the maze of hallways into the only lit room in the entire house. David had let himself in to the large home, much too large for a family of three, and found himself almost tripping over two unpacked bags in the dark, that lay haphazardly thrown in the entry hall. They were decorated with familiar patches and badges that David had on his own pack.

All it took was seeing a shell of a child playing the part of the parent too a woman who only seemed just a few years older than David, and he knew what he had to do. There on a red cushioned couch, placed in the middle of an extravagantly decorated room, laid a young woman dressed in a short white dress, with her head buried in the lap of a nine year old with a mouth much too foul for Davids taste.

“It’s gonna be okay,” Max cooed, uncertainty ghosting over his words. He looked up from her dark curls that spilled over his lap in search for tissues and spotted him.

The two stared for a long time, Max exchanging a look of fear and David returning it with one of concern.

A high pitched whine came from the small woman.

“Shh, it’s okay.” Max whispered, stealing a glance down at the dark haired woman who clutched his pant leg so tightly.

He looked back up at David, who made his way over to Max and perched himself on the very edge of the couch next to the smaller boy.

The sudden shift in weight caused the woman to look up in a panic, fear coursing through her veins. David offered her a small smile, but her eyebrows creased in worry and she gave a confused look in return. Her brilliant blue eyes were bloodshot from hours of crying, they looked exactly the same as when Max told him goodbye only a day ago.

Max took after her, that much the camp counselor could tell. They’re skin both had been sun kissed, they glowed the same way, even the same thin black eyebrows. They sported same chubby cheeks, eyes, curly hair, and the same unsure look that David had received a million times from Max.

“Mom..” Max started, she quickly turned to look up at her son, awkwardly craning her neck too look him in the eyes. Max stared hard, his eyebrows upturned and his bottom clenched between his teeth. Realization flashed across her face, her bottom lip quivered and another sob tore its way from her throat. Max bit down harder, and David could see the hesitance clouding his eyes.

A conversation of looks passed between the two, and David watched on with baited breath.

Max wiped away a stray tear from her cheek and she her head bobbed in a nod.

She sat up fully and enveloped her son in a hug. David saw the bruises coating her arms, he visibly winced at the sight of them. Max pulled away from the hug and placed a kiss on her cheek after a few minutes. She set him back next to the tall male and looked to David.

She nodded at him, and he understood.

He gently scooped up Max, who in return wrapped his arms around his neck. He waved goodbye over David’s shoulder, she offered a tearful smile. The red haired male packed Max into his car, being extremely gentle as if Max would break with the slightest of touch, stopping inside only to grab the bags Max had laid in the entry hall.

They drove at the speed limit all the way back to David’s cabin, this time the car was more forgiving at the softer speed. No conversation passed between the two, just the soft hum of the engine and the flickering tune of the fritzy radio.

Max pulled a face when they arrive, of course David would live in a cabin, but settled once David assured wifi and Tv. When Max walked in he felt as though he was floating, his eyes drifted everywhere, to the green walls, to the ceiling that was covered in hanging plants. David had a decent set up, a tv and a gaming console, and decent but old furniture.

“I’ll throw some of your clothes in the washer, I’m assuming they haven’t been washed since camp. When I get back we can have some hot chocolate and talk.” Max turned back to David and nodded.

David patted his shoulder, and ushered for him to sit on the couch.

Max breathes a large sigh of relief, feeling more relaxed then he had in what felt like an eternity.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

New Neighbor

Challenge 07: Breathless
Genre: Fluff
Character: Jaebum

Plot: You try to get close to your new neighbor Jaebum by stalking joining him on his morning run.



Here’s the thing. Your mom always taught you to be kind to your neighbors. When you’re out of town for a business trip, who’s the most likely to help babysit your cats? Your next door neighbor. And what if one day you get kidnapped, who will be the first to notice you go missing? Your next door neighbor, of course.

So when sweet old Mrs. Baek moved out and was replaced with a chiseled, leather-clad, young man, you were determined to make him your next insurance. But here’s the other thing…you and the elderly, you guys mesh like peas in a pod! But young men your age, particularly handsome, chiseled, leather-clad men…not so much.

“What do leather-wearing young dudes like, Tuna?” you asked your orange tabby as you dug your way through the ingredients in your fridge.

Your grey cat, Sundae, purred against your legs at the sight of the open fridge. You smile at the hungry feline before closing the fridge and picking her up into your arms.

“Sundae? Shall I make him sundae, Sundae?” you coo, snuggling into the grey ball of fluff. You put your cat down and settle down on the kitchen floor, thinking seriously about making him a meal. Young men usually liked home cooked meals right?

You rise back up, determined to start cooking. You weren’t the best cook out there, but you weren’t bad either. Besides, it’s the thought that counts, right?


