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learning curve
rate m for maybe what if’s
word count: 3,852
for hoseokjung cause i promised her namjoon smut and ofc aegyoh for inspiring/screaming with me about prof!namjoon sorry its literally MONTHS late D: i hope you guys enjoy it anyway :) 

Junior Seminar: The Philosophy of Being. Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30PM to 6:30PM. Professor Kim, Namjoon (open to all).

Rate My Teacher Dot Com says in a bit more than 27 reviews–total eyecandy but actually a pretty hard grader; def knows what he’s talking about, if only i could pay attention cuz i’m too busy staring at his PERFECT FACE; dresses like he walked straight out of a vogue spread on goth chic but don’t be fooled by his dimples cause his tests will fuck your ass in a bad way; five out of five ALL across the table ;D–that he’s pretty good with students, pretty good with the subject, and more than just pretty to the eyes.

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Mr Wilkinson Smut Part 2 hope its ok sorry it took so long to write. Please read part 1 and my other imagines would be much appreciated also feel free to request stuff. Hope you like it :)

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IWFYITD 2 3 4 5

2:  What scene did you first put down? 

I always write chronologically, so the first scene of the first chapter with the attack of the Boar-a-saurus was the first scene I put down. ;P

3:  What’s your favorite line of narration? 

ummm there’s over 200k words of this and it’s been over a year since i started it and i haven’t reread it in its entirety so i’m pretty sure this isn’t a favorite line, but it’s one I like so:

Kuroo laughs a little too hard at that story, prompting Kenma to kick at him to get him to stop. This leads into a tickle fight, which Kenma inevitably wins. As he perches on top of Kuroo, staring down at him in the dimming light from the setting sun, his chest feels full yet weightless at the same time. Kuroo’s arm lies across his face, and his laugh still lingers on the corner of his lips. Reaching forward, Kenma pushes away his arm to see his entire face.

Kuroo’s eyes are warm and happy, as they look back at him. Kenma bends to kiss him, long and slow.

It’s part of a scene that’s just so domestic and happy, and they’re so rarely happy, Kenma so rarely sees this expression on Kuro’s face … the whole scene feels kind of like a dream in a way; an oasis in the middle of a desert.

At least, that’s what I was trying to convey with it.

4:  What’s your favorite line of dialogue? 

Any time Kuro or Kenma promises something and the other says “I trust you.” That little exchange is, to me, my favorite part about iwfyitd because it (hopefully) conveys just how deep and meaningful and important their relationship is, to the story and to each other.

5:  What part was hardest to write? 

the entire thing tbh

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Forever is composed of nows

By @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated

Felicity bites her lip to keep herself from making a sound, and the sudden burst of love that sparks in her chest is nothing compared to the look on Oliver’s face as he stares down at his daughter, hanging on her every word. He needs this, needs his daughter’s easy acceptance and love of him more than anything else to get him through today, more than he needs her, even. He needs Ellie telling him how great her life is because of him, he needs her showing him over and over again that she loves him, that he’s a wonderful father, and he needs to believe it.

And for this tiny moment, she thinks he does. Because she does.

Oliver’s arms curl around Ellie, making her seem even smaller as she settles in his embrace like there’s nowhere else in the world she’d rather be. He breathes out, a long, slow exhale that seems to carry the tension living in his body along with it before he dips his head to press his lips to her hair. He breathes her in, savoring the moment of closeness.

Felicity lets out a tremulous breath herself as Ellie does something for him that nobody else on this planet ever could, something she’s been doing ever since Barry brought her back. Slowly but surely Ellie’s filling in the cracks that have splintered his heart, shattered his sense of self-worth, letting the damage from all those years of brutal trauma fade away. Breakfast is forgotten as something far more sustainable fills him, fills his soul, fills parts of him that were positively famished.