And so there you were, at his front door with three containers full of sundae, scallion pancakes, spicy rice cakes and a thermos full of kimchi chigae. He was bound to like one of these. You stood at his door for another minute, trying to gather your thoughts.

Say hi.

Introduce yourself.

Remember to smile.

Please don’t stutter.

Be confident, Y/N!

And then the door flew open, catching you off guard. Your eyes grew wide as you found yourself standing right in front of your new neighbor. He was even better looking up close.

“F-f-f-food…” your stupid mouth managed to bumble out.

“Huh? Uhh…I didn’t order anything,” he looked at you confused. You could feel your face growing hot with embarrassment as you shook your head in reply.

“Ah, no, umm…I meant…” you let out an exhausted sigh, closing your eyes to compose yourself. _Imagine he’s an old man. An old man like Mr. Lee from down the street. “Hi.”

He let out an amused chuckle. “Hello?”

You smile, a bit relieved. He looked less scary when his eyes were curled into crescent shapes.

“Umm, I’m sorry,” he said again, breaking you away from your trance. “I’m a little busy right now.”

“Ah…okay,” you mutter as you watch him pass you by and enter the waiting taxi across the street.

You looked at the bags of food in your arms in defeat. Sighing, you place the food by his door. You’ll just tuck a note in there to let him know your intentions. You were going to make him like you whether he wanted to or not.


A week passed and you made no progress. In fact, you had actually lost your Tupperware in the process. But were you going to give up? Absolutely not!

“Absolutely not!” you said aloud to Tuna and Sundae as if to reassure yourself. Ignoring your newfound energy, the cats stretched lazily before going back to their evening nap. You walked to your closet, hesitantly taking out your workout gear.

Every morning, without fail, your neighbor had gone running. Afterword though, he would disappear in a taxi and wouldn’t come back until late at night. You knew this from the two loud slams of the door he made when leaving for the day and then coming back home. You wonder if he had even eaten your home cooking. Nevertheless, you set your alarm clock to 5AM sharp. You were determined to be a kind neighbor!

But at the violent ring of your phone alarm going off at dawn, you suddenly didn’t feel so kind. You groaned, forcing yourself to rise from the safe and warm embrace of Tuna and Sundae who were snuggled closely across your neck and leg.

The cats groaned at your rustling but found solace in the warm empty space you left behind. You rolled your eyes at them, wishing you could switch places with them. Although you had to admit, if Tuna and Sundae were in your place they probably would’ve already been good old friends with your neighbor by now.

With one last exhale, you changed into your workout gear and reluctantly left the house. Outside was still cold. The sun hadn’t even risen yet. You looked across your yard to his door. No sign of life. After standing at your door for a few minutes you started to worry if he had already gone running.

But to your relief his door opens and there is your handsome neighbor in his running gear that hugs him in just the right places. You blush when he turns your way. He gives you a slight nod before walking down his steps. You follow quickly.

You were so determined to meet him again that you actually hadn’t planned what you were going to say when meeting him.

“M-Morn-” you started as you approached him.

However, maybe you had said it too softly, but he began lightly jogging away. You blushed with embarrassment, feeling silly after being ignored. But you were already outside and squeezed tightly into workout clothes you hadn’t worn since last summer. Nothing was going to stop you now!

And then he started sprinting.

You huffed after him, feeling your heart beating violently against your chest as your face grew hot with exhaustion. The cold morning air wasn’t much help as it entered your lungs, leaving you wheezing desperately.

You slowed to a stop, landing on the grass in defeat. By now he was already long gone out of your sight. You heaved in disappointment, trying to catch your breath and soothe the ache in your shins.

“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea,” you mutter to yourself, blowing at the hair in your face. You stretch out your legs, staring at the sky that was slowly glowing with soft orange hues. At least you had a pretty sunrise to pacify your painful exhaustion.

As you watched the sun slowly rise from the horizon, you could understand why he got up so early. This was a pretty sight to see.

You were ready to walk back home now when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned around, tearing your eyes from the sky only to see your neighbor looking at you with concern.

“Is everything okay?” he asked, taking a seat beside you.

“A-ah, y-yeah,” you quickly mumble, trying hard not to stare at the sweat running down his face and dripping to his collar bones.

“I’m Im Jaebum by the way,” he introduced, sticking out his hand towards you. You take his hand gently, trying hard not to smile too widely.


“Sorry about before, Y/N,” Jaebum looked at you with a sheepish smile. “I didn’t mean to be rude when I walked away suddenly.”

You shake your head vigorously. “No, no it’s okay. I was the one who stopped by so suddenly.”

He looked at you for a moment. “Are you sure you’re okay? You’re wheezing.”

You turned red with embarrassment, trying to breathe less so he wouldn’t hear.

“I’m fine,” you mutter with constricted lungs.

He laughed, his eye curling as he patted your back soothingly. “No, please, breathe normally. The wheezing should subside once your body finds its balance again. Do you have asthma?”

You shake your head, watching as Jaebum grabs hold of your hand, placing two fingers softly against your pulsating wrist. You blush. His fingers are a bit rough but have a warm touch.

“Must be the cold air then. Don’t force your body to run too hard, it’ll only hurt your body more in the long run.”

You nod softly, glancing up at his face as he stares down at your wrist. At a closer look, he didn’t seem as scary as he did in his leather jacket. His brown hair fell delicately over his eyes. He was literally glowing with the sun shining on his face.

You gulped, looking back down before he caught you. “Are you a doctor?”

He lifted his head with a smile. “No, actually I work at a local clinic. I’m a physical therapist for people with disabilities.”

“So you’re a doctor,” you smiled, noticing his tone shifting as he talked about his profession.

He chuckled softly, a glint in his eyes at seeing your own smile. “Tell my parents that.”

“But you are!” You say, trying not to yell it. “Sounds like you’re doing something great and meaningful. What parent wouldn’t be proud of a son like you?”

He looked away shyly. “You’re really good with your words.”

You laugh at this. “Actually, I’m a writer. Nothing big though, just small stuff for a magazine.

“Oh really? I’d love to read some of your stuff.”

You chuckle. “My cats will be so relieved to know I’ve found someone new to read to.”

Jaebum’s ears perked up at this. He turned to you with a wide smile. “Cats?”

“Tuna and Sundae,” you say proudly. You could see his eyes widening with excitement.

“I have three cats,” Jaebum said enthusiastically. “Nora, Odd, and Kunta.”

You can’t help but squeal a little. You loved meeting fellow cat lovers. You wheezed out a cough, your lungs constricting from the feelings of excitement. Jaebum laughed, rubbing your back again.

“You don’t run much do you?” he chuckled.

You blush. “Not really. To be honest, I was just trying to talk to you…so I could formally introduce myself.”

He grinned. “You know you could just knock on my door, right?”

“But where’s the excitement in that?” You joke. “I’m a writer remember?”

“Ah, of course, of course.”

“But in all seriousness, it did feel like this was my only option. You leave so early and don’t come home til late at night.”

“Ah yeah, sorry about that. My schedule has been hectic since I’ve just moved in.”

“No need to apologize. I feel sorry for your cats though.”

“Oh, I see you’re the guilt-tripping type.”

You laugh, halfway coughing again, but the pain was all worth it. I mean, look at you now, having a better conversation than you’ve ever had with Mr. Lee or Mrs. Baek. “Did you try the food?”

He stopped rubbing your back and gave you a thumbs up. “It was the best meal I’ve had in years!”

You look up in surprise. “R-really?”

He nodded. “I’m so grateful to have such a kind neighbor.”

“Ayy, you shouldn’t eat random food outside your door though,” you teased, trying to hide the blush growing from his compliment.

He chuckled. “But you left a note.”

“Ah, that’s true,” you agreed thoughtfully.

“I’m sorry about the containers. I’ve been meaning to give them back to you, it’s just…”

“Oh, it’s alright. Take your time, I know you’re a busy person,” you reassure him with a smile. He looked at you, his cheeks turning slightly pink. He rubbed the nape of his neck, looking away from you.

“I guess that too, but…mostly, I’m just not good at talking to pretty girls.”

Your eyes widen as your lips curl into a smile reflexively. “P-pretty?”

“Ahhh~!” he yelled in embarrassment, hiding his face in his arms. You laugh as his ears go bright red. You were glad you weren’t the only one feeling shy.

“And this whole time I thought you were going to be a scary new neighbor,” you chuckle. “Turns out you’re just a soft cat dad.”

He chuckled, lifting his head from his hands. “Well, turns out you’re prettier in person.”

You blushed, looking away shyly.

“I mean, kind of a stalker too,” he added jokingly. “But seeing as you’ve suffered enough this morning, I’ll let it slide.”

He winked at you teasingly.

“You should stop by my clinic one day,” he offered. “Some physical therapy might help you out.”

You roll your eyes at all his teasing.

“Well, if you’re being so kind, I’d also like to offer my hand in caring for your cats when you’re gone. Since I work at home,” you grin mischievously. “Some human presence might help them feel less neglected.”

Jaebum stared you down, his mouth slightly open in dismay.

“Wow, Y/N, you’re kind of savage.”

“But still pretty right?” You smile sweetly. “Jaebum-sshi, I’m pretty right? Still pretty?”

Trying to conceal his smile, Jaebum rose from his seat on the grass. You laugh, watching him walk away. You quickly rise, following after him, giggling the whole way home as he tries his best to ignore you. 

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 74 - Between the trees

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 74 - Between the trees

[Both emotions and tensions are high as Negan takes Blake back to the RV…]

The rain had begun to fall through the trees now, as Negan and Blake trudged through the woods, closely followed behind by the rest of the Saviours, all walking in silence.

The dark-haired Saviour, with Lucille gripped tightly in his free hand, strode forwards ahead of everyone else, pulling Blake whose hand he still had attached with his own, along behind him.

But they hadn’t been walking five minutes, when the dark-haired Saviour felt a tug on his fingers, Blake pulling herself to a sudden halt.

“Wait, Negan, can we….can we stop for second…please…” she uttered, her voice quiet now and distant sounding, as Negan stopped in his tracks and swung around to gaze at her.

She looked exhausted now, staring back at him with watery, pleading green eyes, that conveyed to him how much hurt was coursing through her right now.

She pointed down at her feet, and Negan’s eyes flickered down remembering, only now, that she had no shoes on.

He gave a guilty sigh, lifting a hand to her shoulders and tugging her into him slightly, before he glanced around at his team of marching Saviours.

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Shy – Park Jimin (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre:  some fluffy smut

Word Count: 1,765

Summary: Having a roommate of the opposite sex is problematic and you were totally against the idea at first. Especially if they’re attractive like Park Jimin. His dyed orange hair falling over his cute brown eyes, his beautiful tanned skinned, his radiating smile, god he was absolute perfection.

Request: Hola! Can I request a Jimin smut where you both are roommates, and Jimin secretly has a crush on you, and he accidentally walks in on you naked? And you are quite shy and innocent girl, and gets embarrassed because no one has ever seen you naked before

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

Having a roommate of the opposite sex is problematic and you were totally against the idea at first. Especially if they’re attractive like Park Jimin. His dyed orange hair falling over his cute brown eyes, his beautiful tanned skinned, his radiating smile, god he was absolute perfection.

Having a roommate of the opposite sex, had its perks. You were both teased by your friends for living together, people would always mistake you both as boyfriend and girlfriend (which then resulted in both Jimin and you blushing madly).

When you first met Jimin he seemed like the average fuck boy. His snapback was on backwards, he was wearing a tank top that revealed his biceps (that you couldn’t help but stare at until he cleared his throat because you were looking at them for too long), ripped jeans that exposed his thighs and converse, not to forget that cold hard stare but such a baby looking face. Yep, practically fuck boy material.

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anonymous asked:

Oh! Could you do UF and US skelebros with an S/O who works at an animal sanctuary? One of the ones that has everything from a few tigers to your average dog. And the skellies go to visit S/O at their job and S/O is just feeding a tiger. Carrying on conversation as normal. But just feeding a tiger.

* Tag yourself I’m the tiger


He brings their favourite takeout to the job, walks in and sees his S/O face to face– scratch that, giant carnivorous beast mouth to tiny human meat hand with a goddamn tiger. They greet him casually and he kind of just… stands there in a half frozen daze. Some part of him knows his S/O is safe and knows what they’re doing, but that part is drowned out by mild panic and a protective surge that makes him drop everything and pull them away from the tiger. Commence a very small argument that ends with,
“Yeah but you’re a scary ass monster with sharp teeth so I don’t see the difference.”
“oi, the difference is i love ya and i ain’t gonna bite yer face off.”
S/O walks into the enclosure and hugs the tiger while Red worries. “Aw, you see? He loves me too~”
Annnnnnd now he’s jealous of a tiger. “Aw babe, don’t worry you’re still my favourite.”


If his S/O thinks its normal, he’s going to pretend he’s not really intimidated and also act normal. He continues to try to have a conversation with them, trying overly hard to look relaxed. But he’s actually zoning out to stare at the tiger and keeps missing chunks of their conversation. He’s partly admiring the magnificent power and stature of the beast, partly worrying for his S/O’s safety. Still, he trusts them to know what they’re doing. And any person worthy of dating him can take on a beast like that no problem. He ends up talking to his S/O about the tigers, learning as much as he can about the ferocious beasts and trying to see if they can adopt one.


He is very curious about the tiger and the things his S/O does at work. Of course he’s apprehensive about it at first, but he trusts his S/O’s judgement and skill in what they do for a living. Still, he always gives them warnings about the dangers of the wild tigers, just in case they forget. He loves to hear about everything they talk about at work, wanting to learn as much about their life as possible. He’ll even help out with feeding the tigers. HE’S NOT AFRAID AT ALL! HE’S IN THE ROYA- GAH OK IT HAS VERY LARGE TEETH


Did… did the weed he smoke earlier go bad? What the hell was in that blunt? He kind of just stands there and stares at the tiger for a very long time until his S/O laughs and asks if he’s okay. “I-I’m not seeing things right? That’s a tiger. Right?” He’s very hesitant to go near it, but continues to relax with his S/O, watching them do their job as they chat. He keeps staring down the tiger, daring it to harm his S/O. Technically, it may not understand speech, but death glares are a universal language.